My Experience and Review of URO Vaginal Probiotic, 90 Days Later

I tried URO vaginal probiotic for 90 days! I reflect on my notes during the time I took this vaginal probiotic.

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I recently wrapped up a 90-day experiment taking URO Vaginal Probiotics from Opositiv and I’m eager to share what my experience has been like, as it’s quite storied.

To say that vaginal odor is an embarrassing problem would be an understatement, but unfortunately, I think many women deal with it either frequently or from time to time. It’s only been over the course of the last few years that there have been any products to hit the market that address this problem directly.

While the topic of vaginal odor might still feel taboo, I’m hoping that my experience of using URO Vaginal Probiotics for the last 3 months will help you determine if trying URO might be a good match for you. 

I’ll answer all the juicy questions you probably have but don’t want to ask IRL. I’ll even open up about why I decided to seek a vaginal probiotic in the first place. Did URO work for me? Let’s find out!

My 90-Day Experience With URO

Over the course of the last 90 days, I took URO religiously every day as directed by the bottle. At this point, I feel as though I have enough data and evidence to support sharing my experience with you.

Why I Tried It

I tried URO because I was experiencing a sudden increase in vaginal odor that seemed to come out of nowhere. I hadn’t made any changes to my diet, exercise routine, or anything else I could think of, but I was noticing a stronger-than-usual odor down there more frequently than ever before. The odor wasn’t bad per se, but I was extremely uncomfortable at the thought that someone else might detect it as I seemed to be catching whiffs of it throughout the day.

This discomfort and embarrassment led me to seek a solution. I first tried drinking more water, switching to thicker cotton underwear, a vaginal-specific cleanser, and eliminating a couple of foods that I thought might be the culprit, all to no avail. 

Finally, I did a little internet research and discovered that the odor could be due to a pH imbalance and that a vaginal-specific probiotic might help.

How I Found It

Once I became aware that vaginal probiotics were a thing, I started looking for one. I discovered URO almost immediately (Opositiv must have good marketing because they positioned it front and center when I searched). I was already familiar with the brand as I have tried FLO PMS gummies in the past and I had a good experience, so it made sense to me to try a probiotic from a brand that I already know and trust.

How I Felt Week-by-week

Knowing that this experience would make a great piece of content to share with other women, I kept tedious notes throughout the 90 days that I took URO. Below is my week-by-week breakdown of how I felt while taking it. Some weeks were more eventful than others!

Week 1:

I started my URO journey with high hopes of getting rid of my vaginal odor. The first week was uneventful; I took two URO capsules every night before bedtime. No noticeable changes yet occurred within the first week except maybe an increase in discharge, but I was excited to see what the coming weeks would bring as I knew my body would need some time to adjust.

Week 2:

As I entered the second week, I began to notice a subtle improvement in my vaginal odor, or at least I think I did. It wasn't a dramatic change, but it was enough to keep me motivated and continuing to take URO.

Week 3:

Week 3 brought more encouraging signs. The reduction in vaginal odor was becoming more apparent, and I started feeling more confident. I also noted an uptick in vaginal discharge. It was not an odorous discharge, it was clear/white and was unscented, so I was fine with it. In my mind, my body was creating more healthy discharge to battle whatever was causing the bad stuff, but I have no idea if that’s a thing or not. It was comforting to see the product working slowly but steadily.

Week 4:

By the end of the fourth week, I was experiencing a significant decrease in vaginal odor. I was noticing less and less frequently a smell from down there. I felt more comfortable and less self-conscious. I finally felt like things were turning around for me.

Week 5:

Week 5 came with steady progress. I had become accustomed to taking two URO capsules each night, and I could feel my vaginal pH becoming more balanced. It was somehow feeling just “cleaner” down there, which gave me a ton of relief.

Week 6:

As I entered the sixth week, my vaginal health felt significantly improved. The odor was barely noticeable. I was grateful for the continued benefits of URO.

Week 7:

By week 7, I started noticing improvements beyond my vaginal health. My digestive system seemed to be getting better. I was becoming really regular in the bathroom.  URO appeared to be making a positive impact on more than just my vaginal microbiome, which was awesome to see! I did experience a little diarrhea this week, too, but nothing crazy and could have been unrelated. 

Week 8:

Nothing new report here, I was enjoying less and less odor and more confidence. 

Week 9:

OK, I’m not totally sure if this is related, but everyone in my house got sick this week with a nasty cold except for me. It’s possible that my consistent intake of probiotics was helping to boost my immune system!

Week 10:

By week 10, I was feeling nearly odor-free, like my old self again. I was so happy I could cry. In fact, I might!

Week 11:

Steady, consistent usage has me feeling good! This is the week of my period, in which my odor usually changes anyway, but this month, no change!

Week 12:

As I completed my third bottle of URO, I reflected on the positive changes I had experienced. My vaginal odor has improved significantly, and I felt more confident and comfortable in my skin, halleluja! 

Did My Vaginal Odor Improve Over the 90 Days?

Yes, I noticed a slight improvement within a week of consistent use. By week 4 I felt significantly better about my vaginal odor, and by week 12 my odor was right back to normal. 

Did I Experience Any Other Side Effects?

Yes, I definitely noticed some increased vaginal discharge during certain times throughout the course of the 3 months. I also noticed some digestive symptoms, both good and bad. I did have some diarrhea but it evened out and I ended up with a much more regular bowel movement daily. 

Would I Purchase It Again?

Yes, I would if I were struggling with vaginal odor or any kind of vaginal discomfort. For me, this product worked. 

Pricing Breakdown

Single Purchase Price: $31.99

  • Coffee Comparison: This is equivalent to about 10-12 cups of coffee from a typical chain, which might last a coffee lover about one to two weeks.
  • Lunch Comparison: It's roughly the cost of three to four lunches at a mid-range restaurant, an expense that would cover a work week's worth of midday meals.
  • Streaming Services: The price is comparable to one month's subscription to a premium streaming service or a combination of basic plans from two different providers.
  • Public Transit: In some cities, $31.99 can cover a week's worth of public transportation passes.

Monthly Subscription: $26.99

  • Gym Membership: The reduced subscription cost is on par with a low to mid-range monthly gym membership fee.
  • Mobile Plan: It's also similar to an average monthly cost for a basic mobile phone data plan.
  • Magazine Subscriptions: You could purchase a few months' worth of your favorite magazine subscriptions for the price of a month's supply of URO.

Daily Cost on Subscription: ~$0.90

  • Snack Comparison: This daily expense is less than the cost of a vending machine snack or bottled water purchased at a convenience store.
  • App Purchases: It's equivalent to a few app or song purchases from online stores.

The cost-effectiveness of Opositiv URO becomes more apparent when considering the potential benefits against the price of everyday items. For someone who values health and wellness, investing in a product that supports vaginal health could be seen as a reasonable allocation of their daily expenditure, equivalent to minor daily indulgences.

Other Vaginal Probiotics I Considered Taking

I really only researched one other vaginal probiotic, Clairvee by Bonafide. This product was highly rated and made by a very reputable women’s health brand, however, the price tag deterred me from trying it. That being said, if URO didn’t work for me, this would have been my next selection. 

Product Description – The Facts

Opositiv URO Vaginal Probiotic is a dietary supplement designed specifically for women's intimate health. With its V-Positiv Probiotic Blend™, URO aims to foster a balanced vaginal environment, promoting normal odor and pH levels.

Key Features:

  • Probiotic Strains: The product features a mix of 4 probiotic strains, delivering a potent 5 billion colony-forming units (CFUs). These strains are carefully selected to support and maintain a healthy balance of vaginal bacteria.
  • XOS Prebiotics: URO capsules include Xylooligosaccharides (XOS), a type of prebiotic that nourishes the probiotics, ensuring their vitality and prolonged action in the body.
  • Tailored for: URO is particularly suited for women who are sexually active, those concerned with vaginal scent and taste, individuals experiencing vaginal discomfort, and anyone prone to vaginal imbalances.
  • Usage Instructions: For optimal results, take two capsules daily with water. Store the bottle in a cool, dry place, and maintain regular intake as the product reaches full effectiveness around the 8-week mark.

URO vs Clairvee Vaginal Probiotic Side-by-side Comparison

Here's a side-by-side comparison of URO and Clairvee vaginal probiotics:

FeatureURO by OpositivClairvee by Bonafide
PurposePromotes healthy vaginal odor and pH balance.Relieves vaginal odor, itching, and discharge.
FormulationV-Positiv Probiotic Blend™ with 5 billion CFUs.5 billion CFU live active probiotics with lactoferrin and folic acid.
Probiotic Strains4 powerful strains with 5 billion CFU.Lactobacillus acidophilus (4 billion CFU), Lactobacillus rhamnosus (1 billion CFU).
PrebioticsXOS prebiotics to nourish probiotics.Not specified.
PackagingCapsules, 2 taken daily.15 capsules per box, taken once daily for 15 days.
TechnologyStandard probiotic capsules.Capsule-in-capsule technology for delayed release.
Clinical EndorsementNot specified if recommended by doctors.Recommended by more than 3,200 doctors.
Usage DurationEffective around 8 weeks from the start of consistent use.Rebalance achieved in 15 days with month-long effects.
StorageCool, dry place recommended.No refrigeration required due to capsule technology.
Consumer Ratings4.7-star rating based on over 1,600 reviews4.6-star rating based on 103 reviews.
Clinical TrialsNot specified.95% experienced odor reduction after one month in a trial.
Other Benefits/ClaimsSupports overall vaginal health and balance.Targets primary causes of imbalance, not just symptoms.
Who Can BenefitSexually active, experiencing vaginal discomfort, or seeking to prevent imbalance.Women in perimenopause/menopause, those experiencing vaginal discomfort, or using antibiotics.
Allergen InformationGluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free.Free of hormones, parabens, soy, gluten, GMOs, common allergens. Contains milk.
Additional IngredientsNot specified.Glycerin, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and others.
Pricing$31.99 for one-time purchase, $26.99 with subscription.$55 for one-time purchase, $35 with subscription
Product Guarantee60-day warranty.Quality assured by GMP† standards and clinical validation.
Intended UseNot a replacement for medical treatments.Not a replacement for antibiotics or antifungals.

Is URO Worth It?

URO is a worthwhile investment for women who are dealing with the uncomfortable, embarrassing problem of vaginal odor and who would like to try a safe, natural solution. I know that there are plenty of douches, perfumes, and washes out there to quell odor, but in my case, I knew the odor was not the result of hygiene, it was an imbalance of my microbiome that caused it. How the imbalance occurred, I have no idea, but URO got me back on track and feeling like myself again. 

This product might work for you if you are experiencing something similar. I also think that I would have enjoyed having this product around during my postpartum periods as I remember feeling like things were off down there for a while post-birth. 

All-in-all, if you have the symptoms and you think it makes sense that a probiotic would help, this one from URO is probably a solid option! Of course, talk with your doctor, but I hope that my experience with URO has helped you. If nothing more, I hope that this article helped you realize that you’re not alone in your struggles. Best of luck!

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