Hiya vs Olly: Which Kids Vitamins Do My Kids Like Better?

As a parent, I understand how important it is for my kids to receive all of the vitamins and minerals needed in order to grow … Read More

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As a parent, I understand how important it is for my kids to receive all of the vitamins and minerals needed in order to grow and develop properly. While we eat healthy in our home, there are days when our kids don’t eat well or they’re not interested in what’s made for them. It’s important that we let our kids guide their dietary journey, so I began my search for a good multivitamin brand for kids.

I’ve come across a number of great options, but in this article we’re going to look at Hiya Kids Vitamins versus Olly. Which brand provides better quality, which did my kids like more and which one is a parent favorite? Let’s get started.

Key Decision-Making Factors Before Buying Olly or Hiya Kids Vitamins

Most popular


  • Finding a sugar-free multivitamin option for our kids was important, which is why we turned to Hiya.
  • Gummy vitamins and chewy products can get stuck in a child’s teeth, resulting in cavities and decay. Hiya is a chewable tablet that prevents a lot of those issues.
  • Hiya contains 15 different vitamins and minerals, including a fruit and vegetable blend.





  • Olly sells a kids multivitamin with probiotics included, which helps regulate digestion and boost the immune response.
  • Olly is transitioning this product away from its previous sugar-coated variety. At this point in the process, you don’t know which one you’re going to get.
  • Essentials like vitamins A, C, D, E, B vitamins and zinc are included in each dose of Olly Kids Multi + Probiotic.



Overview of Hiya Kids Vitamins

Packed with 15 essential vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, D, E, folate, B12, calcium, iodine and zinc, Hiya Kids Vitamin is a daily supplement that can be used to support health development and growth. It also supports a healthy immune response. It's a great kids multivitamin for 2 year olds and over. We noticed fewer colds in our house while our kids were taking this supplement.

Hiya is a bit unique in that each child in your household receives their own bottle of product. There are also stickers included with the bottle that can be used for decoration. This gives your child the opportunity to participate in the process of using a multivitamin. When you receive future product, it’s in a refill pouch that you simply pour into the original bottle.

hiya kids chewable vitamins

Important Facts

  • You save money by purchasing Hiya for multiple children.
  • Hiya also sells a multivitamin with probiotics, but the price difference is pretty significant.
  • This is a zero-sugar multivitamin option.
  • No gummies means your kids will be able to maintain better oral health.

My Kids’ Experience With Hiya

While we give our kids vitamins all year-round, we feel that it’s more of a necessity when school is in session. There are more germs going around, our kids are more tired and we never really know how well they’re eating their lunches at school. That little added nutritional burst is something we feel good that our kids are getting.

Hiya was easy to introduce to our kids. They liked the taste; the fun bottles were something they immediately wanted to decorate, and they didn’t show any signs of the product making them uncomfortable or unwell. In fact, they appeared more energetic and stayed healthier throughout cold and flu season.


  • Individual bottles help us keep better track of who has taken their vitamin each day.
  • Our kids loved decorating their bottles.
  • All of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for growth and development are in this product.
  • It’s really affordable, especially if you don’t want the added probiotic.


  • We would have thought about upgrading to the multivitamin with probiotics, but the price point was double the original cost.

Overview of Olly

Olly is a well-known supplement brand that sells products for both kids and adults. We had our kids try their Kids Multi + Probiotic. It has all the essentials, like vitamins A, C, D, E, B vitamins and zinc, along with 250 million CFUs of probiotics. Designed to help support growth and development while boosting digestion, Olly Kids Multi + Probiotic is yum berry punch-flavored and in gummy form.

olly kids gummy vitamins

Important Facts

  • There isn’t a ton of sugar in this product, but there’s more in each dose than in Hiya’s product.
  • Olly has included all of the essentials that kids need to thrive, including vitamins A, C, D, E, B vitamins, folate and zinc.
  • Kids two and up can use this product. Children over four have to double the dose.

My Kids’ Experience With Olly

We tried Olly Kids Multi + Probiotic after seeing it at a store we were shopping at. It’s convenient to be able to purchase products that you can find locally, but this can sometimes prevent you from getting the best quality possible. Plus, this was an affordable multivitamin, so we didn’t think it was a big deal to try it out with our kids.

Our kids liked the flavor of the gummies. They both had to take two gummies per dose because they were over the age of four. That equates to a few grams of sugar in each dose, which we didn’t love. Plus, we try to be extra careful when brushing their teeth after eating gummy supplements. Some of these products can put kids at a higher risk of developing cavities.

We noticed a little bit of a digestive shift after a week or two of our kids taking this supplement. Our youngest seemed to be a little gassy upon adjusting to the product. Other than that, there wasn’t much of a difference in their energy levels or immune responses.


  • Our kids liked the flavor.
  • The probiotics not only support a healthy digestive process but also help with immune function.
  • This product includes all of the essential vitamins and minerals that kids need.
  • Olly products are found online and in many retail stores.
  • This is an affordable vitamin option for kids.


  • Kids four and up have to take two gummies per dose.
  • Because Olly is transitioning away from sugar-coated products, the website says you may or may not receive the new version. I personally want to know what we’re buying.

Comparing Olly's vs. Hiya Kids Vitamins

olly's gummies and hiya's chewables

Taste and Texture

Hiya Taste Rating

  • My Daughter’s Rating: 4.7/5
  • My daughter especially liked the flavor and texture of Hiya’s vitamins. She still has no problem taking them.
  • My Son’s Rating: 4.5/5
  • Our son complains on occasion about taking his vitamins, but there really isn’t any kind of battle with getting him to do it. He says Hiya vitamins are fruity and tasty.

Olly's Taste Rating

  • My Daughter’s Rating: 4.1/5
  • My daughter doesn’t really like gummy supplements, so she actually wasn’t thrilled with Olly’s product.
  • My Son’s Rating: 4.4/5
  • My son’s sweet tooth wins for this product. He likes fruit snacks and gummy anything, so he was a fan of Olly.


Hiya Formula Rating 4.8/5

I really like the formula that Hiya uses for their kids multivitamin. It contains all of the basic nutrients that kids need for growth and development. There’s nothing extra or unnecessary to worry about.

Olly's Formula Rating 4.3/5

While Olly contains a lot of the same nutrients that are in Hiya’s product, some of the nutrients are well below the daily recommended value. However, some of them are 100% of the recommended daily value.


Hiya Results Rating 5/5

Hiya made a big difference in our kids’ overall health and wellbeing. We saw a noticeable difference in how they were acting energy-wise. They also seemed to stay healthier while taking their supplement.

Olly's Results Rating 4.5/5

Like I mentioned earlier, there was a bit of a shift in our kid’s digestive health while taking Olly. However, we didn’t notice much of a difference otherwise.

Pricing and Value

Hiya Value Rating 4.8/5

Not only are Hiya Kids Vitamins really affordable ($15 per child), but refills are automatically sent to your home each month.

Olly's Value Rating 4.3/5

Olly Kids Multi + Probiotic costs $13.99 for 70 gummies. Depending on the age and number of children you’re giving this to, this may or may not be affordable. Kids over the age of four need to take two gummies. Giving this to two or more kids means you go through a bottle quite quickly.

Which Toddler Vitamins Did My Kiddos Like Better: Olly or Hiya?

Our kids did a lot better with taking their Hiya vitamins compared to Olly’s multivitamin. In fact, this is a product that we still use in our home today. It’s a very small chewable tablet, and it’s become part of our routine each morning. For the first time in years, our kids are getting sick less. Whether that’s because of the vitamins, I don’t know, but I definitely don’t want to jinx anything!

My Recommendation

I would recommend trying Hiya vitamins if you’re in need of something that helps your kids get all of their essential nutrients each day. Even the best eaters usually have deficiencies to some degree. If you’d like to learn more, you can always talk to your pediatrician.


Choose Hiya if...

  • You’re looking for a basic kid’s multivitamin that contains essentials and nothing else.
  • You want a chewable tablet supplement that doesn’t contain sugar.
  • The decorative bottle for each child will help get your kids motivated to take their vitamins.
  • You like the convenience of a supplement shipped right to your door each month.

Choose Olly if...

  • You find it challenging to give your kids vitamins and think the gummy version will help.
  • You want a product that’s easily found in stores.
  • You like the added probiotic.
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