Floré Gut Health Test Review: Legit? A Dietitian Answers

Floré by sun genomics provides age-specific at-home gut health tests and personalized supplements (prebiotics and probiotics), with the capabilities of spotting more than 23,000 different microbes, all in an effort to have a healthier gut microbiome.

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With many gut health tests available on the market right now, there are plenty of convenient ways that you can learn about your current body's microbiome and overall state of health. Receiving detailed information from one of these tests can provide you with accurate and insightful information about your own unique microbiome. The organisms that we have living in our gut can contribute to our health and mental health, so it’s wise to invest in a test like this, especially if you’ve been dealing with GI issues for some time now.

Once you receive your sample results, you’ll be given recommendations regarding how you can improve your gut health. This is usually through the use of probiotics and other supplements that can replace the necessary good bacteria that should be in your gut. The majority of gut health test companies offer these supplements as part of their program.

Once such company is Floré by Sun Genomics. Floré will send you a gut health test kit. Once your sample has been received back, scientists will test your sample to provide you with a summary of your microbiome. After it is determined what’s going on inside of your body, you will be provided with a specially formulated probiotic that will benefit your GI system. Let’s look more closely at Floré and what it offers as a gut health test brand.

Quick Summary of Floré Gut Health Test Review

Product:At-home gut health test and personalized supplements (prebiotics and probiotics)
Ages:Adults, Teens, kids, babies
Best for:Learning about your gut microbiome health and actionable steps to improve it with personalized supplements
Brand:Floré by sun genomics
Personalized prebiotics and probiotics for all ages:
Avg. User Rating4.9/5 ⭐ (247 reviews)
GW Rating:4.6/5 ⭐
Floré summary review gut microbiome test

What Is Floré by sun genomics?

flore gut health by sun genomics

Floré was created in 2016 with the goal of providing your average American with the opportunity to test their gut from the privacy and convenience of their own home. The ultimate goal is to provide information and supportive supplements that will improve a person’s overall health.

Floré utilizes a whole genome sequencing technology system that has the ability to spot 23,000 different microbes in the gut by way of DNA sequencing. Once you’ve reviewed your information, the personalized Floré probiotics you’re sent will help you to create a more diverse microbiome.

Data is shared with you by way of an easy-to-use app that will display five different personalized scores. You’ll learn more about whether or not your microbiome is working properly so you process certain foods the right way. If your gut isn’t functioning properly, this can lead to poor absorption of nutrients. You’ll also learn about any pathogens that may be present in your microbiome.


  • The Floré at-home test is easy to use, package and send back to the company.
  • You receive recommendations regarding the foods, supplements and probiotics that you should be consuming.
  • You can purchase your personalized prebiotics from Floré.
  • This is an affordable way to learn about your microbiome so you can make healthier choices regarding your diet and lifestyle.
  • You can experience less bloating, fatigue, stomach pain and gas when following the Floré recommendations.
  • Floré has a large variety of products, including products for small children.


  • Sequencing results can be determined by food and dead microorganisms in your gut, leading to false information about your microbiome.
  • You may benefit more from a test that talks about how your microbiome is interacting with your body rather than just testing what’s in your gut.

Gut Health Tests Offered by Floré (Adults, Kids, Toddlers, Babies and Autism)

flore age specific gut health tests offered

The unique thing about Floré is that they offer age-specific at-home gut health tests. This is much different than many other at-home testing kit companies, so it’s exciting to break them down and show you what each test is all about.

Floré Gut Health Test Kit

flore gut test directions

The Floré Gut Health Test Kit can spot more than 23,000 different microbes that are in your gut right now. This includes fungus, bacteria, yeast, parasites and viruses. Whole genome sequencing technology is used to create a full report for you that details what foods and supplements you should be consuming regularly. This is a very valuable tool that you can use to learn more about how your body is functioning and why you feel the way that you do.

Floré Personalized Probiotics and Gut Microflora Test Program

In addition to a test, the Personalized Probiotics and Gut Microflora Test Program also provides you with access to specially formulated probiotics based on your results. A unique formula is constructed based on the trillions of microbes that are in your gut. The probiotics are taken daily and shipped to your cold each month.

Floré Research Edition

The Floré Research Edition has been formulated for patients on the Autism Spectrum. Official documentation is required. After testing, a weekly survey is completed, and custom probiotics are sent to your specified address. To be part of the study, the patient must take the probiotics for a minimum of six months with follow up tests performed. Discounts are available if you sign up for certain products and tests.

Floré Kids Gut Test and Custom Probiotics Program

This program is designed for kids ages 4 to 12. Testing is completed using the Complete Gut Microflora Test. Rather than sending over multiple supplements, each child receives a unique probiotic formula that tailors to their individual needs. The probiotic for kids is taken as a powder rather than a capsule.

Floré Tots Gut Test and Custom Probiotics Program

flore tots gut test

Formulated for kids ages 1 to 3, the Tots Gut Test and Custom Probiotics Program analyzes trillions of microbes in your child’s microbiome. You are provided with a customized probiotic powder that can be mixed into your toddler’s drink or formula.

Floré Baby Gut Test and Custom Probiotics Program

Even babies ages 0 to 1 benefit from probiotic use. A complete microflora test is performed on your baby’s sample. An easy to digest probiotic powder is sent to you to be taken once per day.

How Accurate Are Floré’s Gut Tests?

Floré accuracy of gut test

The results of Floré’s gut tests are accurate for the most part, however they provide a bit less information compared to other similar companies. They tell you what kind of bacteria you have in your gut compared to other people in your age group. However, the information you receive regarding dietary recommendations is limited. While you do receive probiotics through Floré, their additional resources are limited. You do have the option to retest every 4 months though, which is done more affordably than other test companies.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase Floré gut health tests and probiotics through the Floré website. The basic gut health test retails for $169. You can also shop the different personalized test programs for about $79 each. A subscription plan for their probiotics is about $79 per month. The higher end research edition packages are $350 each.

Floré pricing purchase at website

Is it worth it?

Investing in your health is always a wise purchase, so it’s hard to say that it wouldn’t be worth buying a Floré test kit / probiotics. There are a number of companies that are selling similar products, some of which offer different information. It might be a good idea to do some research to ensure that you’re going to find out everything that you’re interested in.

Average Rating and Real Floré Gut Test Reviews

real customer review flore gut test

Many positive customer experiences are listed on the Floré website. After learning more about the results, people were able to enjoy many benefits of the probiotic subscription service. After taking the products for just a couple of weeks, people experienced an increase in energy, better mood, less bloating, decreased gas and more regular bowel movements. Another potential benefit that some people experienced was the ability to eat their favorite foods again without discomfort. Having beneficial bacteria added back into the microbiome made quite a big difference.

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Alternatives Compared to Floré

There are a few brands that produce somewhat of the same amazing results that Flore can in regards to gut health testing kits. Like I said before, Flore is unique with their age-specific gut tests, but let's take a look at some respectable alternatives (leave no stone unturned).

alternatives to Floré


Viome is a gut health test company that uses a similar test kit to determine information about a person’s microbiome. Results are provided along with food recommendations, supplement recommendations and much more. It’s a very thorough company that has been selling gut health test kits since 2016. Their method of testing is analyzing mRNA and microbes found in each sample provided using a DNA database.


Ombre is a gut health test company that tests the bacteria in your stool samples to determine how your microbiome is affecting things like mood, energy levels, immune system function, weight and much more. Your gut health score will determine what beneficial bacteria your body needs by way of supplementation.


We've already compared Viome Vs. BIOHM, and the BIOHM Health gut test kit uses an online portal to share with you your personalized results and recommendations regarding a specialized diet and probiotic regimen that will improve your health. You learn a lot about living a healthier lifestyle, creating healthy meals and supplementing your microbiome.

Is This Gut Microbiome Test Legit? Final Verdict

There’s nothing that suggests the Floré microbiome test isn’t reputable or trustworthy. Its design is based on the same science that the other gut health test brands use. The supplements are safe and effective. It’s nice that Floré has created individual products for different age groups. It’s difficult to find these test kits and products for small children, especially babies.

Plenty of customer reviews state the benefits that were experienced thanks to the use of Floré and Floré supplements. The testing method is standard in comparison to other gut health brands. This is a company that really focuses quite a bit on the products that they also sell as a compliment to their tests. The goal is really to determine what kind of probiotics and supplements that your body needs. You can then acquire those products easily thanks to a very personalized supplement subscription that is safely shipped to you on a regular basis. If you aren't open to investing time and money into rebuilding your microbiome, then this test might not be what you're looking for.

It's also not wise to just start supplementing with probiotics without knowing what is going on inside of your body. Utilizing a test beforehand will provide you with a full profile of what you have going on inside of your gut. The supplements come after that, based on your results.

Floré legit gut health test and supplements

Tips for Success from the RD (If you’re going to go with Floré gut test)

I always recommend doing plenty of research on a product or supplement before you decide to invest. Hopefully this information has provided you with some insight into what Floré is all about. If you decide to move forward with Floré, make sure that you’re choosing the test that is right for your needs. I would plan on purchasing the probiotics that have been recommended to you based on your results. As with any of these companies, you’ll only truly benefit if you replace those beneficial bacteria that you need to have in your gut for optimal health. Floré provides you with customized products, making it easy for you to get what your body needs.

You can obtain beneficial bacteria in a number of ways. In addition to taking supplements, probiotics and prebiotics can be found in things like cultured yogurt, kefir and other dairy products. Fermented foods are also a great source of probiotics if you’re not able to tolerate dairy at this point in time. Kombucha, black tea and tempeh are some other great natural sources of probiotics. You can consume all of these products in addition to the supplements that you are taking. It’s always a good idea to start out slow. Don’t consume too many probiotics at once until you’ve determined how your gut handles it.

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