Athletic Greens Vs. Primal Greens: Which is better?

This article compares two prominent greens superfoods powders – Primal Greens Versus Athletic Greens (AG1) to see which one is the better choice for you.

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In order to maintain optimal health as we age, it’s important that we’re getting enough nutrients each day. Greens are an important part of this nutrition; however, many people are lacking in their greens consumption. Working a salad into your daily meal plan isn’t a huge deal, but beyond that it can be difficult to load up on your green fruits and vegetables.

This is where greens powder comes into play. Two brands that sell high quality greens supplements are Primal Greens and Athletic Greens. When you don’t have the time to shop for and prepare greens to eat, simply mix in a scoop of one of these powders into your smoothie or a glass of water. They dissolve easily and your body will thank you for investing in your health and wellness.

I’d like to break down both of these brands so you can see how they’re similar and different. Understanding their composition will guide you towards the product that you want to purchase for daily use in your own life.

Quick Table Comparison of Athletic Greens Vs. Primal Greens

Vs.Athletic Greens (AG1)Primal Greens
Key Benefits:Could improve gut health, digestion, strengthen immune system and boost energySupports digestion, improves gut health, supports energy and performance
# of vitamins, minerals and superfoods:75+50+
Servings per container:30 servings30 servings
Enzyme and Mushroom Complex:YesYes
Avg. Customer Rating:4.5/5 (16,000+ reviews)4.9/5 (300+ reviews)
Where to buy:AG1 websitePrimal Harvest website

Overview of Primal Greens

primal greens by primal harvest

Primal Greens is a four-part, superfood greens powder mixture that you can combine easily into water, juice, milk, tea, coffee, smoothies, etc. Each dose provides you with an impressive amount of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. The brand that makes Primal Greens sells other nutritional products as well, including collagen supplements, omega-3s and multivitamins.

Primal Harvest creates Primal Greens, and the brand believes in promoting the use of healthy supplements over pharmaceutical products that cause a host of side effects and issues. The four parts of Primal Greens includes a superfood complex, antioxidant and mushroom blend, herbs / extracts and probiotics (3.5 bil CFUs to be exact).


  • Contains over 50 fruits, herbs, and veggies
  • Gluten-free and dairy-free
  • Made in a GMP-certified facility
  • Third-party testing used
  • Boosts energy, digestion, immunity, and performance
  • Contains 3.5 billion CFUs of probiotics plus digestive enzymes


  • Primal Greens has a lower nutritional composition compared to Athletic Greens

Key Ingredients

There are more than 75 different ingredients included in the formulation of Primal Greens, so I can’t possibly cover them all. However, many of these ingredients contribute to supplementation of riboflavin, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, calcium phosphorus and magnesium. Together, you can experience a more functional immune system, faster cell regeneration, healthier skin, more energy, balanced hormones and increased endurance. Vitamin B12 helps keep your blood and nerve cells functioning properly, and vitamin E will decrease inflammation in the body while also providing antioxidant protection.

Primal Greens isn’t considered a protein powder by any means, though it does contain a small amount. Each serving has 2.8 grams of protein. This is slightly higher than what you’ll find in Athletic Greens.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that help balance your gut and body. Supplementing with the probiotics included in Primal Greens can help your digestive system function more efficiently while reducing occurrences of constipation and diarrhea. Primal Greens contains 3.5 billion CFUs along with digestive enzymes, which further heal and benefit your GI tract.

Claimed Benefits

Primal Greens claims to be a green superfood supplement that includes a versatile combination of daily nutrients that your body needs each day. Primal Harvest also markets their greens powder to do the following:

  • Provide more consistent energy throughout the day
  • Support optimal gut health
  • Promote healthy liver function
  • Detox the body of toxins and waste
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Contribute to more balanced hormone levels

Of course, each person is different. What you experience from the use of Primal Greens may be different from someone else that has been consistently using the product. However, we can’t deny how impressive the nutritional profile of this product is. If you suspect that you have gaps in your diet, this is an excellent product to make part of your routine.

Overview of Athletic Greens

athletic greens ag1

Also, a superfood greens powder, Athletic Greens mixes into whatever liquid you choose and incorporates 75 different natural ingredients into your beverage. It’s a very diverse product that helps buffer some of the nutritional gaps that you have in your diet. It’s also a four-part product that includes an alkaline, nutrient-dense superfood complex, herbs / antioxidants, digestive enzymes with super mushrooms and dairy-free probiotics.

Founded by a man named Chris Ashenden who spent much of his life dealing with gut issues, Athletic Greens was a way to help the body get the nutrients that it needs to function optimally. All of these ingredients have been carefully selected so they are easy to digest and synthesize. It’s actually a product that has been around since 2009 and can be used by both children and adults. Athletic Greens has actually collaborated with Fundacion Da Algeria to provide low-income families with healthy meals.


  • You can subscribe to save money and receive periodic shipments
  • Comes in convenient travel packs
  • Contains over 75 different ingredients
  • Does not contain artificial ingredients
  • Gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free and dairy-free


  • The flavor is a unique combination of vanilla, pineapple, ginger, and carrot. It might not be for everyone.

Key Ingredients

Athletic Greens includes a large number of ingredients that result in an increased consumption of vitamins A, C, E, B12, biotin and folate, organic spirulina, apple powder and inulin for fiber in just one scoop of powder that gets added into eight ounces of water. Some of the main greens included are organic wheat grass, alfalfa powder and organic chlorella. AG has also added digestive enzymes, probiotics and a blend of functional mushrooms into their product.

Claimed Benefits

You can achieve comprehensive nutrition and gut support from a daily dose of Athletic Greens according to the company’s website. As the foundation of daily health, this supplement can promote gut health thanks to prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes. This will increase nutrient absorption and create a more diverse microbiome. A daily dose of vitamin C boosts your immune system, so you have an easier time fighting back against illness, pathogens, etc. Magnesium in Athletic Greens provides you with consistent energy without the crash. You recover quicker thanks to adaptogens, herbal ingredients and antioxidants.

Comparing Ingredients

ingredients compare primal greens and athletic greens

Both Primal Greens and Athletic Greens break their product down into four different categories. Athletic Greens includes a nutrient-dense superfood complex, extracts / herbs / antioxidants, digestive enzymes with super mushrooms and dairy-free probiotics. Primal Greens has four similar categories, including an antioxidant superfood and mushroom blend, herbs / extracts that are nutrient dense, a digestive complex and a probiotic blend. I like the comprehensive nature of Primal Greens when it comes to gut health.

Many of the vitamins that Primal Harvest has included in Primal Greens are in higher amounts than Athletic Greens. For example, vitamin B12 is included in Primal Greens at 1042 percent of your daily value. Athletic Greens only provides 367 percent of your daily value.

Comparing Benefits

compare athletic greens to primal greens

Both of these products are geared towards the same benefits, though Primal Greens stands out a bit when it comes to potentially boosting your overall gut health. The superfoods that are included in these greens powders can also accomplish:

  • Consistent energy throughout the day
  • Healthy liver function
  • A natural detoxification
  • Lowering of cholesterol
  • Balancing your hormone levels
  • Balanced blood sugar levels

Comparing Taste

If we’re basing Primal Green versus Athletic Greens on flavor alone, I would absolutely go with Primal Greens. Athletic Greens has an odd combination of pineapple, vanilla, carrot and ginger as its flavor. Primal Greens has an overall sweet flavor without any kind of earthy notes. Both products use stevia to provide sweetness.

primal greens and athletic greens product images

Comparing Results and Customer Reviews

Primal Greens currently has a five out of five-star rating on the Primal Harvest website. There are more than 300 reviews listed. The positive reviews are overwhelming. Many customers rave that this is the best tasting greens powder on the market. People have used it to calm their digestive system, heal their gut, boost nutritional intake, lower their cholesterol and provide more energy throughout the day.

You can achieve a lot of the same results with Athletic Greens. However, despite over 16,000 reviews on their website, they only have a 4.5 star rating out of five-stars. I looked through a good deal of AG’s reviews, and many of them only touched base on the taste of the product. I saw a lot more life-changing reviews on the Primal Greens website. Though Athletic Greens seems to have helped people fill in nutritional gaps and boost their energy.

Comparing Cost and Overall Value

athletic greens and primal greens images

Primal Greens costs just under $50 for a one-time purchase of one bag. Each bag provides approximately 30 servings. If you choose to subscribe for regular shipments of product, you can save 18 percent and receive free shipping. You have the ability to cancel anytime or change the details of your shipment.

Athletic Greens costs $99 for a 30-day supply of product. You can subscribe to drop the price down to $79 per order, and this includes a free starter kit and five starter packs. A double subscription costs $149, includes all the extras of the free starter kit and you receive vitamin D and K supplements.

When it comes to value, I think you get more for your money with Primal Greens, which happens to be the lower priced product anyway. While Athletic Greens includes a few more nutrients in its ingredient composition, I like the benefits that can be achieved with Primal Greens by Primal Harvest.

What’s The Main Difference between Primal Greens and AG1?

differneces athletic greens to primal greens

There are a number of differences between Primal Greens and AG1. Athletic Greens utilizes an audit and review process that looks at each supplier they use to source their ingredients. However, both products are GMP-certified. AG1 is also NSF approved for athletes.

You can use both of these products if you’re following a vegan lifestyle, but Athletic Greens is also Paleo and Keto friendly.

Athletic Greens has a higher probiotic content per dose, but this might be too much for you if you often need to adjust to new supplements and products. You could experience gas or bloating when you first start AG1.

What’s Better: Athletic Greens or Primal Greens?

better greens powder - primal greens or athletic greens

While I think both Athletic Greens and Primal Greens are worthy of your investment, I would personally choose Primal Greens as my product of choice. It has a much better taste to it, which gives you the opportunity to drink it alone or mix it into another beverage. Primal Greens also focuses on eco-friendly packaging, using 80 percent less plastic material than its competitors.

The Bottom Line

Greens powders are well tolerated by most people, though it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before consuming either brand’s product on a regular basis. The detoxification process that can occur with the use of greens powders could cause an imbalance in any prescription medications that you’re taking for a medical condition. If you’re given the all clear, try incorporating your greens powder into your morning routine. It won’t usually cause an upset stomach, so you can take it with or without breakfast. If you’re not a big eater first thing in the morning, opt for a glass of Primal Greens or Athletic Greens to get your nutritional intake on the right track. Also, make sure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day and following a healthy lifestyle that incorporates healthy foods and exercise into your routine.

Tips for Success from the RD

I’ve mentioned that you can use greens powders in a smoothie or by simply adding it into a glass of plain water, but there are other creative ways that you can use them. Here are some of my tips for success that will ensure you’re getting your daily dose of greens.

  • You can bake with greens powders. Add them to muffins or breads, or you can even use them in a batch of pancake batter.
  • Overnight oats are all the rage right now thanks to how convenient they are. Mix a little bit of greens powder right into the oats or sprinkle a bit on top with some cut up fruit.
  • Mix some greens into a vegetable soup. You can even use one of these products in a creamy salad dressing to elevate the nutritional composition of your dinner.
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