SkinnyRx Weight Loss Review – Should You Do It?

I take a look at the SkinnyRx weight loss medication program. After a short quiz, you can get prescribed GLP-1 medications such as Semaglutide. But, is SkinnyRx right for everyone?

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At Go Wellness Best, we care about your health. Not only is it important that your lab testing comes back normal, and any health conditions are well managed, but we also want to make sure that you look and feel your best each and every day. Part of that equation is maintaining a healthy weight. Not only will this help boost your confidence and self-esteem, but it can also help prevent issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Whether you need to lose a few pounds or you’re a candidate for a more substantial weight loss, we have different recommendations that can help get you on your way. Many people are turning to medical weight-loss prescriptions to reduce hunger, beat cravings and drop pounds. For people who are eligible for this option, we think this is a very viable option for dropping a number of pounds. Let’s talk about SkinnyRx, a weight-loss company that offers fast access to the GLP-1 drug Semaglutide.

Key Takeaways

  • SkinnyRx has a very fast sign-up and screening process.
  • A board-certified medical professional is the one to determine if you qualify for a weight-loss medication.
  • You can have SkinnyRx ship your medication to your home or pick it up at a pharmacy in our area.
  • SkinnyRx claims you can lose approximately 1.5% of your body weight per week when using their program and medication.
  • If you don’t lose 10% of your body weight over the course of the program, SkinnyRx will refund your money.
  • SkinnyRx is a pretty reputable company. They will refund your money (minus the telehealth fee) if it turns out that they’re not going to approve you for weight-loss medication.
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What Is SkinnyRx Weight Loss Medication?

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To make your life more convenient, SkinnyRx functions as an online telehealth provider that will prescribe you weight-loss medication if you qualify. Once you are approved by a board-certified medical professional and you receive your prescription, you can place an order online through SkinnyRx. Your medication arrives discreetly. You can also opt to pick up your medication from a pharmacy that is in our area if that’s more convenient for you. It can be a little quicker that way, as long as your pharmacy has the product in stock.

In addition to the initial screening and qualification process, SkinnyRx also offers ongoing support once you start your Semaglutide prescription. If you have any questions or you’re not seeing results, you can reach out to the SkinnyRx team to see what can be adjusted. We always recommend reaching out to a trusted medical professional if you’re experiencing side effects that you’re concerned about.

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Weight Loss Medications That SkinnyRx Offers

SkinnyRx focuses on prescribing a weight-loss medication called Semaglutide. This is a GLP-1 drug that was originally created for patients with type 2 diabetes. Because of how Semaglutide impacts insulin production, it has been extremely useful for helping people lose weight. It is now FDA-approved for weight-loss purposes if you meet the eligibility requirements. This includes having a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or greater or having a BMI of 27 kg/m2 and having a diagnosed, weight-related health condition.

My Experience Taking the SkinnyRx Quiz

To begin the process of signing up for SkinnyRx, you must first fill out an initial quiz on the brand’s website. This information will include any of the past health conditions that you’ve been diagnosed with, what you’ve done so far to try and lose weight and any genetic factors that may be contributing to your weight-loss challenges. It’s a very fast quiz, but it provides the SkinnyRx team with plenty of information that can help them determine if it’s safe for you to be prescribed Semaglutide.

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Evaluating the Telehealth Call for Semaglutide

After your initial questionnaire has been completed, you will need to schedule a telehealth call with the SkinnyRx medical team. Telehealth calls have become very popular in recent years. It’s a great way for us to reach a lot of people without the inconvenience of having to commute to and from a doctor’s office. From the comfort of your home, you’ll discuss your interest in weight-loss medication and whether you’re a candidate for this type of program. If you are approved, you will be educated on the use of Semaglutide, what to expect, what to watch out for, etc. There is also ongoing support provided by SkinnyRx if you have questions at any point after starting your weight-loss medication.

How Much Does SkinnyRx Cost?

SkinnyRx costs approximately $500 per month. This price includes everything from your telehealth visit to your medication. The price might seem a bit high compared to other options, but most of those other companies don’t include medication in the final cost of their program. This also includes any ongoing support that you receive from the SkinnyRx medical team.

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Receiving the Prescription

After your prescription is written, you can order your Semaglutide medication from SkinnyRx or have it dispensed at one of our local pharmacies. Shipping is usually pretty fast, and you should expect to receive your product within the week.

Weight Loss Results After a Month

Using SkinnyRx, it can take a little bit of time for Semaglutide to take effect in the body. The first week may not show many results. However, you may start to see some weight coming off in the second week and onward. SkinnyRx advertises that you can lose 1.5% of your body weight each week that you’re using Semaglutide.

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Other Medical Weight Loss Programs That Are Out There

There are several medical weight-loss programs out there that offer GLP-1 medications and other support services. Here are some alternative options:




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Do We Recommend SkinnyRx for Weight Loss?

It’s very important to our staff here at Go Wellness Best that we educate our patients on how they can be as healthy as possible. For many patients, that includes maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity has become a real issue in our country and is contributing to a whole host of problems, like the increased risk of diabetes, heart attack or stroke.

We recommend that you consider SkinnyRx if you’re looking to lose weight and have tried other methods without success. Diet and exercise are very promising, but some people require additional assistance with losing weight and keeping the weight off on a long-term basis. We encourage you to choose a medical weight-loss program that provides dietary and exercise support in addition to medication. In order to lose weight and keep it off long-term, it's essential that you're making lifestyle changes that you can utilize for years to come.

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