Ritual Natal Choline Review – Key Facts, Pros, Cons and Discount

I review Ritual Natal Choline, a brain support from mom to baby supplement. Key facts, pros, cons and get a discount using this code.

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Nourishing your baby begins many months before their arrival in the world. There are key nutrients that are needed in order for your baby to develop and thrive. During pregnancy, there are a number of supplements and lifestyle choices that you can make in order to help your baby grow properly. One such nutrient is choline. To help brain development, gene expression and tissue formation, choline is recommended at a dose of 450 milligrams per day throughout pregnancy.

Are all choline supplements created equal? Just like any other supplement, there are different qualities and factors to watch out for. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to Ritual Natal Choline. Let’s talk about what’s included in its formulation, what it can do for you and your baby and where you can buy it.

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Key Facts

  • Designed to support the cognitive development of your baby.
  • Each dose contains 550 mg of choline. Ritual has based their formula on clinical research.
  • Third-party testing is used.
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Choline has been proven to improve the quality of breast milk.
  • Choline sourced from the U.S.A.

Who Should Try Ritual Natal Choline?

  • Women who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant.
  • Women during the postpartum period that are nursing.

What Is Ritual Natal Choline?

ritual natal choline bottle with capsules

Providing nutritional support from mom to baby, Ritual Natal Choline is based on scientific information that has determined ongoing choline supplementation can support the cognitive function of a baby from pregnancy and beyond. Ritual has sourced their choline from Missouri, choosing a very high-potency formula that provides 550 mg of choline in each serving. This is slightly higher than what’s normally recommended, but Ritual has based their dose on clinical studies that suggest larger amounts can be beneficial.

If you continue taking Ritual Natal Choline during the postpartum phase, it can benefit your breast milk. More choline can be found in the milk, which is then passed on to your baby.

How Does Ritual Natal Choline Help Support Your Baby?

Choline is a nutrient that is extremely important during the development of a fetus. From supporting healthy stem cell development to helping with cognitive development, choline is something that should be taken each day throughout pregnancy. It can also prevent a number of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

Unfortunately, we don’t usually get enough choline from our diet alone, especially during pregnancy. A lot of women experience food aversions or things that make them sick. This makes it hard to consume enough things like liver, egg yolks, red meat, cod and tilapia. We can produce very small amounts of choline in the liver, but the amount is not high enough to be of any significance to a fetus.

When Should You Take Ritual Natal Choline?

ritual natal choline capsules and bottle

You can take this supplement along with your prenatal vitamin and any other supplement that you may be using during pregnancy. It can be taken with or without food. It doesn’t matter if you take it early in the day or late. Choline doesn’t typically cause any side effects, so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your sleep or anything like that.

What Are the Pros?

  • Citrus enhanced, which is a huge bonus if you’re experiencing ongoing nausea during your pregnancy.
  • Ritual Natal Choline contains a traceable form of choline. You can feel good about what you’re putting into your body and your baby’s body.
  • Supports cognitive function during development and during the early years of your child’s life.
  • Third-party testing checks for identity, purity and composition. Ritual is a reputable brand.

What Are the Cons?

  • The daily dose is two capsules, which might be difficult if you’re experiencing nausea or morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • The dosage amount is higher than the daily recommended value, but it’s still within range of being very safe.

How Much Does Ritual Natal Choline Cost?

Ritual has priced their Natal Choline supplement at $25 per bottle. When I was writing this review, the price was discounted to $15 per bottle. Get an additional 20% off with our coupon code TAMI20. You can find this product by visiting www.ritual.com.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that comes with the purchase of any Ritual product.

Is It Safe to Take Natal Choline While Taking Other Prenatal Supplements?

Yes, you can take your Natal Choline supplement with other products. It is a great compliment to a prenatal vitamin or a vitamin that you’re taking after your baby has been born. You can check with your doctor to confirm that you’re not taking too much choline, combining this product with something else as well.

Is Ritual’s Natal Choline Third Party Tested?

Ritual uses very stringent third-party testing to confirm the quality and safety of all their products. This testing also checks for heavy metals and microbes. It’s always nice to see that a company uses third-party testing for their products, but this is especially true when you’re pregnant and responsible for the life of another being.

What Other Choline Supplements for Pregnancy Are Out There?

There are many different choline supplements that are available for use during pregnancy. Some options include:

Product Name


Nature Made Choline

Containing 300 milligrams per dose, Nature Made Choline comes in gummy form. It’s a nice option if you’re having trouble swallowing pills or capsules during your pregnancy. In addition to helping fetal development, it can also support mom’s nervous system and brain.

Pure Synergy Choline Complex

Made from organic vegetables and sprouts, Pure Synergy Choline Complex is fermented during the manufacturing process. This makes it easy to absorb its ingredients into the body. There are 275 milligrams in each dose, along with an organic whole-food complex of broccoli, barley grass, collard greens, cauliflower sprouts and cabbage.

Needed Prenatal Choline

This is a prenatal-specific choline supplement that is designed to support fetal development as well as a healthy metabolism, ideal blood pressure and a positive mood. Needed Prenatal Choline contains 250 milligrams of choline in each dose.

Hum Nutrition Womb Service

Containing a small amount of choline (82.5 milligrams in each dose), Hum Nutrition Womb Service is a prenatal vitamin that supports healthy growth and development throughout pregnancy. Made from whole food ingredients, this is an excellent-quality supplement.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning to become pregnant or are already pregnant. No longer are you just responsible for yourself and your own wellbeing. It can be overwhelming to start thinking about all of the things that you’re putting into your body when you’re pregnant. Since your lifestyle and diet directly affect your baby, it’s important that you’re making healthy choices.

Choline is a nutrient that is extremely beneficial during pregnancy and the first year of a child’s life. Doctors recommend supplementing with choline, and Ritual Natal Choline is an excellent option. I love how reputable Ritual is, providing their clients with products that are made from high-quality, trustworthy ingredients. This is just one product that you can use during pregnancy. I encourage you to learn about the other items that Ritual has to offer.

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