Found vs SkinnyRx: Medical Weight-Loss Showdown

I compare and contrast SkinnyRx vs Found – two online weight loss brands that offer medications such as Semaglutide. Which is better?

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It’s time to get serious about your weight loss goals. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to get motivated about losing weight. Not to mention, it’s even harder to stay on track and keep the weight off. Fortunately, there are a number of weight-loss solutions that can make the journey so much easier. From diets to weight loss medications, losing and maintaining a healthy weight has never been easier.

Let’s take a look at two internet-based weight-loss companies that offer medical-based solutions for dropping pounds: Found and SkinnyRx. I have personal experience with both of these companies, and I’m eager to share my opinions with you.

The HOT Takes!

  • It’s advertised on the SkinnyRx website that you can lose up to 1.5 percent of your body weight weekly when using a Semaglutide prescription from SkinnyRx.
  • SkinnyRx has a very fast signup process that includes an initial quiz, a telehealth appointment and quick approval.
  • You can have SkinnyRx ship Semaglutide to your home, or you can source it from your local pharmacy.

Choose SkinnyRx if…

  • You’re specifically looking for a prescription for Semaglutide, with ongoing support.
  • You would like a certified professional to review your health information before approving you for a prescription.

Found Weight Loss

  • Found will connect you with one of their clinicians within 24 hours of signing up.
  • You can utilize daily guidance and support from the Found team.
  • Your personalized Found profile helps you get to the cause of your weight loss issues. This provides more effective results.

Choose Found Weight Loss Medication if…

  • You’re interested in information and support through the Found app.
  • In addition to your medication, you would like a customized weight-loss plan.

All About SkinnyRx Weight Loss

skinnyrx - weight loss medication

SkinnyRx, an online weight-loss company that provides access to Semaglutide and other weight-loss support, requires an initial intake form to be filled out. After that has been completed, you will be connected with a medical professional from the SkinnyRx team. Through a telehealth appointment, it will be determined if you qualify for Semaglutide. The goal of SkinnyRx is to provide you with fast support rather than waiting weeks or months to see your primary doctor.

If you receive approval for Semaglutide, you can choose to have your medication shipped to your door or have the script sent to a local pharmacy. The process is very streamlined, so you can get started with your Semaglutide journey in no time. Your SkinnyRx subscription also provides ongoing support, including regular contact with their team.

What Prescription Weight Loss Medications Does SkinnyRx Offer?

SkinnyRx provides prescription services for Semaglutide, a GLP-1 medication.

My Experience With SkinnyRx Weight Loss

I liked the simplicity of signing up for SkinnyRx. The company’s information is very clear, so you know what you’re getting into. I took the initial survey in about five minutes and received an upcoming telehealth appointment with someone from the SkinnyRx team. During this call, I received all of my information from the provider, including what I hoped to accomplish with my weight loss journey, my past medical history and what my weight loss challenges have been in the past.

I did receive approval for Semaglutide which I chose to purchase from my pharmacy. SkinnyRx advertises that you receive your medication in the mail about two to five days after you place your order, so that process is pretty quick as well.

I took Semaglutide for about one week before I started to notice any changes. It was into the second week that my hunger started to diminish. I didn’t wake up feeling starving in the morning, and I was able to avoid cravings and overeating throughout the day. I started losing weight at the end of the second week and moving forward.


  • Fast sign-up process
  • Access to Semaglutide, a popular weight-loss medication
  • Ongoing support from an experienced team of professionals


  • Limited medication options
  • A little expensive

What Is Found Weight Loss Medication?

found weight loss - vs skinnyrx

The Found Health team takes a close look at different factors that contribute to how a person loses weight. Things like genetics, hormones, diet, metabolism and lifestyle are all taken into consideration when coming up with a personalized weight-loss plan. Found offers a few different weight-loss medication options in the GLP-1 category. Once you complete the initial signup process and questionnaire, you’ll work with a medical professional from Found to determine which one is the best option for you.

What Prescription Weight Loss Medications Does Found Offer?

Found offers 12 different weight-loss medications through their program, including Ozempic, Wegovy, Trulicity, Victoza, Metformin and Rybelsus.

My Experience With Found Medical Weight Loss

Compared to SkinnyRx, I feel that it took longer to complete the initial Found signup process. However, once I was done, I was connected with a Found Telehealth medical professional. They reviewed all of my information with me very thoroughly. I liked that they considered a variety of factors that could have been affecting my ability to lose weight.

I received my prescription for Semaglutide through the mail. It took less than one week to arrive. There is ongoing support available, and the Found app provides additional resources. I didn’t utilize the app too much, though.


  • Several medication options are available.
  • Takes into account different factors that contribute to weight loss.


  • Found isn’t very transparent about what their program costs before you signup.
  • Slightly longer signup process

Comparison Section Between SkinnyRx and Found

While they are similar in some regards, how do SkinnyRx and Found compare? Let’s take a look.

Comparing GLP-1 Medications Offered

SkinnyRx focuses on Semaglutide as their primary medication option. If you’re not interested in Semaglutide then you might not be interested in SkinnyRx. However, I feel the ongoing support and knowledge of this program make SkinnyRx one of the better medical-based weight-loss programs out there.

There are about 12 different medications that are offered by Found.

Comparing the Process (Which One Is Easier to Get a Prescription?)

While I think that both of these programs are pretty fast regarding their approval processes, SkinnyRx is a lot better. Their questionnaire is very fast, and you’re set up for your telehealth call in a short amount of time.

I liked the ease of picking up my prescription from SkinnyRx at my local pharmacy. It made the process that much easier.

Comparing Costs and Pricing (Even Hidden Costs)

Found is a bit secretive when it comes to what their program costs. You need to sign up for an account, complete the initial intake form and then you’ll learn more about the cost. The price you pay will vary based on the different services you’re looking for as well as the type of medication that you choose.

SkinnyRx will cost you $500 a month, which includes dedicated, ongoing doctor support. You can cancel at any time that you want. This price does include your Semaglutide prescription.

What Are the Main Differences Between Found and SkinnyRx?

Found and SkinnyRx differ in price a bit, mainly because SkinnyRx includes your Semaglutide in the price of their membership. Also, the sign-up process is different. SkinnyRx provides a more streamlined approach.

I like the amount of ongoing, direct support that SkinnyRx provides. You have to turn to the Found app for a lot of your future communication and support.

Final Thoughts, Next Steps and My Recommendation

So many people are seeing success from weight-loss medications and the additional support that many of these internet-based companies offer. Consider what your challenges have been in the past regarding losing weight. Perhaps SkinnyRx or Found will stand out as options that you think will be beneficial.

I personally found SkinnyRx to be a better option for my own personal situation. I was pretty aware of what my challenges were with losing weight. I didn’t care much for some of the aspects of Found, such as looking at genetics and such. While I feel like Found is thorough with how they approach your approval for GLP-1 medications, some of it was a little lengthy for me.


SkinnyRx GLP-1 is better for…

  • Straightforward assistance with obtaining Semaglutide
  • Ongoing support
  • A fast signup process
  • Transparency of their program

Found GLP-1 is better for…

  • Looking at different factors that could be contributing to your inability to lose weight
  • Different medication options
  • Online support through an app
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