Culturelle vs Seed: Which Synbiotic Is Better?

I tried Seed for a few months and then Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic gummies. Which synbiotic is better? Here are my thoughts!

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Optimal gut health comes from a few different sources. To help support digestion and improve my body’s natural immune response, I have taken probiotics for years. Slightly different, a synbiotic contains both prebiotics and probiotics. The prebiotic is a non-digestible fiber included as a food source for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. This allows it to thrive and multiply. When I made the change from a traditional probiotic to a synbiotic, I was shocked at the difference.

Let’s take a look at two synbiotic products: Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic and Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies. Before making a selection, it’s important that you know what these formulas contain, what they cost and the pros and cons of each. I’ll also share with you my personal experience.

Key Factors To Know Before Buying Seed or Culturelle Probiotics

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  • Seed has an extensive scientific board and they put their synbiotic through rigorous testing procedures to ensure potency, quality and safety.
  • 2 in 1 nested capsule helps get the live probiotics to your colon.
  • No refrigeration required



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  • Very affordable, but only 2 Billion CFUs in the formula. With Seed, you're getting 53.6 Billion AFU.
  • The gummies taste decent and there could be issues with the probiotics surviving the gummy manufacturing heating process.
  • They kind of smell bad, which turns me off taking them.



All About Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic

seed jar on my table

With over 24 different strains in their product, Seed has formulated a product that addresses systemic health as a whole. By promoting digestive health, Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic can reduce bloating, irregularity, improve your immune function, help regulate your cholesterol levels and promote cardiovascular health. With a special capsule design, Seed DS-01 survives the trip through your GI system before breaking down where your body needs it most.

Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic is made up of four different probiotic blends. This includes their:

  • Digestive Health / Gut Immunity / Gut Barrier Integrity Probiotic Blend
  • Dermatological Health Probiotic Blend
  • Cardiovascular Health Probiotic Blend
  • Micronutrient Synthesis Probiotic Blend

Also included is a Microbiota-Accessible Polyphenolic Precursors Blend made from Indian pomegranate.

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Important Facts

  • This product is extremely clean and free from gluten, dairy, preservatives and common allergens like soy and nuts.
  • Provides benefits that span outside of the gut.
  • Seed uses more than 50 quality assurance and quality control checkpoints for their products.
  • Your future orders come as refill packages to reduce waste.
  • It’s recommended that you take this product on an empty stomach if you can.
  • You may feel results in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

My Experience With Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic

seed synbiotic and capsules

I should preface by saying that I’ve tried a number of probiotic and synbiotic supplements over the past few years. In an effort to improve my gut health and get rid of some annoying symptoms like bloating and discomfort, I came across the DS-01 Daily Synbiotic as an option to try out. I liked how many strains it contained in its formula. I’ve come across other products that only contained one or two strains, which usually doesn’t seem like it’s going to be all that beneficial. If you’re going to benefit from a synbiotic, Seed DS-01 gives you a fighting change, in my opinion.

I started taking DS-01 on an empty stomach upon waking up in the morning. I would eat breakfast shortly after. I experienced a slight change in bowel movements for a few days, but there wasn’t anything overly uncomfortable to worry about. I would say that it took about a week for me to notice substantial changes to my gut health. After two weeks, I had significantly fewer issues after eating and in between meals as well.

What I Like

  • The diverse number of strains in this product provides a large number of potential benefits.
  • You don’t need to refrigerate this synbiotic.
  • The dual capsule design prevents premature breakdown, so your body can utilize this supplement properly.
  • The subscription service makes it easy to receive monthly refill orders.
  • The probiotic strains in DS-01 have been clinically and scientifically studied.

What I Don’t Like

  • You have to sign up for Seed’s subscription service in order to receive this product.
  • It's expensive compared to other synbiotic supplements on the market.

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All About Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies

With two billion CFUs of beneficial bacteria in each dose, Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies contain two different strains of probiotics in addition to prebiotic inulin fiber. Culturelle has designed this product to address the various factors that can throw off your delicate gut health balance. You should take this product daily, helping to repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria that contribute to overall health.

Important Facts

  • Only two strains of probiotics are in this supplement, totaling two billion CFUs.
  • This is a vegan-friendly supplement.
  • Chicory root fiber has been added as a prebiotic fiber that feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • You don’t need to refrigerate this product.

My Experience With Culturelle Synbiotic

holding culturelle probiotic + prebiotic gummies

Culturelle Synbiotic was the first product that I started with on my journey to better gut health. I figured I would start with something simple, working my way up to a more diverse product if need be. I tried this supplement for a couple of weeks. I didn’t notice much of a difference when taking it. I may have had some more frequent bowel movements that were smoother overall. I stuck with this product for about a month. I still experienced periodic episodes where my stomach would feel hard and I would experience nausea. That’s when I decided to look into something else, coming across Seed’s synbiotic supplement.

What I Like

  • The gummies are tasty and make it easy to take this product.
  • There’s less than one gram of sugar in each gummy.
  • This product is free of gelatin.

What I Don’t Like

  • Because this is a gummy-based supplement, your gut may prematurely break this product down before it reaches a beneficial point in your GI system.
  • You have to take two gummies with each dose.

Comparing Culturelle vs. Seed Synbiotics

Form: Capsules vs. Gummies

Seed Capsules Rating: 4.7/5

Culturelle Gummies Taste Rating: 4.6/5

We’re looking at two very different forms of synbiotic administration. Culturelle has created a product that is gummy-based. While this provides a tasty way to take a synbiotic, some people would rather avoid the sugar and non-organic natural flavors that are used.

Also, gummies don’t hold up well during the digestive process. You could experience your synbiotic breaking down too quickly after taking it. It doesn’t provide you with full benefits. However, Seed has gone to great lengths to create a synbiotic that survives stomach acid and a trip through your gut.


Seed Formula Rating: 5/5

With more than 24 different strains of probiotics and four blends included in each dose, Seed definitely gets a great rating in regard to their formula. A lot of research has gone into creating a product that can help achieve gut health while also benefiting your immune response, cardiovascular system, mood and so much more.

Culturelle Formula Rating: 3/5

There are only two strains of probiotics in this product. While there are plenty of CFUs in each dose, Culturelle has likely skipped over a lot of potentially beneficial strains of probiotics that can help you achieve optimal health.


Seed Results Rating: 4.8 / 5

I want to say that I’m cured since taking Seed’s DS-01 Synbiotic, but that wouldn’t be completely truthful. I still have some episodes of GI discomfort, but it’s far less than I would experience prior to starting this supplement. That being said, this is definitely the most helpful synbiotic that I’ve tried.

Culturelle Results Rating: 3.5/5

I just didn’t see enough of a change in my symptoms to provide a better rating for this product. The two strains that Culturelle has used in their formula are very beneficial, but I just don’t think they’re enough for what I specifically needed. Some people may benefit from this product, especially if they’re trying to promote a better breakdown of food or increase nutrient absorption.

Pricing and Value

Seed Value Rating: 4.6/5

The cost of Seed Synbiotic is $49.99 for a one-month supply. You really have to think about what you’re trying to achieve when you purchase Seed DS-01. These blends of probiotics and prebiotic fiber can really transform your entire body and gut. Can you really put a price on that?

Culturelle Value Rating: 4.2/5

This product is very affordable, priced at $15.99 for a one-time purchase of a one-month supply. While the price point is relatively low, you’re not getting very many strains of probiotics for your money.

Which Synbiotic Worked Better for Me? Culturelle or Seed?

Personally, I find that Seed’s DS-01 Synbiotic is a much better product compared to Culturelle’s Probiotic+Prebiotic Gummies. Because of how many strains of probiotics are included in their various blends, I was able to achieve health benefits that I really wasn’t even thinking about when looking for a product of this type. I was looking for something to help my gut, but I ended up experiencing healthier skin and an improved mood.

My Recommendation

I recommend considering what benefits you’re hoping to achieve with a synbiotic. Then, look at the different strains of probiotics and prebiotic fiber that a product provides. If Culturelle has the two strains that you feel would help you, that might be an affordable product to try. However, if you’re looking for a product that will support your body as a whole, Seed’s DS-01 Synbiotic is the way to go.


Choose Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic if…

  • You want a diverse profile of probiotics with an added prebiotic.
  • You’re interested in multiple whole-body benefits, in addition to gut health benefits.
  • It’s a concern of yours that a product may break down too early, not providing ample benefits.

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Choose Culturelle Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies if…

  • Your doctor has recommended these specific strains of probiotics to you.
  • You’re looking for an affordable product to try.
  • You want to see how a probiotic will affect your gut before introducing 24+ strains.
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