Octomoves Review: Are These Flow Ropes Worth It?

Octomoves Flow Ropes provides a new way to workout, get fit, lose weight, or whatever your fitness goals are – in a fun, exciting way.

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Exercise is such a beneficial activity that can help you lose weight, tone your muscles and improve your mood. When we get moving and increase our heart rate, this can release some feel-good endorphins and hormones like serotonin. If you’ve been working out for a while now, you might be feeling a bit bored with your activity of choice. Whether you like to run, bike, swim or take a group aerobics class, a dull routine can often hamper your progress. That’s why I want to introduce you to Octomoves Flow Rope. A totally unique method of working out, you can use Octomoves Flow Rope to burn fat, build muscle, boost heart health and so much more.

If you’re like me, you’re not a big fan of having all kinds of exercise equipment in your home. If you’re on the go a lot, travel or don’t have the money to build up your own home gym, then a treadmill, weight set, bench press and bike probably aren’t practical. A Flow Rope is an affordable investment that can be taken along on a work trip inside of your suitcase, it can be stashed in your bedside table, or you can keep it in your car for when you want to get your workout in while at a park. Are you curious to find out more about this really great product? Let’s get started with my review.

But First, What’s a Flow Rope and Is It a Good Workout?

flow ropes workout

A flow rope is an advanced exercise tool that looks similar to a jump rope but offers a few more benefits. It also weighs more than a jump rope and is shorter in length. It’s super convenient and coils up into a small package, so you can keep it in your bag, car, a drawer at home, etc. Made from nautical material (polyester) that is designed to keep your rope untangled and functioning properly, a Flow Rope allows you to move in different ways that are generally low impact. Even with chronic back or joint pain, you can easily get through a Flow Rope workout.

At first glance this looks like a resistance band workout. There isn’t any kind of stretch to a Flow Rope, so it’s quite a bit different. You’ll learn a series of gentle movements that engage different muscle groups. You can adjust your routine as you see fit so you get your heart rate up and get your lungs working.

Quick Summary of Octomoves Review

Product:Octomoves Flow Ropes
Why people love it:People love Octomoves because it is a fun and exciting way to exercise, recover from an injury, or needing to unwind after a long day.
Benefits from using it:Could reduce stress, help with losing weight, improve joint health, recover from injuries, improve strength and conditioning
Training modules + community membershipYes, for $30 per month
Pricing:$64.99 to $90
Where to buy:Octomoves' official website
Avg. Customer Rating:4.9/5 (Over 1,000 reviews)
GW Rating:4.6/5

Octomoves Flow Ropes

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Brand Transparency
Quality of Ropes
Results From Fitness Product
Overall Value


Flow Ropes by Octomoves are a high quality fitness product that could help you get back into working out while having fun – plus hitting your fitness goals (like losing weight).


Introducing Octomoves Flow Ropes

octomoves flow ropes

Octomoves is an athletic brand created by surf coach and trainer, Rokas Bakstys. The brand sells different Flow Rope products. The goal of the Flow Rope is to get your body moving in a way that doesn’t damage your joints or bones while still increasing your mobility and reducing muscle tension. There are different types of ropes available, with different braids and purposes. You can accomplish everything from a gentle stretch to a high-impact cardio workout. Octomoves recommends their product for all fitness enthusiasts, but they also claim their product is extremely helpful for people who are rehabilitating from an injury or setback.

People of all ages can utilize the Flow Rope from Octomoves. Not all exercise ropes are the same, but this company offers a variety of products that will give you the different effects that you’re looking for. After reading my review, you should be able to figure out which rope you would benefit from the most. You can expand your collection later on once you’ve fallen in love with Octomoves Flow Ropes.

octomoves pros and cons


  • Increases mobility
  • Promotes joint health
  • Helps you develop healthier habits
  • Supports your weight loss journey
  • Improves your coordination and strength
  • Benefits your mood and mental health


  • This does take a little bit of coordination. It might take you a bit to feel comfortable with the process, but you should get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Flow Ropes to Choose From

There are a few different Flow Ropes to choose from if you’re interested in incorporating this piece of equipment into your exercise routine. Allow me to outline what they are and what they can be used for.

flow ropes octomoves


The Phoenix is one of Octomoves universal ropes. It is ideal for things like meditation, intense workouts, improved muscle control and increased mobility. This is a dual rope that can be used for a warmup, workout and cool down. However, you don’t need multiple products to get the job done.

Black Swan

The Universal Black Swan is the same style rope that you get with a purchase of the Phoenix Flow Rope, however it comes in the color black. You can use this rope for your intense workout, meditation routine, muscle control exercises and to increase your mobility. This product allows you to take flow rope training to the next level.


The Flowzilla is a fast and easy rope that allows a little more room for error. It’s an ideal product if you’re just learning how to use a flow rope. It can improve your cardio health, mobility and joint health. You can also use the Flowzilla for an active recovery.

Funky Zen

The Convenient Funky Zen rope helps heal your body if you’re dealing with an injury. You can use the Funky Zen to get the feel of your Flow Rope routine while improving your coordination. This is also a nice tool that you can use to meditate differently. The soft braid of the Funky Zen creates a Zen-like feeling that resembles the current of life flowing with your mind. You’ll feel the tension just slip away, and your body will feel calmer and more relaxed.

Claimed Benefits

Octomoves Flow Ropes claim to provide you with everything from a meditation tool to a piece of high-impact exercise equipment. Let’s look at some of the benefits that come with the purchase of a Flow Rope.

benefits of octomoves flow ropes

Could Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The Flow Rope from Octomoves can be used to relieve tension and stress that has built up in different areas of the body like your shoulders, neck, back and hips. While you’re using your Flow Rope, your body is flowing in very natural and beneficial movements. As you’re doing this, your mental state will reflect a deep sense of concentration that can be very calming.

May Help Increase Flexibility and Strength

You move in a full range of motion when you’re doing a Flow Ropes workout. Your shoulders and various joints move in different rotations. Other workouts tend to repeat the same one-way movement over and over again in a way that simply causes fatigue rather than improve your flexibility and strength. Many people have used Octomoves products to address back and shoulder pain, weak legs and discomfort in the hip area.

Could Help with Weight Loss

While the movements that you participate in during a Flow Ropes workout are very gentle and controlled, you’re still getting in a great workout that has the potential to help you burn fat and drop pounds. You can utilize your Flow Rope on a daily basis to maintain an optimal exercise routine that will help you get to your weight loss goal quickly.

Key Features Analysis

There are a number of features on each Flow Rope that I would like to point out. While it may just look like a jump rope, this is actually a very intricately designed product.

features octomoves flow ropes

Rope Training Modules in the App

There is an Octomoves app that you can download onto your smartphone which will provide you access to different rope training modules. You’ll be able to join Octomoves’ rope flow community for tips, tricks and new ways to use your rope.

The Freedom of Rope Flow

I personally enjoy a workout that doesn’t make me feel like I’m being forced into an uncomfortable or strenuous situation. However, I do like moving my body. Octomoves Flow Ropes were the perfect solution that gave me freedom within my workout to flow in a way that felt natural and comfortable for my body.

Physical and Mental Benefits

I work out for two main reasons: mental health and physical health. You get benefits from Flow Ropes that encompass both of these aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does my body look better from taking part in regular flow rope workouts but keeping up with a routine of increased physical activity at least four days per week helps me feel more energized, happier, calmer and ready to deal with whatever stress comes my way each day.

One Size Fits All

You don’t have to be a certain age, weight or gender to use a flow rope. This is literally a one size fits all approach to fitness. Feel free to lend your friend your flow rope so they can see what it’s all about (but not for too long because you won’t want to miss out on your own workouts). Physical limitations, injuries and health issues don’t matter at all. Just make sure that you’ve been cleared to work out again if you’ve been recently diagnosed with a physical injury of some sort.

Cost and Where to Buy

women using octomoves flow ropes

The Octomoves Flow Rope can be purchased on the company’s website, located at https://www.octomoves.com/. The current price of the Universal rope in black or red is $69.99, which is a discounted amount down from the original $95. The Fast and Easy Flowzilla is currently priced $74.99 down from $90, and the Convenient Funky Zen costs $64.99 down from $90. Free delivery is provided with a purchase of over $65. You can also purchase Flow Ropes off of Amazon for the same price points.

Who Should Try It?

trying octomoves flow ropes workout

Octomoves Flow Ropes aren’t designed for any one specific type of athlete or fitness buff. They’re actually beneficial for anyone of any age that is looking to stay in shape, live a healthy lifestyle or recover from an injury. This is a piece of equipment that has been designed specifically to match various levels of fitness, so there’s no need to be intimidated by it. As your practice advances and you become more familiar with the Flow Rope, you’ll find different ways to utilize it in your own life. Winding down after work, improving your mobility and boosting recovery are all great benefits you can achieve with the Flow Rope.

Real Octomoves Reviews and Product Rating

The Octomoves website includes some pretty impressive reviews and ratings. They have near five out of five-star ratings on their products, with over 1,000 reviews listed for each. People have utilized these Flow Ropes to lose weight, combat back pain and joint pain, increase their existing flow rope workout and more. I found it interesting that there were a number of reviews from people who were dealing with long-COVID symptoms like shortness of breath and fatigue. They utilized Octomoves Flow Ropes to get their quality of life back, improve their lung function and boost their energy levels naturally.

customer reviews of octomoves

Read customer reviews of Octomoves here.

Alternatives Compared to Octomoves Ropes

If you are interested in looking at the different Flow Rope alternatives that are available, here are some of my top picks.

Spiral Flow Ropes

Spiral Flow Ropes are perfect for both beginner and advanced users. Their durable and high-quality product provides you with the opportunity to master your skills so you can utilize these ropes for the best workout possible. You can use Spiral Flow ropes to increase your coordination, flexibility, complete your cardio workout, heal from injury and increase your athleticism. Their product seems to come in and out of stock, but it’s really affordable if you can get your hands on them.


Flowropes is based out of the UK and offers two different varieties of ropes: the Blood Red Glider and the Green Gecko. The red version is the more lightweight option, while green provides a bit more of a challenge. Stick with red if you’re into basic workouts and switch over to green if you’re into tricks and releases.

I believe that Octomoves is a cut above other flow ropes for sale because of the quality of material used and how good their training modules are.

Visit Octomoves here.

The Bottom Line

When you consider all of the different exercise equipment that’s available, Flow Ropes from Octomoves makes perfect sense. These are handmade products from the UK that utilize high quality materials that are strong and durable. In addition to receiving your equipment, you can also access the Octomoves app to use different train modules for free.

We all have different physical fitness goals. For many of us, those goals change over time. That’s why I find it so practical to invest in Flow Ropes. Their purpose will change as your needs do. They don’t take long to figure out, and you’ll be feeling better than ever in no time.

legit fitness product - octomoves

Tips for Success

Engaging in any kind of workout or exercise routine can be challenging at first. As you move along with your rope routine, you’ll experience many achievements as well as setbacks. Let’s take a look at some of my tips for success when you’re using Flow Ropes for your main form of fitness.

Listen to Your Body

You should always listen to your body when you’re participating in any kind of workout. While you’re using your Flow Ropes from Octomoves (or another brand), stop moving your body if you notice that anything feels uncomfortable or painful. Assess whether or not you’re moving in the wrong way, or you simply aren’t able to accomplish a certain technique. You can adjust your workout as necessary based on what your body is telling you. Some people are naturally more flexible than others, which is why everyone will have a different starting point to work off of.

Slow Down

One of the great things about Flow Ropes is that you have the opportunity to slow your body down while you move through a series of exercises. This is the perfect time to ensure that each movement you make is precise and intentional. You don’t have to attempt to set a record at the most repetitions in a certain amount of time. This generally just leads to injury or improper movements. Take your time, and do what feels natural.

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