Alloy vs Winona: Which Menopause HRT Is Better?

Many women turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a method of alleviating their perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Symptoms can range from mild to severe … Read More

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Many women turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a method of alleviating their perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and include things like hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, itchy skin, hair loss and insomnia, among others. It's no wonder why menopause is destroying lives!

If you feel like your doctor hasn’t been listening to you regarding your hormonal challenges or you’re simply looking for convenient access to help, there are now online resources that can help you during this phase in your life. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to two hormone replacement therapy companies: Winona and Alloy. Which one is better? Read on to find out more about how they compare.

Key Factors to Know Before Buying Winona or Alloy


  • Winona connects you with experienced medical professionals who will provide you with a personalized approach to menopause care.
  • There are a number of different bioidentical hormone replacement therapy options available through Winona, including estrogen and progesterone-based products.
  • Winona ships your products to your door in discreet packaging, so the entire experience is very private.


  • Alloy provides free ongoing care when you’re a client of theirs.
  • Alloy utilizes probiotics and gut health supplements (in addition to their HRT) to provide you with supportive menopause relief.
  • The medical team at Alloy has extensive experience and personal knowledge that helps each woman find the right solutions for her menopause symptoms.

Winona at a Glance

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home in order to find caring and effective menopause support. Winona is a telehealth-based company that provides you with the opportunity to connect with board-certified medical professionals who will walk you through a health assessment and prescribe you treatments that Winona offers. There are a number of options, so you can find something that addresses your symptoms as well as your preferences for administration.

Winona prides itself on staying up-to-date on all of the latest medical advancements regarding menopause care. You receive your products right at your doorstep each month. You can also touch base with the Winona team anytime that you feel it’s necessary.

Types of HRT They Offer

Winona’s hormone replacement therapy options utilize a few different ingredients. The product that works for you will often be based on the symptoms that you communicate to the Winona team. Some of what you can expect includes:

Progesterone Therapy

Winona products such as progesterone cream, estrogen body cream with progesterone and progesterone capsules. Progesterone most commonly helps with night sweats and hot flashes. If temperature regulation is one of the main complaints that you have, your Winona representative will likely point you in the direction of their progesterone products.

Estrogen Therapy

Also available from Winona are a variety of estrogen-focused items. This includes estrogen cream, estrogen cream with progesterone, vaginal estrogen cream, estrogen patches and estrogen tablets. While estrogen can also help with things like night sweats and hot flashes, it can also promote optimal vaginal health. It’s essential if you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, burning, itching or pain during sex.

Testosterone Therapy

Did you realize that women need testosterone as well? It can help with a number of menopause symptoms, including low sex drive. DHEA is used to raise testosterone levels naturally.

My Experience

I have spoken with my doctor a few times about symptoms I’ve been experiencing that I suspected were related to menopausal changes. The only advice I have ever received is to go on birth control. This isn’t really the approach I’ve wanted to take, so I usually go on my way without any help. I recently saw an ad for Winona and was instantly intrigued. Was there actually someone out there who would listen to my concerns and help me? I immediately signed up to get the process started.

During my initial consultation with someone from the Winona team, I communicated the issues that I’ve been having. This included trouble staying asleep at night, hot flashes during the day and some vaginal dryness at certain points of the month. All of my information was taken into consideration, and I was recommended Winona’s progesterone cream.

I started the cream upon receiving my package. I have very sensitive skin, but I didn’t experience any kind of reaction at all. I didn’t notice much of a difference for the first couple of weeks of using this product. By week three or four, I felt like I was sleeping better at night. After I completed one full menstrual cycle, the excessive sweating started to go away.

What I Like

  • This is a bioidentical HRT option that addresses a large number of perimenopause and menopause symptoms.
  • Winona addresses the decline in production of progesterone and estrogen that happens in our 30s and 40s.
  • Winona acknowledges that menopause relief is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each of their clients receives personalized care.

What I Don’t Like

  • The products are a bit expensive.
  • Product selection is limited.

Alloy at a Glance

The creators of Alloy believe that all menopause symptoms are completely treatable. Not to mention, they feel there is a complete lack of quality care for women approaching and dealing with menopause. This evidence-based and holistic option for HRT is guided and supported by a team of medical professionals. After completing a quick three-minute assessment, you get initial recommendations based on that information. You can then make selections, which will be sent to one of Alloy’s medical professionals. If they have any concerns, they’ll let you know before they approve your selection. You can also opt to start this process by speaking with someone on Alloy’s medical team. Your prescriptions are conveniently sent to your door within 3 to 5 days of making your selections.

More on Alloy:

Types of HRT They Offer

Alloy is similar to Winona in that they both offer progesterone and estrogen therapy. Progesterone is used in Alloy’s formulas to strengthen the uterus and regulate your menstrual cycle. You should see fewer dramatic fluctuations and symptoms as you continue your treatments.

Alloy includes estradiol in their products, sourced naturally from yams. It’s molecularly identical to the estrogen that you are already producing in your body right now. You’re just supplementing with higher levels, which can help reduce menopause symptoms.

My Experience

In my search for menopause relief, I came across Alloy. It seemed easy to complete their initial three-minute survey, and it was. After that point, I received product recommendations in my email within a couple of days. I was advised to review those products and let Alloy know if I would like to purchase them or set up a day and time to speak with one of their medical professionals. I opted to speak with someone to ensure I was getting the best care possible.

Alloy also recommended progesterone to me based on the symptoms I reported. Their supplements are pretty basic, and you can even purchase birth control from them. They also offer a gut health supplement that can help regulate digestion, boost your immune response and balance your hormones.

I was provided a progesterone medication that was to be taken orally. I wish there would have been a suggestion for a topical product. I wasn’t thrilled with taking progesterone by mouth every day, which is why I ended up using Winona’s products instead.

What I Like

  • Once you’ve made your product selections, you should receive your product within three to five business days.
  • You have the option of starting the process by speaking to a medical professional.
  • There are a number of treatment options available from Alloy.

What I Don’t Like

  • I personally think that it’s helpful to speak with an experienced medical professional before you receive any kind of prescription-based product. Alloy gives you the option of skipping a call and just running your selections by the Alloy team before they’re sent out.

Comparison Section: Alloy vs Winona

Comparing HRT

While both Winona and Alloy offer hormone replacement therapy options that focus on progesterone and estrogen, I liked the options available from Winona. If you’re looking for the convenience of an oral treatment, that’s available. You can also opt for patches and creams if you like that application method better.

Comparing Pricing

The current cost of an oral estradiol supplement from Alloy is $39.99 per month. Estrogen tablets from Winona are priced at $49 per month. There’s a bit of a price difference, but nothing substantial enough that I would base my decision solely on affordability.

Main Differences Between Alloy and Winona

I like the product selection that is available from Winona. Plus, I felt the initial consultation process was much more thorough. Hormone replacement therapy can be risky if you’re not working with the right medical team. I felt that I was being listened to when working with Winona.

Which Menopause HRT Is Better: Alloy or Winona?

I personally think that Winona has gone to greater lengths to ensure a safe, effective and beneficial process for women who want to find relief from their menopause symptoms. Each woman is treated on a case-by-case basis. I also like the product availability that Winona provides.

My Recommendations


Choose Winona if...

  • You want to feel like you’re being listened to, rather than being treated like just another patient.
  • You want the option of topical HRT products.
  • There is a lot of detailed information available on the Winona website. They answer a lot of the questions that you may have regarding HRT.

Choose Alloy if...

  • You are interested in a streamlined process that allows you to receive your HRT quickly.
  • You are looking for the more affordable HRT option.
  • You’re interested in birth control or a gut health supplement in addition to any other products you receive.
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