Evernow vs Winona: Which Menopause HRT Is Better?

Anxiety, changes in mood, trouble sleeping, sweating, vaginal discomfort, dry skin and exercise intolerance are just some of the changes that women notice when they’re … Read More

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Anxiety, changes in mood, trouble sleeping, sweating, vaginal discomfort, dry skin and exercise intolerance are just some of the changes that women notice when they’re approaching or going through menopause. This is a time in a woman’s life that can be very challenging because of all the symptoms that arise.

There’s no need to suffer through menopause. There are treatments that can completely transform your life. Let’s take a look at Winona and Evernow, two hormone replacement therapy brands that can treat a variety of menopause-related symptoms.

Key Factors to Know Before Buying Winona or Evernow

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  • Winona connects you with board-certified doctors who will help determine the best treatment plan for your menopause situation. They will touch base with you periodically to see how you’re doing with your treatment.
  • Winona medications are shipped right to your door.
  • Winona is a hormone replacement therapy option that replaces declining levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.


  • Evernow uses evidence-based treatments that take into consideration the exact symptoms that you’re experiencing.
  • You can receive your Evernow products either at your local pharmacy or by having them shipped right to your door.
  • Patches and pills are just some of the product types that are available from Evernow.

All About Winona

Winona is a telehealth company that connects patients with board-certified physicians who can help direct their care. Once an assessment has taken place, women can access doctor-prescribed, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy shipped right to their door. The Winona team stays up-to-date on all of the latest medical advancements and technology, allowing patients to experience a substantial reduction in menopause-related symptoms.

Types of HRT They Offer

Winona is a great company because they offer hormone replacement therapy in a number of different forms. For example, their products include:

Estrogen Body Cream

This product contains two different kinds of estrogen: estradiol and estriol. When used regularly, it can help remedy symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, low libido and anxiety.

Estrogen Body Cream with Progesterone

In addition to estradiol and estriol, this product also contains progesterone. It can be applied routinely to assist with symptoms like hair changes, brain fog, anxiety, irritability, low energy, weight gain and fatigue.

Estrogen Patches

A more convenient way to administer estrogen, especially if you have sensitive skin like me, is through estrogen patches. They offer transdermal delivery that can reduce potential clotting risks.

Estrogen Tablets

One dose taken each day can support women’s health during menopause, reducing symptoms associated with aging.

Progesterone Body Cream

This product can be used on its own or along with estrogen-focused products from Winona. It’s recommended that you apply it to the forearms once per day.

Progesterone Capsule

If you want an ultra-easy way to administer your prescribed progesterone, these capsules from the Winona brand mimic the natural progesterone that our bodies typically produce in abundance when we’re younger.

My Experience

winona menopause hrt treatment

Unfortunately, I haven’t found doctors in my area to be incredibly knowledgeable or helpful in regard to perimenopause or menopause. Some of the symptoms that I’ve experienced in my own journey (increased anxiety and sleep issues) have been disregarded. The nice thing about Winona is that you’re matched with a board-certified medical professional who is knowledgeable, experienced and ready to help you feel your best through this transitional period of your life. I absolutely loved the doctor that I spoke with. I didn’t feel rushed, and all of my concerns were addressed.

Based on my symptoms, my health history and my concerns, it was determined that I would likely benefit from a progesterone cream to start with. I communicated that I wanted to start with something simple before using too many different products and too high of strengths. While I have sensitive skin and was concerned about using a cream-based product, I had a pleasant experience. It’s priced at $79 per month, and the ingredients are very simple. It didn’t cause any irritation or rashes.

I noticed a difference in how I was feeling after about one full menstrual cycle. I was sleeping better, for sure. My mood started to shift more toward the second month of using Winona’s progesterone cream. I was less anxious and irritable.


  • This is a safe method of obtaining menopause treatment. You meet with a board-certified physician before receiving anything.
  • Winona products are backed by science.
  • You receive all of your products in discreet packaging, so nosy neighbors and mail carriers don’t know what you’re up to.
  • This is a personalized treatment approach.


  • Some of the products are a bit expensive.
  • You’ll need to set aside a little bit of time to complete your initial assessment and wait for your products to arrive.
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  • It can take a number of weeks to see the full benefits of a product.

All About Evernow

Evernow was created with the hope of developing a new way to access healthcare and treatments for menopause. The Evernow team is made up of medical professionals, scientists and technologists. The goal is to focus on women’s long-term health. Backed by a number of famous investors such as Abby Wambach, Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow, Evernow offers products that focus on alleviating symptoms such as skin issues, anxiety, body odor, brain fog, sleep issues, joint pain and hot flashes.

Types of HRT They Offer

Evernow offers a number of different hormone replacement therapy options, such as:

Estradiol Patch

Estradiol is a hormone that is commonly administered to help with a number of menopause-related symptoms. It can work in as little as two weeks.

Estradiol Pill

You can also take estradiol in pill form, making it easy to administer your dose each day. This is a nice option if you’re prone to skin irritation when using topical products. The benefits are the same with either product form.

Vaginal Estrogen Cream

This bioidentical vaginal estradiol cream from Evernow can be used regularly to reduce a number of vaginal symptoms associated with menopause. This includes vaginal dryness, painful sex, frequent urination and even frequent urinary tract infections.

My Experience

evernow vaginal dryness cream

I personally feel like the products that are available from Evernow are a bit limited compared to what Winona offers. I personally tried the brand’s vaginal estradiol cream. While it did help with some symptoms, like dryness, I found the cream to be a little irritating. Plus, using the applicator got a little messy. When using this product, you’re supposed to avoid having sexual intercourse for at least eight hours after using it. This can be annoying, feeling like you have to schedule everything.


  • Your personal information is evaluated before determining what products from Evernow might be an option for your symptom relief.
  • You may be able to use your HSA or FSA account to pay for these products.
  • There is a large panel of experts behind Evernow.
  • There are certain products that are very much geared towards specific symptoms, such as hair loss (minoxidil).


  • It’s difficult to figure out what ingredients are included in products, such as their estradiol cream. Winona is much more transparent, in my opinion.
  • Product selection is limited.

Comparison Section

Comparing HRT

Both Winona and Evernow use bioidentical hormone replacement to alleviate the symptoms that are most commonly experienced by women in periomenopause and menopause. Depending on what you’re experiencing, one brand may be more helpful than the other. I found that Winona offered some of the more common HRT options that cover a slew of symptoms. Evernow offers more specific products, which may be beneficial if there’s something you’re trying to focus on.

Comparing Pricing

The price points for Winona seem to be a bit higher, but they don’t seem unreasonable. Plus, Winona is a very reputable brand that provides high-quality products to their patients. You get what you pay for in many cases. When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, I personally want to make sure I’m getting the best prescriptions possible.

Main Differences Between Evernow and Winona

I think the product differences are what differentiate Winona and Evernow. Because of this, I think being able to touch base with a medical professional or expert on the Winona or Evernow team is ideal. You’ll want to talk to them about what you’re experiencing in order to receive a personalized care plan.

Also, the hormones used by these two brands differ slightly. Winona really seems to focus quite a bit on the basic estrogen and progesterone balance. You can obtain these two hormones through Evernow, but they also focus on things like estradiol.

Which Menopause HRT Is Better: Evernow or Winona?

I personally enjoyed my experience with Winona a bit more. I very much liked the medical professional that I was in touch with. The process didn’t feel very generic and fast, which is sort of what I experienced with Evernow. I appreciate a medical professional who takes the time to ensure that they’re providing a high level of care to a patient, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the products prescribed.

My Recommendations

It can be stressful to try and find remedies and treatments for the menopause symptoms that you’re experiencing. I know firsthand how these hormone fluctuations can affect your quality of life. I recommend that you look into both of these companies to see what they have to offer. You may find that one or the other carries certain products that really apply to what you’re experiencing. For me, I liked the approach that Winona provided for my slew of symptoms.

It’s beneficial to go through the process of speaking with a medical professional from both Winona and Evernow to see what kind of options you have. You’re in charge of your health, so you ultimately get to make the final decision regarding what HRT option you want to go with.


Choose Winona If…

  • You want a thorough assessment performed by a reputable medical professional.
  • You like the products that Winona offers.
  • You like the discreet convenience of having Winona shipped right to your door.
  • You like the accessibility of the Winona team. You can touch base with someone at Winona anytime if you have a question or concern.

Choose Evernow If…

  • You have a very specific menopause concern that you’re hoping to treat (such as hair loss or sweating).
  • You are trying to find menopause treatment options on a budget.
  • Your FSA or HSA accounts will cover the cost of these products.
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