Nood vs Kenzzi vs Braun: Which IPL Device is Better?

Three IPL devices for permanent hair removal are compared to see which one is better: Nood, Braun, or Kenzzi. Find out!

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There are certain parts of the body that people remove hair from to improve their appearance and make them feel more confident. From typical leg hair to the more discreet bikini line for women, there are different techniques that can be used for hair removal. Some people are ok with frequent shaving, while others have looked into alternative methods for more long-term hair removal. You can make an appointment at a local clinic or spa to have laser therapy performed. Waxing is also something that can last a number of weeks. If you want something you can do on your own at home, IPL devices are becoming more and more popular.

IPL, or intense pulsed light therapy isn’t suitable for every single sink tone or hair type, but it’s effective on most. In order for it to work well, you should have a hair color that is a very opposite shade from your skin tone. It’s not recommended for people with very dark skin. The hair removal process won’t be very effective, but you also risk damaging and discoloring the skin. People with blonde body hair or red body hair should also avoid an IPL device.

The number of treatments that you may need to perform in order to get the results you want can vary based on your skin type, hair type, thyroid function and overall health. However, if you’re a candidate, this is a really affordable and convenient method of hair removal that can be done discreetly in the comfort of your home. I want to compare three popular IPL devices in this article so you can consider a few different options. Let’s take a look at the Nood, Kenzzi and Braun.

What is an IPL Hair Removal Device?

IPL hair removal device being used by a woman in her bedroom

Intense pulsed light devices utilize strong pulses of light to treat skin and hair follicles. It’s very different technology than regular laser therapy that you can have professionally performed, but it does share the common concept of applying direct light to the pigmentation of body hair with the intent of applying heat that will damage hair cells, so they no longer grow.

With an IPL device, the light that is being applied will be absorbed within the pigment of the hair, which causes an energy buildup that transfers into heat. That heat will then travel down the hair into the follicle, so those cells are destroyed. They will no longer be able to grow new hair or regenerate.

Do IPL Hair Removers Work?

Whether or not IPL hair removers work really depends on a number of factors. I’ve mentioned a little bit about the need for skin color that’s a very different shade from the color of the hair you’re trying to treat. You also have to take into consideration how tolerant you are to pain. IPL devices are a lot less painful than your typical laser therapy, but it still has a little bit of an uncomfortable feeling to it. A lot of people compare it to the feeling of a rubber band snapping and hitting your skin repeatedly. Some people don’t have an issue going through this process, while others have a much lower pain threshold that makes this process uncomfortable. They’re less likely to keep up with their treatments, which prevents the product from working how it’s supposed to.

If you follow the directions of your IPL device, you can expect to see results in about three weeks or so. Some people may take longer to see any improvement. Hair has a cycle to it that includes a growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase. Repeated treatments will keep up with the different phases, since your hair doesn’t cycle through all at the same time.

Most devices require you to be more diligent about your treatments at the beginning. As you start to see results, there will be the opportunity to decrease your treatments to every three or four weeks (depending on the device you choose).

Comparison Summary of Kenzzi Vs. Nood Vs. Braun IPL Devices

VsNood Flasher 2.0KenzziBraun Silk Expert 5 IPL
FDA ClearedYesYesYes
Where it worksWorks everywhere that hair grows, for men and womenEverywhere you have hair, for women and menAnywhere on your body with hair, for women and men
Results time frame2-3 weeks, sometimes more90 days or less4 weeks
Treatment time10 minutes9 minutes5-10 minutes
Average customer rating:4.8/5 (482 reviews)4.8/5 (173 reviews)4.3/5 (384 Reviews)
Where to buyat noodat Kenzziat Braun

Overview of Nood: The Flasher 2.0

Hair Remval Nood the Flasher 2.0

The Flasher 2.0 by Nood hair removal is a step up from their traditional model, The Flasher. It is a handheld IPL device that can be used for short, 10-minute sessions. It’s a very comfortable device that doesn’t cause a lot of pain. It has a wider window face, meaning that you can perform faster treatments with less flashes on whatever area you’re trying to treat. You can see results in as little as two to three weeks, with permanent hair removal being achieved in about six to eight weeks.

The Flasher 2.0 works by targeting the melanin in your hair follicle without irritating sensitive skin like shavers and other chemical-based products do. A UV-filtered lens will block harmful UV light, so your skin stays safe and healthy while you remove hair. This unit even comes with a lifetime flash guarantee. If your product stops working, the company will replace it for you. This is an FDA-approved product.

What’s Included

You get the upgraded Flasher device with your purchase, as well as a charging cable. You can also purchase different gels and lotions that are compatible with The Flasher 2.0, which can protect your skin, prevent ingrown hairs and add moisture.


  • Provides results in as little as two to three weeks
  • Works everywhere that hair grows
  • Designed for both men and women
  • Treatments can be done in as little as ten minutes
  • Comfortable treatments compared to other IPL devices
  • Includes UV protection


  • Nood recommends that you purchase some of their other skincare products to go along with their IPL device to maximize desired results

Overview of Kenzzi IPL Hair Removal Handset

Hair Removal Handset Kenzzi IPL

The Kenzzi IPL Hair Removal Handset safely removes unwanted hair by targeting the melanin in your hair follicle. You can use it on any area of the body that you wish, including the bikini area, Brazilian, underarms, legs, and face. Treatments only last around nine minutes, and you can start to see results in just two to four weeks. You can see permanent hair results in about 90 days, and this product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the results. The Kenzzi IPL Hair Removal Handset is extremely comfortable and doesn’t cause pain during treatments. This is an FDA-cleared product.

What’s Included

With your Kenzzi IPL Hair Removal Handset, you also receive a plug-in power cord that keeps your unit running as long as you need it. You can purchase additional accessories through Kenzzi, including additional power cords or handset heads.


  • Achieves results in 90 days or less
  • Pain-free light-based technology
  • Treatments are only nine minutes
  • Works anywhere that there’s hair on the body
  • Targets the melanin in your hair follicle without irritating your sensitive skin


  • Slightly expensive, at a price point over $200

Overview of Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL

IPL Braun silk expert 5

The Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL targets melanin that exists in your hair follicle, which then breaks the cycle of hair re-growing. When you continue the treatments, you will eventually achieve permanent hair removal. Some people achieve this in about four weeks when they keep up on their routine of treatments. You may need to perform maintenance treatments moving forward. It’s recommended that you do this every one to two months, depending on your results.

What’s Included

Included with the Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL is the handset, four different caps, the power cable, a vanity kit and a razor (it’s recommended that you shave before you apply the product to the skin).


  • Permanent hair reduction in four weeks, depending on your skin and hair type
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
  • Automatically adjusts to your skin tone
  • Features three sensitive modes


  • The cost is a little high at just under $400 (currently discounted), but you do get a lot of extra accessories with your purchase. There are four different heads included, which is a pretty substantial value.

Comparing Cost

When we look at cost, we have to take into account what comes with a purchase. So, the Nood handheld IPL device may be a lot more affordable than something like the Braun device, but you get more for your money when you invest in the Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL. A lot of people prefer to have the additional heads with their IPL device so that they can comfortably treat different areas of the body. What you would use under your arms isn’t usually what feels comfortable on your legs.

However, if you’re looking to try an IPL device out and don’t want a lot of the bells and whistles that can come along with it, I would suggest the Nood IPL device for its lower price point. It does a fine job at removing hair, and you can invest in some of the additional products and accessories later on if you find it necessary.

Comparing Permanent Hair Removal Results

I would have to say that all three of these hair removal tools provide pretty fast results. However, the fastest results seem to be found with the Nood and the Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL. Since the Nood is far more affordable than the Braun model, I would absolutely recommend purchasing that unit if you want to achieve fast hair removal results.

What’s The Main Differences between Nood, Kenzzi and Braun?

To be very honest with you, all three of these devices are IPL devices that are designed to remove hair. While they may vary in their accessories, time frame that is needed for hair removal and comfort level, the main difference really comes down to the price. The Nood is by far the most affordable option, and it’s a product with a very good reputation. There are a lot of positive reviews listed on the company’s website (almost 500 to be exact). Also, Nood was offering a 30 percent discount on their device when I was writing this article. That’s an impressive savings.

IPL devices by Kenzii, nood and braun

Which Is the Better IPL Device: Kenzzi, Braun or Nood?

Hair removal is something that can really boost your self-esteem and appearance. That being said, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on professional hair removal treatments or a device that will work just as well as something more affordable. If I were to pick between the Kenzzi, Braun or Nood, I would opt for the Nood. It’s the most affordable option, and their Flasher 2.0 is a step up from their basic model. They’ve really perfected their product, and they offer a number of items for hair removal purposes.

  • Try Nood (Our #1 recommendation – it works and it's the lowest price point)
  • Go to Braun (Another great choice)
  • Get Kenzzi (Can't go wrong with the Kenzzi)

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in at-home hair removal, you have a number of options available to you. While at one time there wasn’t a lot to choose from for this process, there are now a number of really great IPL devices that you can affordably invest in. It ends up being a lot cheaper than going to a professional for hair removal treatments every few weeks. You also get to perform your treatments whenever you have some free time. You don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment and following through.

What we’ve seen here in the information I’ve provided, is that there are some key differences that stand out when you’re shopping around for an IPL device. You can really tailor your purchase based on what you are willing to spend, the number of treatments you want to perform and the different convenience features that a device offers.

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