Renzo vs Hiya – Which Kids Multivitamin Is Better?

My kids used Renzo and Hiya kids vitamins. This is our experience with both and my kids’ opinion on which is better.

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My kids are picky eaters. Can you relate?

I’m sure most parents can, but it doesn’t take away how hard it is to get our kiddos the right vitamins and nutrients in their daily diet. I’ve found over the years that going with a kids vitamin can be a great way to fill those nutritional gaps.

My son is 7, about to turn 8, and my daughter is 5. We went through a lot of different children’s vitamin brands over the past few years. From the traditional flintstones that you buy off the shelves to First Day and Hiya, and now Renzo (plus a few others as well).

We gave Renzo a shot after hearing some of my mom friends talk about their positive experience with it. My kids also use hiya for the last 3 years, off and on, since they launched their kids multivitamin. They’ve since become the gold standard of multivitamins for kids.

Since both of my children used Hiya and Renzo, I wanted to compare and contrast them. I’ll talk about our experience with both, provide ratings across a few criterias, and I’ll share my kids’ opinions on which kids' vitamins they liked better: Renzo or Hiya? Stick around and find out!

What To Know Before Buying Hiya or Renzo's Kids Vitamins



hiya vitamins for kids - decorated glass bottle
  • You can get 50% off your first order, use code FITHEALTHY
  • After your first order, the price becomes $30 per month
  • Comes with a refillable glass bottle and stickers for your kids to decorate their bottle, which makes it fun
  • 15 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Chewable tablets
  • For kids ages 2 and up




Renzo's Picky Eater Multi

Renzo's vitamins for kids - picky eater multi with iron
  • 4.2 out of 5 star rating on amazon
  • Chewable tablets, serving size is 2 tablets per day for ages 4+
  • Accommodates ages 2+
  • 18 essential vitamins and minerals
  • They don't smell good and they are a little messy due to the powder of the chewable

All About Hiya Kids Vitamins

Hiya Health was created a few years ago and they were one of the first direct-to-consumer brands that sold kids vitamins. They only had one product back then, which was their kids' vitamin chewable. I think they solved a problem for parents, to provide a subscription-based kids multivitamin service that filled nutritional gaps and had zero sugar.

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Important Facts

  • Hiya Kids Vitamins are for ages 2+.
  • The price is $30 per month, but you can save 50% using this link. You can also save money if you buy more than 1 at a time.
  • There are 15 essential vitamins
  • There is no added sugar
  • Includes refillable glass bottle and sticker packet for decorations to make it fun for the kids
  • Hiya Health also has a Kids Daily Probiotic and Kids Bedtime Essentials

My Kids’ Experience With Hiya

hiya kids vitmains

We have a very large sample size to help you get an idea of how hiya kids vitamins has worked for our kids. Our kids have been taking hiya for 3 years now. I will say it’s been off and on, this is because we try out different brands. Just like anything in life, taking the same supplements every single day gets old too, especially for kids. Our kids like variety and they like a change-up. And personally as a dad, I don’t think there’s anything wrong going from a zero-sugar chewable tablet to a 2g of sugar gummy vitamin every now and again.

My daughter who is 5 years old has always liked the taste of hiya kids vitamins. The texture can be compared to a sweet tart, but obviously not sugary. She thinks it’s like a treat every morning, which can be due to the natural fruit flavors that are in the formula. She has never not taken the hiya chewable tablet when I have put it on the counter after breakfast. There are also times where I forget and she doesn’t, and she’s quick to remind me that she didn’t take her hiya multivitamin yet - that should say a lot.

My son who is almost 8 years old has also liked hiya vitamins since day one. He was 5 when he first tried them and loved them more when he was 5 than now that he’s almost 8. As time went on, he had more interest in gummy vitamins. However, he’ll still chew up the hiya chewable every single time I put it in front of him. Also, just because my son wants a gummy vitamin doesn’t mean I’m going to go completely away from hiya. I like how there’s no added sugar and you can’t get that in a gummy vitamin. Whether he likes it or not, that’s our parenting decision. But it’s one of the reasons why we try different vitamins for kids.

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What We Like

  • As parents, we love how there’s no added sugar
  • Our kids enjoy chewing the vitamin - they like the taste and texture
  • We’ve never had a problem with either kid taking the vitamin, and they are picky eaters
  • We like how hiya came out with a probiotic and a nighttime sleep aid - they both come in handy for us
  • Our kids like the glass bottle and stickers to decorate their bottle

What We Don’t Like

  • $30 per month for one kid could be out of budget for a lot of parents, but the 50% off discount ($15) makes it affordable to try out
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All About Renzo's Kids Vitamins

Renzo’s Vitamins have recently come up on our radar after seeing them around on social media and our circle of parent friends. They have a few different vitamin options to choose from and they all come in the same form as Hiya - rounded chewables. Renzo vitamins also have no added sugar, which made it a great fit for us.

Important Facts

  • Renzo offers a few different kids multivitamins (see types of vitamins below for the full list)
  • The price of the Picky Eater Multi is $25.99, about $4 cheaper than Hiya, but then again, Hiya has a much lower initial starting price at $15
  • The Picky Eater Multi includes iron in the formula
  • There is no sugar in these vitamins, which is great for us
  • There is free shipping on all U.S. orders
  • You can purchase Renzo vitamins at amazon

The types of vitamins for kids that Renzo offers are:

  • Picky Eater Multi ($25.99) - this is the one we chose
  • Iron Strong ($19.99)
  • Dynamite D3 ($16.99)
  • Bright & Brainy B6 ($15.99)
  • Invincible Vitamin C ($18.99)
  • Hercules Calcium ($19.99)

My Kids’ Experience With Renzo's Picky Eater Multi

renzo's picky eater kids vitamins

We decided to purchase the Picky Eater Multi because our kids are picky eaters and we wanted the regular kids multivitamins. If it worked out better than Hiya, we would be saving a few bucks in the long run. Nonetheless, my kids and I were excited to give them a run for 30 days.

The one thing that was different right from the start was the serving sizes. For the Renzo’s Picky Eater Multi, the supplement facts say to take 2 tablets if you’re 4 years of age and older. That applies to both of my kids, so instead of taking 1 hiya vitamin, we needed to take 2 Renzo’s per day.

My daughter thought the taste was pretty good. The flavor we chose is called Lil’ Green Apple. She didn’t love the taste, but she did take them everyday without complaining about it. She definitely didn’t praise the taste either. Overall I think she had a good experience with it. My experience was fine as well. I would like to see the serving size to just be one tablet, but that’s what it is.

My son had a similar opinion as my daughter did for the taste of Renzo’s Picky Eater Multi. As I watched him chew them each morning, he seemed like he was tolerating them. Regardless, we didn’t waste our money and both kids finished each of their bottles.

What We Like

  • The price is lower than Hiya’s vitamins
  • We like how there is zero sugar
  • My kids liked the texture of the vitamins, similar to Hiya’s

What We Don’t Like

  • We don’t like how there are 2 tablets per serving
  • The flavor is good, but my kids didn’t love it
  • Having Iron in the formula can be a good thing or bad thing, we don’t really need extra iron, so this was a con for us
  • The tablets smell weird

Comparing Renzo vs Hiya

hiya chewable and renzo's chewable

In this next section, I’m going to compare Renzo and Hiya across a few different criteria and provide a rating number that I asked my kids!

Taste and Texture

Both of my kids love the chewable tablet texture that both Hiya and Renzo offer. The main difference here is the taste. My kids preferred Hiya’s taste over Renzo. They also told me that they would rather take just one vitamin instead of two.

Hiya Taste Rating

My Daughter’s Rating: 4.7/5

My Son’s Rating: 4.5/5

Renzo Taste Rating

My Daughter’s Rating: 4.4/5

My Son’s Rating: 4/5


Hiya’s formula consists of 15 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a blend of 12 fruits and veggies. Renzo’s Picky Eater Multi’s formula consists of 18 vitamins and minerals and iron. While Renzo has a little more in their formula, we liked Hiya’s simplicity and no iron in their formula. That said, both formulas are great and you will just have to decide what’s best for your kiddos.

Hiya Formula Rating


Renzo Formula rating



Results are hard to measure when it comes to a multivitamin. Both of my kids seem to be more healthy when they do take a multivitamin as opposed to when they don’t. While I can’t pinpoint if they are healthier when they take Hiya vs Renzo, I know that either choice would be better than nothing.

Hiya Results Rating


Renzo Results Rating


Pricing and Value

Hiya vitamins are priced at $30 per month and you can get started with a 50% discount, which brings the price down to $15. Renzo vitamins are priced at $25.99 for a one-time purchase. They also have a subscribe and save option at $22.09 per month.

I like how Hiya has discounts when you purchase more than one bottle. For our family, we have two kids so the costs of these vitamins add up.

In my opinion, both Hiya and Renzo offer excellent value. For my kids though, they would prefer to consistently take Hiya over Renzo. They also really like the refillable glass bottle and stickers to decorate it, and I think that’s what will tip the scales for Hiya having a little bit more value than Renzo.

Hiya Value Rating


Renzo Value Rating


Which Kids Vitamins Did My Kiddos Like Better - Renzo or Hiya?

hiya and renzo kids vitamins together

My daughter prefers Hiya because she loves the taste and texture a tad bit more than Renzo’s vitamins.

My son prefers Hiya over Renzo because he only has to take one vitamin as opposed to two every day. For more context here, my son would prefer a gummy vitamin over the chewable tablets. I think as he aged he didn’t like the chewables as much.

While both of my kiddos finished the whole bottle of Renzo Picky Eater Multi, the taste just didn’t do it for them. Overall, both of my kids preferred Hiya.

My Recommendation


Choose Hiya if…

$15 $30

  • You want to try it out for $15
  • Your kids would enjoy the refillable glass bottle with stickers to decorate
  • Your kid would only want 1 chewable tablet per day

Choose Renzo if…


  • You want to save a couple extra bucks
  • You think Iron is something your child needs more of
  • Your kid would like to have 2 chewable tablets per day
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