Hiya vs Llama Naturals: Which Kids Multivitamin Is Better?

Trying to get kids to take a daily multivitamin can be quite the chore, especially if you’re using a product that’s less than palatable. We’ve … Read More

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Trying to get kids to take a daily multivitamin can be quite the chore, especially if you’re using a product that’s less than palatable. We’ve gone through a number of brands over the years, with our kids finding some more favorable than others.

In the delicate balance of trying to find something your kids will take but that is also really good for them, I want to introduce you to two products: Hiya Kids Daily Essential Multivitamin and Llama Naturals Organic Kids Multivitamin. Which one did my kids prefer? Read on to find out.

Key Factors To Know Before Buying Hiya or Llama Naturals Kids Vitamins

Most popular


  • Comes with refillable glass bottle that your kids can also decorate.
  • They run a 50% off for your first order to give it a try making the price only $15. Easy cancellations.
  • Many kids, including mine, like the chewable tablet's taste and texture.




Llama Kids Vitamins

  • These are gummy vitamins, which many kids would prefer to take over chewables.
  • Low sugar in each serving, which is nice.
  • Very similar price point to Hiya, but hiya will have a lower trial offer.




All About Hiya Kids Vitamins

hiya vitamins

Hiya Kids Vitamins are made using 15 essential vitamins and minerals that have been carefully selected to support immune function, growth and development when children are young. This is a chewable product that our kids say tastes really good. They don’t complain that it has that gritty consistency and chalky flavor that other products have.

Not only do our kids like the flavor of this product, but they’re also fans of its packaging. Your first purchase of Hiya Kids Vitamins comes with a reusable bottle that they can decorate and customize. Each of our kids has their own, preventing them from having to share the same bottle.

Important Facts

  • Hiya contains all of the essentials, like vitamins A, C, D, E, folate, B12 and zinc.
  • A fruit and vegetable blend has also been added, incorporating ingredients like apple, beet, blueberry, carrot, cabbage and more.
  • Future orders come with refill packs that get added to your child’s bottle.
  • You can purchase Hiya based on the number of children that you have. This saves you some money.

My Kids’ Experience With Hiya

When we first opened our package from Hiya, my kids immediately grabbed the bottles and stickers that were inside. We explained that they would each get a bottle that they were allowed to decorate. We filled up their bottles, placed them on the kitchen counter, and vitamin-taking became part of the kid’s morning routine.

It’s usually pretty easy to get our kids to take their Hiya vitamins. They eat them with breakfast, as long as we remember. There have only been a few times that they didn’t want to take them, but I think their pleasant flavor is almost like a treat in the early morning hours.

We’ve seen a bit of a shift in our kids’ behaviors and health after taking Hiya for a little while now. For example, they are more energetic even when they get home from a full day of school. We’ve had fewer illnesses spread through the home as well.

What We Like

  • The customizable bottle got our kids involved with the process of taking daily vitamins.
  • You receive discounts based on the number of kids that you’re buying for.
  • This product contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals that kids need to thrive.
  • The added fruit and vegetable blend is great!
  • Hiya is helping reduce the amount of waste that we are generating.

What We Don’t Like

  • Selecting the Hiya supplement that also contains a probiotic will double the price.
  • Many of the vitamin and mineral doses are above the daily recommended value.

All About Llama Naturals Kids Vitamins

llama naturals kids vitamins

Another great product that we’ve used off and on with our kids is Llama Naturals Plant-Based Multivitamin. Made with 13 different plant-based essential nutrients, you get the added benefits of natural sourcing that positively impact absorption. Even better, there’s no added sugar in this product, but our kids still think it tastes good.

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t come with customizable jars, but our kids don’t mind too much. They love the simple strawberry flavor, which is completely natural. As parents, we love that the Llama brand pays close attention to what they’re putting into their products.

Important Facts

  • The majority of the nutrients listed are included at or below the recommended daily value.
  • This product contains vitamins that are plant-sourced.
  • All of the important essentials are included, such as vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B6.
  • Llama Naturals is free from all major allergens.

My Kids’ Experience With Llama Naturals

In our home, we switch multivitamins around every so often. We feel like this is a good way to ensure that our kids are getting a versatile amount of nutrients from different sources. Llama Naturals Plant-Based Multivitamin is a great product that our kids love taking. It’s gummy-based, which is a little different than Hiya’s product. There was no issue with giving our kids their gummies first thing in the morning, and we like that it seems to have boosted their immune systems. In a home where germs thrive when school is in session, immune support is a big bonus for us parents.

What We Like

  • Our kids love the natural strawberry flavor, and we love that there’s no added sugar cane in this product.
  • All of the vitamins in Llama Naturals are plant-based.
  • There is a no-risk, money-back guarantee offered.
  • This is a pretty affordable product, priced at $26.95 for a one-month supply.

What We Don’t Like

  • You don’t receive a discount when you purchase for multiple children.
  • The fact that this is a gummy gives our kids the impression they’re eating candy. This can be both good and bad.

Comparing Llama Naturals vs. Hiya

Taste and Texture

Hiya Taste Rating:

My Daughter’s Rating: 4.7/5

My Son’s Rating: 4.5/5

Hiya is a chewable vitamin, but our kids both think it tastes pretty good. I think they both prefer gummy-based supplements, but we still don’t ever experience a problem with them taking Hiya.

Llama Naturals Taste Rating

My Daughter’s Rating: 4.8/5

My Son’s Rating: 4.7/5

The gummy multivitamin wins out this time. We don’t mind seeing as how there’s no added cane sugar in this multivitamin.


Hiya Formula Rating: 4.8/5

Hiya has a slightly more versatile formula, with 15 different essential vitamins and minerals included. Plus, their fruit and veggie blend that’s included is a major selling point.

Llama Naturals Formula rating: 4.5/5

There are 13 essential vitamins in this product from Llama Naturals, so it’s not far off from what Hiya offers. There are some natural ingredients included, but there isn’t any kind of fruit or vegetable blend added to the formula.


Hiya Results Rating: 4.8/5

There was a noticeable shift in our kids’ energy levels when they were taking Hiya’s multivitamin regularly. Also, they seemed to be sick less often. All around, we were happy they were getting more nutrients as part of their diets, especially when they weren’t eating great on any given day.

Llama Naturals Results Rating: 4.6/5

The Llama Naturals multivitamin may have provided a bit of an increase in energy, but the main difference we saw is with their immune response. They were sick less often, and when they were sick, the illness didn’t seem to last nearly as long. That lingering cough that often comes late in an illness wasn’t an issue anymore.

Pricing and Value

Hiya Value Rating: 4.9/5

The cost of Hiya Kids Daily Multivitamin is $30 per month, or $15 for your first order. It’s $28 for two kids, $25 for three kids, and the discount goes on. I like that Hiya provides a discount when you’re shopping for multiple children. Plus, each child gets their own bottle of product. If you let your kids grab their vitamins on their own, it’s nice that their fingers are only going into their own bottle. There are a couple of additional vitamins in this product as well.

Llama Naturals Value Rating: 4.2/5

Llama Naturals currently costs $26.95 for one bottle of product through a one-time purchase. Their product contains 13 essential vitamins, so the value is a little lower when you take into account that the price of both products is pretty similar.

Which Kids Vitamins Did My Kiddos Like Better: Llama Naturals or Hiya?

While my kids liked both of these products, they seem to like the overall concept of Hiya’s products better. They like their own individual bottles that they can decorate however they want. As parents, we also favor this product slightly because of the higher nutrient content.

That being said, Llama Naturals also provides a very high-quality kids multivitamin supplement that should be strongly taken into consideration.

My Recommendation

If you’re not sure what multivitamin supplement would be best for your children, it’s always a good idea to speak with your pediatrician to see what they think. Also, look into the reputability of a brand to see if they’re sourcing their ingredients from natural and high-quality items.

Both Hiya and Llama Naturals offer a very good multivitamin option for kids. I would recommend either of these products, as they’ve both worked in our home.


Choose Hiya if…

  • You are looking for a formula with the most vitamins and minerals.
  • Your kids will enjoy the personalized bottle concept.
  • You are purchasing for multiple children and want to take advantage of a discount.
  • The fruit and vegetable blend is something you want included in your child’s multivitamin.

Choose Llama Naturals if…

  • You want a gummy-based product.
  • Your children don’t need mega doses of vitamins.
  • You want a naturally sweetened product that doesn’t contain any sugar cane.
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