NeuEve vs Revaree: Which Vaginal Moisturizer Is Better?

Does vaginal dryness associated with perimenopause or menopause leave you feeling uncomfortable and unlike yourself? You’re not alone. Not only does a shift in hormones … Read More

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Does vaginal dryness associated with perimenopause or menopause leave you feeling uncomfortable and unlike yourself? You’re not alone. Not only does a shift in hormones affect lubrication, but vaginal tissue changes as we age as well.

I’m here to introduce you to two different products that have the potential to provide relief: NeuEve and Revaree. Let’s get right into what they are, what they contain and which one you should try.

Quick Facts Before Buying NeuEve or Revaree for Vaginal Dryness

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  • Revaree contains hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture naturally.
  • Don’t worry about making a mess when using Revaree. It features a mess-free application design.
  • Revaree from Bonafide is recommended by more than 7,200 doctors.


  • NeuEve sells a natural Vulva Balm Cream that contains a number of natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil and vitamin E.
  • Many of the ingredients in NeuEve are organic.
  • NeuEve is a thick balm that can be controlled much easier than a suppository or gel.

All About Revaree Vaginal Moisturizer Suppositories

revaree box

Bonafide is a brand that sells a few different products designed to promote optimal vaginal health. Revaree is one of their products that helps heal and hydrate vaginal tissue, so you experience better lubrication, less pain during intercourse and reduced irritation. A lot of women experience these symptoms after the age of 40, when they are going through perimenopause or menopause. It’s not uncommon to experience vaginal dryness in your 30s as well.

Revaree is a suppository that is inserted into the vagina every two to three days. It’s pretty much mess-free, and it can provide results in just a few applications. However, you’ll see its full results after a couple of months. The active ingredient in Revaree is hyaluronic acid, which naturally helps retain moisture inside the vagina.

My Experience

bonafide revaree vaginal moisturizer

Vaginal dryness is the symptom that is often talked about when advertising a product such as Revaree, but there are other issues that come along with dryness. It leads to irritation, burning, itching and even pain during sexual intercourse. Being able to hydrate and heal the vagina is ideal for comfort and overall health.

I tried this product after receiving a recommendation from a friend who is the same age as me and is going through the same symptoms associated with perimenopause. While it may be a little expensive for a one-time purchase, I placed my first order. I received the product, was quickly able to read through all of the instructions and tried it right away that evening. It helps to remain in a supine position when you use a product like this. That way, the product remains where it needs to be for a number of hours.

I found that it was very easy to insert Revaree. It literally took a few seconds, and the process only became faster the more I used this product. I went to bed expecting not to really notice any kind of difference when I woke up.

In the morning and throughout that first day, I want to say I experienced better vaginal comfort. It’s hard to say since women can experience a fluctuation in vaginal moisture based on what their hormones are doing. By the second dose, I definitely felt a difference.

I continued using the product until I completed the first box. I experienced more comfort, less itching and just felt better overall. I went ahead and signed up for a subscription based on my positive results.

What I Liked

  • It’s really easy to apply / insert Revaree.
  • This product only has to be used once every two to three days.
  • The subscription saves you a lot of money (25% for a monthly delivery).
  • Revaree can be used with other products from Bonafide, like their Clairvee for vaginal odor.
  • Revaree is natural and features hyaluronic acid, which I’ve already used in so many beauty products.

What I Didn’t Like

  • It’s expensive for that first, one-time purchase, but you can save money on the subscription option
  • Revaree doesn’t contain any other ingredients that can help with vaginal dryness.

All About NeuEve Vulva Balm Cream

Slightly different than Revaree, NeuEve Vulva Balm Cream is meant to be applied topically to the area around the vagina. It contains a number of natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, sweet orange oil and vitamin E. It’s free from artificial and chemical-based ingredients.

My Experience

NeuEve vaginal moisturizer cream

I liked NeuEve Vulva Balm Cream because you can just use a little bit without experiencing any kind of mess. It’s not something you have to wait to use at night because it’s not going to bother you when you’re walking around.

I tried this product, hoping it would provide some relief for vaginal dryness and irritation. While it definitely helps heal and hydrate the area around the vagina, it’s not actually inserted into that area. That means you’re only getting a bit of surface relief. It’s not as effective as something like Bonafide’s Revaree, in my opinion.

It has a nice smell to it, but I prefer products that are fragrance-free, especially if they’re being applied to sensitive areas. There isn’t any fragrance in this product; the smell simply comes from the natural ingredients included.

What I Liked

  • You have control over how much you use.
  • This product contains natural and safe ingredients.
  • NeuEve advertises that this product can help relieve vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.
  • Can be used with other products from NeuEve.

What I Didn’t Like

  • $65 is an expensive price point, especially when you consider how small the container is.
  • It’s not inserted vaginally, so you only get so much relief.

Comparison Section

Are you ready for a breakdown of how Revaree and NeuEve Natural Vulva Balm Cream compare? Let’s get started.

Comparing Formulas

Revaree contains hyaluronic acid as its main and active ingredient. When inserted into the vagina, this ingredient helps promote better hydration, heal sensitive vaginal tissue and more. It’s a hormone-free, safe and natural product.

NeuEve Natural Vulva Balm Cream is also hormone-free and natural. It contains ingredients like coconut oil, evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, sweet orange oil and vitamin E. Many of the ingredients in NeuEve are organic.

Comparing Application Method

Revaree is inserted vaginally for relief from dryness and irritation. It’s recommended that you use it before bed, when you’ll be laying down for a number of hours. This keeps the product in place.

You apply NeuEve natural Vulva Balm Cream to the area outside of the vagina, but do not insert it. This is where I found the results to be limited. You can achieve relief on the exterior, but the inside of the vagina doesn’t really feel any better.

Comparing Pricing

The current price of Revaree is $62, whereas the cost of NeuEve’s Vulva Balm Cream is $65 for a 20-gram jar. You can save a little bit of money by purchasing multiple jars at once. I wasn’t interested in buying large quantities until I saw what this product provided. That being said, one jar lasts a pretty long period of time.

I like that Revaree only requires you to use their product once every two to three days, which adds to the overall value of their suppositories.

Main Differences Between Revaree and NeuEve

The main difference I note between Revaree and NeuEve is that Revaree needs to be inserted into the vagina by way of a suppository. NeuEve is a balm that you apply to the exterior areas around the vaginal opening. This affected the amount of relief I was able to get, based on my experience.

The ingredients are also different between these two products. Revaree simply uses hyaluronic acid to improve the hydration of your vaginal tissue. NeuEve is a little different, using other herbal components, many of which are organic.

Comparing Results: Which Worked Better, Revaree or NeuEve?

I personally think that Revaree was far more effective for what I was hoping to achieve. By healing the vaginal tissue from the inside out, you take care of things like redness, irritation, itching, discomfort and burning. Some of the product does end up being on the outside of the body, so I feel like it covered everything.

Like I’ve mentioned, NeuEve is definitely helpful, but only when you’re looking at healing any external issues that you have. Very little product makes it to the inside of the body.

My Recommendations

I recommend using Revaree from Bonafide if you’re experiencing issues that are occurring inside your vagina. Discomfort during sex, irritation, itching and irritation are all commonly addressed by women using Revaree.

If your symptoms really just focus on the exterior of the vagina, then NeuEve may very well be all that you need, especially since Revaree is more of an internal product.


Choose Revaree If…


  • You want a suppository-based product that is inserted into the vagina.
  • You have researched hyaluronic acid and feel this is an appropriate active ingredient for your symptoms.
  • You want a product that only needs to be used every few days.
  • A nighttime product is of interest to you.
  • Your doctor has recommended Revaree.

Choose NeuEve If…


  • You have exterior symptoms like itching, redness or irritation, but not so much internal dryness.
  • You want control over the amount of product you use.
  • You are sensitive to the ingredients that are in Revaree.
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