Serenol Review – I Tried It For PMS, Here’s What Happened

I tried Bonafide Serenol for 30 days to see if it would help my PMS symptoms. Read my experience and my advice.

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According to womenshealth.gov, PMS affects as many as 3 in 4 women. That means that upwards of 75% of us are dealing with monthly symptoms related to our menstrual cycle, and if you’re one of them, you know the frustration and disruption of life that can accompany your monthly friend.

The emotional symptoms are perhaps some of the worst. From mood swings and irritability to uneasiness and cravings, we experience a whole laundry list of symptoms each month for years of our lives.

So are we destined to simply deal with our symptoms, knowing that it’s a part of womanhood? Or is there a way to minimize and/or eliminate them altogether?

Today, I’m sharing my 30-day experience and reviewing Serenol, an all-natural PMS supplement made by Hello Bonafide, a D2C women’s health brand that’s treating some of our most common problems related to vaginal and reproductive health. They're always releasing new products, like Clairvee, which is another helpful supplement for vaginal health.

This product kind of reminds me of FLO, if you're interested in that, read through my FLO PMS gummy vitamins review article to get an idea of their brand and if it's right for you.

Does Serenol work? Or, is it just another gimmick? I’m giving you all the details about this supplement so that you have a clearer understanding of what it is, what it does, and if it’s a good choice for you and your monthly symptoms.

My Experience Taking Serenol for 30 Days!

Bare with me as I go over my notes and try to remember how I felt through the 30 days I took Serenol!

Day 1: Unboxing Hope

The package from Hello Bonafide landed on my doorstep today, and with it, a wave of cautious hope. The bright blue box of Serenol sat in my hands, promising to ease the PMS symptoms that I've come to dread each month. The ingredients were clear, straightforward, and refreshingly hormone-free. I read the instructions, keen to see if this would be my answer to the monthly turmoil of emotions.

Day 5: Settling In

Serenol has found its way into my daily routine, nestled between my vitamins and my skincare regimen. I swallow two pills with breakfast, the taste pleasantly neutral and easy to take. There's no discernible difference yet, but my research on Hello Bonafide has set a foundation of trust in their products.

Day 10: A Gentle Ease

Historically, by day ten, irritability begins to brew beneath the surface, a silent alarm for what’s ahead. Yet, today, there's a subtle shift. The usual annoyance at my partner's forgotten chores just...isn't there. I'm intrigued and admittedly a little surprised. Could this be the work of Serenol?

Day 15: The Real Test

Stress has always been a trigger for my PMS mood swings, turning small issues into insurmountable obstacles. However, faced with a high-pressure project at work, I find myself handling stress with a level of calm that's foreign to me during this phase of my cycle.

Day 20: An Unexpected Tranquility

By now, the prelude to my period typically includes a mix of anxiety and a persistent sense of overwhelm. This month, the waters are still; my mind is uncharacteristically tranquil. My craving for midnight snacks, a steadfast PMS companion, has also diminished. Is this the power of consistent, natural supplementation?

Day 25: Surprising Stability

Close to the end of the 30-day mark, and I'm amazed. The emotional upheavals that accompany my cycle have been smoothed over. It's like watching a storm from behind a window; I'm aware of what could unsettle me, yet I remain composed and removed from the chaos.

Day 30: Concluding Thoughts

My journey with Serenol is at a close, at least for this review period. It's not a miracle cure; I've had moments of moodiness, but they've been fleeting shadows rather than the usual torrent. My work efficiency remained unaffected by PMS, something I couldn’t say before. My interactions with family and friends were free from the usual PMS tension, a relief for everyone involved.

Other PMS Supplements I've Used

Over the years, I have taken FLO PMS Gummies, Aura, Goli and a few others for PMS relief, you can check out our best supplements for period cramps roundup to see where they rank. Some of them work a little, some of them don't work great at all. I can say, based on my experience with Serenol, that it worked a little better than the other PMS supplements I've tried.

What is Serenol?

Serenol is a hormone-free supplement that’s designed to relieve the emotional symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). These symptoms include irritability, mood swings, and uneasiness, among others.

This product is created by the same brand that delivers popular menopause treatments like Revaree (read my review of Revaree for vaginal dryness) and Ristela, two very popular non-hormonal treatment options. Hello Bonafide is a brand that I have done significant research into and am excited to share their products with you. They are truly making leaps and bounds in the women’s health community!

Serenol is made to be taken daily as part of your supplement routine and designed to provide relief from symptoms all month long because we all know that no one cycle looks the same. When taken regularly, it’s shown to calm irritability, balance mood swings, and curb hunger cravings and water retention.

Bonafide uses only natural ingredients in their products and all of their formulas are rigorously tested and verified before they hit the market. Of course, you should always speak to your doctor before starting any new supplement.

What's the Ingredients in Serenol?

Bonafide believes in offering the best quality products. Their formulas are clearly labeled with the ingredients. They also utilize an FDA-registered, NSF certified GMP manufacturing facility to test products before they ever sell them.

The ingredients in Serenol include:

Primary Ingredients:

Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate)Purified Cytoplasmic Blend (proprietary Swedish Flower pollen extract (Sérélys) in the form of Pollen + Pistil Extract PI-82, and Pollen Extract GC-FEM), and Royal Jelly.

Other Ingredients:

Maltodextrin, Calcium Carbonate, Acacia, Isomalt, d-α-tocopheryl succinate (antioxidant), Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (alternatively HPMC), Silica, and Polysorbate.

Next, I’ll break down the top 3 plant-based ingredients that make Serenol effective.

Exclusive Bonafide Pollen - Taken from specifically grown plants in Sweden, Exclusive Bonafide Pollen reduces emotional PMS symptoms like irritability and mood swings.

Royal Jelly - Royal Jelly is made for Queen bees and it’s rich in nutrients including vitamins and minerals. When combined with flower pollen, it has been shown to reduce irritation, mood swings, and other emotional PMS symptoms.

Chromium Picolinate (CrPic) - This is an essential mineral for a healthy metabolism, working by reducing food cravings and subsequently food intake.

How Does Serenol Work?

Just as there is no concrete information about what causes PMS, Serenol’s mechanism of action is not fully understood either. However, it is believed that the plant-based extracts in Serenol work centrally in the body to reduce PMS-related emotional symptoms. 

Essentially, Bonafide combined several plant-based ingredients that have shown to reduce common PMS symptoms and they put them together to form a blend that’s engineered to stop PMS dead in its tracks.

According to a research study conducted by Bonafide of 290 women who were taking Serenol for at least three months, 77% of them felt PMS relief within 3 months. Additionally, 60% of women reported reduced irritability and mood swings, and 87% of them stated they would recommend it to a friend. Bonafide recommends you take Serenol every day for at least two months for best results.

This brings me to my next point, how long does Serenol take to work? In clinical trials, the majority of women experienced reduced irritability and mood swings by the second month taking it, with even better results by the third month. There were some women who reported feeling improvements right away, however, Bonafide recommends that you take it every day for at least two months to realize the best results. It takes time for your body to adjust and adapt.

What Are The Side Effects of Serenol?

Potential side effects of taking Serenol could be allergic reactions from the oral intake of royal jelly, which is one of the main ingredients in Serenol. These allergic reactions could range from very mild gastrointestinal upset to more severe reactions, including asthma. The other main ingredients in Serenol is Swedish pollen with chromium picolinate, which has does not have hormonal side effects since it is non-estrogenic because Serenol is a hormone-free PMS supplement.

Serenol has been scientifically validated and has gone through rigorous third-party testing for safety, quality, purity, potency and efficacy. Furthermore, their products are also created in a FDA-registered facility, which follow the guidelines of GMP manufacturing.

Those with specific health concerns or who are taking other medications are advised to speak with their doctor before starting this supplement or any other supplement for that matter.

Serenol Reviews: What Are Customers Saying Online About This All-Natural PMS Remedy?

According to HelloBonafide.com, there are 206 reviews of Serenol, of which 80% of them are positive. And at Amazon, there are 204 ratings with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating. I took a look through all of the negative reviews and discovered that the majority of them had to do with customers saying that the product didn’t work for them, however, it’s important to keep in mind that not every product is right for every woman and some women may be at a higher risk for side effects due to their health conditions and/or other medications. This is why Bonafide highly recommends women speaking with their doctor before use.

That said, I did note that the brand responds to every single one of their reviews, whether positive or negative, which is a great sign that they care about and appreciate their customers. The vast majority of the reviews are from women who are overjoyed with the relief their experiencing from their PMS symptoms.

Is Serenol Right for You?

If you’re one of the millions of women who are dealing with emotional PMS each month, then you may be a good fit for Serenol. It’s tough to feel like your emotions are all over the place and that you can be set off at the drop of a hat (tough for you and your loved ones!).

If you’re dreading your monthly cycle month after month because of the disruption to your life and attitude you experience along with it, you owe it to yourself to check out Serenol to see if it’s a good option for you.

You CAN feel like yourself all month long. Wouldn’t you like to eliminate those upsetting mood swings, insatiable cravings, and negative emotions? Serenol could be a way for you to accomplish that. Give yourself a break and check out this non-hormonal PMS supplement today!

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