RYZE vs MUD WTR – 60 Days To Kick My Coffee Habit

I tried MUD WTR and Ryze mushroom coffee for 30 days each to kick my coffee habit. Read my experience to see if you should try it yourself.

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I’m super excited today to share with all of you my experiment to replace my too-much coffee drinking habit and experience drinking Ryze and MUD WTR for 30 days each.

I love the taste of black coffee to start my day. I love the smell of it, the brewing process, the warm feeling my hand gets when I hold my mug to the warm feeling that my throat, chest and stomach get when drinking it. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t drink a cup of coffee.

My problem was that I didn’t just stop at 1 cup. I drank a second, and then a third… sometimes a fourth during the day.

Could I kick my coffee drinking habit and replace it with a “healthier” version that MUD WTR and Ryze presented? Would I get the same warm fuzzy feelings that coffee has provided me for so many years?

I went into this experiment with an open mind and a mission to change my habits. I also knew it was going to be extremely difficult to not drink coffee after doing it every day for so many years.

I have a bunch of notes from all 60 days (30 days each) on how each product made me feel. I’ll break up my experience into a week-by-week process so you can see how I was feeling during that time.

Let’s get right into it.

The Fast Facts of MUD WTR vs Ryze (From My Personal Experience)

MUDWTR & Ryze:

  • They both do NOT taste like coffee, contrary to what most “reviews” state. I can tell you that many of the reviews out there that state this is 100% false.
  • They both have all the mushroom ingredients - this could be good or bad, especially Lion’s Mane. It can have a positive or negative effect on you depending on your DNA / biology. For me, Lion’s Mane is fine, but too much is also not good for me.
  • Both MUD WTR and Ryze do not taste very good, they also do not mix very well - there are often clumps at the bottom even after using a strong frother to mix it.
  • I had a better experience using both Ryze and MUDWTR mixing it in a smoothie with fruits and chocolate protein powder, but the process can get old every morning. Bottom line is I'm too lazy to do that every day, so I aimed at acquiring the taste over time.
  • I did feel a better energy boost with MUD WTR over Ryze, but not by much.
  • I never experienced an energy crash with either product, which was awesome.
  • I didn't drink 1 cup of coffee for 60 days - this felt great not relying on all that caffeine!

MUDWTR: My 30-Day Journey

I took MUDWTR consistently for 30 days. A one-time purchase price of $60 was way out of my budget, so I purchased the Morning ritual starter kit for $40 per month, then I canceled right away so I wouldn’t be charged the next month. MUDWTR also threw in an automatic coupon code of $10 off, so I ended up getting it for $30! I do this with a lot of products that I want to try out.

holding mud wtr

Week 1:

The first week taking MUD WTR was the best week in terms of feeling the benefits. It was also the worst week of getting used to the taste. I drank it every morning when I woke up and felt an energy boost early, and felt that it wore off about mid-day. It was pretty hard to drink it because it didn't taste very good. Almost tasting like nothing with a touch of cinnamon. I did add coconut milk one day, flavored creamer the next, and honey on another day. This improved the taste, but ultimately I decided to try to get used to the taste on its own. Looking back, I can remember really wanting a cup of coffee by the end of my first week, but I didn't do it and I remained committed to MUD WTR. I had to see it through.

Week 2:

inside mud wtr

During my second week taking MUD WTR, I noticed that the energy boost wasn't as strong. It almost felt like my body was getting used to the ingredients. The energy boost also didn't last up until mid-day, much sooner actually. Still, I felt like I was almost getting over my coffee kick and the urge to drink coffee was calming down, which was a nice feeling.

Week 3:

The third week was very similar to week 2. The energy boost was still there, but not as strong as the first week. I was starting to get used to the taste, which was weird because I didn't like it at all. But it was starting to become my morning ritual. I did think to myself that I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend $40 per month on it though moving forward.

Week 4:

As my final week with MUD WTR was coming to an end, I noticed less and less effects. However, I was thankful for not drinking so much coffee any more. Instead, I replaced it with MUD WTR. It was cool to see I didn't need coffee every day, but I'm not sure I could have quit cold turkey. I think I needed something like MUD WTR to have that warm mug on my hand and the act of sipping on something hot in the morning. I will also say that I didn't experience any heart burn, which I didn't notice until after week 4. Apparently I used to get heart burn all the time when drinking coffee - this was a major health upgrade for me.

Transitioning to Ryze Mushroom Coffee: First Impressions

I also drank RYZE Mushroom Coffee consistently for 30 days. A one-time purchase price of $45 was around my budget, but they were offering a $30 test trial, so I jumped all over it. I then cancelled my membership right away to avoid future charges!

My buying tip: create an account before purchasing so you can easily cancel.

Week 1:

After trying a full 30-day supply of MUD WTR, I wasn't very optimistic about how good Ryze was going to be now that I tried a "mushroom coffee."

The first week was very, very similar to MUD WTR. The only difference was that Ryze tasted just a tad worse than MUD WTR, but both had that earthy taste. I was already kind of used to it, so I was prepared this time around.

As far as the benefits go, I noticed a nice energized feel, it wasn't a burst of energy, but sustained for quite some time and it felt good.

mixed in ryze mushroom coffee

Week 2:

By the second week, I was getting used to the taste. I even tried to mix it up and add it into a smoothie. I used one of Ryze's recipes that I found on their blog. I mixed chocolate protein powder, some fruit and Ryze. It wasn't bad, but I didn't do it again. I felt the same energized feel after I drank it every morning, but the energy wore off and didn't last as long as week 1. Could this be because my body was getting used to the ingredients just like MUD WTR? I believe this to be true, but who knows?

Week 3:

On my third week drinking Ryze mushroom coffee, I noticed I wasn't exactly craving regular coffee as much as I used to. I was getting used to the taste and the clean energy feeling was still there after I drank it. This point in time was very similar to my MUD WTR experience. These two products are very similar, which makes sense because they have the same ingredients.

Week 4:

During my fourth week I felt like the energy I got wore off faster throughout my day. I knew if I drank another cup I would get more energy, but I didn't want to do that. Taking too much mushroom ingredients during my day doesn't sit well for my stomach. I thought Ryze was solid, not as good as MUD WTR, but pretty darn close. The best part for me trying MUD WTR and Ryze is that I didn't drink coffee for 2 months (60 days). I accomplished my goal of kicking my coffee habit.

How Does MUD WTR and Ryze Compare?

Pricing Comparison

Let's compare both Ryze and MUD WTR pricing and compare it to going to Dunkin' Donuts every day.


Initial cost

Monthly cost

Cost per day

Monthly Savings (compared to Dunkin')

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee


$75<br>(30 days x $2.50/cup)



$60 (one-time)

$40 (subscription)


$35 (based on subscription)

$45 (one-time)

$36 (subscription)


$39 (based on subscription)

Reminder: I talked about in my experiences when purchasing both products - I was able to try both for $30 on what seemed to be a "trial offer." I did, however, have to cancel my membership so I didn't get charged each month.

Taste and Mixability Comparison

I have to admit, I read some very promising blog reviews on MUD WTR and Ryze and mostly all of them say how good Rzye and MUD WTR tastes. I can tell you first hand that both MUD WTR and Ryze taste like complete crap on its own.

There are ways to make it taste better. For example, on multiple occasions I added coconut milk, cinnamon and honey to it. I've even added a flavored creamer in it, but that just upped my sugar and calories intake.

I wasn't very happy about adding flavors to a product that I paid a good amount for. So I stopped using ad-ins and just started taking MUD WTR and Ryze straight up. Yes, at first it tastes really, really bad. However, for some odd reason I started to aquire the taste and it wasn't that bad after you get used to it. Funny enough... I remember I used to think that about coffee when I was a teenager.

As far as mixing goes, you need to really stir both products up. I found using a straw and then a high-powered frother does the best job. However, I still always had some clumps at the bottom.

Results and Benefits Comparison

My results and benefits using Ryze and MUD WTR were very similar. I will say that MUD WTR gave me a tad bit more energy and less crash.

I felt a little bit of an energy surge (not as strong as coffee though) after using MUD WTR for about a week. Results after that started to level out to almost non-existent.

Using Ryze mushroom coffee, I felt less of an energy surge after a week, then it was like my body got used to it and it needed more. Very weird, but it wasn't as effective in my 3rd and 4th weeks as it was my 1st week.

My Recommendations

Choose MUD WTR If...

  1. Ingredient Focus on Wellness: MUDWTR offers a blend of natural ingredients like mushrooms, cacao, and spices, which are carefully chosen for their wellness benefits. Individuals interested in holistic health and wellness might appreciate this focus on functional ingredients that can potentially offer cognitive and physical benefits.
  2. Low Caffeine Alternative: For those looking to reduce their caffeine intake, MUDWTR provides an alternative to coffee with significantly less caffeine. The reduced caffeine level can help prevent jitters and crashes associated with coffee while still providing a gentle energy boost.
  3. Diverse Flavor Profile: The unique combination of ingredients like chai, turmeric, and other spices offer a different taste experience from traditional coffee or tea. This may appeal to those who are looking for a new and interesting flavor to add to their morning routine or to those who do not enjoy the taste of coffee.

Choose Ryze If...

  1. Allergy-Friendly: Ryze mushroom coffee is free from common allergens such as nuts, gluten, and dairy. It's a suitable option for individuals with allergies or sensitivities who still want to enjoy a coffee-like beverage.
  2. Support for Immunity and Digestion: Ryze is made with a variety of mushrooms that are known for supporting immune function and gut health. This might attract health-conscious individuals looking for beverages with added health benefits.
  3. Convenience: Ryze offers an easy-to-mix formula that does not require a coffee maker. This convenience factor is significant for those who want a quick and easy preparation method without compromising on healthful ingredients.

Both MUDWTR and Ryze have positioned themselves as health-focused beverages that provide alternatives to traditional coffee, with unique selling points for different consumer preferences and needs.

For me and my experience trying both Ryze and MUDWTR, I accomplished my goal of kicking my coffee habit. I still may go back to drinking regular coffee, but I know for certain it won't be all day every day. I'll be able to control myself and enjoy 1 cup of coffee per day. Who knows, maybe I'll even purchase MUD WTR or Ryze again? Only time will tell!

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