Clairvee vs URO: Which Vaginal Probiotic is Better?

Don’t suffer from vaginal issues such as irritation, burning, dryness, yeast infections and pain during sexual intercourse. These symptoms can be caused by a number … Read More

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Don’t suffer from vaginal issues such as irritation, burning, dryness, yeast infections and pain during sexual intercourse. These symptoms can be caused by a number of factors, such as hormone fluctuations and a lack of a diverse vaginal microbiome. Rather than turning to strong chemical-based prescription treatments that often make the problem worse, consider a natural alternative.

I want to introduce you to two vaginal probiotics that can help boost beneficial bacteria and keep the bad stuff at bay. Let’s look at URO versus Clairvee. I’ve tried both and wanted to let you know which one worked better for me, as well as all the details you need to know.

Key Takeaways Before Buying Clairvee or URO

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  • Clairvee is a supplement that is taken once per day for 15 days at a time.
  • Designed to reduce odor, itching and discharge, Clairvee helps rebalance your vaginal microbiome.
  • There are also 5 billion CFUs in Clairvee, from two different strains of probiotics. Also included are lactoferrin and folate.




  • URO is designed to address odor and pH, so you experience better vaginal health overall.
  • There are 5 billion CFUs in URO, from four different strains of probiotics.
  • In addition to better vaginal health, you may see a difference in your gut health as well. This is an oral supplement, so it has to travel through your GI tract.



All About Clairvee

Clairvee is an oral supplement sold by the brand Bonafide. It’s designed to support vaginal health. By addressing disruptions in the vaginal microbiome, Clairvee has the potential to reduce symptoms such as itching, odor, discharge and discomfort. It contains 5 billion CFUs of probiotics, which are beneficial for women in perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

It is directed that you take Clairvee for 15 days each month (consecutively). It can take a full month to see results. You’ll likely want to repeat the process each month in order to maintain a healthier vaginal microbiome.

More on Clairvee:

My Experience

vaginal probiotic bonafide clairvee

I started using Clairvee during perimenopause. It was early on in this experience that I started to notice a change in vaginal health. I wanted to be proactive, but also wanted to avoid and kind of harsh products that would end up causing more irritation. I came across Clairvee in my search for something safe and effective.

What Worked

Clairvee definitely addressed issues I was having with frequent yeast infections. I couldn’t really figure out any other changes that I had made to my diet or lifestyle that would be contributing to this problem. I was growing tired of using over-the-counter products to find relief, and Clairvee helped to naturally fight back against this fungal overgrowth.

What Didn’t

I didn’t notice a big shift in vaginal lubrication when using Clairvee, but maybe that’s something that happens after a few months of using the product for 15 days out of each month.

All About Opositiv URO

When the pH of your vagina is off, many women experience an odd odor and even itchiness. Opositiv URO is a probiotic supplement that can boost healthy vaginal bacteria to rebalance your pH level. The different probiotic strains chosen by Opositiv have the potential to target inflammation, promote balance, decrease bad bacteria and even regulate your gut health. There is also a prebiotic in this product, which can help feed beneficial bacteria.

My Experience

vaginal probiotic URO

These pretty pink capsules really pack a punch. I chose this product to try because it accomplishes a lot of things. It balances your pH, which in turn will balance yeast, reduce odor and boost vaginal flora. I didn’t want to target specific symptoms but rather address vaginal health as a whole.

I started taking URO daily. I didn’t notice much of a difference initially. I would say it took two weeks to notice a shift in my vaginal health. After one full cycle, I noticed slightly less irritation, healthier lubrication, no odor and no signs of a yeast infection. Opositiv advertises that you should see full results in about eight weeks.

What Worked

URO definitely addressed issues with not feeling fresh or comfortable throughout the day. After about one month, there wasn’t really any irritation or odor to deal with. I even noticed a shift in my gut health, which is an added bonus of taking an oral probiotic supplement, regardless of what it’s intended for. Digestive benefits included better regularity and less bloating, especially during PMS.

What Didn’t

While I found that URO provided a number of internal benefits, it didn’t really impact any kind of external irritation or itching that’s present. That’s my experience, anyway. There are other brands that sell topical products that can be used on an external basis, but I would just be careful to make sure that they’re compatible with what you’re taking orally.

Comparing URO vs. Clairvee

Comparing Formulas

Both URO and Clairvee are based on the benefits of using probiotics for vaginal health. These are oral supplements, but the probiotic strains used for each formula are different.

URO is made using four different probiotic strains, with 5 billion CFUs in each dose. Probiotic strains include:

  • Lactobacillus Reuteri
  • Lactobacillus Fermentum
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • There are also XOS prebiotics in URO, which act as food for the healthy bacteria that you’re introducing into your body.

Clairvee is made using 5 billion CFUs of beneficial bacteria in each dose. This includes the following strains:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • Also added are folate and lactoferrin, which is a protein found in human milk. It has antibacterial and antiviral components.

Comparing Price

You can purchase URO for $31.99 per bottle for a one-time selection. You can also subscribe, which drops the price down to $26.99 and includes free shipping. This is a slightly more affordable option.

The price of Clairvee is $55 for a single box and a one-time purchase. The three-month plan drops the cost significantly, to $35 per month.

Comparing My Results

I wasn’t sure that my experience with these two products was going to be very different. However, I did notice some differences between the two.

I felt fresher and more comfortable overall when I was using URO. It did take a number of weeks to see its full potential, but the investment of time was worth it.

I noticed that Clairvee had its benefits and was effective, but those two weeks of not taking the product kind of made me slip back into how I was feeling before I started taking it.

While these products are designed to help balance your vaginal flora and pH, the probiotics that you’re consuming are also great for gut health and digestion. I noticed more benefits in this regard when taking URO. I attribute this to the fact that it contains more strains of probiotics as well as a prebiotic.

Main Differences Between Clairvee and URO

The main difference that I noticed between Clairvee and URO is that URO has a more diverse probiotic profile. It also incorporates prebiotics into its ingredient list. While Clairvee has two similar probiotic strains, it has left out the other two in lieu of adding folate and lactoferrin.

Otherwise, the CFU count is similar, the benefits are similar, and the administration of these supplements is the same (orally). However, Clairvee allows you to take a break after 15 days.

Which Vaginal Probiotic Is Better: URO or Clairvee?

I personally liked URO from Opositiv better. I saw better results over a longer period of time, which is ultimately what I was looking for. Plus, the more diverse profile of probiotics has benefited my gut health. That’s not something I was looking for from a vaginal probiotic, but it was nice to experience.

My Recommendations

If you’re thinking about using a vaginal probiotic, then I applaud you! Not enough women take vaginal and hormonal health into their own hands. For some reason, we women feel like we have to suffer through our symptoms.

If you’re interested in an oral vaginal probiotic supplement, take a good look at both URO and Clairvee. They’re both excellent products. I would suggest Clairvee if you are intrigued by the folate and lactoferrin that’s included and want to minimize the number of probiotic strains you’re exposed to. Otherwise, URO is a great option if you want to utilize four different strains of probiotics with the help of prebiotics to feed your vaginal flora.


Choose Clairvee If…

  • You’re interested in the two main probiotic types that are in this product, along with the added folate and lactoferrin.
  • You have used the Bonafide brand before and like their products.
  • You would like a product that’s used 15 days on, 15 days off.

Choose URO If…

  • You would like a formula with more probiotic strains.
  • Prebiotic fiber is something you would like included in your vaginal probiotic.
  • Odor and pH are your concerns.
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