Give Legacy Sperm Review: My Thoughts On The Male Fertility Testing

Give Legacy provides men a convenient way to test and store their sperm – at home. But, is it worth it? Here are my honest thoughts as a male.

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As a man, your fertility is something that you should take into your own hands. A lot of responsibility gets placed on women to pay close attention to their reproductive years, take care of their bodies for optimal fertility and let’s be honest, pregnancy is something they largely go through on their own from a physical standpoint (though partners should be as supportive as possible). Men shouldn’t drop the ball when it comes to ensuring that their sperm is healthy and ready when needed.

I recently came across the Give Legacy company and was intrigued. This is a brand that gives you the opportunity to test your sperm from the comfort of your own home. Depending on what your results look like, you can choose a few different routes to take. You can utilize supplements to improve your sperm count and quality. You can even freeze your sperm from home if you’re not ready to have children at this point in your life but suspect you may want to later on.

You might be wondering about this process, how it works and what its benefits are. I’m going to give you a rundown of Give Legacy. It’s a very easy brand to utilize, and I love how they’ve made sperm health and fertility something you can focus on from home without have to go to a specialist.

Why Test Your Sperm at Home?

If you’re interested in testing your semen / sperm for things like volume, number of sperm, concentration of sperm, the vitality of sperm, motility and morphology, it’s extremely convenient to do so from home. Think how much time gets wasted making a doctor’s appointment, driving to the appointment, waiting in the waiting room, filling out forms, etc. With a few clicks on a website, you can access all kinds of sperm health information. You might be in the process of trying to conceive with your spouse or partner, but you also have the ability to plan for the future with a product like Give Legacy.

Are At-Home Sperm Tests Useful?

There are at-home sperm tests that inspect a semen sample to see if sperm is present. If there is, that sperm will be studied to see how healthy it is and how much of it there is. It takes two people to make a child, and there are 6.1 million American couples that deal with infertility. In 23 percent of those couples, there are two or more reasons why there is a problem. As a man, you can take your health into your own hands to see if your sperm is a factor.

Because of the nature of this test, many men prefer to use an at-home process. A semen sample is collected in a sterile container and then packaged according to specific directions. It’s sent off to a lab where the sample will be processed and studied. You’ll receive results in a timely manner, along with recommendations for how you can improve your sperm.

Can You Improve Your Sperm Health After Getting Tested?

Your test results can help you address some of the common problems that men experience with their sperm. This includes low sperm count, poor sperm health and low semen volume. Using natural supplements and ingredients, you can improve your sperm health in a way that addresses fertility issues.

Male fertility products can include things like CoQ10 for sperm health, antioxidants, folate, zinc and vitamins C and D. This can help with healthy sperm production, fertility, and hormone health.

Quick Rundown of My Give Legacy Review

Brand:Give Legacy
What they offer:Sperm testing kits at-home, sperm storage options, male fertility supplements
Best for:If you're trying to have kids now or in the future, if you want to freeze your sperm before a medical procedure
Key measurements tested:Volume, count, concentration, motility, morphology
How to obtain results:Give Legacy provides testing results that are simple to read and the report can be downloaded via PDF
Pricing:For Today: $295, For Tomorrow: $995, Forever: $3,995
Where to get started:at Give Legacy's official website

About the Legacy Brand

Fertility test kit and supplements by legacy

Experts in fertility and also parents, the creators of Legacy want to ensure your future in regard to having children. Working together closely with a group of international medical advisors that include infertility experts, you can use Legacy products to take control of your sexual health, reproduction, sperm health and more. If you would like more information on the people that make Legacy what it is today, you can visit https://www.givelegacy.com/about/. There is a great deal of information listed for each of the people that lend their hand to this revolutionary brand.

Not only does Legacy offer test kits and supplements, but they have a very thorough website that includes scientific information, blog articles and research updates that can transform your sexual health. They’ll even help point you in the direction of a trusted urologist in your area by way of their Urology and Fertility Clinic Directory.

Overview of Give Legacy

Sperm test being done by a man

There are all kinds of reasons why a man might want to utilize Give Legacy. While it might seem like this is just a test kit that gives you a report on your sperm health, this is truly a tool that you can use to take control of your life. There are men that want to test and bank their sperm prior to getting a vasectomy or prior to getting older. Some men want to see if they are contributing to difficulty getting pregnant with their spouse. There’s the added convenience of testing sperm at home without having to go through the trouble of scheduling an appointment and showing up that day.

Give Legacy offers a few different products across various tiers. Their website has a brief survey that helps point you in the right direction. You can opt for basic sperm analysis. There is a basic kit that you can use to test your sperm and five years of storage is provided. You can pay for testing and lifetime cryostorage if you want to leave open the potential for having a biological child someday. DNA fragmentation analysis, STI testing and male fertility supplements are all offered as well. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of Give Legacy, so you can check with your provider to see if that’s the case for you. You can also source information from the Legacy website.

Legacy for Today Semen Analysis

product bundle legacy for today

Sperm is just part of the process of having kids. Unfortunately, poor health and environmental factors have negatively affected semen health in recent years. Approximately half of all couples that experience fertility issues are having issues because of the man’s sperm. A semen analysis from Legacy provides you with the option to see what your sperm health looks like. This in turn will help you optimize your fertility from the comfort of your home.

Legacy offers a clinically validated sperm analysis test kit which offers results that are similar to a conventional, in-person semen analysis. All of the samples are analyzed in a CLIA-certified lab by a team of experienced scientists before being reviewed by Legacy’s medical staff. This testing can be used as a post-thaw analysis, and you can add on testing to check your sperm’s genetic health. This is useful if you have any genetic mutations that run in your family, and you would like to know what you’re facing upon conceiving a child. Whether you want to have kids right now, want to have them in the future, want to freeze your sperm or simply want to know more about your overall health, Legacy for Today Semen Analysis is a very useful tool.

Legacy for Tomorrow

product bundle legacy for tomorrow

Legacy for Tomorrow gives you the option of protecting your fertility while also giving yourself more options to build a family in the future. After receiving two fully analyzed samples of sperm (which is eight vials), you can have your sperm frozen for five years in multiple locations (in case something was to happen at one of the facilities where your sample is being stored). This process also includes testing for sexually transmitted infections prior to freezing. The best part is you can take care of all of this from the comfort of home. Just something to keep in mind, New York State law prohibits STI tests to be sent to your home.

This product is ideal for military professionals who are being deployed in the near future. Did you know that military members have a doubled risk of experiencing infertility because of a higher risk of injury or chemical exposure? It’s also a good backup for couples going through IVF and would like a backup sperm collection instead of what’s available the day of the procedure. Some men want to leave open the window of possibility of having children later in life while still taking proactive steps to prevent pregnancy right now. This is a versatile product that is much more than just sperm testing.

Your test results will include information that is relevant to where you’re at in your family planning journey. You’ll learn how many vials of sperm are being stored, where they are, how you can improve your fertility health and access to virtual appointments with male fertility experts.

Legacy Forever

product bundle legacy forever

As a fertility safeguard for many years to come, you can invest in the Legacy Forever bundle. This product includes three analyzed semen samples with 12 frozen vials. You receive lifetime storage of the sperm at multiple locations for security. Advanced DNA fragmentation testing is included along with STI testing.

This is a route that a lot of men take if they’re going to be going through cancer treatments in the near future and are worried that they may become infertile as a side effect. This leaves open the window of opportunity to still have children later on. Legacy Forever is also optimal for people who are planning to have a vasectomy but want that safeguard in place if they change their mind about having children. Estrogen or testosterone-blocking hormone therapy can prevent sperm from being produced within the body, so Legacy Forever can be used by those who are planning gender-affirming therapy or surgery.

Legacy for Today and Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis

Legacy offers a sperm DNA fragmentation analysis to measure the percentage of abnormal or damaged DNA that is inside of your sperm. When you have a high level of sperm DNA fragmentation, this can contribute to what’s causing your infertility. It’s also a potential cause of recurring miscarriages or poor health outcomes for the children you have. This is done from home, and you receive the comprehensive report when it’s completed.

Legacy Cryogenic Storage

When you want to utilize cryogenic storage from Legacy, you’ll provide a semen sample by way of masturbation. Once your sample is analyzed in a lab, you’ll receive a report that explains what your sperm count is and the percentage of your sperm that are moving and in good health, the percentage of sperm that are the correct size and shape.). This information is essentially what will be used to determine if you should be freezing your sperm. A post-thaw analysis is even performed. This means that a small portion of your sperm will be frozen and thawed out before being re-assessed. This process ensures that storage isn’t going to negatively affect the quality of your sperm.

If you opt for storage, your sperm will be processed to remove all of the present proteins and contaminants. The sperm will be concentrated and a cryoprotectant will be added to prevent the formation of ice crystals. The freezing process includes liquid nitrogen that will bring the sperm down to -196ºC, when biological activity pauses.

Is Legacy Sperm Test Accurate?

This at-home sperm testing kit from Legacy utilizes state-of-the-art transport media with a buffer solution that will preserve the quality of your sample while it is being shipped. Though there is a slight decline in the motility of your sperm when you’re using an at-home test kit, the rest of your information will be extremely accurate. Reputable companies are providing results that are extremely close to what you would receive in a lab, in person.

How Much Does Legacy Cost?

The price of Legacy products varies depending on what you’re looking to have done. If you’re just looking to have your sperm tested so you can view your information in a comprehensive report, the Semen Analysis test costs $295. The price will go up if you’re looking to store your sperm and include the STI testing. It costs $995 for the five-year storage, and $3,995 for a lifetime storage fee through the Forever bundle. There are also supplements that you can invest in, and their prices range from about $75 to $195.

Is Legacy Worth It?

Family planning, fertility and men’s health are all reasons why you should consider investing in Give Legacy’s products. With a number of different options available, you can customize your experience based on what you’re looking to achieve. Some men are simply interested in learning more about the health of their sperm, while others are taking a far more proactive approach to ensuring they can have children someday. While some of the more involved purchases can be a bit on the expensive side (like cold storage), you can stick with supplements to improve the quality of your sperm to start out with.

Real Give Legacy Reviews and Customer Experiences

Legacy includes reviews and ratings on their website through Google. Their semen analysis has a 4.9 star rating out of five stars. Just over 100 reviews express the affordability and professionalism of this company. The information provided in the reports seems to be outlined in a very easy to understand manner. Give Legacy has been a second opinion for many, only to find their results much more favorable and beneficial for the future and right now.

Alternatives Compared to Give Legacy

There are some alternative products out there if you’re looking for a semen analysis. The Y Factor Men’s Urological Wellness and Fertility Center has an online store where you can purchase a semen analysis or a post-vasectomy semen analysis (both are under $200).

ReproSource offers semen analysis with at-home collection. Whether you’re embarrassed to provide a sample in an office, or you just don’t have the time to get to an in-person appointment, this is an affordable and excellent option.

Conclusion on Give Legacy: What Do I Think?

I think that Give Legacy is the best at-home semen analysis company that I’ve come across. I like their brand because you can have an analysis completed, but then you’re provided additional options to boost your semen production and quality. You can even purchase storage for your sperm in order to plan for the future.

A lot of the other companies I’ve come across simply offer semen testing and that’s where it ends. From the young man who’s just looking to start a family to the man in his 40s that doesn’t have children yet but would like to leave that door open, Give Legacy provides support to all men taking a proactive approach to their health.

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