Winona vs Happy Mammoth: Which Menopause Brand Is Better?

Have you heard about hormone replacement therapy as a treatment option for menopause-related symptoms? Natural botanicals and herbs can also help you balance your hormones … Read More

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Have you heard about hormone replacement therapy as a treatment option for menopause-related symptoms? Natural botanicals and herbs can also help you balance your hormones naturally. You don’t have to suffer through your hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and mood swings. Not only is help available, but it has now become more convenient than ever to find the treatment that will work for your symptoms. Brands like Winona and Happy Mammoth both provide you with support through the menopause transition.

Let’s look closely at what each brand offers, so you can decide which one is your best option.

Key Factors to Know Before Buying Winona or Happy Mammoth


  • Winona has a very detailed process for putting you in touch with a board-certified physician who will prescribe the hormone therapy that best addresses your menopause symptoms.
  • All of your Winona products will be discreetly shipped right to your door.
  • The ingredients in Winona’s products are made using ingredients that have been sourced from FDA-registered facilities.

Happy Mammoth

  • Happy Mammoth has a large selection of products that are geared towards overall health. This includes hormone-balancing supplements.
  • The Happy Mammoth product line is based on natural ingredients, so you don’t need a prescription for them.
  • There isn’t any medical support provided through Happy Mammoth.

Overview of Winona Menopause HRT

Winona is unique because they provide telehealth services that put you in touch with a board-certified medical professional that will assess your menopause journey. By explaining your medical history and symptoms, you can be prescribed a personalized treatment that will alleviate symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, joint pain, skin changes and much more. Winona products are legitimate hormone replacement therapy items that are made according to the latest medical advancements and technology.

Types of HRT They Offer

Winona is largely based on different estrogen and progesterone-focused products. They also have a DHEA product, which is a synthetic version of the steroid precursor hormone that is produced in our adrenal glands. Their Blossom Cream is a female Viagra-similar product that can keep your sexual life alive during menopause.

Other products include:

Estrogen Body Cream

Made using estradiol and estriol, Winona Estrogen Body Cream can alleviate common symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, anxiety and low sex drive.

Estrogen Body Cream with Progesterone

Progesterone has been added to Winona’s Estrogen Body Cream to further assist with symptoms like hair loss, memory problems, mood changes and fatigue.

Estrogen Patches

Estrogen doesn’t have to be taken orally or rubbed into the skin by way of a cream. Patches are a really convenient way to help balance your hormones, reducing a number of complications like blood clots.

Progesterone Body Cream

You can use Winona Progesterone Cream on its own or with other Winona products. It helps with things like brain fog, hair changes, anxiety, mood swings and skin changes.

My Experience

Rather than continue to be disregarded by the doctors that I have seen for menopause-related issues, I turned to the internet to see what I could learn about my symptoms. Much of what I’ve experienced is very common, and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to achieve safe and effective relief.

I came across Winona and immediately started the process of setting up an evaluation with one of their doctors. Once I had my consultation, I was very happy with the outcome. All of my concerns were addressed. The different products available through Winona were explained to me. I was able to make an educated decision regarding what to try.

I ordered Winona’s Progesterone Cream based on the recommendations I received. Once I received it and started applying it as directed, I noticed a difference in my symptoms within a few weeks. Mainly, I was experiencing issues sleeping, and I was having more anxiety. I noticed the most substantial changes after about two menstrual cycles. I was able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. I also didn’t notice as many anxious moments or irritability.


  • Because you’re meeting with a board-certified physician to obtain guidance for your products, you can feel confident that you’re safe.
  • All of Winona’s products contain ingredients that have been thoroughly studied.
  • Everything arrives at your home in discreet packaging.


  • You may find that some of Winona’s products are expensive, but they are actually pretty comparable to prescription HRT that you would receive from your local pharmacy.
  • You may need to wait a few weeks before you see full results from the Winona product that you’re using.

Overview of Happy Mammoth for Menopause Treatment

Slightly different from what Winona offers, Happy Mammoth has a line of natural supplements that can enhance your hormone health, mood and overall wellbeing. They have a few different formulations designed to alleviate mood swings, hot flashes, weight issues and even vaginal health.

Types of Menopause Supplements They Offer

Hormone Harmony

This is Happy Mammoth’s best-selling product. It contains a MenoBalance complex with broccoli sprout extract, maca root, chaste berry and wild yam. The MenoShred Complex in this product contains fennel seed, rosemary and gymnema extract. To support your mood, Hormone Harmony also features chamomile and rhodiola extracts. Happy Mammoth advertises a number of benefits when using this product, such as temperature regulation, mood balance and weight management.

Meno Daily

Meno Daily is designed to provide you with all of the essential nutrients needed during menopause. This includes the basics like vitamins A, C, B12, folate, biotin and zinc. Meno Daily also includes the Meno Control blend, which features sage leaf, keratin, bamboo leaf and more.

Venus Vital

These capsules help promote vaginal health so that you experience less odor, itching and burning. This is a probiotic-based supplement that addresses hormone health from a gut-health perspective.

My Experience

I always like to try natural products before I settle for something that is sourced with a prescription. I tried Happy Mammoth prior to trying Winona. I experienced some benefit from their Venus Vital. I assume this is because of the gut health and hormone balance relationship. I’ve always had some issues with my gut, so improving my microbiome made sense.

I like some of the other formulas that this brand features, especially Meno Daily. It’s nice to supplement with the nutrients that are needed for optimal hormone health.


  • Based on natural and herbal ingredients that are safe and have been widely studied.
  • Featuring multiple ingredients in each product, Happy Mammoth addresses hormone health as a whole rather than focusing on just one or two symptoms.
  • There are a lot of positive reviews on the Happy Mammoth website.


  • Your symptoms may not be improved with these natural formulas. HRT is something that may be needed.
  • Happy Mammoth addresses hormone health as a whole, so you’ll have to find a product that covers as many of the symptoms as possible that you’re experiencing.

Comparison Section: Happy Mammoth Vs. Winona

Comparing Treatment Options

Some women may find that natural products, like those sold by Happy Mammoth, would be beneficial for many of the menopause symptoms that they’re experiencing. For me, I did see some relief from things like mood swings and vaginal health. However, there may come a point where symptoms increase in severity or more symptoms appear. In these cases, HRT would be beneficial. It might be a good idea to try Happy Mammoth while keeping in mind that you have the option of turning to Winona when you’re in need of more personalized hormone assistance.

Also, Winona allows you to choose products based on the symptoms you’re experiencing. Happy Mammoth items really focus on overall hormone balance.

Comparing Pricing

Winona products retail as low as $24 per month or as high as $79 per month. It really depends on which items you’re using. You may be able to save some money by choosing combination products (estrogen as well as progesterone) instead of single items.

Happy Mammoth products retail for $69.99 per bottle. This is usually a one-month supply.

Main Differences Between Happy Mammoth and Winona

The types of formulas that these brands use are what make them so different. Happy Mammoth is a natural-focused company that uses vitamins, minerals, botanicals and herbs to balance your hormones. Winona uses prescription-based HRT for relief.

Also, Winona provides customers with a tele-health aspect of care. Your consultation with a doctor will help you determine which products you should be using. You don’t receive this feature from Happy Mammoth.

Which Menopause HRT Is Better: Happy Mammoth or Winona?

I’ve tried both of these products and have found them to be beneficial. However, I’m reaching a point in my menopause journey where symptom prevalence is increasing, and I feel I need the support of Winona’s program. While I pride myself on being well educated on various health topics, I really didn’t know where to start with hormone replacement therapy. It was helpful to have someone to reach out to with my questions. Because of this, I say that Winona is the better option for menopause symptom relief.

My Recommendations

Regardless of which brand you choose for relief, it’s important that you know you don’t have to suffer through menopause. There are a number of options that you can utilize to help you feel better physically and mentally. I recommend Winona if you’re looking for assistance with figuring out what’s going on with your body and would like product recommendations and support.


Choose Winona if...

  • You would like to speak with a medical professional about your symptoms and product options.
  • You would like to utilize prescription-based hormone replacement therapy.
  • You’re interested in topical HRT products.

Choose Happy Mammoth if...

  • You’re looking for a more natural option for hormone health.
  • You want to try holistic support before turning to a prescription.
  • You’ve used other Happy Mammoth products with success.
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