Top 10 Women’s Liquid Multivitamins

Looking for the best liquid multivitamin for women? Here’s how we chose them, what you should consider, and our top 10 picks!

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I get a lot of questions about liquid multivitamins in our Go Wellness Community, and mostly its from women who have a hard time swallowing capsules / pills, or that don't believe in gummy multivitamins (too much sugar for some people).

So, I decided to go on a mission and choose 10 of the best women's liquid multivitamins to have as a resource!

To my surprise, there's actually a lot of liquid multivitamins to choose from. We started out with over 20 products that we found on amazon or brands that sell direct-to-consumer, and then narrowed it down to our top 10.

We used a vetting process that involved myself testing a few liquid multivitamins and in-depth research on the product itself via amazon, or the product's website.

It's nearly impossible for a reviewer like myself to test every single supplement that I review. However, I do follow a strict criteria to provide my readers with what I believe are the best choices - all unbiased, no BS, here are the facts and my research findings.

I have tried the top 3 choices. I like each one of them, but I did rank them accordingly based on taste, price and how I felt after taking them. Let's dive in!

Our Top Picks for Women's Liquid Multivitamins



Manna Liposomal Multivitamin for Women

manna multivitamin for women liquid

Manna is the leading liposomal delivery supplement provider, which means they make the best liquid supplements in general. Their multivitamin tastes good and it has all the essential vitamins and nutrients for a woman!



2x4 Liposomal Multivitamin for Women

2x4 womens liquid multivitamin

You may have seen 2x4 supplements at your local Walmart, that's because they just did a deal with them to put them on the shelves. This is a specific women's multi. It's liposomal, it's very good, but not as good as manna's. 2x4 vitamins come with no flavor. You're better off mixing it with a drink.



Mary Ruth's Liquid Multivitamin for Women

mary ruths liquid multivitamin for women

Mary Ruth's is another leading supplement brand, as they offer family vitamins as their main products. They also have a liposomal multi for women. It tastes great, its an awesome brand and its affordable.

How We Chose

We chose liquid vitamins that would benefit women’s health

There are a lot of liquid multivitamins out there, so we took a hard look at each formula and the ones that made the cut had vitamins and minerals specific to women’s health that have benefits such as:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Supporting energy levels
  • Supporting metabolism
  • Supports hair, skin and nails
  • Supports vision, brain and skin health
  • We got rid of any liquid multivitamin that we believe wouldn’t serve a woman specifically.

How You Should Choose

Step 1: Identify Your Personal Needs

First things first, understanding your unique nutritional requirements is essential. The best liquid multivitamin is one that complements your specific dietary needs, lifestyle, and health goals. Are you a busy working professional, a passionate athlete, or a supermom constantly on the go? Take a moment to reflect on your daily routine, dietary habits, and any specific underlying health issues you may have, or have had in the past.

Step 2: Evaluate the Ingredients

Now that we have established our personal needs, it's time to scrutinize those ingredient labels like a seasoned detective! Look for a comprehensive blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that target the specific concerns women face. Pay attention to key players such as B vitamins, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and folic acid, which play vital roles in supporting energy levels, bone health, and reproductive health.

Step 3: Quality Matters

Ah, quality—the backbone of any worthy liquid multivitamin. Seek out brands that prioritize quality sourcing, transparency, and strict manufacturing standards. Are the ingredients sourced sustainably? Are the products independently tested for purity and potency? These are the questions that you really want to answer for yourself. The good news is that we only chose brands that we trust and that we know create quality liquid multivitamins.

Step 4: Bioavailability and Absorption

As we delve deeper into the mystical realm of liquid multivitamins, we encounter the importance of bioavailability and absorption. Liquid forms boast an advantage here, as they are typically more readily absorbed by our bodies compared to traditional pills or capsules. Look for liposomal or nano-encapsulated formulations, as these innovative technologies enhance nutrient absorption, maximizing their beneficial effects.

Our Top 10 Best Liquid Multivitamins for Women

We started out with over 20 liquid multivitamins, but only 10 made the cut! Here are our top-rated women's liquid multivitamins!

manna multivitamin for women liquid

One of the things that makes this option so promising is its potential for absorption. Thanks to the Nanofuse Liposomal Technology, your body will be able to take full advantage of the all-natural ingredients.

Manna Liposomal Multivitamin contains ingredients that are encapsulated in liposomes, which protect the vitamins and minerals so that they can be fully absorbed. This made-in-the-USA product contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, and magnesium to support the body’s essential metabolic functions. Also in the list of nutrients are Vitamin D, B-complex, iodine and a super fruit blend containing phytonutrients and antioxidants.

This liquid multivitamin can be obtained from the company’s website with free shipping. One bottle contains a 30-day supply, and you can automate your subscription to save 28-percent.


Manna Liposomal Multivitamin is designed to build your immune system, support energy and help you age well. With ingredients like these and liposomal delivery, your body gets the most benefit. Plus, it’s vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, hexane free and contains no fillers or colorants.


It might be more convenient if Manna provided the option to purchase their products at additional websites and brick-and-mortar stores.

2x4 womens liquid multivitamin

Designed for women, this liquid multivitamin also features liposomal delivery for enhanced absorption. The manufacturer describes 2x4 Women’s Multi as supporting a more robust immune system, aiding relaxation and promoting a more balanced mood. Additionally, this supplement boosts collagen production, thereby supporting healthier skin.

This product is bound to look attractive to women who are careful about what they put in their bodies because there's no sugar or artificial colors. Additionally, the multivitamin is gluten, dairy and soy free and contains non-GMO lipids.

Like Manna Liposomal Vitamin, this product contains a proprietary liposomal delivery system. Known as Nutristack Liposomal Technology, this innovation provides two-step delivery so that the ingredients are immediately absorbed in the blood and then sent to the cells.


The liposomal delivery is great, and this supplement contains all major vitamins as well as zinc, magnesium, iodine, iron, biotin, chromium and manganese. Also present are ashwagandha and lemon balm to promote better stress management.


Although the manufacturer claims on their website that this product is third party tested, it doesn't carry any labels attesting to this status. Typical labels for this category of products include NSF, USP and Certified Gluten-Free. This raises some suspicion with regard to the third party testing that may have been conducted.

mary ruths liquid multivitamin for women

Including amino acids, essential vitamins and fundamental minerals, this high-quality product has a devoted following. Some notable ingredients in Mary Ruth’s Liquid Multivitamin include niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin E, folate, Vitamin B12, biotin, zinc and chromium.

Users appreciate that this liquid multivitamin is soy, sugar, dairy and nut free as well as being vegan. It's manufactured in a GMP facility. GMP is an acronym for “good manufacturing practices,” and facilities that carry this designation meet strict requirements for cleanliness and safety.

Designed to support overall health, this product is intended to be taken each morning, with a two-tablespoon serving being appropriate for anyone aged 14 and older.


Most people enjoy the flavor of this liquid multivitamin, which helps to ensure that users actually take it each day. In addition to being made in a GMP facility, this product is Clean Label Project Certified, which means that it's regularly submitted to a laboratory to establish the quality of ingredients used.


The lack of liposomal delivery may have a negative effect on absorption. However, this likely is still better with a liquid multivitamin than it would be with pills or capsules.

tropical oasis womens liquid vitamins

This sugar-free multivitamin contains more than 100 herbs, vitamins and minerals that are designed to have anti-aging benefits as well as supporting the health of the bones, brain and heart.

Made by Tropical Oasis, this product is available through Amazon. The manufacturer boasts that this multivitamin provides relief from PMS, lowers levels of chronic stress and helps users to feel younger. One of the most notable ingredients is Dong Quai, also known as the “female ginseng.” This plant has been featured in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as an antidote to fatigue, pelvic pain and unpredictable menstrual cycles.


This option is unflavored, which may appeal to anyone who has been bothered by the flavor of liquid supplements in the past. Manufactured in the USA in a GMP facility, you can rest assured that this product is safe to take. The absence of artificial colors and flavors is another plus.


This formulation contains sugar alcohols, an ingredient that is known to cause excess gas in many users. It also would be nice to see more third party testing of the ingredients.

now liquid multi

Made by a family-owned company, this vegetarian/vegan liquid multivitamin is readily available at Amazon. It promises fast absorption and contains phytonutrients. These plant-based natural chemicals are believed to help the body operate properly and prevent common diseases.

Also included in this formulation is rice protein, a component that boosts bioavailability to ensure better absorption as well as a VitaBerry Fruit Blend that contains grape, wild blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry and other vital extracts.

Each bottle of NOW Liquid Multi is packaged in a GMP certified facility that is located in the USA. Potential users may appreciate the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and charitable giving.


NOW has laudable core values, and the idea of getting a liquid multivitamin product from a company that emphasizes health and quality likely appeals to many consumers. The ingredient label indicates the presence of all of the expected vitamins and minerals as well as helpful extras like lutein, organic kelp and organic aloe vera leaf juice.


Despite being made in a GMP certified facility, there is no indication on the label that any additional third party testing is conducted on the individual components or the finished product.

alive liquid multivitamin for women

Nature’s Way is a widely recognized supplement and vitamin company, and this offering is designed to promote ultimate absorption. It’s available in both citrus and unflavored varieties, which may appeal to many consumers.

A vegetarian product, the formulation includes orchard fruits, daily greens and garden veggies in a proprietary blend. The manufacturer promises that taking this supplement supports bone health, cellular energy and immune health.


Nature’s Way is a well-known brand name, and this particular product hits most of the right notes as far as its ingredients. In addition to the expected vitamins and minerals are proprietary blends of greens, fruits and veggies as well as mushroom mycelial.


The seven grams of added sugar and six grams of sugar alcohols may put off some consumers. Moreover, Nature’s Way doesn’t make any claims with regard to third party testing, something that the most well-regarded supplements typically tout.

nutririse liquid multi for women

This liquid multivitamin from NutriRise places a heavy emphasis on beauty, promising results for hair, skin and nails as well as “Youth & Vitality.” Among the other claims are that this product will help maintain better energy levels, support wellness and immunity and aid fitness and digestion.

NutriRise Liquid Multivitamin is a sugar-free supplement that stimulates the natural production of collagen. Non-GMO and gluten free, this supplement is a vegan product that boasts a berry flavor.


The vegan amino acid blend is an attractive addition to the list of ingredients, especially as these may be an essential component for anyone following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.


Although the listing on Amazon says that this product is third party tested, no certifications appear on the label. This makes it impossible to assess the true quality of the ingredients or the finished product.

garden of life liquid vitamin

Available in fruit punch or orange mango flavor, this Garden of Life liquid multivitamin is formulated to support both physical and mental energy and well as making bones and joints healthier. Users may notice that their metabolism speeds up and that they get sick less often thanks to this supplement.

This dairy and gluten free product is suitable for vegetarians and doesn’t contain artificial flavors or colors. In addition to the expected vitamins and minerals, the formula contains a blend or raw, organic fruits, vegetables and organic mushroom mycelia as well as a sprout blend.


Garden of Life seems to have developed a proprietary formulation that contains all of the essentials plus a few extras that will support your efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle.


With one bottle being available on Amazon priced at $75.99, this is by far the most expensive option. Each bottle contains just 30 servings, making it a one-month supply. Although Garden of Life supplements are USDA organic and Non-GMO Project Certified, they are missing certifications from NSF and USP.

go healthy liquid multi women

Women with allergies will appreciate that this product doesn’t contain dairy, tree nuts, wheat, sesame, fish, peanuts, shellfish, eggs or soy. Nonetheless, this vegetarian and gluten-free product has the essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires.

Go Healthy Multivitamin can be purchased at Amazon and is relatively inexpensive. In the formula are many plant- and marine-based complexes as well as 63 trace minerals. With folate and whole-food sources, this is a high-quality option.


Go Healthy boasts that the ingredients are all natural and plant based rather than being synthetic. An absence of allergen makes this a safe bet for anyone with food sensitivity.


No claims are made with regard to third party testing, and the flavor may not appeal to everyone.

boostme liquid multi organic

With the absence of added sugar and a proprietary superfood blend, this BoostMe multivitamin is a solid choice. It has ashwaganda root to support stress response andamino acids to ensure proper protein intake.

This option is gluten and GMO free and certified USDA organic. The aloe flavor is unusual and may not be for all consumers.


It’s nice to see that this multivitamin is certified organic, and that it contains a plant-based formulation that includes the essential vitamins and minerals that a healthy body needs.


This is another option that doesn’t offer much in the way of third party testing information.

What to Look for in a Liquid Multivitamin for Women

Now that we have established the framework, let's explore the specific characteristics that define a top-notch liquid multivitamin for women:

Balanced Nutrient Profile

An exemplary liquid multivitamin should provide a well-balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in optimal amounts. Seek out formulas that address women's unique nutritional needs, promoting overall health, energy, and vitality. The products on our list have you covered!

Hormonal Support

Ladies, our bodies are magnificent creations subject to the ebb and flow of hormones. Look for a liquid multivitamin that includes ingredients like chasteberry, dong quai, or evening primrose oil, known for their potential to support hormone balance and alleviate common symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, and fatigue.

Skin, Hair, and Nail Health

Radiant skin, luscious hair, and strong nails—we all want them! Opt for a liquid multivitamin that offers additional benefits for enhancing your natural beauty. Keep an eye out for ingredients like biotin, collagen peptides, or antioxidants such as vitamin E, which can contribute to healthier skin!

Pair Your Multivitamins With Healthy Eating!

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