Hyalo Gyn vs Revaree: Which Vaginal Moisturizer Is Better?

I share my experience with Revaree and Hyalo Gyn to see which vaginal moisturizer is better!

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Let’s get personal for a second. There are different times in a woman’s life when she will experience vaginal dryness. This can be during or after pregnancy, as part of the normal monthly menstrual cycle or during perimenopause or menopause. This issue causes uncomfortable intercourse, itching and discomfort throughout the day.

You don’t have to suffer through vaginal dryness. Products like Hyalo Gyn and Revaree from Bonafide are available. Both of these suppository-based products provide long-lasting relief. Let’s talk more about what they include, what you can expect and how they compare.

Quick Facts Before Buying Hyalo Gyn or Revaree for Vaginal Dryness



revaree on my table
  • Both Hyalo Gyn and Revaree are suppository-based products.
  • Free of hormones and harsh chemical ingredients, the active ingredient in both products is hyaluronic acid.
  • You can see results from Bonafide Revaree in as little as nine days. However, it can take 30 days to see full results.
  • You only have to use Revaree once every few days.
  • Revaree boasts providing relief from dryness, itching, burning and painful sex.



Hyalo Gyn

vaginal moisturizer Hyalo Gyn
  • Both Hyalo Gyn and Revaree are suppository-based products.
  • Free of hormones and harsh chemical ingredients, the active ingredient in both products is hyaluronic acid.
  • Hyalo Gyn was studied over the course of 30 days when used on a daily basis. There doesn’t seem to be reports of it providing relief in as little time as Revaree.




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All About Revaree Vaginal Moisturizer Suppositories

Revaree is an all-natural, hormone-free treatment for vaginal dryness created by the brand Bonafide. It addresses symptoms such as irritation, pain during sex and burning. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which helps the body naturally restore and maintain a healthy level of moisture in the tissue inside the vagina.

Revaree has a pretty impressive following. Awarded by the Food and Drug Administration, it has received the distinction of being a Class II medical device. Women in more than 40 different countries have used this product with success. Bonafide is a brand that pays careful attention to the quality and safety of their products, which I like. Not to mention, Revaree can provide relief from vaginal dryness in around one week. Also, it’s only used once every two to three days.

My Experience

vaginal moisturizer revaree

Women’s health really starts to shift around the age of 40. Anyway, that’s been my experience. Some women experience symptoms of perimenopause and hormone shifts in their late 30s, while others are lucky enough to wait until they’re in their late 40s. I fall right in the middle of that range.

One thing that I find really important in treating any kind of symptom I experience is finding a product that uses natural and safe ingredients to provide results. A lot of doctors will prescribe medication and products that contain hormones when a woman complains of vaginal dryness. Unfortunately, there are some pretty serious side effects that can come from using hormone replacement therapies. Bonafide’s Revaree is really natural and effective, skipping all those unnecessary ingredients.

I found that this product is very easy to use when you follow the instructions. Unlike other products that require you to apply their formula daily, Revaree is only used once every two to three days. I was happy to find that I didn’t really notice I had used it. It wasn’t messy at all.

It didn’t take long for me to notice the results when using this product. I would say that after a couple of doses, moisture increased quite a bit. It took a little longer to notice a legitimate shift in things like irritation, but that’s probably true for any kind of healing that needs to take place.


  • Works very quickly.
  • Doesn’t contain any hormones or unsafe ingredients.
  • It’s only used once every two to three days.
  • Revaree impacts a number of symptoms related to vaginal dryness.
  • Rigorous testing is used for consistency, quality, purity and potency.
  • Applicator-free design that is mess-free.


  • If you’re interested in this product because you want relief from painful sex, clinical studies showed that only 57% of women using Revaree experienced this benefit.
  • A bit expensive. Ten suppositories are priced at $62 for a single box (one-time purchase).

All About Hyalo Gyn Vaginal Moisturizer Suppositories

vaginal moisturizer Hyalo Gyn

Hyalo Gyn Vaginal Moisturizer is similar to Bonafide Revaree in that hyaluronic acid is the main active ingredient. However, it is used as part of a proprietary ingredient called Hydeal-D. It’s recommended that you use this product daily while remaining in a supine position for a number of hours. Ideally, these products work best if you use them before bed. Then, you won’t be getting up until morning, and the active ingredients will have time to do their job.

Each packet of Hyalo Gyn Vaginal Moisturizer contains 10 packets of product. The cost is $40 for a one-time purchase, but the Hyalo Gyn brand also offers a subscription service that provides a 12.5% savings.

My Experience

The overall use of this product was pretty similar to Revaree, except I had to use it more often. I liked being able to take a few days off with Bonafide’s product. The suppository was about the same size as Revaree and was used the same way.

I noticed some additional hydration, but I feel like I had to use this product for a longer period of time before it started to make a difference in how I felt.


  • Easy insertion and didn’t really create a mess of any sort.
  • This is an affordable product.
  • There aren’t any hormones in Hyalo Gyn Vaginal Moisturizer.


  • The website isn’t all that transparent or descriptive about their product. Only minimal information is available.
  • This is the slightly more affordable option, priced at $40 per 10 suppositories.

Comparison Section

Comparing Formulas

The formulas for both Revaree and Hyalo Gyn Vaginal Moisturizer are based on the same active ingredient, hyaluronic acid. The only difference is that Hyalo Gyn uses a derivative of hyaluronic acid in its own proprietary formula. That shouldn’t make much of a difference in the overall effectiveness of the product, however.

Comparing Pricing

Both of these products are sold in 10-dose packs. The cost of Hyalo Gyn Vaginal Moisturizer is a bit less ($40 for a one-time purchase, whereas Revaree is $62 for a single box). That being said, you only have to use Revaree once every few days. You’ll save a little bit of money that way. I personally would spend a little more for that added convenience.

Main Differences Between Revaree and Hyalo Gyn

There aren’t a lot of differences between Reavree and Hyalo Gyn Moisturizer. What I will say is that Revaree seems to have sold a lot more product. Bonafide is also a really transparent and trustworthy brand that people trust. I like the amount of information that they provide on their website, whereas Hyalo Gyn isn’t as descriptive as I would like them to be.

Revaree has a little bit simpler and more natural of an ingredient list compared to Hyalo Gyn, which I prefer.

The price points are also different, but as I mentioned, Revaree has added the convenience of only needing to be used every few days. It also has the potential to work faster.

Comparing Results: Which Worked Better, Revaree or Hyalo Gyn?

I didn’t notice an astounding difference between Revaree and Hyalo Gyn Vaginal Moisturizer. However, I did like the formula of Revaree better. I feel like Hyalo Gyn burned a little bit during use, which could be because of some of the ingredients like caprylyl glycol, 1,2-hexanediol and methylpropanediol. Some of these are synthetic solvents that can cause irritation.

Revaree simply contains five milligrams of hyaluronic acid sodium salt in a base that consists of semi-synthetic glycerides. I didn’t notice any irritation with it at all. Plus, I did feel like I got some better results in a shorter amount of time when using Revaree.

My Recommendations

If you’re interested in the highest-quality, natural ingredient-based vaginal moisturizer on the market, I recommend that you start out using Revaree from Bonafide. It’s a convenient product that contains minimal ingredients, aside from the ultra-effective hyaluronic acid. Essentially, this product is designed to help your body retain its own moisture so that you experience less dryness, irritation and discomfort.



  • You don’t want to use a product every single day, but still want to see results.
  • Want as simple a formula as possible.
  • You’re impressed by the clinical trial results that are outlined on the brand’s website.
  • You are looking to address various symptoms associated with vaginal dryness, like itching, burning, pain and discomfort during sex.

Hyalo Gyn


  • You want the more affordable option.
  • You like the other products from Hyalo Gyn and want to use those as well.
  • Your doctor has recommended this product to you.
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