Viome vs. BIOHM: Which Gut Health Test Is Better?

Comparing two of the more extensive gut health tests: VIOME Vs. BIOHM, with an overview of the brand, products offered and which one is better.

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Each day we have trillions of bacteria in our gut that are working hard to keep your body functioning at an optimal level. Not everybody has a healthy gut, which can lead to issues with your mood, weight loss / weight gain, mental health and energy levels.

We’re seeing a number of gut health tests coming onto the market lately. They provide you with an easy way to assess what’s going on in your microbiome without having to head to a doctor or have invasive tests performed. Understanding what’s going on inside your body can help you make healthier choices that will benefit you years into the future.

We’re going to take a more in-depth look into two top-rated gut health tests. These brands are making a big splash in the gut-health and wellness industry, pioneering the way to a healthy gut microbiome. I'll compare the Viome gut health test Vs. the BIOHM Health gut test.

Why Take a Gut Health Test?

You probably have taken notice of some stomach or GI issues that you experience at times. While you can take a guess at what’s going on with your body, it helps to have true data. When you learn what’s going on within your gut microbiome, you’ll be able to understand why you feel the way you do. Gas, bloating, weight gain and irregular bowel movements are just some of the problems you may be experiencing. Taking a look at a profile of your gut can determine what you can do regarding your diet to feel better. Not to mention, many of these gut test companies offer you access to supplements that can heal and maintain a better gut.

About eighty percent of our immune system exists in our gut. It’s really easy to throw this entire system off balance, which can lead to an increase in illness, disease, poor sleep, skin conditions, etc. The good news is that it’s just as easy to repair this system, so you feel better. Each week your intestinal lining will regenerate itself. Boosting the number of healthy bacteria that is in there makes a big difference.

The price point that you will need to spend to get a reputable gut health test will vary, though this is a bit more expensive of an option than other at-home health tests. I personally think it’s worth the investment. It’s hard to determine what’s causing issues you may be having with your stomach or intestines. Not to mention, you have so many other systems in your body that are tied to your gut. A simple sample sent over to a gut health test company can provide you with information that can literally change your life.

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Quick Summary of VIOME Vs. BIOHM

Gut health test:
Other health tests:✔, Health Intelligence Test
Price of gut test:$199 129$129
Food and nutrient recommendation:
Sample type:Stool for gut health test / blood and stool for health intelligence testStool
GW Rating:4.9/5 ⭐4.7/5 ⭐
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Overview of Viome

The Viome gut health company was created in 2016, and it provides consumers with a test that will determine what the biology of their gut looks like. The goal is to provide valuable information about a person’s current state of health. A central database of DNA information is compared to your specific results. Your results come with information regarding healthy foods you should be eating as well as what you would benefit from avoiding. Viome also offers access to various prebiotics and probiotics that can help you heal your gut.

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Health Intelligence Test

The Health Intelligence test from Viome is a gut health test that Viome offers at an most affordable price point along with health-based aspects at a cellular level. The test takes about three weeks once the company has received your sample. The results you receive include personalized nutrient information that will improve your gut health from a master list of more than 400 foods.

The Viome Health Intelligence test includes over thirty data points describing your microbiome gut health. Your recommendations also take into account personal information like your age, gender, energy levels, immune health, etc. You also receive information about prebiotic and probiotic supplements that you can purchase through the company, including information on dosing.

Gut Intelligence Test

Another testing option from Viome is the Gut Intelligence Test. Your sample is used to provide you with health information and nutritional advice to support a healthy GI microbiome. Supplement recommendations are suggested with your health and nutritional guidance.

Over 20 different scores are sent back to you regarding the state of your microbiome. You’ll learn what you can eat, what you should avoid, what supplements you should take and at what doses.

Precision Supplements Complete

For a more well-rounded gut health package option, the Precision Supplements Complete program comes with a Health Intelligence Kit along with monthly supplements based on your results. Viome will provide you with a new test every six months to help monitor your results and make changes as needed. Supplements that you are provided can include prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids and vitamins.

The scores you receive from the Precision Supplements Complete package includes the same information that you get from the Health Intelligence kit.

Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics with Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test

The Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics with Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test comes with your Gut Intelligence Test Kit along with Precision Probiotics and Prebiotics. You get a thirty-day supply of the supplements that are designed for you specifically. If you decide to re-test at any point, you are given a discount code to offset the cost. Viome looks at your microbial gene pattern to give you your accurate results. Over 20 different scores are included, including what you should and shouldn’t eat to reduce and prevent symptoms like bloating, gas and bowel irregularity.

Main Benefit of Going with Viome

I like the fast turnaround time that Viome provides. Once you’ve collected your sample and sent it off, you should get your results in about three weeks. You can access the information digitally through the Viome app / website instead of having to wait for the company to send you results through the mail. The results are very clearly explained, along with specific data for the microbes that were discovered in your sample. This includes bacteria, fungi and mold.

You can choose the supplement package from Viome if you want to receive your products every thirty days, but you’re not obligated to continue with any kind of membership if you’re no longer interested. You can cancel at any time.

Overview of BIOHM

BIOHM Health is a relatively new gut health testing program that pairs together a gut health test kit with personalized recommendations based on your results and the history you’ve provided to BIOHM Health. The test is designed to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to construct your meals, what supplements you would benefit from, etc.

Results are provided through the BIOHM portal, with access to quite a bit of supportive information. Their testing options are a bit basic, and they focus more on the different products and supplements that you can purchase based on your needs.

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Gut Test Kit

The BIOHM Health Gut Test is a comprehensive microbiome test that teaches you how to make healthier choices that support your digestive health. Results include the bacteria and fungi that are currently living in your gut, potentially causing a large number of problems.

Your overall gut score is a number between one and ten that can be compared to what the company considers a normal gut score. While the results are very useful, I like how personalized Viome is in comparison. Your recommendations from BIOHM come from a trained registered dietician that reviews your data.

Wellness Consultation

You have the option to purchase a phone consultation with a registered nutritionist at BIOHM once you’ve received your results. The consultation is thirty minutes, where you will discuss your data, your diet and how you can make appropriate changes.

Gut Health Supplements (Prebiotics and Probiotics)

Like Viome, BIOHM Health also offers supplements such as prebiotics, postbiotics, super greens and super reds. Let's go more in depth below:

Microbiome Multi

The BIOHM Microbiome Multi contains 26 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are designed to support your body’s essential functions while enhancing absorption. Also included is a boost of BIOHM FX Probiotic Blend.

Each serving of Microbiome Multi includes Vitamins A, C, D3, E, K2, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folate, B6 and much more. The Super Polyphenol Blend includes pomegranate extract, green tea extract and blueberry extract.

Supergreens with Probiotics

Adding a greens product to your diet is a great way to fill in some of those nutritional gaps that may exist. The Supergreens with Probiotics from BIOHM contains 34 different components along with prebiotics, probiotics, herbal extracts and digestive enzymes. The goal of this product is to help you balance your GI microbiome, support your immune system and cellular health and much more.

Total Probiotic Supplement

The BIOHM Total Probiotic Supplement that is sold on their website, combines the good bacteria and fungi of a probiotic with an enzyme that will help to break down any digestive plaque that you have in your GI system. The goal is to balance your entire microbiome. It has been tested by a third-party team of experts at Case Western Reserve University.

Super Reds with Probiotics

The Super Reds formula with probiotics contains 17 different red fruits and vegetables combined with herbal extracts, digestive enzymes and probiotics / prebiotics.

Main Benefit Going with BIOHM Health

BIOHM Health tests and products are a great alternative to Viome if you’re interested in a brand that provides a wider range of supplements to support your results. They have less testing options to consider.

What’s The Main Difference Between BIOHM Vs. Viome?

The BIOHM Gut Test isn’t quite as thorough or comprehensive as what Viome offers, but it is more affordable. BIOHM only provides results regarding fungi and bacteria, whereas Viome provides more information.

While I do think that BIOHM is an excellent product, there is the potential that your results may be skewed a bit. They use DNA analysis for their assessment, which can sometimes take into microorganisms that were in your gut, but they were not alive or active.

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Which Gut Health Test Is Better: Viome or BIOHM?

I recommend both Viome and BIOHM to anyone who wants to learn more about their gut health. If you want to really get a good snapshot of your overall health and how that’s affected by your microbiome, then Viome is the way to go. Their information is accurate, personalized and can be life changing.

BIOHM is a great choice for those looking for a simple and affordable gut test without more expensive options added on. They’re also a good brand when it comes to different vitamin and nutrient products.

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Final Thoughts

While I do notice some differences between Viome and BIOHM in regard to the type of tests that they offer, the thoroughness of the results you get and the supplements that are offered, I feel that these are both reputable brands that provide gut health testing at affordable price points. If you’re someone that has been dealing with gut issues for some time now, you would likely find either company beneficial. I like to learn as much information as possible about my health and wellbeing, so I would probably invest in Viome for that reason.

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Tips for Success from the RD

Gut health is so important when it comes to our overall health. People really don’t realize that what goes on in their microbiome can have such a profound effect not only on how they physically feel, but also mentally. To feel your best each day, you have to look at your body as one whole system. Your microbiome is very much the center of this system.

Making sure that we are eating healthy each day, such as adding superfoods for gut health to your diet can contribute to a healthy gut, and can even restore your gut flora. As a dietitian, I'm always pushing a healthier diet first, but it doesn’t hurt to have some additional information and supplements (always consult with your doctor first) on hand for wherever you may be falling short.

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