Tiny Health vs Viome – Which Gut Health Test Is Better?

I took a gut health test with Viome and Tiny Health. I share my experience with both and which one I liked better.

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Do you suffer from gut issues like I do? I’m talking about bouts of uncomfortable bloating, flatulence, nausea, irregular bowel movements and even nutritional deficiencies caused by poor absorption. If so, you’ll want to read this review of Viome vs. Tiny Health.

Viome and Tiny Health offer gut health tests that provide you with information on the types of beneficial and bad bacteria that are in your gut, any present parasites or bacteria that are present and any candida overgrowth that you may be dealing with.

Let’s get started talking about what these two brands offer, what this process is going to cost you, how they compare and more.

Quick Facts Before Buying Tiny Health or Viome to Test Your Gut Microbiome

Gut Health Test

  • Viome provides you with over 20 gut health test scores that provide insight into what your gut health looks like.
  • Your results are accompanied by ways that you can improve your gut health using supplements and dietary changes.
  • You may be able to use your HSA or FSA accounts to pay for the Viome Gut Intelligence Test.


  • Tiny Health uses metagenomics to provide accurate information regarding your gut health. This is the microbiome gold standard.
  • Tiny Health boasts a mess-free sample collection process that takes less than five minutes to complete.
  • Your results come with information regarding lifestyle, diet and supplement changes that can potentially benefit your gut.

All About Viome Gut Health Test

viome precision supplements after gut health test

The Viome Gut Intelligence Test analyzes microbes and mRNA that are found in the stool sample that you provide. Your information is compared to the data that is in the Viome central database, with the goal of helping people live a healthier and happier life. Within a few weeks, you will receive results and recommendations for supplements you should be taking, an essential diet that will help your body thrive and lifestyle choices that can help prevent illness and disease.

Viome includes a great deal of information in their test result report. You learn about the different bacteria in your gut that may be causing inflammation in the body. Some of these bacteria can be very toxic, causing problems with digestion and immune response.

My Experience

I started to learn about gut health a couple of years ago, and I was shocked to find out how important this system is. I was like many other people who believe that the gut is simply used for digestion. Little did I know, my poor immune response and even mental health challenges may be related to poor gut health.

For the past year or so, I have been dealing with some GI issues that come and go. This includes symptoms like bloating after eating certain foods, discomfort, nausea, gas and a lack of appetite. While I know of plenty of supplements that are designed to help with these issues, I was interested in finding out more about what is going on inside my gut. This led me to Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test.

After I sent in my sample and received my results, I was surprised and amazed to find out what was going on with my gut. Viome was able to tell me what type of harmful bacteria was living in my body and what strains I should add to my routine in order to repopulate my gut with beneficial bacteria. I was also amazed at the food report I received. I thought I was trying to be healthy by eating certain foods (like spinach, for example), but my gut wasn’t able to properly digest those foods. I made a few slight changes to my diet and lifestyle (adding in a Viome supplement), and I was feeling much better in just a few weeks.

The picture below is the Viome precision supplements that I received after my gut health test. I opted for the gut health test and precision supplements, which are based off of my testing results.

viome supplements


  • Over 400 foods are included in a customized food list based on your results. You’ll learn what you should and shouldn’t be eating.
  • Recommendations have the potential to help you prevent and deal with a leaky gut.
  • Viome addresses any gut health issues that may be contributing to inflammation in the body.
  • Supplement recommendations include prebiotics and probiotics in addition to digestive enzymes, minerals, amino acids and herbs.
  • Over 30,000 people have used Viome.


  • It can take two to three weeks to receive your results.
  • Viome requires you to submit a stool sample.

All About Tiny Health Gut Health Test

tiny health gut health test

Initially, there didn’t seem to be much of a difference between Viome’s Gut Intelligence Test and Tiny Health’s version. However, the information that you receive and the process of learning about your gut health is pretty different from one company to the next. I find that Viome is more detailed about what’s present in your gut. Tiny Health provides you with a gut diversity score that is based on the species that are found in your sample. This includes information on the levels of bacteria that are contributing to your gut health. You’ll also be flagged if you show any markers for a leaky gut, parasites or infectious bacteria. The report isn’t as inclusive as Viome.

I received recommendations for the types of supplements I should be using to help improve my gut health, but Tiny Health doesn’t offer their own brand of products. I had to go looking elsewhere to find a high-quality supplement based on my gut health results.

tiny health app


  • Tiny Health provides you with recommendations for dietary, supplement and lifestyle changes that will improve your gut and overall health.
  • A mess-free sample collector makes it easy to prepare your sample in under five minutes.
  • Your purchase provides you with a one-on-one microbiome coaching call.


  • It takes three to four weeks to receive your results, which is even longer than Viome.
  • Tiny Health is the more expensive option, especially if you want to gain access to the coaching call and other features.

Comparison Section

Let’s break down how Viome and Tiny Health compare to one another.

Comparing Biomarkers

Viome provides you with over 20 different gut health scores that explain what’s going on in your gut. Tiny Health doesn’t offer as many results. Viome uses RNA testing to acquire accurate results.

Viome offers information that helps you understand if certain biomarkers may result in inflammation inside the body, including what you can do about it.

Comparing Pricing

The current cost of Viome’s Gut Health Intelligence Kit is $155, marked down from $259. I received a discount when I first purchased my test kit, so it seems Viome frequently runs promotions that can offset the cost of their products. You can also subscribe to their monthly supplement program, which provides you with your initial gut health test kit. The cost of this program is $69.95 per month.

Tiny Health’s Adult Gut Health Test is currently priced at $169 for the single test kit or $199 for the gut baseline assessment that includes the one-on-one coaching call. There isn’t an opportunity for monthly supplement deliveries if you choose Tiny Health.

Main Differences Between Viome and Tiny Health

Viome is a very popular brand that not only provides you with the opportunity to gain insight into what’s going on in your gut, but they also have an excellent product line. It’s nice to receive specific supplement recommendations with your results, and then you can easily purchase what you need right from the Viome website. Not to mention, you can have everything conveniently sent to your door each month.

Tiny Health offers the opportunity to learn more about your gut health, but their report is lacking a bit compared to Viome. They also don’t provide you with access to supplements that can improve your gut health. They simply tell you what kind of changes you can make and what supplements you should look for.

Comparing Results: Which Gut Health Test Was Better - Viome or Tiny Health?

My experience with Viome’s Gut Health Intelligence Test was great. It was easy to read through the initial instructions, collect my sample and await the results. The report was very thorough and easy to understand. The results that I received provided me with enough insight into the changes I should be making to help me get rid of my annoying symptoms. The changes I experienced were rather quick.

Tiny Health has a good product as well, but I didn’t find that their report was quite as thorough and beneficial as what I received from Viome. They’re also lacking the supplement options that Viome provides. I found it really convenient to order what Viome recommended in just a few minutes.

My Recommendations

Consider what you’re hoping to accomplish with a gut health test kit. I personally knew I had symptoms that I was trying to find out more about. These two companies appeared to test things that could be causing my issues, which is why I chose them. There are other companies out there as well, but do some research to find out what a company tests and how they come up with their results. The results you receive can also vary. I would recommend using a company like Viome, which provides you with accurate information along with lifestyle, diet and supplement recommendations.

Gut Health Test

Choose Viome If…

  • You want access to supplements based on the results you receive.
  • You want your results in two to three weeks (one of the shortest waiting periods I’ve come across).
  • A subscription service is something you’re interested in.
  • You want the option of retesting at some point.


Choose Tiny Health If…

  • You want to check for candida, parasites and infectious bacteria.
  • You’re looking for the cleanest and simplest collection process available.
  • A microbiome coaching call is something you think you would benefit from.
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