Ombre vs Floré: Differences and Which Gut Test Is Better?

Ombre and Flore are two gut health testing brands offering customized supplements after testing your gut microbiome.

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The state of your gut has a large impact on how well your entire body functions, and your gut health can actually prevent disease. You may notice that on occasion you experience bloating, irregular bowel movements or stomach pain. It’s normal to experience these issues once in a while, but constant GI concerns can be an indication that something else is going on.

It’s difficult to know what the state of your gut is without medical intervention of some sort, or even knowing how to test your gut health without going to the doctor. Thankfully, there are a number of gut health tests that you can purchase online to complete from the comfort of your own home. These tests will provide you with a very informative and accurate report regarding what’s going on in your gut microbiome.

I always encourage my clients to be comfortable talking to a health or medical professional about what’s going on with their body, but this is an excellent way to gather your own information. And, if you find out that you have gut health issues, there are solutions to restore the natural flora in your gut through proper nutrition and evidence-backed supplements.

Today I want to take a look at two popular gut health test brands. This includes Ombre as well as Floré. Both of these companies are extremely reputable and provide informative test results. My goal is to help you understand what your options are so you can choose the best test for your gut health needs.

Quick Comparison Summary of Floré Vs. Ombre

comparison summary ombre and flore
How long to get results:2-4 Weeks2-5 Weeks
Offers gut health supplements based on testing data:YesYes
Claimed Benefits:Better digestion, sustainable energy, healthier heart, year-round immunity, improved metabolism, and balanced moodRelief from bloating, increased energy, regularity of bowel movements, improved digestion, better food tolerance, and healthy immunity
Other Comparisons vs alternatives:Ombre vs ViomeFlore vs Viome
Cost and Pricing:$99$169
Coupons / Discounts:Check LIVE SaleCheck LIVE Sale
Where to buy:ombrelab.comflore.com
Avg. User Rating:4.5/5 (1,000+ reviews)4.4/5 (100+ reviews)
GW Rating:4.7/54.6/5

Brief Overview of Ombre

ombre overview gut health - flore

Ombre is a gut health test company that was previously known as the brand name Thryve. Created in 2016, Ombre now manufactures a gut microbiome test that you can take at home. This test will provide you with results regarding the bacteria living in your microbiome. Based on your results, you’ll be provided with recommendations for probiotic and prebiotic products that you can take to improve your gut health. These products can be purchased directly through Ombre. Keep in mind, you don’t have to purchase the gut health test in order to access their product line.

Gut Health Test Kit

ombre - gut health test kit

You source your Ombre gut health test through their website. Once you order it, it usually takes a few weeks to arrive in your mailbox. Your first step will be to create a user account on the Ombre website. A small stool sample will be needed in the collection container provided in your kit. It’s best to send your sample back the same day that you’ve obtained it. Ombre provides a prepaid envelope for this purpose. Once the company receives your sample, you should receive your electronic results in about three weeks.

Ombre uses a series of algorithms to analyze your microbiome so they can make adequate recommendations regarding probiotics and prebiotics. You will also receive information about the foods that you should and should not be eating. There are ‘deeper insight’ tests available.


There are a few different probiotic products available through Ombre Health. This includes their gut health supplement, Endless Energy, Heart Health, Metabolic Booster and Mood Enhancer. It’s a good idea to see what your test results reflect before choosing the supplement that you’re going to take.


Ombre’s Rise Prebiotic blend nourishes your beneficial gut bacteria with a high fiber content that won’t produce any gas or bloating. It comes in powder form that can be added to a glass of water, smoothie, juice, etc.

Click to see all Ombre supplements


  • Prebiotic and probiotic products can be purchased without participating in the Ombre gut health test kit or repeating the test periodically
  • The test provides you with a very comprehensive look at your microbiome
  • Personalized recommendations are made regarding the prebiotics and probiotics you should be taking to improve your gut health
  • Results are provided quickly once you have sent in your sample


  • Ombre does not look for viruses, fungi, or other microorganisms in your sample

Cost, Purchasing and Discounts

The cost of the Ombre gut health test is $99.99. This includes the test kit, your personalized microbiome report, food recommendations and probiotic / prebiotic recommendations. The test arrives quickly and you’ll receive your results in two to four weeks. You can subscribe to save fifteen percent on testing materials and supplements.

ombre cost over flore

Brief Overview Floré by sun genomics

flore overview of gut health - ombre

The goal of the Floré brand (see Flore gut test review) was to provide people with the convenience of being able to test their gut health from home. The brand was created in 2016 and it has seen great success with providing microbiome information and supplementation to its clientele. Floré uses a unique genome sequencing technique that can check for 23,000 different gut microbes. Your results are reviewed before providing you with recommendations for probiotics / prebiotics. The goal is to produce a more diverse microbiome that aids in digestion and optimal absorption of nutrients.

Gut Microbiome Test

flore gut microbiome test

You can use the standard Floré Gut Health Test Kit to check for over 23,000 microbes that could be in your microbiome. Your results report will outline what the report found, what supplements can help boost the function of your microbiome and the different foods that you should and should not eat. If you’re dealing with health issues or symptoms that you just can’t seem to figure out, the Floré Gut Health Test Kit may be the solution.

Custom Probiotics

Floré custom probiotics have been broken down into categories for adults, babies, tots and small children. These custom probiotics are designed to provide you with the beneficial bacteria that your microbiome needs in just one pill per day. The subscription service ensures that you have your supplements delivered right to your door each month. Your recommendation is based on your personal results after assessing the trillions of microbes in your gut.

Other Gut Health Supplements

Floré offers other products that can benefit your body and gut. Their Bloom Multivitamin has nutrients that support your gut health, heart health, immunity and bone health. It fills in any nutritional gaps that you’re dealing with currently.

Floré Defense contains probiotic strains, vitamins, and immune supporting ingredients that support your gut and body. It’s the perfect supplement for cold and flu season or as we reintegrate into society.

Floré Balance contains probiotic strains, prebiotic fibers, and immune supporting ingredients to get your gut back in a balanced and healthy state. The result is reduced inflammation, repair of GI damage and even improved mood.


  • Floré tests for pathogens that may be present in your gut
  • A science backed genome sequencing process provides you with very detailed results
  • You have access to supplements that will create a more diverse microbiome that translates to a boosted immune system, more energy and regular bowel movements
  • Floré offers testing products and supplements for children and teens.


  • Food and dead microorganisms in your gut can negatively affect your Floré results

Cost, Purchasing and Discounts

Floré gut health tests retail for approximately $169. If you sign up for their probiotic subscription plan, you’ll pay $79 per month. If you are interested in their Research Edition package, which is designed for patients that fall on the autistic spectrum, the cost is a bit higher at $350 each. However, this can provide you with valuable information that can help your child and their treatment. You can unlock 20 percent off your first order if you enter your email when prompted.

flore cost over ombre

Comparing Floré and Ombre Gut Test Results

test results comparison ombre and flore

Both Floré and Ombre provide you with your test results in roughly the same amount of time. You should receive your information within about three weeks after your sample has been sent in. When it comes to your actual results, both brands provide you with an accurate picture of the state of your gut health. Ombre offers up a score for all of the different categories they cover. Five unique scores are provided through Floré that explain your current joint health, overall health and gut microflora.

Comparing Average Customer Rating and Testimonials

Ombre customer reviews reflect the high quality of supplements from the brand. Many of the people who have reviewed Ombre have taken probiotics and prebiotics. However, none have been as beneficial and superior as Ombre. Their gut health test kit is also very useful, providing the opportunity to carefully select a supplement based off your personal microbiome. People have experienced faster weight loss, less bloating and more energy with the use of Ombre.

Floré has many happy customers that have gained valuable information from their gut health test kit and supplements. A lot of clients have experienced beneficial results in just a week or two with regular use of Floré probiotics. Benefits include more regular GI movements, less bloating, reduced gas and improved mood. People have also expressed the ability to consume foods that were previously not tolerated by their body. This is thanks to the healing potential of probiotic supplements from Floré.

Comparing Supplements

supplements comparison flore and ombre

The supplement options between Ombre and Floré are pretty different. What we see from these two brands in testing that results in personalized supplement recommendation. However, Ombre offers a more diverse product line that allows you to really tailor your purchase to what you want to accomplish. We know that out gut controls a lot of functions in our body such as our immune response, energy and mood. If you’re having issues with one of these aspects of your health, you can choose your product based on that. Floré offers various products, but they tend to offer one product per age range.

Main Differences between Floré and Ombre

There are some differences in the collection of information from Floré versus Ombre. We know that Ombre has the potential to report back information that has been tainted by food or dead microorganisms that are in your gut. Floré is a bit different, and you may not experience that same challenge. However, Ombre does have a very comprehensive gut health test that you can benefit from.

The Floré gut health brand does provide more options in regard to children’s tests and supplements. This is something that Ombre lacks, though maybe they will expand their product line at some point.

differences between ombre and flore

Which Is Better for Gut Microbiome Testing: Ombre or Floré?

I find both of these brands to be beneficial if you’re looking to learn more about your microbiome and current state of your gut. You may not think that you’re dealing with any health issues related to your GI system, but what you don’t realize is that much of what our body does each day is tied to our gut. Being able to learn more about what’s going on inside of our microbiome allows us to make healthy choices when it comes to what we’re eating and drinking, the supplements we’re using, etc. Ombre provides adequate information that helps us make these choices while also providing us with plenty of resources to support our decisions.

ombre or flore better for gut health

The Bottom Line (Conclusion)

We’ve seen an increasing amount of attention paid to gut health tests in recent years. Rightfully so, as our gut health is more important than we realize. The more research that is conducted, the more we find out just how connected our gut health is to the rest of our body. If we’re dealing with issues like bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea and acid reflux, then there’s probably something else going on that we need to address. Gut health tests provide us with the ability to take charge of our microbiome health and make changes without having to go for invasive tests like endoscopies or colonoscopies.

I believe strongly in the ability of both Floré and Ombre to provide us with accurate microbiome information that we can use to better ourselves and our health. Which test your choose really depends on not only what information you’re looking for, but also what supportive information you would find most helpful when it comes to foods, supplements, etc.

Tips for Success from the RD

Still not sure what microbiome test you want to purchase? There are some things to consider when shopping around. Here are my tips for success.

  • Always take your diet into consideration, and maybe incorporate our recommended superfoods for gut health.
  • Determine what types of resources are used to determine your test results. This is something that varies from one gut health test to another. Certain brands are more reputable than others.
  • Look into the supplements that are available from that brand. You don’t have to purchase their products, but it makes sense to find a testing company that you also find useful for product sourcing.
  • Be open to re-testing at some point in the future after you’ve been using your probiotic / prebiotic supplements for a certain period of time. Testing again determines if you’ve experienced any changes in your gut health. Some companies provide you with a package deal or discount if you want to test again.
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