URO vs Happy V: Which Vaginal Probiotic Is Better?

Pesky vaginal symptoms like itching, irritation and odor can quickly be addressed naturally and safely using a vaginal probiotic like Happy V or URO from … Read More

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Pesky vaginal symptoms like itching, irritation and odor can quickly be addressed naturally and safely using a vaginal probiotic like Happy V or URO from Opositiv. I tried both of these products so that you don’t have to. Let’s talk about what I thought of them and which one I like the best.

Key Takeaways Before Buying Happy V or URO

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  • URO addresses the pH of your vagina so that you experience less odor and irritation.
  • Five billion CFUs are in each dose of URO, which come from four strains of probiotics. Prebiotics have also been added to feed beneficial bacteria.
  • While URO can benefit your vaginal health, it can have a profound impact on your gut health as well. If you’re dealing with vaginal issues because of perimenopause or menopause, there’s a good chance GI issues are plaguing you as well.



Happy V

  • Happy V addresses odor, irritation and discharge, but also recurring yeast infections.
  • Happy V is a combination of probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Some benefits of Happy V took six months to be fully noticed.



All About Happy V

Happy V Prebiotic + Probiotic is designed to balance vaginal pH in order to decrease symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis and recurring yeast infections. This includes itching, bad odor and even bloating in your GI tract. Impressively, there are seven different strands of probiotics in this supplement. It’s a really affordable supplement, especially if you sign up for recurring deliveries.

My Experience

happy v vaginal probiotics

A friend of mine who is a little older than me recommended Happy V to me. She swore that this product helped her get through menopause, as she had a lot of vaginal changes that were making her feel uncomfortable and unwell. I was happy to try Happy V and immediately placed an order. The product initially comes in a plastic bottle, but you will receive refill packets moving forward to reduce waste.

Two capsules of Happy V should be taken daily. I noticed a slight shift in my gut comfort the first week or two that I was taking this supplement. A few more trips to the bathroom (nothing uncomfortable) were necessary. However, I quickly adjusted. I didn’t notice any vaginal changes until about four weeks into starting Happy V. By that point, the odor was gone, as was any itch I would occasionally deal with.

What Worked

I felt like the most prevalent benefit that I got from Happy V was the reduction of odor that occurred. It was actually pretty quick that this happened, compared to other vaginal-health products that I’ve tried. Comfort improved as well, but that seemed to take a little longer.

What Didn’t

For whatever reason, I didn’t see much of a long-term change in my gut health when using Happy V. I had that initial adjustment period, but after that, I was still experiencing occasional bloating and discomfort.

All About Opositiv URO

Opositiv URO also addresses vaginal pH, using probiotics to reduce odor and itch. By boosting beneficial bacteria, URO reduces inflammation, rids the body of bad bacteria and balances vaginal health. You may find that this product also helps support your gut health. There are four different strains of probiotics in URO, plus a prebiotic.

My Experience

uro vaginal probiotic

I was initially very impressed with URO’s formula. The strains that they’ve chosen to include in their product are common and have been proven to be extremely effective for a number of health benefits. While I’ve taken probiotics in the past, I never really realized that they could be beneficial for vaginal health. I found rather quickly that URO reduced any odor that was present, balanced yeast production to eliminate irritating infections and increased vaginal comfort as a whole.

URO is designed to be taken daily throughout the month. The longer you take it, the more benefits you’ll start to notice. I didn’t notice much happening for the first few weeks. By the end of my first full cycle while on URO, the change was pretty profound. Opositiv advertises on their website that you should wait eight weeks to see how URO will help your vaginal health.

What Worked

URO provided me with a level of freshness that I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. One month after starting this supplement, I noticed that I felt fresher and more comfortable. Not to mention, my gut health seemed to improve as well. I am usually very prone to random bloating, regardless of the point that I’m at in my cycle. I didn’t start taking URO because of gut health issues, but it sure was nice to see these changes occur.

What Didn’t

Unfortunately, URO didn’t provide me with much relief from an external standpoint. It’s targeting your vaginal health from the inside out, but any irritation you have in that general area outside the body may not see relief. There are plenty of other natural products you can use for that, though.

Comparing URO vs. Happy V Prebiotic + Probiotic

Comparing Formulas

Both URO from Opositiv and Happy V are based on a prebiotic and probiotic formula. However, the number of strains that are used and the types of strains are different.

For example, URO features five billion CFUs of:

  • Lactobacillus Reuteri
  • Lactobacillus Fermentum
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • There are also XOS prebiotics included in each dose.

Happy V contains more strains of probiotics (20 billion CFUs total), which include:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium lactis
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus crispatus
  • Lactobacillus gasseri
  • Lactobacillus reuteri
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • And the prebiotic PreforPro is included in each dose.

Comparing Price

The price of Happy V is very affordable, priced at $38.99 for a one-time purchase. The cost of a monthly auto ship is $35.09.

You can purchase URO from Opositiv for $31.99 for a one-time purchase. A subscription costs $26.99 per month.

The price points for these two products are relatively similar. However, you get a lot more CFUs in each dose when you are taking Happy V.

Comparing My Results

The concept of these two products is similar. You’re introducing probiotics and prebiotics into your digestive system with the hopes of balancing your vaginal health and pH. They worked somewhat similarly for me. However, I did notice a bigger effect on my gut health when I was taking Happy V. That’s probably because of the larger quantity of CFUs in each dose and more strains of probiotics.

Main Differences Between Happy V and URO

You get a lot more CFUs of probiotics in each dose of Happy V. Twenty billion CFUs is an impressive amount, with the strains used being scientifically proven to help balance vaginal pH. Some of the same strains are found in URO, but there are fewer. For some women, a lower CFU count might be beneficial if they are prone to digestive upset from probiotic and prebiotic use.

Which Vaginal Probiotic Is Better: URO or Happy V?

Both URO and Happy V are excellent products that can really help transform how comfortable you feel. I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of yeast infections I experience since using a vaginal probiotic. Odors and discomfort are gone for good!

If you feel like you can tolerate the higher probiotic count, I recommend using Happy V. URO is an excellent option as well and should be considered if you’re looking for a lower-dose vaginal probiotic that can help reduce odor and balance pH.

My Recommendations

You may want to speak with a trusted medical professional before starting a vaginal probiotic, especially if you’re using other products that could interact with URO or Happy V.

If you’re curious about a product of this type and want to start out slowly, purchase URO to see how it works for your symptoms. You can always upgrade to Happy V later on if you feel like you need something stronger that will cover more of your symptoms.


Choose URO if...

  • You want to start with a lower CFU count.
  • You’ve used other Opositiv products with success.
  • You want to sign up for the Opositiv subscription service and utilize free shipping.
  • Vaginal odor and pH are concerns of yours.

Choose Happy V if…

  • You want more probiotics and prebiotics in each dose.
  • You’re looking to reduce odor, itchiness, bloating and more.
  • Clinically-proven ingredients are important to you.
  • You are avoiding one or more major allergens (this product is allergen-free).
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