Ka’Chava vs MUD WTR: What’s the Better Choice?

Comparison between MUD WTR vs Ka’Chava – both have an adaptogen blend, but which product is better for you?

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If you’re like me, you place a great deal of value on the quality of things that you’re going to be putting into your body each day. This includes your meals, supplements and beverages. Unfortunately, I was still drinking coffee in the mornings to get started. I’m admittedly not a morning person, and I needed that little bit of caffeine to motivate me. I recently started looking into other beverage options that could provide me with a healthier source of energy.

Let’s talk about MUDWTR and Ka’Chava. MUDWTR is more of a coffee replacement drink, whereas Ka’Chava is a shake or smoothie superblend. Let’s talk about what they include, how much they cost and which one is better.

Key Facts

Key Facts on MUD WTR

  • MUDWTR contains just a fraction of the caffeine that’s in a regular cup of coffee.
  • Using black tea as its base, MUDWTR also includes functional mushrooms, cacao, chai and more.
  • Not only can you use MUDWTR for a pick-me-up, but it’s also a great way to boost your mood and keep you motivated.

Choose MUD WTR for…

  • People who want to cut their caffeine intake.
  • Incorporating a healthier beverage into your day.
  • Those looking for a steady source of energy that won’t result in jitters.

Key Facts on Ka'Chava

  • Ka’Chava is designed to support your brain, heart, gut, muscles and skin.
  • Ka’Chava superblend is made up of adaptogens, functional mushrooms, plant protein and supergreens, to name a few.
  • Five different flavors of Ka’Chava are available.

Choose Ka’Chava for…

  • Health-savvy people who want to source adaptogens, nutrients, superfoods, functional mushrooms and protein from one beverage.
  • People who don’t like coffee but would prefer a shake or smoothie.
  • Those who want flavor options.

MUDWTR at a Glance

MUD WTR product

MUD/WTR is essentially a replacement for coffee, but its nutritional benefits make it so much more. It provides a gentle surge of energy that helps you remain alert throughout the day without making you feel anxious or jittery. I have a big problem with caffeine increasing my anxiety if I consume too much, so this is the perfect amount of caffeine combined with other beneficial ingredients like functional mushrooms. In addition to helping you feel energized, MUDWTR can also support a healthy gut and boost your body’s immune response.

What's MUD WTR's Formula Like?

Some of the key ingredients that are included in MUDWTR include:

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Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi functional mushrooms have been used for centuries thanks to their impressive medicinal benefits. They are great for the immune system, helping your body feel its best each day.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

A boost of energy comes from the cordyceps included in MUDWTR. They don’t affect the body the same way that caffeine does, so it’s more of a gentle energy boost.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane mushrooms help your brain think more clearly while supporting your ability to focus.

Rooibos Tea Extract

The small amount of caffeine that’s in MUDWTR comes from rooibos tea. In addition to caffeine, rooibos has a high flavonoid content, which boosts the body’s immune response.

Why Take MUDWTR?

Personally, MUDWTR has been a game changer for me. It’s allowed me to cut back on my caffeine intake, which I desperately needed to do. Also, it’s given me a boost of beneficial ingredients that I definitely wasn’t getting before I started drinking MUDWTR. I’m able to start my day much healthier thanks to this product and brand.

How Do I Like MUD WTR? My Experience

After several mornings of feeling very jittery and experiencing palpitations, I realized that my morning cup of coffee wasn’t doing me any good. I decided to look around for something else that could get me started with my day. I like to save a smoothie or shake for later in the day. I settled on a coffee alternative after seeing the different mushroom coffees that are available. MUDWTR was one of the first ones that I tried.

I liked the flavor of MUDWTR when I first tried it. It had a very smooth and warm flavor to it. Not too earthy, and definitely not unpleasant. It mixed well and didn’t have a gritty consistency, which is sometimes the case with these types of drinks.

As far as energy is concerned, I definitely experienced a burst within about 30 minutes of drinking MUDWTR. It was a subtle shift and didn’t make me nervous or jittery.

What Are The Pros?

  • Subtle energy without jitters or anxiety.
  • Contains healthy ingredients that can benefit the body and mind.
  • Less caffeine than coffee

What Are Some Cons?

  • There may be a bit of an adjustment period if you’re used to consuming a lot of caffeine and are going to cut back.
  • Not incredibly affordable, but it’s a healthy alternative to coffee.
  • It isn’t disclosed how much of each ingredient is in the formula.

How Much Does MUD WTR Cost and Where to Buy?

You can purchase MUDWTR by visiting https://mudwtr.com/. The cost is roughly $40 per month if you sign up for a subscription.

Ka’Chava at a Glance

kachava superfood protein blend

Ka'Chava is a superblend meal replacement powder made with 85+ organic superfoods, nutrients and plant-based ingredients. It's designed as a complete meal replacement - to give your body the energy it needs throughout your day.

This shake caters to various dietary needs, offering a balanced meal replacement or snack. Ka'Chava is convenient and easy to prepare, promoting a healthy lifestyle for those with busy schedules.

What's Ka'Chava's Formula Like?

Ka'Chava's formula is a comprehensive blend of plant-based proteins, superfoods, adaptogens, omega-3s, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. It is designed to provide a balanced nutritional profile, supporting various aspects of health including energy, digestion, and immune function. The ingredients are carefully selected for their health benefits and combined in a way that maximizes nutrient absorption and bioavailability. As a nutritionist, I would note its suitability for those seeking a convenient, nutrient-dense meal replacement or snack.

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  • Plant-based Proteins: Pea, brown rice, and others.
  • Superfoods: Various fruits, vegetables, and ancient grains.
  • Adaptogens: Herbs known for helping the body resist stressors.
  • Omega-3s: Essential fatty acids from sources like flaxseed.
  • Antioxidants: Extracts from fruits and vegetables.
  • Probiotics: Beneficial bacteria for gut health.
  • Digestive Enzymes: Aids in breaking down food for better absorption.

Why Take Ka’Chava?

Someone might consider taking Ka'Chava for its comprehensive nutritional content, designed to support overall wellness. It offers a blend of plant-based proteins, superfoods, and essential nutrients that cater to various dietary needs. Ka'Chava can be particularly beneficial for those seeking a convenient and healthy meal replacement or snack, especially in a busy lifestyle. It's also suitable for individuals looking to support their digestive health, energy levels, and immune system through natural, nutrient-rich ingredients

How Do I Like Ka'Chava? My Experience

I’m used to drinking protein shakes and smoothies almost every day. However, I usually make them part of my afternoon after I’ve worked out. I opted to use Ka’Chava first thing in the morning upon waking up. My hope was that I would benefit from all of the natural ingredients in the formula to experience healthy energy that would last throughout the day. It definitely provided me with a burst of energy, but I feel like it wore off by the end of the afternoon.

Ka’Chava was definitely a filling beverage, so it felt like a meal replacement product to me. I didn’t end up wanting my regular protein shake or smoothie later on in the day. I didn’t intend on it being for weight loss purposes in my situation, but I don’t see why it couldn’t work for that.

What Are The Pros?

  • Five different flavors are available.
  • This is an impressive formula of superfoods, nutrients, adaptogens and more.
  • Good source of protein
  • Has the potential to benefit your gut health.

What Are Some Cons?

  • This is a shake, which might not be what you want if you’re looking for something closer to coffee.
  • There are only 15 servings per bag.
  • It gave me some really bad gas and bloating for the first two weeks! This is most likely due to its fiber content.

Cost and Where to Buy

The cost of Ka’Chava is $59.95 per bag when you sign up for a subscription. You can visit https://www.kachava.com/ for more information or to purchase a bag.

Comparing Ka’Chava vs. MUDWTR

How do they compare? Here’s a breakdown.

Comparing Formulas

MUDWTR is very much based on functional mushrooms. It also has that black tea base and chai added, which adds to its flavor. Ka’Chava has a number of ingredients in their formula that you won’t find in MUDWTR. For one, adaptogens have been added. It also contains protein, making it more of a meal replacement type of product for some people. Kale, flax seeds, rice protein, spinach, ginger and sacha inchi are just some of the other ingredients in Ka’Chava.

Comparing Reasons Why to Take Them or Not (Benefits vs. Drawbacks)

I see MUDWTR and Ka’Chava as two very different products. MUDWTR is more of a coffee alternative, if that’s something you’re looking to swap out from your morning or daily routine. However, take note that it still contains a small amount of caffeine. Ka’Chava has a different concept to it, and you can use it any time of the day. I would personally use Ka’Chava as more of a breakfast replacement or an afternoon pick-me-up.

If you want a more basic formulation, MUDWTR would be the ideal product. Ka’Chava contains a lot of ingredients, not all of which you may be looking to supplement with.

Comparing Price

Ka’Chava is more expensive than MUDWTR, but consider what you’re getting from your purchase. It’s a pretty good value when you think about the ingredients that are in each serving. MUDWTR is affordable, especially if you are used to stopping at a coffee shop each morning. That coffee habit can really add up quickly.

Main Differences Between the Two

The ingredients in these two products are what make them different from one another. If you’re looking for a healthy beverage that will help you start the new year off right, both MUDWTR and Ka’Chava are excellent options.

Consider the ingredients in each product before you make a purchase. Some people want a very well-rounded product that contains everything from functional mushrooms to adaptogens. In this case, purchase Ka’Chava. If you want to cut back on the amount of coffee that you’re drinking and replace it with something healthy, MUDWTR is your best bet.

My Recommendations Based on Experience

I have tried both MUDWTR and Ka’Chava with excellent results. Like I’ve said, I used them differently, which is something to take into consideration when you’re debating between the two. MUDWTR is a warm, coffee-like beverage that provides you with more stable, healthy energy. It can benefit your body in a lot of ways. The brand also sells other products that you can use later in the day to help you de-stress and unwind.

Ka’Chava is a wonderful option if you would like to add more nutrients to your diet, want a burst of energy and like the concept of supporting a healthy stress response with the use of adaptogens. Because of its protein content (about 25 grams per serving), you can even use it for weight-loss purposes. I think it was very filling compared to drinking a cup of MUDWTR, and I could easily use it as a meal replacement.

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