Meno vs Provitalize: Which Is Better for Menopause Relief?

This article highlights two menopause relief supplements, covering key comparisons, differences, similarities and ultimately answering which one is better.

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Finding effective and safe menopause relief can be a challenge. There are plenty of hormone-based treatments that are available, but those can bring about side effects such as high blood pressure, blood clots, heart attack and stroke. This doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through menopause. There are a number of safe, natural-based supplements that can help you with things like hot flashes, night sweats, menopausal weight gain, palpitations and mood swings just to name a few.

I want to focus on two menopause relief products that are based off of natural ingredients. Both Provitalize and OPositiv MENO are a safe alternative to hormone-focused therapies. They address a number of unpleasant menopause symptoms, they’re affordably priced and they have excellent reviews. I’ll break down the basics of each of these products, the ingredients they contain and much more. You can also expect a comparison of the two products so you can determine which one is better suited for your specific situation. Let’s get started!

Comparison Chart of Provitalize Vs. MENO

Multi-symptom relief:YesYes
Key Ingredients:Unique probiotic strains L.Gasseri, B.Breve, B.Lactis, Other blends of ingredients as wellBlack Cohosh, Ashwagandha, Chasteberry, Vitamins D3 & B6
Symptoms it can help relieve:Menopause weight gain, Night sweats, Hot Flashes, bloatingHot flashes, Night sweats, Occasional sleepleness nights, Mood swings, Bloating
All-Natural IngredientsYesYes
Time it takes to feel the full effects:Some customers have reported feeling better in 2 weeks, but I would say 2-3 months is more realisticAnywhere from 2-3 months, but many customers have reported feeling results much sooner than that.
Vegan Friendly:YesYes
Avg. Customer Rating:4.8/5 (2,100+ reviews via website)4.8/5 (51 reviews via website)
Where to shop:Shop ProvitalizeShop Opositiv MENO

Overview of OPositiv MENO

opositiv MENO product and capsules

OPositive MENO is a hormone-free menopause relief product that contains natural ingredients such as black cohosh extract, chasteberry, ashwagandha and vitamins D3 and B6. This product has been clinically studied to ensure that it can provide fast and effective relief for things like hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, sleeplessness and mood swings. A great deal of research has gone into this formulation, which addresses many aspects of menopause instead of just targeting one specific symptom. Just two capsules per day can provide life-changing results.


  • Hormone free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Proven results
  • Scientifically formulated
  • Addresses the major symptoms associated with menopause


  • While the ingredients included in this product are effective, it’s a relatively simple formulation that is missing some of the other really important extracts and nutrients that can be beneficial as well.

Key Benefits

OPositiv MENO can affect your body in a number of ways, but this product was designed to provide relief from some of the more commonly experienced menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, restless nights and mood swings. It can also help improve your bone health thanks to the inclusion of vitamins D3 and B6.

Key Ingredients

There are five main ingredients included in the composition of OPositive MENO. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is an herbal ingredient in MENO that mimics the effects of serotonin in the body. Not only will this improve your mood when taken regularly, but it can improve your body’s ability to regulate your temperature, so you don’t experience as many hot flashes and night sweats.


This adaptogen herb helps support a healthy response to stress. It also improves overall brain function, the quality of your sleep and promotes a sense of calm. This is an excellent herb to use if you’re feeling anxious and it’s keeping you up at night. While it has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries, more people are starting to use it regularly in their daily lives.


Chasteberry has the ability to lower the levels of prolactin in the body, which in turn will balance hormones like estrogen and progesterone. You should see a change in symptoms such as mood swings, weight gain, headaches and anxiety.

Vitamins D3 and B6

Vitamins D3 and B6 are essential for the body to maintain bone healthy while also supporting a positive mood. D3 is necessary for the absorption of calcium. B6 is utilized for immune support.

Overview of Provitalize

provitalize menopause product bottle

The Better Body Company invested years of research into the formulation used for their Provitalize supplement. This is a versatile product that contains nutrients, probiotics and various extracts to provide relief from things like menopausal weight gain, bloating, dramatic fluctuations in hormones, hot flashes and night sweats. Not only can you tackle menopause symptoms head on, but you can utilize the three included bacterial strains to get your gut health back in line.

Different from other probiotic products, this supplement has been created with women’s health in mind. These are specific strains that have been studied for menopause relief. Absorption is increased with specific ingredients as well as delayed release capsules that are vegetarian based.


  • Promotes optimal gut health
  • Balances your hormones
  • Provides relief from a large number of menopause-related symptoms
  • Helps you tackle weight gain caused by hormonal changes
  • Boosts your metabolism


  • You may need a little bit of time to adjust to the probiotic blend in Provitalize. Some people experience gas or bloating when first starting a product such as this, though the symptoms should dissipate at some point

Key Benefits

Provitalize helps you take control of your body and mind during the period of your life prior to and during menopause. It’s an excellent supplement that you can use if you’ve been experiencing a slight weight gain that you believe is due to your hormones. The probiotic strain L. Gasseri as well a B. Breve can tackle that stubborn fat in your stomach region while boosting your metabolism overall.

Balancing your hormones really is key when you’re going through menopause. The majority of the symptoms that you’re experiencing are usually caused by those rises and falls of estrogen and progesterone. Your body reacts by creating inflammation that can make your symptoms worse. Provitalize balances your hormones thanks to ingredients such as moringa leaf, which helps you stay cool and dry throughout the day and night.

Key Ingredients

There are three key strains of probiotics in Provitalize. This includes L. Gasseri, which impacts weight loss by fat reduction around your mid-section. It prevents fat from forming in your middle region in the first place. B. Breve is a thermogenic probiotic strain that reduces fat mass by boosting your metabolism and reducing inflammation in the body. B. Lactis helps you manage your BMI, cholesterol levels and inflammation.


Turmeric or curcumin is a phytoestrogen that can reduce inflammation that leads to menopausal weight gain, bloating and pain in the joints. The Better Body Company uses turmeric that contains 95 percent curcuminoids for optimal potency.

Moringa Leaf

There is a vast number of nutrients in moringa leaf extract, and they can help improve your metabolism response, reduce inflammation and control hot flashes.

Curry Leaf Extract

Curry leaf contains high amounts of phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B, C and E. It helps support healthy cholesterol levels while also regulating blood sugar levels.


Bioperine is often taken with curcumin to enhance absorption and effectiveness. Sunflower lecithin has also been added to Provitalize to increase absorption rate.

Comparing Benefits

meno and provitalize benefits

A lot of the same benefits can be achieved with the use of both Provitalize and MENO. Both products claim they can help balance your hormones in a way that reduces things like hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings and more. Provitalize adds in the potential benefit of targeting belly fat that is caused by menopause hormone fluctuations. You can also reap the benefits of better gut health with the probiotic blend in Provitalize.

Comparing Ingredients

Both Provitalize and OPositive MENO have been designed to help with the uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms that are present in many women when they are going through menopause. While both of these products tackle similar issues, they are using different ingredients to do so. Provitalize takes the approach of optimal gut health to benefit the body and balance hormone levels. OPositiv MENO sticks to ingredients that will have a direct result on your symptoms without having to wait for your gut to become healthier. Increasing your probiotic intake using Provitalize is great, but faster relief can potentially be found with MENO from OPositiv.

Comparing Results and User Reviews

Provitalize has quite a bit more reviews and ratings on their website, though there are still plenty of positive reviews listed on the OPositiv site as well. People have used Provitalize to control their appetite, burn fat more efficiently and improve mood and energy levels. OPositive MENO accomplishes many of these same results, as well as getting rid of temperature control issues and mood swings.

Comparing Cost and Overall Value

Both of these products are pretty similar in regard to price point, but you’ll save a little more money by going with MENO. OPositiv MENO costs $39 for a one-time purchase, while the price of Provitalize is $49 for a one-month supply. Both of these companies offer discounts for purchase subscriptions. This includes the addition of free shipping. I would say both products provide you with excellent value for the amount of money that you’re spending. It makes sense that Provitalize would cost a little more since it has three strains of beneficial probiotics in it.

woman with meno and provitalize

Main Differences between Provitalize and MENO

The most noticeable difference between Provitalize and MENO is that Provitalize contains three thermogenic strains of probiotics. Benefits are achieved with the other ingredients that are included as well, but Provitalize takes a gut health approach to menopause relief. MENO wants to offer you fast and effective relief from your symptoms using herbal ingredients and nutrients that have been proven to work for these issues.

Which Is Better: OPositiv MENO or Provitalize?

If I had to choose a single product to try for menopause relief, I would opt for OPositive MENO to start with. It just seems to provide potential fast relief from the symptoms that are making you uncomfortable. Provitalize has plenty of promise, but I would expect it to take a little longer to work since you have to give the probiotic strains time to work their magic.

holding both provitalize and opositiv meno


Menopause is a time in your life that can be uncomfortable and unpleasant at times, but it’s important to remember that this is a perfectly natural stage. If you find that your symptoms are negatively affecting the quality of your life, you don’t have to suffer. You can be one of the people that turn to natural supplements for effective relief.

To be safe, you may want to consider talking to your healthcare provider before starting a supplement designed for menopause relief. There may be interactions with the other medications that you’re taking, and already taking hormone therapy could affect your ability to take a natural supplement. If you’ve been given the all-clear, you can think about trying Provitalize from The Better Body Company or MENO from OPositiv. Both of these products are sold from reputable companies that care about the people that they are helping. You’ll find high quality ingredients in each supplement that have been extensively studied before becoming part of these formulations.

Important Tips from the Dietitian

Don’t let menopause get you down. This stage in life can really make you feel bad about yourself. Hormone fluctuations can really affect not only your physical health but also your mental health. Here are some of my tips for success that can help you get through menopause with little to no side effects.

Consider Acupuncture

There are certain acupuncture spots that can help alleviate certain menopause-related symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. You may have a certified acupuncture specialist in your area that can provide you with specialized care for the issues you’re having.

Increase Your Omega Intake

Omega 3 fatty acids are excellent for various areas of the body, but they can also help with a variety of menopause symptoms. You can increase your intake by consuming foods like flaxseed, tuna, salmon and trout. A few additional servings per week can have a pretty profound impact on mood disturbances, hot flashes and also vaginal dryness.

Getting Enough Sleep

Not enough is said about a good night of sleep. Sleep can help your body heal, reduce inflammation, balance your hormones and so much more. Make sure that you’re getting to bed at an appropriate time and try to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night.

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