MUD WTR vs AG1: Which Adaptogen Blend Is Better?

I compare MUD WTR vs AG1 to see which adaptogen blend is better for you. Read my experience with both and learn the main differences.

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Adaptogens pack a punch when it comes to helping your body and mind fight back against stress and other negative effects of our environment. If your body is experiencing increased levels of cortisol because of stress, adaptogens will reduce those levels. The same goes for other chemicals and hormones that may be affecting your wellbeing.

There are all kinds of adaptogen supplements and blends out there that advertise helping you feel calmer, promoting a good night of sleep, etc. In this article, I’m going to discuss MUDWTR and AG1. Which beverage can help you achieve a sense of calm and support a healthy lifestyle? You’re about to find out.

Key Differentiators Between MUD WTR vs AG1


  • MUDWTR provides healthy energy without an energy crash, anxiety or palpitations.
  • In addition to some other healthy and tasty ingredients, MUDWTR is based on a functional mushroom blend that can help you feel more calm, focused and motivated.
  • There is caffeine in MUDWTR, but it is far less than a traditional cup of coffee.

Choose MUDWTR for…

  • An alternative to your typical morning cup of coffee.
  • Health benefits provided by functional mushrooms.
  • Lower caffeine intake.


  • AG1 contains over 75 different healthy ingredients, including adaptogens.
  • AG1 contains adaptogens, digestive enzymes, probiotics, nutrients, etc.
  • You can purchase AG1 in individual packets for on-the-go use or in a larger bag for use at home.

Choose AG1 for…

  • Health benefits such as improved gut health and a stronger immune response.
  • Filling in nutritional gaps.
  • Access to potent adaptogens.

A Look at MUDWTR

MUD WTR product

MUD/WTR is marketed as a coffee-like beverage. However, it is a much healthier option thanks to a formulation of organic and natural ingredients. It provides a steady flow of energy that doesn’t result in jitters or palpitations. I didn’t experience an afternoon energy crash like I normally do with coffee. There is a little bit of caffeine in MUDWTR (1/7th the amount of regular coffee), but the source is black tea.

What Is MUD WTR's Formula?

MUDWTR is based on very safe and natural ingredients, including a number of functional mushrooms. Some of the key components include:

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Masala Chai

A spicy tea that gives MUDWTR its distinct flavor, masala chai is where the caffeine content comes from. I tolerate tea much better than coffee, meaning I didn’t experience any GI upset after drinking MUDWTR. I think this was due to the chai over coffee.


Cacao provides excellent energy as well as supporting a healthy mood.

Lion’s Mane

This is the ingredient in MUDWTR that provides sharp focus, energy and clarity. Lion’s Mane is a functional mushroom that also provides the body with support for regenerating cells and nerves.


Reishi is a functional mushroom that boosts your immune system. This is actually considered to be the most potent adaptogen found in nature.


A functional mushroom that boosts energy levels without increasing your anxiety levels, cordyceps helps your body adapt to any stress that you’re experiencing.

How Was My Experience With MUD WTR?

I chose to use MUDWTR first thing in the morning. Since it’s more of a coffee-like beverage, it made sense to use it that way. I was trying it out mainly for energy purposes, so I wanted to see how long it would last me throughout the day.

I definitely experienced increased energy from the use of MUDWTR. However, it wasn’t anything extreme. It was a steady flow of energy that kept me productive throughout the morning and some of the afternoon. It slowly wore off over the course of the day. I probably could drink it again in the afternoon and have it wear off by bedtime, but I generally don’t consume caffeine other than in the morning hours.

MUDWTR was very easy to mix and had a smooth consistency. I liked the taste of it, and I’ve tried a few other mushroom coffees and such. I’m a frequent tea drinker, and that flavor came through for me the most. It wasn’t overly earthy and didn’t take long to get used to.

What Did I Like?

  • The flavor is warm and soothing.
  • The energy shift was subtle but kept me focused.
  • It’s pretty affordable.

What Didn't I Like?

  • It takes a little mixing to get the consistency right. I used a frother, which made it much easier.
  • There could be more adaptogens and beneficial ingredients in the formula.

A Look at AG1

AG1 product

Quite a bit different than mushroom coffee, Athletic Greens is a greens-based beverage that is powder-based. It was originally created with gut health in mind, providing a number of essential nutrients, adaptogens, probiotics, digestive enzymes and more.

You mix AG1 into water or any liquid you want. It combines pretty easily and has a fruity flavor to it. With more than 75 different ingredients in each dose, this is a powerful beverage to work into your daily routine. It doesn’t contain significant amounts of caffeine, though there is a little bit of green tea extract in it.

What Is AG1's Formula?

Athletic Greens contains over 75 different ingredients, broken down into various proprietary blends. The formula changes now and again to provide the most benefits, but right now, the ingredients include:

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Vitamins and Minerals

These have been specifically chosen to fuel every area of the body. Vitamins and minerals support cellular health and a healthy metabolism.


Your body will be able to handle mental and physical stress better thanks to the adaptogens in AG1, such as rhodiola, milk thistle seed extract and ashwagandha root extract.

Probiotics and Prebiotic Fiber

Designed to support a healthy gut, probiotics and prebiotics in AG1 help regulate your digestion, decrease inflammation and reduce bloating.

Functional Mushrooms

Shiitake and reishi mushrooms are found in AG1, providing support for metabolic function and gut health.

How Was My Experience With AG1?

While I normally like a warm beverage first thing in the morning, I chose to switch over to AG1 for the time being to see how it would make me feel. I knew there wasn’t really caffeine in it, but I hoped the other ingredients would provide me with an energy boost to get my day started. I did experience some energy within about a half hour of drinking AG1, but it wasn’t the same as caffeine. It wore off pretty quickly for the most part.

The mixability is impressive. I put my AG1 powder in a shaker bottle, added water and it was ready to drink. It had a pineapple-like flavor, but I was able to pick out the greens as well.

I definitely noticed a change in my gut health a few weeks after starting AG1 daily. I am prone to bloating now and again, and those occurrences have definitely decreased.

What Did I Like?

  • AG1 has a high antioxidant composition. It’s a great way to support overall health.
  • I like that it supports gut health. It helped a lot of my GI symptoms.
  • Over 75 different ingredients is an impressive formula.

What Didn't I Like?

  • I would like to be able to see how much of each ingredient is included with each serving.
  • It can be a little expensive if you’re going to use AG1 daily.

Comparison Section of AG1 vs. MUDWTR

Let’s see how AG1 and MUDWTR compare:

Comparing Formulas and Adaptogen Blends

The formula used for MUDWTR is a lot simpler than what you’ll find with AG1. While they both contain adaptogenic ingredients, AG1 contains a lot of other components as well. It also provides many other health benefits.

Comparing Results

I personally liked MUDWTR when I was looking for a boost of energy to get me going on a slow morning. It’s a warm beverage that’s great for the chillier mornings, and I like to sip on it slowly.

AG1 is something that I consumed quickly because of the taste. I feel like I benefited from the ingredients in Athletic Greens, but it wasn’t necessarily something that I only used for energy. It was more of a whole-body experience.

Comparing Price

The cost of MUDWTR is $60 for a one-time purchase, which is a 30-day supply. Depending on what your daily coffee habit is, this might actually be very affordable.

AG1 costs $99 for a 30-day supply of product. You can save approximately $20 per purchase by signing up for a subscription.

What Are The Main Differences?

The main differences between AG1 and MUD WTR are the ingredients in each of these products and the purpose of using them. You can use them both for the benefits of adaptogens, but the additional ingredients in AG1 make it even healthier (ie: vitamins, minerals, greens) if you’re looking to support various processes in the body. MUD WTR can be used as an alternative to coffee if you are trying to cut back on caffeine, but still want the adaptogen benefits.

My Recommendations Based on Experience

I love the gentle energy that I get from drinking a cup of MUDWTR. I think this is a very unique product that harnesses the power of functional mushrooms to keep you energized, focused and motivated. For me, I was able to avoid a lot of the unwanted side effects that I normally experience when I drink regular coffee. It’s something I still keep inside my kitchen cupboard and drink frequently.

AG1 was a great way for me to provide my body with all kinds of nutrients, adaptogens and other supportive ingredients. However, it’s a habit I never really kept up with. I will drink AG1 now and again if I feel like I need a nutritional boost or some GI support, but I use it less than MUDWTR.

Either of these products can provide you with a series of health benefits. Take some time to consider what you’re hoping to accomplish with an adaptogen beverage. Consider the formulas of these two products to determine which one is optimal for your needs.


Choose MUD WTR if…


  • You’re looking to decrease your caffeine intake and replace it with something healthier.
  • You want a product that still contains a bit of caffeine.
  • A warm beverage is what you’re after.
  • You want to focus on functional mushrooms.

Choose AG1 if…


  • You want to reap the benefits of more than 75 different ingredients.
  • Gut health is something you feel you need.
  • You have nutritional gaps in your diet that you’d like to address.
  • You want a diverse adaptogen blend along with many other beneficial ingredients.
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