MUD WTR vs Rasa: Which Coffee Alternative is Better?

MUD WTR and Rasa are two of the better mushroom coffees (coffee alternatives) out there, but which one is better? I explain.

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Caffeine is something that has always had a bit of a negative effect on me. Sure, it’s great when I wake up tired and need to get to work early, but I am someone that experiences a major energy crash when it wears off. I’m also prone to side effects like palpitations, a racing heart and a jittery feeling. It’s just not worth it to me. If I do consume caffeine, I like it to be a minimal amount that’s just enough to boost my energy. The amount that’s in a traditional cup of coffee is too much.

As a wellness enthusiast, I’ve been lucky enough to come across a number of products that function as alternatives to the typical cup of morning coffee. I want to compare two of them in this article. Rasa and MUD WTR are two coffee alternatives that I’ll be outlining for you today.

Rasa is completely caffeine free and uses adaptogens to increase your energy and boost your health. MUD WTR does contain caffeine, but it’s much less than regular coffee. If you’re like me, I think you’re going to be excited to hear about these two products.

Comparison Summary of MUD WTR vs Rasa

How to drink:Must be brewedPour it in water, mix it up, drink
Functional mushroom ingredients:YesYes
Price:Starting at $30$40
Boosts energy:YesYes
Contains Caffeine:0 mg of caffeine30mg of caffeine

Overview of Rasa

French roast rasa coffee

Rasa makes coffee alternatives that provide you with energy from natural sources such as herbs. Their products are USDA certified organic, vegan friendly and do not contain any artificial ingredients. Rasa has consulted science and tradition to formulate some great coffee alternative blends. You’ll have more energy; you’ll be in a better mood and some people even experience an increase in their libido.

Your morning beverage choice should help you get ready for the day ahead, but it shouldn’t have a negative effect on your health. Rasa utilizes ingredients like burdock, dandelion, cinnamon, chicory, chaga and reishi, all of which have been used for centuries thanks to their potent health benefits.

If you’re not sure what type of Rasa brew you would like to start with, the company offers a sample pack that includes five of their best blends (Original, Cacao, Dirty, Bold and Calm). They even have a holiday blend called Peppermint Cacao. There’s definitely a good amount of variety from Rasa, including creamers.


  • Offers an immunity boost
  • Contains adaptogen ingredients
  • Improves your quality of sleep
  • Helps you cut back on caffeine
  • Increases your ability to cope with stress
  • There is a 100 percent money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your purchase
  • Contains organic ingredients


  • Rasa has a very unique taste that is unlike MUD WTR and other coffee alternatives. Some people just can’t tolerate it.
  • Other functional mushroom-based coffee alternatives contain higher amounts of functional mushrooms in them

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase Rasa on the brand’s website, which is located at https://wearerasa.com/. The cost of their coffee alternative varies depending on what blend you’re interested in. Their Magnificent Mushrooms blend (which does not contain any caffeine) is currently priced at $30 for a one-time purchase. Golden Chai (also without caffeine) is priced at $39.99. You have to subscribe to save a substantial amount of money. Regular deliveries drop your cost down about 20 percent, depending on the blend.

Overview of MUD WTR

coffee replacement mud wtr

One of the original coffee alternative brands, MUD WTR can be used as a coffee replacement product to help you reduce your caffeine intake and boost your health. It’s designed to make you feel alert and ready for the day without causing any kind of energy crash, palpitations or anxiety. It’s a great option for helping you cut back on coffee, but it still has that great coffee taste. Included is also a blend of functional mushrooms that naturally provides you with energy, focus, GI support and an immune boost.

Some of the key ingredients included in MUD WTR are:

Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms can naturally offer support for your immune system. This functional mushroom has been used for centuries for optimal health, and it gives MUD WTR its earthy flavor.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps have also been used for centuries thanks to their medicinal purposes. They can increase your energy levels without the need for caffeine, and they’re very well tolerated.      

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane functional mushrooms are used in the formulation of MUD WTR thanks to their ability to promote clear thinking and focus.

Rooibos Tea Extract

MUD WTR uses rooibos tea as the basis of this product. This is where the small amount of caffeine comes from, but it also includes a high composition of flavonoids, which are natural compounds in a variety of foods and plants that function as antioxidants.


  • Offers a healthier option to boost your energy levels without the need for excessive amounts of caffeine
  • Contains functional mushrooms that can be beneficial for your immune system, digestive system, brain, cardiovascular system and much more
  • There is a MUD WTR nighttime product available that doesn’t include any caffeine. It uses adaptogens to help you relax and wind down
  • Utilizes organic ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors


  • MUD WTR does not disclose how much of each functional mushroom is include in their product
  • This product does contain caffeine, though it’s about 1/7th the amount in a regular cup of coffee

Cost and Where to Buy

You can purchase MUD WTR through the brand’s website, which is located at https://mudwtr.com/. The current cost of a single container of Rise is about $50 for a one-time purchase and covers 30 servings. You can also purchase the Morning Ritual Starter Kit, which includes the Rise MUD WTR coffee and some other products like a frother. The Rest blend is also $50 for about 30 servings.

I’ve also been able to find MUD WTR in other locations online like Amazon, but it’s not always in stock.

Comparing Benefits

Rasa and Mud WTR

Both of these coffee alternative beverages offer a healthier source of lasting energy but without any jitters or crashes later on in the day. When comparing Rasa and MUD WTR, the main thing that stands out is their use of caffeine. Rasa blends generally contain about five milligrams of caffeine per serving. MUD WTR claims that their coffee alternative has 1/7th the amount of a traditional cup of coffee. If you do the math, MUD WTR contains more caffeine at about 13 milligrams per serving. If you’re worried that adaptogens and herbs aren’t going to wake you up and keep you energized, you might like the caffeine content of MUD WTR. It still helps you cut back, but you’re not completely giving up your preferred stimulant. It’s not as much as a traditional cup of coffee (around 90 milligrams per cup), so you shouldn’t be kept up at night from it. If you would like to try Rasa coffee but still want some caffeine, try out their Dirty blend. It provides 35 milligrams of caffeine per dose.

If you commonly use coffee to increase your focus, both MUD WTR and Rasa offer benefits in this regard. It’s a much more natural feeling of focus and energy that you get from these adaptogens and herbs. The focus comes on smoothly, and you won’t find that you’re left feeling drained later in the day. You also don’t get that anxious energy that caffeine so often results in.

Comparing Ingredients Used

MUD WTR and Rasa are both formulated using adaptogen ingredients. Instead of drinking a traditional cup of coffee and just getting a short-lived energy boost from the caffeine in that cup of coffee, you’ll actually help your body focus and feel more energetic by using functional mushrooms and other natural ingredients that are beneficial for your brain health.

The main difference between these two products is that most Rasa blends do not contain any caffeine. One of their blends contains a minimal amount of caffeine (five milligrams), and there is another option called the Dirty blend that contains 35 milligrams of caffeine. Rasa has more blends overall than MUD WTR, so you can better control the ingredients you’re consuming, the flavor and potential caffeine content.

Rasa has blends that include golden chai and cacao. They also incorporate ashwagandha into their products as well as rhodiola, which aren’t in MUD WTR.

Comparing Taste

mud wtr powder before it's mixed

MUD WTR has a very good reputation when it comes to its taste. It’s very creamy and smooth. You won’t be able to trick yourself into thinking it’s coffee, but it still has a very pleasant flavor that is similar enough to coffee that you won’t miss your old morning brew. It seems that when it comes to Rasa’s flavor, it’s either hit or miss. Some people find it to be quite tasty (especially some of the specialty blends like Cacao, which tastes like hot chocolate), while other people just can’t get used to it. It has a very earthy flavor that on its own can be tough to get accustomed to. Keep in mind, both of these products can still be used with your favorite creamer, and they both sell their own creamers.

Comparing Overall Value

In regard to value, you get what you pay for. While MUD WTR may be a bit more expensive, you’re getting higher quality ingredients and better flavor. Fifty dollars for a 30-day supply is reasonable if you consider that this is a product that’s much more than a quick cup of caffeine. It’s truly a product that’s almost like coffee and supplements in one. If you were to invest in coffee and the adaptogens separately that are in MUD WTR, you’d likely be spending even more. Rasa is quite a bit cheaper, but I feel like you’re getting less for your money. You have to utilize a French press with your Rasa coffee, which adds time to your morning routine. You’ll also have to invest in some additional equipment that you might not have.

Main Differences between MUD WTR and Rasa

Mud WTR simply being poured into a cup vs Rasa being prepared with boiling water

The main difference that stands out to me between MUD WTR and Rasa is the preparation. Rasa doesn’t provide you with a quick morning brew. You have to boil water, add your Rasa coffee to a French press and then let the product brew after you add the hot water. This can take a number of minutes if you want the flavor to really come out of Rasa’s ingredients. I do like using a French press on occasion, but the one I have is difficult to clean. I don’t want to use it daily. If you want to purchase MUD WTR and want to ensure you have a creamy and well blended cup of coffee alternative, you can buy one of their Ritual Starter Kits. They come with a frother, which is much easier and faster to use than a French Press.

Which is Better: MUD WTR or Rasa?

I’ve mentioned some of the differences between MUD WTR and Rasa, but I want to come back to the basics while I determine which is better. The ultimate goal of these products is to provide you with energy and focus. So, taking caffeine into account, I like that MUD WTR contains caffeine, but nowhere near what a traditional cup of coffee has. It’s a great way to cut back on your daily coffee consumption without completely giving up caffeine. Rasa does have some blends that contain caffeine, but the caffeine content is pretty low.

The Bottom Line of MUD WTR Vs Rasa

When you consume large amounts of caffeine on a daily basis, this can have a negative effect on your health. Coffee and caffeine can raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate, make you feel anxious and interrupt your sleep cycle. Both MUD WTR and Rasa offer you with a healthier alternative to store bought coffee. These products and both healthy but can still increase your energy and focus so you can get through a long day of work without feeling fatigued. Many people utilize the different herbs and adaptogens that are in these coffee alternatives in supplements, and you can get the best of both worlds with a coffee alternative like MUD WTR or Rasa.

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