Primal Harvest Greens Review: A Great Way to Fill Nutritional Gaps

Primal Greens claims to be a powerful greens powder made from 50+ superfoods that is designed to improve gut health through better digestion, increase energy levels, get better sleep and help with weight management. But, is it all what it’s cracked up to be? I’m here to provide the REALITY of my Primal Greens review.

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Primal Harvest believes in a very holistic-focused concept that gives priority to supplements rather than pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical remedies simply put a bandage over symptoms. Whereas natural supplements can take a more whole-body approach to wellness. Restoring the body from the inside out can prevent disease, boost your energy levels, increase cognitive function and maintain a healthy and diverse gut. Who doesn’t want to reap those benefits? Primal Harvest has supplements that are geared towards beauty, immunity and nutrient consumption. Their Primal Greens product is what I’m going to be talking about today.

Greens powders are all the rage right now, delivering your body countless nutrients and beneficial ingredients. Primal Harvest’s version is convenient and can be added to any beverage of your choosing. I really want to break this product down for you, so get ready to learn all about Primal Greens and what it has to offer. I’ll also be talking about some alternatives if you’re not on board with Primal Greens but would still like to try this type of product out.

The Fast Facts

What's it taste like:It has an Iced-Tea flavor to it, but it still tastes like greens and greens powder supplements usually do not taste good (regardless of what other reviewers will tell you – they are full of crap)
Claimed Benefits:Improved digestion, gut health, immune health, energy levels, sleep and weight management
Key Ingredients:Superfood blend, Probiotic Digestive Complex, Reishi Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12
FDA-approved:Primal Greens is created in the Primal Harvest FDA-registered facility, located in the United States. Supplements cannot be FDA-approved.
Cost:$49.95 for a one-time purchase, or subscribe and save 20% off + free shipping
Where to buy:Primal Harvest's official website
Avg. Customer Rating:4.9/5 (Over 300 customer reviews)
My Rating:3.5/5

What I Like and Enjoy

  • I like how it has an Iced-Tea flavor to it, which is better than a leafy green taste!
  • There are over 50+ superfoods in this formula in one serving!
  • Primal Greens is a very convenient way to increase your intake of nutrient-rich foods.
  • Third-party tested for safety and other standards.
  • The ingredients are considered safe for most people when following directions.

Decision Making Factors

  • At $49.95, it's in the middle of the road compared to other greens supplements. You'll have to justify the potential benefits in order to make the one-time purchase.
  • Subscription option saves you 20%, but you have to buy it every month.
  • $9.99 for shipping, unless you opt for the subscription, then it is free.
  • Contains a blend of mushrooms and other superfoods, so there's really no way to tell how much of each ingredient is in each serving.

The Reality of My Primal Greens Review

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Primal Greens at a Glance

primal greens with a green apple

Primal Greens is a nutritional supplement that includes over 50 different fruits, vegetables, herbs, adaptogens, probiotics (more than 3.5 billion CFUs), digestive enzymes and functional mushrooms in one serving of powder. It can provide you with everything from balanced hormones to increased energy. You can also use Primal Greens if you think that you’re dealing with nutritional gaps in your diet. When you’re balancing work, home and family, you don’t always have the time to grab something healthy to eat. That’s where a greens powder comes into play.

Compared to other greens powders, Primal Harvest has a rather pleasant flavor that is just a bit sweet and a little earthy. You can see results in as quickly as one month but using Primal Greens regularly can lead to whole body benefits in approximately three months. It’s safe to use daily, and most people don’t experience any kind of unpleasant side effects from it.


  • Contains 50+ superfoods
  • Adaptogenic mushroom blend
  • Antioxidants for immune system support
  • Features 3.5 bil CFUs of probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Dairy-free
  • USA-made
  • Cheaper than most greens powders


  • Some people only noticed mild changes after taking primal greens for the recommended amount of time
  • Some people don’t love the taste, which is typical with greens powders, but they love the benefits

Claimed Benefits

Because of the vast ingredient profile used to manufacture Primal Greens, there are many different benefits that you can achieve with regular use. Let’s take a look at what some people have enjoyed from adding it to their daily routine.

primal greens with leafy greens

Greens in Your Daily Diet

Primal Greens is formulated using more than 50 different vitamin-packed ingredients. This makes it ultra-easy to get your daily serving of greens when your diet just isn’t cutting it. Nutrients like B complex vitamins, vitamin C, iron and vitamin D are just some of what you gain access to with daily consumption of Primal Greens. This is a much more convenient option than shopping, prepping and cooking all of these ingredients.

Supports a Strong Immune System

Primal Greens makes it possible for you to reduce inflammation, balance hormones and boost digestive health. All of these benefits can result in a healthier immune system that can more effectively fight back against disease and illness. Pathogens won’t stand a chance and you can protect yourself against things like cancer, heart disease and diabetes with regular consumption of this greens powder.

Promotes Performance and Energy

A special functional mushroom blend is included in the composition of Primal Greens to help increase your performance and energy levels. Adaptogenic mushrooms such as reishi, maitake, and shitake also contribute to increased focus and mental clarity. We could all use a burst of energy, and this is a natural and safe way to add some pep into your step without experiencing a crash later on.

Could Help with Gut Health (Probiotics)

Maintaining a diverse microbiome can help your body as a whole, and Primal Greens achieves this with the use of prebiotic fibers, digestive enzymes, and 3.5 billion CFUs of probiotics. Regular use can lead to comfortable digestion, appetite control, regular bowel movements and a balanced microbiome.

May Help with Weight Loss

Primal Harvest has included prebiotic fiber, probiotics and green tea extract in their greens powder to support appetite control. You can keep those cravings at bay, reduce bloating and maintain a much healthier weight with Primal Greens. Also, regular bowel movements may prevent the buildup of waste that can add a number of pounds to your weight.

Key Ingredient Analysis (50+ Fruits, Herbs and Veggies)

There are over 50 different fruits, herbs and vegetables included in the ingredient list of Primal Greens. Obviously, I’m not going to go into great depth for all of them, but let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.

primal greens product with veggies

Superfood Blend

Primal Greens is a product that you can use to fill in the gaps that exist with your daily nutritional intake. This is essentially fuel for your body that leads to increased endurance and performance with the consumption of just one scoop per day. Some of the world’s most potent superfoods are included such as chlorella, ashwagandha (also an adaptogen), and wheatgrass,

Probiotic Digestive Complex

When it comes to gut health, probiotics is where it’s at. Primal Harvest has added 3.3 billion CFUs of B. longum , L. acidophilus , and L. rhamnosus into their Primal Greens formulation. This is exceptional support that will benefit your gut and your body. Also added are prebiotic fibers that help feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut, which can lead to a boosted immune system, appetite control, easier digestion, increased energy levels and healthier skin.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms have a great deal of potential health benefits. They can be used regularly to boost the immune system, protect the heart, balance your hormones and fight cancer. Reishi mushrooms also function as an adaptogen that will fight back against things like fatigue, depression and anxiety. It has also been shown that reishi mushrooms can lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good HDL numbers.

Shitake Mushroom

Shitake mushrooms have a very high nutritional content that includes things like B vitamins, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, potassium and so much more. They have a great deal of potential in regard to whole body health, including the potential to lose weight, strengthen your bones, promote healthier skin, reduce inflammation, prevent premature aging, and boost circulation. Low calories but a high nutritional profile will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. You may actually be able to get rid of those last few stubborn pounds that have been so difficult to lose.

Maitake Mushroom

Maitake mushrooms are very high in vitamin D and bioactive polysaccharides, which can promote cancer support, immune function and bone health. The beta glucan in maitake can reduce your cholesterol readings and reduce your risk of heart disease. By increasing your production of lymphokines and interleukins, your immune response will be much faster and stronger.

Vitamin C

It’s a vitamin that’s found in all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and vitamin C has the potential to do a lot of good for the body. This essential vitamin can reduce your risk of chronic disease by boosting your immune system in a way that protects your whole body from things like pathogens, illness, cancer and free radicals. When you can prevent oxidative stress from occurring, this can prevent inflammation and disease. Vitamin C achieves this by boosting your antioxidant levels in the body. When you can’t seem to consume enough of those vitamin C-rich fruits like oranges and kiwi, you can use a quick scoop of Primal Greens to fill in the gaps.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a really important vitamin that our bodies need daily, but unfortunately, we are unable to produce it on our own. From the optimal function of nerve cells to DNA synthesis, vitamin B12 is necessary but it is something that many of us are deficient in. As we age, it can help protect bone health and prevent osteoporosis, reduce the risk of macular degeneration and prevent the loss of neurons in the brain.


Does Primal Greens Taste Good?

Most people describe the taste of Primal Greens as being a bit earthy but with a little bit of sweetness. A small amount of stevia has been used by Primal Harvest to make this product more palatable. If you’re not a fan of it in a glass of water by itself, you can mix your Primal Greens into a smoothie where other fruits and vegetables will mask its flavor.

mixing greens drink with primal greens

Does Primal Greens Help with Bloating?

When you’re tackling your gut health from a nutritional aspect, you have the potential to remedy a lot of common GI issues that may be going on regularly. One of these issues is bloating. Bloating can occur from the consumption of trigger foods that often bother you. It can also take place when you don’t have enough beneficial bacteria in your gut to help break down your food properly. Primal Greens helps add some of that beneficial bacteria back into your microbiome to alleviate things like bloating, constipation and nausea.

Safety and Side Effects

Primal Greens is made up mostly from fruits and vegetables. Because of this, it’s a rather safe product that’s not that different from eating the various ingredients that Primal Harvest has used for the formulation of this product. You just get a lot more bang for your buck. While the majority of people tolerate this product very well, there may still be some people who are allergic or sensitive to one or more of the ingredients included. To give you peace of mind, Primal Harvest has a 90-day money-back guarantee on all of their products, including Primal Greens.

Is It FDA-Approved?

Primal Harvest produces all of their products in a sterile and safe facility that has been approved by the GMP and FDA. All dosages of ingredients have been carefully chosen according to clinical information. Primal Greens is also FDA-approved for daily consumption.

How Long to See Results?

Most people are looking to see benefits from a product as quickly as possible. While you might experience some fast results from Primal Greens in regard to digestive symptoms and energy, you’ll see the most benefits appear after approximately one month of using this product. After four weeks, the most noticeable side effects will be less cravings, dropping a few pounds and smoother digestion. At the two-month mark, you may notice more digestive benefits, healthier skin, a boosted immune system and appetite control. The three-month mark is where most people see the long-term benefits of Primal Greens. In addition to the other benefits I’ve mentioned, you can also achieve better daily performance, an improvement in cognition and an exceptional immune system.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can head over to https://primalharvest.com/ if you would like to take a look at the Primal Greens product for yourself. There is a good deal of information available on the brand’s website, and you can purchase the product directly from there. Ordering through Primal Harvest ensures that you’re getting the legit item that you want. Primal Greens currently costs $49.95 for a one-time purchase. You can subscribe to receive regular shipments of this product on a monthly basis and save 18 percent while securing free shipping.

primal greens product image

Are These Customer Reviews Real? (4.9/5 Star Rating???)

product rating - primal greens

Primal Greens is showing a 4.9 stars out of 5 stars rating on their website. They currently have over 300 reviews listed. It can look impressive with the number of positive reviews that are shown. But, in my experience as someone who's been covering many supplements for a few years now, you can't totally trust the reviews from the brand's website.


Well, because they can control which reviews get approved and which don't. It's very likely that they are not showing the negative reviews. So, make sure you are looking at more review sources (not product review sites).

A lot of people claim this is the best greens powder they’ve come across. It has been used to boost the digestive system, heal the gut, increase the intake of nutrients, lower bad cholesterol numbers and increase energy.

There were a few verified reviews of Primal Greens that stated they have been noticing having better sleep after taking this supplement. There are also people saying how it has helped on their weight loss journey. Overall, there are a lot of benefits that people are seeing, and I put together a couple images below to give you a better idea.

primal greens customer 5-star review
primal greens customer review 5 star rating
primal greens in travel bag

How Primal Greens Compares to Its Competitors

There are a number of greens powders on the market. If Primal Greens doesn’t meet your requirements for one reason or another, consider one of these other products for daily use.

Vs.PrimalAG1Opti-Greens 50Primal Plants
Shipping$9.99$9 per orderFree shipping over $75Free
Return Policy60-day money-back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee60-day money-back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee
Key IngredientsGreens, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, prebiotics, probioticsGreens, probiotics, prebiotics, herbs, fruits, vegetables, mushroomsGreens, vegetables, fruits, probiotics, digestive enzymesGreens, fruits, vegetables, probiotic blend, digestive enzymes
Third-Party TestedYesYesYesYes

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens has been around since 2010 and was created with the intention of offering balanced nutrition on a daily basis. It contains 75 different nutrients and ingredients that are sourced from whole foods, probiotics and adaptogens. This product is third-party certified so you can trust that Athletic Greens does not contain anything unsafe. It is also free from prohibited substances and masking agents and has been tested to confirm this.

Just one scoop of Athletic Greens powder once per day is enough to boost your immune system, provide consistent energy, increase your endurance, improve the quality of your sleep, decrease unpleasant GI symptoms and much more. It has been formulated in a way that will increase absorption in your body. It’s also acceptable for a vegan, paleo or keto diet. High in vitamins and nutrients such as A, C, E, B12, biotin and folate, organic spirulina, apple powder, inulin for added fiber, organic wheat grass, alfalfa powder and organic chlorella, Primal Greens also includes digestive enzymes, probiotics and a functional mushroom blend.

See our comparison of Athletic Greens Vs. Primal Greens

Go to Athletic Greens

Opti-Greens 50

Opti-Greens 50 offers increased nutritional consumption along with optimal immune support. This product is made by 1st Phorm and includes 50 different alkalizing ingredients from fruits, vegetables and grasses. Ingredients include things like kale, barley, wheatgrass, spinach, blueberries, cinnamon, green tea, beet root, raspberry and elderberry, all of which support a healthy immune response and can balance your blood sugar levels. GI health is achieved with the inclusion of digestive enzymes, phytonutrients and probiotics in each dose. Ten different strains of bacteria provide over one billion CFUs. People rave about Opti-Greens 50 thanks to their ability to reduce bloating, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence and food intolerances. You can use this product to complement a regular workout routine, diet and to take your daily health routine to the next level.

Go to Opti-Greens 50

Gundry MD Primal Plants

Gundry MD Primal Plants is a nutritional greens powder that is formulated from 25 different ingredients. These ingredients have been chosen thanks to their high nutrient content. Gundry MD has also included superfoods that promote digestive and metabolic health. People who use Primal Plants regularly have experienced increased energy levels, healthier skin, a boosted immune system and consistent energy.

Gundry MD Primal Plants comes in powder form and dissolves quickly when you add it to any liquid of your choosing. It works well with plain water, juice or by adding it to your morning smoothie. It has a very pleasant green apple flavor. Gundry MD Primal Plants is free of artificial sweeteners, soy, additives and gluten.

Go to Gundry MD Primal Plants

The Bottom Line: Is Primal Greens Worth the Money?

Primal Greens has a lot to offer in a simple powdered greens supplement. If you’re interested in taking your overall health to the next level, you can use this product along with a healthy diet and exercise. It helps you practice good sleep habits, make the most of your hydration and it produces energy for the body to get through a long day. I like that these nutrients are provided in powder form. It’s easy to control how much you’re consuming.

Filling in nutritional gaps is far more important than most people realize. It’s ideal that you’re getting enough nutrients each day, otherwise you’re putting yourself at risk of disease, illness, lack of energy, depression and poor gut health. I think Primal Greens is affordable, especially when you consider everything that is included. It’s worth the investment from my perspective. I really haven’t come across anyone that regretted their purchase of this product, and it’s likely you’ll be able to achieve some sort of beneficial outcome with regular use of Primal Greens.

holding primal greens powder

Greens Supplement Tips

I hope that you’re interested in the use of Primal Greens to achieve whole body health, but I have some tips to share with you if you’re thinking about looking into another brand’s greens product. Let’s take a look.

Consider the Antioxidant Composition of a Product

The greens powder you’re considering should have a high antioxidants composition from things like berries, oranges, greens and artichokes. It’s really hard to rely upon an adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables that meet your antioxidant requirements. Without them, your body can’t protect itself from things like disease and free radical damage. Antioxidants can also promote cellular health and increase your energy levels naturally.

Think about More Than Greens

While these products are labeled as greens powders, the majority of them also include other ingredients like probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, etc. Don’t limit yourself to just supplementing with greens. You may as well try to get the most out of the product that you’re consuming. Find something that is well rounded and contains everything that you need on a daily basis.

Keep Things Pure and Safe

Despite having all of the ingredients you’re looking for; a greens powder may not be made safely. Stay away from things that may contain pesticides, fertilizers and artificial additives. Organic is the way to go if you can afford it and can find something that you prefer in this category.

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