Revaree vs Gynatrof: Which Vaginal Moisturizer Is Better?

I used both Gynatrof and Revaree on separate occasions for my vaginal dryness. Did it work? How was my experience? Read to find out!

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Why suffer from annoying vaginal dryness that can cause irritation, burning and even pain? There are a number of products available that can provide relief. Many of them are made using safe and natural ingredients.

I’m here to tell you about two excellent options: Gynatrof and Revaree from Bonafide. Let’s talk about what each product brings to the table, what you can expect when using them, and which one is the better option.

Quick Facts Before Buying Gynatrof or Revaree for Vaginal Dryness

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  • Both Revaree and Gynatrof offer hormone-free relief from vaginal dryness. Their formulas are a little different, but we’ll get to that later on.
  • Revaree features a mess-free application process. Its suppositories are easily inserted.
  • Revaree only needs to be applied once every two to three days, depending on your symptoms and the results you’re achieving. It also provides fast results.




  • Gynatrof is designed to gently rehydrate the delicate tissues of the vagina using natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.
  • You insert Gynatrof into the vagina as well as apply it to the surrounding area.
  • It’s reported that you can see significant results after using Gynatrof for just one week.



All About Revaree Vaginal Moisturizer Suppositories

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Revaree is a hormone-free vaginal moisturizer manufactured by the brand Bonafide. Revaree was designed to reduce vaginal dryness that is being caused by a number of issues, such as perimenopause, menopause, changes in the menstrual cycle, age, etc. The company boasts a very easy and mess-free application. What I like about this product is that you only have to apply it once every two to three days. That break is nice.

Hyaluronic acid is the active ingredient in Bonafide’s Revaree. It helps the body retain more moisture, so vaginal tissue remains hydrated and comfortable.

My Experience

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Vaginal dryness can have a number of causes. For me, it is usually an issue with hormone fluctuations relating to perimenopause. While doctors can be quick to offer up a prescription for hormone therapy or a hormone-based product, I like to stick to natural options that are safe. Revaree was recommended to me by a friend of mine who tried it and loved it.

Upon receiving my first package from Bonafide, I read through all of the instructions. I decided to start using the product immediately that evening. Nothing says you can’t use it during the day, but you’re supposed to remain in a supine position to allow Revaree to do its job. For optimal effectiveness and to reduce a potential mess, I opted to use it right before bed.

It was easy to insert Revaree. Really, that’s all there is to it. You go to bed and let it work its magic. I noticed within a day or two that there was a change in lubrication. It took another couple of weeks to see a big shift in how I actually felt regarding comfort. I’d say after two full weeks of using Revaree every two to three days, I wasn’t experiencing any burning, irritation or discomfort.

directions for revaree


  • Revaree is really easy to insert and doesn’t result in a mess.
  • The formula is totally natural and free of hormones.
  • You don’t have to use it daily to see effective results.
  • Decreases vaginal dryness in addition to itching, burning and pain during sex.
  • Affordable, especially since Bonafide often offers discounts on their products.


  • You save the most money on this product if you sign up for a subscription. You may not be willing to do this for a product you might not use long-term.
  • There isn’t an applicator that comes with this product. This does reduce plastic waste, however.
  • You’re supposed to use this product and remain in a supine position, so it’s really only usable at night.

All About GYNATROF Vaginal Moisturizer

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Gynatrof is similar to Revaree regarding its formula, but there is added vitamin E in this product. Vitamin E has shown promise in some studies that have determined it has the potential to increase lubrication in the vagina. Gynatrof advertises that their product works quickly, providing you with substantial relief within one week’s time.

This is a gel-based product that is inserted into the vagina and applied to the surrounding area using the provided applicator.

gynatrof provided applicator

My Experience

gynatrof vaginal moisturizer

I had a positive experience with Gynatrof. I like that it’s a simple formula that doesn’t cause any burning or irritation when using it. However, it helps to use Gynatrof on a regular, daily schedule. I liked being able to skip a day here and there when using Revaree. You use Gynatrof every single day for the first week. After that, you only use it twice per week.

Something that I liked better about Gynatrof is its affordability. You get 20 applications for approximately $25.99. That’s a 10-week supply.


  • This is a fragrance-free product.
  • It’s easy to administer Gynatrof using the provided applicator.
  • The cost of Gynatrof is very affordable.
  • It’s conveniently sold on Amazon. You can also purchase it through the Tyros Biopharma website.


  • It can take up to eight weeks to see full results.
  • The applicator contributes to a lot of plastic waste.
  • There aren’t any customer reviews listed on the company’s website. You can head to Amazon for more information, however.
  • You can’t use Gynatrof with traditional polyurethane condoms.

Comparison Section

Let’s take a look at how Revaree from Bonafide and Gynatrof compare to one another.

Comparing Formulas

Both Revaree and Gynatrof have similar formulas, especially taking into account that they do not use any hormones or artificial ingredients. However, Gynatrof has added vitamin E to its product.

The main ingredient that both products have in common is hyaluronic acid. You might be saying, “Should I be applying an acid to my already sensitive vagina?” Hyaluronic acid is actually really effective at helping your tissues retain moisture naturally. It’s a common ingredient in a lot of skincare products. It’s in my daily facewash, and I’ve seen a huge difference in hydration since using it daily. This active ingredient helps bring your vaginal tissue back to a hydrated state, allowing you to feel more comfortable throughout the day and during sex.

Comparing Insertion Method

Both Revaree and Gynatrof are inserted into the vagina. Gynatrof is administered as a gel, and you’re supposed to apply it to the interior as well as the outer area of the vagina. Revaree is a lot more convenient. It’s a simple insert that goes into the vagina with no mess involved. Like I mentioned, it’s only used once every two to three days, so you’re not dealing with an overabundance of product or mess.

Comparing Pricing

The current cost of Revaree from Bonafide is $62 for a one-time purchase of 10 suppositories. You can sign up for a monthly subscription, which saves 25%. The three-month plan that is paid quarterly provides a savings of 32%.

The cost of Gynatrof (on Amazon) is $25.99 for a one-time purchase. You can use the Amazon subscription service to save a couple of dollars.

While the cost of Revaree is a bit higher, I think it’s a higher-quality product. I will gladly pay the extra money to not have to deal with a messy applicator-based administration.

Main Differences Between Revaree and Gynatrof

Like I mentioned earlier, Gynatrof has vitamin E added to its formula. However, that’s not really the main active ingredient that you want to look for. They both contain hyaluronic acid, which is going to have the most effect on your vaginal dryness.

The application process for these two products is different. Revaree is a simple vaginal insert that you use at bedtime. Gynatrof is a reusable applicator that you have to fill with a specific amount of product and then insert. It’s a little messier, in my opinion.

Something else I want to make sure that I mention is that Gynatrof cannot be safely used at the same time as using polyurethane condoms. I’m not sure if this would cause irritation or decrease the effectiveness of the condom, but I wouldn’t take that chance if I were you! You can use it with natural latex condoms, however.

Comparing Results: Which Worked Better: Revaree or Gynatrof?

I started using Revaree every two to three days. It took me a couple of uses to see a difference in vaginal lubrication. It took a couple of weeks to really see a difference. However, the consistent use of Revaree provided long-lasting benefits.

Gynatrof definitely provided some results within that first week, but that’s taking into consideration that you’re supposed to use the product daily for the first week. After that point, you can start using it twice per week. Once I made that shift to less frequent administration, I didn’t notice as many benefits from Gynatrof.

Aside from talking about which product worked better and faster, I liked the ease of use of Revaree. I will definitely continue using this product in the future.

My Recommendations

I would recommend that you first try Bonafide’s Revaree when you’re looking for natural and effective relief from vaginal dryness, irritation, painful sex, etc. It’s a convenient product that has served many women well, including myself. Not to mention, it’s doctor recommended.

If you want to measure out your dose of product and control administration that way, then Gynatrof may be beneficial for your situation.

You can always talk to your doctor to see which product he or she recommends. Bonafide advertises Revaree is recommended by more than 7,200 doctors.


Choose Revaree If…


  • You want a mess-free application.
  • You don’t want to have to use a product daily.
  • You like the savings that a Bonafide subscription provides.
  • Your doctor has recommended this product to you.



  • You have experience using Tyros Biopharma products.
  • You want control over the amount of product that you use.
  • You want a product that is used daily for the first week.
  • You’re on a budget and need to find an affordable product.
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