Viome Gut Health Test & Supplements Review: Effective? A Dietitian Examines

Viome is a world leader in gut health, helping millions of people across the globe by providing easy, accessible, at-home gut health tests and personalized supplements to improve their overall health.

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Did you know that your body’s immune system is largely located in your gut? Seventy to eighty percent of our immune system is situated right in our intestinal walls. If we don’t have a healthy gut and immune system, then we’re not able to fight off infection if we come into contact with germs. Our intestines are also where a lot of things get absorbed into our bodies, including important nutrients. Maintaining an optimal gut microbiome is an important part of optimal overall health.

There are many different ways that you can create a healthy gut but knowing where to start is a key part of the process. You may already know that you occasionally experience issues like bloating, gas or constipation, but you probably don’t have a bigger picture of what your GI tract health looks like. We continue to cover important topics around gut health, like how to restore healthy gut flora, gut health supplements, such as ONNIT Total Gut Health and Primal Harvest Gut Restore, among others.

There are some excellent gut health tests that you can use in order to formulate a picture of what your GI health looks like. This information will point you in the right direction of lifestyle changes, nutritional changes and supplements that you can use to feel better.

Signs and Symptoms You Need an At-Home Gut Microbiome Test

gut test signs you need one

Wondering if you should invest in an at-home gut microbiome test? There are some common signs and symptoms that indicate that you may have some GI issues going on that warrant some additional investigative work and treatment. This can include:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Bloating on a regular basis
  • Loose stools or diarrhea
  • Occasional or frequent constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss that you cannot explain
  • Pain in your throat or chest

We have trillions of good bacteria in our gut that help us stay healthy, keep our immune system functioning and promote optimal brain health. A gut test provides information that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll learn more about the number of healthy bacteria that you have in your gut, the number of bad bacteria that’s in there, what might be causing your symptoms and what you should do about it all.

Quick Summary of Viome Gut Health Test and Supplements Review

Products:Gut Health Test, Health Intelligence Test, Probiotics and Prebiotics Supplements
Founder:Naveen Jain, CEO
Best for:Those who want to optimize their wellness through a healthy gut, becoming more aware of how they can improve their gut microbiome
Price:Click to check pricing page at viome (they are constantly running deals, so don't miss out)
Sample method:Stool and blood sample
Test for:Bacteria, viruses, yeast, eukaryotes, and archaea
Viome uses test results for future studies to prevent illness:
Personalized supplements after test results:
Personalized food plan:
Results timeframe:2-4 weeks
Reputable Brand:✔, 100% outstanding brand with a clear mission to helping people becoming healthier
Avg. User Rating:4/5 ⭐ (Thousands of customer reviews as a sample size)
GW Rating:4.9/5 ⭐
quick summary viome health test

Introducing Viome (Brand Overview)

Viome is a testing company that analyzes the biology of a person’s gut in order to learn more about their overall health. With the results that are provided, clients also find out more regarding what they should / should not be eating, what supplements may be beneficial and what to watch out for in the future.

Located in Washington, Viome has been around since 2016. Now known as Viome Life Sciences, this company uses artificial intelligence to analyze the microbes and mRNA that are found in a sample they receive. A central database is used to compare the data from the sample to DNA information that they already have. The company’s goal is to help their clients live a healthier and happy life through personalized recommendations, prevent illness and help detect disease early on.

introducing viome brand overview


  • The test is very simple. The collection kit provides you with a stool sample paper and blood sample kit that you use to collect your samples. You package your sample as directed and ship it back off to the company.
  • The results that you receive from your test are personalized. You will receive recommendations that are for your body only. You can make necessary changes to ensure that you have a healthy gut.
  • Your kit is registered online, so you can stay up to date on what point of the process your sample is at.
  • The list of recommended supplements and dietary changes that you make are tailored for you only.
  • More than 300,000 people have used Viome, many of whom have experienced substantial improvement in their gut health because of the process and supplements they used.


  • You may not be thrilled with the process of having to collect a stool sample or blood sample, but the company does make it easy to do so.
  • The service and supplements are a bit pricy but investing in your wellness routine is usually a good decision.
  • In most cases you’re going to learn that a supplement of some sort is recommended. You should be open to taking something to improve your gut health, whether it be probiotics or prebiotics.

Viome’s Health Intelligence Test

The Viome Health Intelligence test is used to provide you with personalized food / nutrient recommendations that will affect your entire body. The dosages and recommendations that you receive are for your body specifically. This information is determined by the results of your test. Once you have sent back your collection kit, you will receive your results in about two to three weeks.

viome health intelligence test

What’s Included

Your report will include more than thirty different scores that relate to your gut health. The information also takes into account your age, immune health, energy levels, cellular function and stress response.

You will receive a list of foods that you should and should not be eating based on your microbiome health. The centralized list consists of more than 400 different foods, which your report comes from. You are also recommended supplements that will improve your gut health. This can include probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, etc. These supplements can be purchased directly from Viome on a monthly basis.

Gut Intelligence Test by Viome

The Gut Intelligence Test by Viome provides you with health insights and nutritional advice that will support your gut health. Food and nutrient recommendations are included along with supplemental information. This is a more gut-focused test compared to the Health Intelligence test, which provides you with more information regarding your entire body.

viome gut intelligence test

What’s Included

Your results are provided within two to three weeks of sending in your sample. You will then get back more than 20 different test scores relating to your gut microbiome health. You also get a list of foods to eat and avoid with supplementation recommendations.

Precision Supplements Complete

You can purchase your supplements through Viome once you have received your results. Supplements are sent to you on a monthly basis. This kit includes the Health Intelligence Test kit, and you will receive an additional test every six months to track your progress and diagnose any new issues that you may be experiencing. Your supplements can include vitamins, herbs, food extracts, amino acids and various minerals in personalized doses.

viome precision supplements

What’s Included

The Precision Supplements Complete kit provides you with access to more than 30 different scores and sub scores that relate to your gut health, biological age, immune system, cellular health, energy levels and stress response. You will learn about the different foods that you should and should not be eating. This information is provided from a list of about 400 foods. You also get a personalized recommendation for how you should proceed with supplementation.

Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics

Along with the Gut Intelligence Test Kit, the Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics package comes with a thirty-day supply of your personalized formula that has been recommended by Viome. You also receive a discount on future tests should you want to repeat the testing process to see what has changed. This test is based off of your microbial gene expression.

viome precision probiotics

What’s Included

Your results include 20+ scores that indicate what your current gut microbiome health is. You should follow the recommended foods to eat and avoid in order to feel your best and maintain optimal gut health. Your recommendations include supplements that will help to replace beneficial bacteria in your gut. They can be ordered on a monthly basis from Viome.

How Does the Test Process and Results Work?

how does it work viome gut and health test

You can purchase your Viome test kit through the Viome website. There are four different options to choose from, including the Precision Supplements Complete, Precision Probiotics and Prebiotics, Health Intelligence Test with Gut Intelligence, and Gut Intelligence test. Once you’ve received your test kit, open it up and read all of the included instructions before proceeding.

The kit that you choose will either require a stool sample, a blood sample or both. All of the information regarding how to complete the sampling and package is included with your kit. Shipping back your test kit is completely free. You just have to hand it over to your local mail service.

The Viome lab will provide you with access to your results in approximately three weeks. Your kit requires you to register online, and you’ll be provided with updates and access to your information through the website. There is also an app that you can download. Your results will clearly indicate the microbes that were discovered in your gut microbiome. You also receive scores for your metabolic fitness and digestive efficiency levels. Diet and lifestyle recommendations are included based on the mold, fungi and bacteria that is found in your gut.

Supplements will be provided to you if you chose that option with your results. These supplements are sold as part of a subscription service. You can cancel your account at any time.

Is The Test Safe to Take?

The Viome test is very safe to take. Depending on what test you’re completing, you’ll be asked to take a stool or blood sample. Both are very easy to collect, and you simply package everything up to be sent to Viome for testing.

is it safe to take viome gut health test

Costs and Where to Buy

The cost of your Viome test kit will vary based on the one that you choose. The cost is typically between $129 and $199 when a promotion is being run. You may pay a little more if there are no discounts provided at the time, you’re purchasing your kit. The cost will increase with an included supplement subscription. Some subscriptions include a test kit and a discount to future tests.

cost and where to buy viome gut health test


How Accurate Are Viome's Gut Tests?

The information that you receive from your Viome test kit is very thorough and accurate. You learn a lot about your gut health and how you can improve your overall health. Dealing with digestion issues can be much easier when you know what kind of microbes are located in your gut.

how accurate are the tests viome health gut test

Who Should Use Viome?

We could all benefit from knowing more about our gut health. Some of us experience digestive issues on an occasional basis, but others are dealing with issues like abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea on a regular basis. There are changes that can be made to help you feel better, but you need to know where to start. That’s where Viome comes in.

who should use viome

Average Ratings and Honest Customer Reviews

Viome currently has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon with almost 290 reviews. Some customers experienced dramatic changes in their gut health after learning about what they should and shouldn’t be eating and taking the recommended supplements. It's worthy to note that many of the reviews under 4 stars are form 2019, they have since improved.

On the BBB, the company has an average rating of 1.26/5, but I am here to tell you you cannot trust that source – most of the time it's the competitors leaving bad reviews to gain a competitive advantage. After using Viome myself, I can honestly rate their gut health test as a 4.9/5 star rating. I got very accurate results and they are working on creating even more tests based on the data they are gathering.

Furthermore, I believe this brand had a rocky start in the beginning stages of developing a complex gut health test. However, with multiple funding opportunities, Viome has re-invested in their products, they are gathering more data, and this company is about to explode in a very positive direction. In other words, they are only going up and will be providing even more value with multiple health tests – all in an effort to help people optimize wellness.

Some people found that dietary changes weren’t enough to feel dramatically different. However, supplements were the final piece that was missing from the puzzle. Overall – a great product and system.

hones customer reviews viome

Alternatives Compared to Viome

You may be looking for slightly different information regarding your gut health. There are other companies that sell similar test kits with varying results. Thorne is very similar to Viome in that you receive a detailed analysis and personalized recommendations regarding any GI issues that you’re experiencing. Precise sequencing is used to provide you with accurate information.


BIOHM provides some of the most comprehensive gut health results on the market right now. They keep you very much in the loop of what’s being tested for your sample, and your results are reviewed by a microbiome-trained nutritionist.

Ombre Lab

Ombre Gut Health Test Lab also tests a stool sample to determine what your gut microbiome health is. You receive your results along with a strain-specific probiotic subscription that is clinically developed to address any of the symptoms that you’re experiencing. Full transparency, Viome is a much better brand, smoother process, and overall higher quality testing results (see Ombre vs Viome comparison).

alternatives compared to viome

The Importance of a Healthy Gut Microbiome

Your gut microbiome is a part of your body that is tied into so many different functions. Your immune system relies on a healthy gut to function optimally, your gut has its own nervous system, and our brains need a healthy functioning gut in order to thrive. Improving your gut microbiome can help with things like:

the importance of health gut microbiome

Improving Digestion

Our bodies need to be able to break down the food that we eat, and we need to absorb the nutrients needed by our bodies. When we don’t have the right bacteria in our gut to accomplish this, we can experience unpleasant symptoms and a lower overall quality of health.

Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

We need our gut to contribute to a healthy metabolism in order for our blood sugar levels to be at a safe level at all times. People with diabetes often have a less diverse microbiome, affecting their blood sugar levels.

Manage Stress

Ever have an upset stomach because you’re feeling stressed? Our gut is directly related to our mental health. We need a healthy microbiome in order to deal with ongoing stress in our lives.

Can I Really Improve My Gut Microbiome Through A Gut Health Test?

The gut microbiome test itself isn’t going to affect your gut health, but you can use those results to make changes that will impact your health. You could experiment with different probiotics and supplements, but you don’t really know what you need until you take a test such as Viome.

Does Viome Gut Test Really Work? A Dietitian’s Recommendation

While this test might seem a bit expensive to some, you’re receiving some very specific information regarding your gut health. I think it’s wise to invest in something like Viome, especially if you’ve been dealing with GI issues for awhile now. You can really pinpoint what’s going on internally, allowing you to change how you eat and the supplements that you’re taking on a regular basis. Viome's tests really do work and they continue to gather more data as more people test, so you're part of a bigger plan for not just yourself, but for others in the future – I 100% recommend going with Viome!

is it worth it viome

Tips for Success from Our RD

I recommend looking into the different gut microbiome tests that are available before you purchase anything. Make sure that you’re going to receive the type of results that you think will help you maintain optimal GI health. You can also make some nutritional changes in the meantime that will help you get back on track until you receive more personalized results.

There are many foods that you can consume which provide you with beneficial bacteria. You can get probiotics and prebiotics from things like yogurt, kefir and fermented foods. Try working a few into your diet a little at a time to see how you respond. You don’t want to overload yourself all at once. This will likely end up making you feel gassy and bloated.

Eat a high fiber diet, limit your fatty foods and make sure that you’re plenty hydrated. It might sound silly, but make sure that you’re thoroughly chewing your food before swallowing it. If you’re swallowing too large of pieces of food, this can make your GI tract work harder to break everything down and absorb the necessary nutrients.

tips for success viome
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