MUD WTR vs Joey: Which Mushroom Coffee Is Better?

Comparing MUD\WTR vs Joe’y mushroom coffee blends. My experience with both. Compare formulas and price. Which is better?

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I’m not one to make a lot of New Year’s resolutions, but I did commit to drinking less caffeine this year. It has never really agreed with me much, but it’s something that I often need to get moving first thing in the morning. I don’t drink much caffeine or coffee throughout the rest of the day, but I recently decided to search for something that would replace my routine cup of coffee when I roll out of bed.

Luckily, I came across a number of healthier coffee alternatives that promised to provide me with energy and focus, just in a much healthier way. Not to mention, a lot of the ingredients used in these beverages can boost your immune response, reduce stress, help you sleep better at night and more.

Let’s get started by talking about MUDWTR and Joey.

Key Facts Before Buying MUDWTR vs. Joey

Choose MUD WTR if you want a safe, comprehensive adaptogen blend from an established brand (MUDWTR) that has been focusing on mushroom coffee longer than most others. Go with Joe'y if you want to save a little bit of money, and you are willing to budge on brand reputation.

Most popular


  • MUD/WTR reduces the risk of developing jitters or an energy crash later in the day.
  • MUD/WTR contains a functional mushroom blend that provides natural energy along with other great benefits like increased focus, more motivation, decreased inflammation and a healthier stress response.
  • There is still caffeine in MUD/WTR, but not as much as in a traditional cup of coffee.





  • Joey’s formula is made up of superfoods, adaptogens and functional mushrooms.
  • Joey costs $1.39 per serving.
  • There is 1/5th the amount of caffeine in Joey as there is in a coffee from Starbucks.

What Is MUD/WTR?

mud wtr drink

MUD/WTR is a coffee alternative that is made with organic and natural ingredients. I like it because it allows me to feel focused and energized without having to consume a ton of caffeine (there is 1/7th the amount of caffeine in MUD/WTR as there is in a regular cup of coffee). The caffeine comes from black tea rather than coffee, so it helps me avoid some of those GI issues that I experience from coffee. MUD/WTR also has added benefits that I definitely wasn’t getting from traditional coffee, such as an immune boost.

What’s In It?

MUD/WTR contains natural ingredients such as:

Click to see ingredients used:

Masala Chai

This is a spicy tea blend that is based on black tea. It has a small amount of caffeine in it, but not very much at all. I didn’t feel like it made me jittery at all. I definitely didn’t experience an energy crash a few hours later, which was common when I would drink coffee.


Cacao is a great source of energy that also acts as a mood booster.

Lion’s Mane

Part of the reason I was always drinking coffee in the morning was so that I could focus on the day ahead. Lion’s Mane is a functional mushroom that naturally boosts mental clarity and focus. It also has some impressive medicinal benefits, such as supporting nerve and cell recovery.


Another type of functional mushroom, reishi can boost your immune system. It has a nice flavor that adds to the earthy taste of MUD/WTR.


This is another functional mushroom that boosts energy levels without causing any kind of jitters or nervousness. It wears off slowly, which I found was great for helping me avoid an afternoon slump.

Is MUD/WTR Actually Healthy?

The blend of ingredients in MUD/WTR is extremely healthy and beneficial. Not only is this a product that helps energize you and improve your ability to focus, but it’s good for your entire body. Functional mushrooms are excellent, and they have been used for centuries thanks to their medicinal benefits.

My Experience

mud wtr box

I absolutely love MUD/WTR and I will be continuing to use it for a long time. I like how it tastes, which isn’t always the case when you’re trying a coffee alternative or mushroom beverage. Some of them have an odd earthy flavor, but this one does not.

I started drinking MUD/WTR every few days to wean myself off my routine morning cup of coffee. I didn’t notice that there was any need for this after about a week or so, so I made the complete switch. I now drink MUD/WTR every morning. I’ve never drank coffee throughout the day, so one cup in the morning has been enough to keep me feeling focused and energetic throughout my work day.

There has been no experience of jitters or nervousness when using MUD/WTR. In fact, it’s a very gentle form of energy that doesn’t cause me to be up at night. It also doesn’t wear off all at once, so I don’t feel like I want to fall asleep at my desk in the middle of the afternoon.

What Is Joey?

joey mushroom drink

Joey is another type of coffee alternative that contains 10 different superfoods, along with adaptogens and functional mushrooms. It’s a pretty impressive blend that provides you with energy, the ability to focus, motivation and much more. It’s a little expensive, priced at $25 for a one-time purchase of an 18-serving supply. However, I see this product as more of a supplement and investment in your health than just a morning beverage.

What’s In It?

There are more than 10 different super-powered ingredients in Joey, but let’s take a look at some of the more important ones.

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Chicory Root

Chicory root is high in inulin, flavonoids, coumarins, tannins and alkaloids. It can help regulate your digestion, promote a balanced metabolism and improve blood sugar control.

Dandelion Root

This is a great ingredient if you’re prone to digestive discomfort. It can help you regulate your gut without causing frequent trips to the bathroom or bloating. It can also boost your energy naturally and reduce food cravings.


This adaptogen can help your body and mind react better to stress. It can decrease anxiety and depression, help you sleep better at night and improve your focus throughout the day.


I love this functional mushroom because it’s so good for the body. Cordyceps can decrease inflammation, boost your immune system thanks to its high antioxidant content and increase endurance levels.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is great for helping you feel energized and focused throughout the day. It can protect your heart and other organs.

Is Joey Actually Healthy?

Joey is a very healthy beverage option. It’s a wonderful way to boost your energy levels and focus, but there are a lot of other great health benefits that come from its ongoing use.

My Experience

sipping on joey mushroom coffee

I received a sample of Joey and wanted to try it out to see how it compared to other mushroom coffees that I’ve tried. I was less of a fan of the flavor of this product compared to something like MUD/WTR, but I wouldn’t say that it’s bad. It just had a strong, earthy flavor that takes a little getting used to.

The health benefits of this product are great, however. I noticed that I was very energetic when I would start my day with one cup of Joey. I even noticed a shift in my gym performance. I could work out for longer periods of time.

Comparison Section of Joey vs. MUD/WTR

comparison of joey vs mud wtr mushroom coffee

Comparing Formulas

Joey and MUD/WTR contain some of the same ingredients, but there are some additions to Joey that you won’t find in MUD/WTR. For example, ashwagandha is not part of MUD/WTR’s regular day blend. It can be found in their other products, however.

Comparing Taste

I like the taste of MUD/WTR better, personally. They also sell their own creamer, which can enhance the overall taste and benefits of their product.

I found Joey to be too earthy for me. It’s not a bad taste, but it’s a lot different than what I was used to from traditional coffee.

Comparing Price

The cost of MUD/WTR is fairly reasonable, priced at $60 for a one-time purchase. This is a 30-day supply. You can save quite a bit of money by signing up for a monthly MUD/WTR subscription. The cost is then $40.

If you are interested in purchasing Joey, the cost is $20 for just 18 servings.

Comparing Results

I liked the results that I experienced when using MUD/WTR daily. I noticed benefits from both products, but MUD/WTR seemed to provide a gentler form of energy and focus. Also, Joey gave me a little bit of GI discomfort when I first started it.

Main Differences

While there are some similar ingredients and benefits for both MUD/WTR and Joey, there are some differences to consider as well. Joey contains some ingredients that you won’t find in the traditional daily blend of MUD/WTR. Like I mentioned, ashwagandha is added to Joey, whereas MUD/WTR uses this for their other blends.

I feel like Joey takes more of an approach to gut health than MUD/WTR does. This might be something you’re interested in, but I use other supplements that focus on my GI health. I didn’t feel like my morning beverage needed to include more prebiotic fiber.

Which Is Better?

I love MUD/WTR and will continue to use it daily. It’s a product that provides me with a great deal of energy, focus and motivation. I don’t experience any unwanted side effects when using it. I also think it’s affordable, especially when you sign up for a monthly subscription. You receive your product right at your door, which is great.

Closing Remarks

Once I made the switch to a healthier morning beverage, I noticed how much better I felt overall. Not just in the morning when I was trying to find the motivation to be productive, but throughout the day. I love that I don’t experience any stomach discomfort now that I stay away from coffee. I’m not exhausted in the middle of the afternoon, and I feel less anxious from the reduced caffeine intake. I’m a fan of MUD/WTR for life and plan to try their other products soon.




or $40/mo

9.86 oz container



4 oz container

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