I Was Influenced to Try YU TrimFit: Here’s My Experience

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It’s fun to keep up with friends and family, but it can be detrimental to my wallet … Read More

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I have a love/hate relationship with social media. It’s fun to keep up with friends and family, but it can be detrimental to my wallet when I follow too many influencers. What can I say, I tend to be easily influenced, and when I test and review products as a side hustle, it kind of just comes with the territory. 

A couple of months back, one of my favorite follows started talking about taking TrimFit from a company called YU. I wasn’t at all interested in the product at first as I’ve seen enough snake oil in the diet industry to know that when things sound too good to be true, that usually means that they are. However, my curiosity was piqued enough to follow along.

After two months of taking TrimFit daily, this gal was showcasing some great results, not dramatic or hard to believe, but noticeable. Seeing this, I decided to give it a try for myself. What could it hurt? I was feeling a little stagnant with my health and fitness journey and I had let a few pounds come on over the course of a couple of months and I was ready to shed them.

I purchased YU TrimFit, and tried it for 60 days (so far) and I’m here to deliver my experience and results with you in hopes that it helps you to decide if this product is worthwhile for you or not. 

Why I Bought It

After seeing one of my favorite Instagrammers post about trying TrimFit, I had a desire to follow along and see what kind of results she would experience. After watching her talk daily about taking TrimFit and seeing what looked to be pretty good results after just two months of consistent use, I decided to use her discount code to purchase a month’s supply for myself. 

During this time, I also found several other Instagrammers talking about and using TrimFit, which told me that this product was spreading like wildfire and that I should grab some, try it, and share my thoughts and review with you all. If it’s trendy, I’ve gotta try it!

Buying Experience

With my discount code copied to my clipboard, I went to YU’s website to start the purchase process. I was already aware that YU had multiple weight loss products, but I really wanted to focus on TrimFit, so I didn’t bother exploring them. When I test a supplement, I really like to do so exclusively so that I can get the most accurate feedback on the product without any potential interference from others.

I was a little put off by the cost of TrimFit at first, but I was already convinced that I needed to try it, so I went ahead and bought it using the discount code I had.

The shipping process was standard. I received my confirmation email and shortly thereafter a shipping confirmation with a tracking number. It took about 5 business days for me to receive the product in the mail.

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First Try: Day 1

YU Trim Fit for weight loss

As soon as the product was delivered to my mailbox, I opened it up, read the instructions, and mixed up a scoop. I was a little weary of the fact that this product is made from what looked and smelled to be some kind of tea leaf. I have tried herbal supplements in the past that upset my stomach and disrupted my menstrual cycle, but I didn’t see any type of complaints like that in the customer reviews, so I went ahead and took it.

I mixed my TrimFit up with a full glass of water. It mixes decently well, but you will be able to visibly see the particles in the water and I find myself mixing between drinks to ensure that all the ingredients aren’t just lumped together in the bottom of the cup.

trimfit powder in my glass
trimfit powder mixed up with water

Taste-wise, TrimFit is actually really pleasant. It’s a very mild berry flavor. Honestly, I expected that it would have a strong taste like most sugar-free drinks do, but it doesn’t. Plus, the larger the container of water that you mix it in, the less you’ll taste. You can adjust based on your preferences. Aside from the berry flavor, there is definitely a slight “tea” taste. 

drinking my first trimfit

Getting Consistent

I didn’t notice anything whatsoever after drinking TrimFIt on the first day, which I took as a really good sign. As I said, I have tried products in the past that were made from herbs that instantly had my stomach cramped up and not feeling well.

Knowing that supplements only work when taken consistently, I decided to keep up with TrimFit, taking it around the same time every day. I found that I began to look forward to my scoop of TrimFit, not because I was seeing results already, but because I enjoyed the taste, and honestly, probably the thought that it might potentially be helping me with my weight loss endeavor. 

I consistently took TrimFit for about 15 days when I first started to notice some slight changes.

15 Days In

It was right around day 15 that I started to notice what I think were some positive benefits of taking TrimFit. I was feeling lighter and more energetic and I had seen the scale go down nearly 2 lbs consistently, which was really encouraging. 

While the scale decrease was something that I was really excited about considering I had about 10 lbs to lose, I was actually more excited about the way I was feeling in my body. I had an overall feeling of just being leaner and more toned. It could be in my head, and I’m sure it wasn’t noticeable to anyone else, but I can’t discount that that’s the way I felt. 

After experiencing these results just 15 days in, I was eager to continue taking TrimFit for the second half of the month to see where’d be at in another 15 days. It was also at this point that I decided TrimFit was worth ordering again, so I made my second purchase to ensure that I wouldn’t run out when my first tub was gone.

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30 Days In

There really wasn’t anything dramatic that happened from the 15-day mark to the 30-day mark other than another 1.5lbs down on the scale consistently and the continued feeling of being leaner and stronger. I was really pushing myself in the gym, focusing on making good nutrition choices, and taking TrimFit consistently at this point and I felt like I was firing on all cylinders again.

I can’t say for certain if the weight loss and results I got during my first 30 days taking TrimFit can all be attributed to the product itself, but I can tell you that taking it daily helped remind me of my goals and to stay on track and accountable with myself. That being said, I do think that TrimFit produced some positive results, especially with my energy levels and overall mood.

Onto My Second Month

My second tub of TrimFit came right on schedule and I continued to take it daily throughout the next 30 days. My weight stayed consistent, but overall I had lost about 4 lbs., which was beyond encouraging for me. I am already trim and healthy, so I wouldn’t expect anything dramatic.

I am realistic about what it takes for someone of my size and fitness level to lose weight. Honestly, I couldn’t believe I lost 4 lbs. In a month! I had been trying for months to shed a little bit of weight and was really struggling.

With these kinds of results and no side effects, it was a no-brainer for me to re-order and move on to month 3 with TrimFit.

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Will I Continue to Take TrimFit?

I have already committed to month 3, so I will continue to take TrimFit for the next 30 days, which will bring me to a total of 90 days, which is typically the point where I really determine if the product is worth continuing or not. 

To be transparent, I don’t know if I need to continue with their product past 90 days because it has already provided me with what I was seeking, which was to lose a few pounds. I think that TrimFit, in conjunction with renewed determination and effort, helped to break me out of the weight loss slump I was in. 

If I can continue to maintain these 4-6 lbs that I have lost, I don’t see the need to continue to take TrimFit.

Who Would I Recommend TrimFit To?

I would recommend TrimFit to anyone who feels as though they’re a little stuck in their fitness and weight loss journey. Sometimes we all need a little boost and motivation to get back on track, and whether or not TrimFit actually caused my results is irrelevant because it motivated me to get them (if that makes sense?). 

I didn’t experience any negative side effects from taking TrimFit thus far, nor did I read about any from other real customers, so I feel pretty confident that most people would do just fine taking TrimFit. That being said, you should always consult with your doctor before starting anything new, especially if you take other supplements and medications. 

For the record, I do not take any prescription medications or other supplements when I am testing a product, so I cannot speak to any possible interactions. Additionally, I was very committed to my fitness and nutrition during the time I was taking TrimFit, so any results could have been attributed simply to that. But, TrimFit I do believe at a bare minimum boosted my energy levels and allowed me to feel lean and capable.

Are You Planning to Try TrimFit?

I hope that my experience with TrimFit has provided you with some value and confidence in your buying decision. I was definitely skeptical, and I certainly don’t think anyone NEEDS TrimFit, but if you have the budget and if it helps motivate you to step up your health and fitness game, then why not try? 

If you try TrimFit, I’d love to hear about your experience! Drop a comment below and let’s help other readers out by sharing multiple experiences.

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