Gundry MD Untox Review: Effective? A Dietitian Examines

Untox is a whole-body flush supplement designed to remove heavy metals and other toxins from your body that could provide more energy and overall better health.

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When we talk about detoxing the body, we’re referring to the use of certain foods, herbs and ingredients to cleanse away toxins, heavy metals, waste and other foreign materials that don’t serve us any purpose. When you want to take your detox to the next level, a flush of your entire system is beneficial. Untox from Gundry MD is a product that is designed to do just that.

Protecting your body can prevent disease, illness, abnormal bodily reactions and even cancer in many cases. Toxins affect us all in different ways. If you’re experiencing issues with your gut health, suffering from frequent headaches, can’t seem to achieve your weight loss goals or are constantly feeling fatigued, I’d like to share information with you about Gundry MD and their Untox whole-body flush.

Let’s take a look at what Untox is all about, the ingredients that it includes, and even some of the alternatives that are out there.

Quick Summary of Gundry MD Untox Review

What is it:A nutrient blend designed to help remove harmful chemicals, toxins and heavy metals from your body.
Claimed Benefits:Could provide more energy, could help prevent aging, may help relieve joint pains and aches, improved digestion and a supported metabolism
Key Ingredients:Algae detox blend, Lithothamnion Seaweed Powder, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Artichoke Extract
Where to buy:Official website – gundrymd.com
Avg. Customer Rating:4.9/5 (Over 70 reviews)
GW Rating:4.6/5


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Product Effectiveness
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Untox is a whole-body flush supplement designed to remove heavy metals and other toxins from your body that could provide more energy and overall better health.


Introducing Untox by Gundry MD

untox by gundry md

Untox by Gundry MD is so much more than a basic detox. It’s essentially an entire flush of your body that can remove different toxins, heavy metals, parasites, yeast, chemicals and much more. It’s composed of 10 different natural ingredients such as calcium, iodine, selenium, chlorella powder, artichoke extract powder and activated charcoal.

Behind the Brand

dr steven gundry brand and untox product

Dr. Steven Gundry is the founder of Gundry MD. His mission is to dramatically improve people’s health, happiness and longevity with the use of a different diet and nutrition vision. His products and programs are designed to be a breakthrough for people who have been struggling with a variety of health issues and symptoms over the years. This may be your last straw in the hope of getting healthy, but this should be your last stop thanks to how effective the Gundry MD brand is.


  • Provides protection from environmental toxins
  • Reduces the signs of aging
  • Promotes cleaner and sustainable energy without a crash
  • Improves digestion
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Promotes weight control
  • Relieves joint and muscle stiffness


  • Everybody will respond differently to this product. Your experience may vary from what someone else has achieved with Untox.

How does Untox Work?

Untox by Gundry MD works by using 10 very powerful detoxifying ingredients to cleanse the body, balance metabolic activity, increase energy levels and improve your gut health. Some of the ingredients included will provide a binding effect for toxins. Other ingredients will help the body expel waste and remove toxins that way. It’s a very versatile product that serves many purposes.

Claimed Health Benefits

benefits using untox gundry md

There are a number of health benefits that you can achieve with a detox or cleanse, especially one that is as complete as Gundry MD Untox. There may be a specific issue that you’re having which has motivated you to try a product of this type, but many positive outcomes can be experienced such as a more balanced and diverse microbiome in the gut, less bloating, fewer bouts of constipation, increased energy, better sleep at night, improved mood, decreased inflammation in the body / joints and much more.

Ingredients Analysis

ingredients untox dr gundry md

As I mentioned, there are 10 different active ingredients included in Gundry MD Untox that produce benefits. Let’s break them down so you understand why each of them has been included.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a very powerful binding agent. When heavy metals enter your body through the food that you’re eating, activated charcoal will cling to these metals and deactivate them.


Chlorella is a freshwater algae that works very well when combined with activated charcoal. Together they create a shield against various toxins you come into contact with. Chlorella also protects your immune system and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Iodine and Selenium

Iodine and selenium are two essential minerals that are used by the thyroid to make T3 and T4 hormones. They must be in balance in order for the body to maintain normal metabolism and energy levels.

Apple cider vinegar

Acetic acid is the main ingredient in apple cider vinegar. It assists with gut health, a diverse microbiome and allows your body to burn fat more effectively. It can also cleanse your body of unwanted toxins.

Artichoke extract

Artichoke extract boosts liver function by supporting a health production of bile. Bile can help the body remove toxins and metabolic waste. It can also reboot your metabolism so you can achieve weight loss faster.


BetaVie is a type of algae that has the potential to multiply the number of beneficial bacteria that you have in your gut. BetaVie can promote more comfortable and regular bowel movements, increase the amount of nutrients that you absorb into your body and boost immune function.


Aquamin is a mineral that addresses any deficiencies that have been caused by heavy metal toxicity in your body. It has been scientifically proven to support bone health as well.


PrimaVie is an energy booster that is completely plant-based and sourced from the Himalayas. It helps maintain your energy levels naturally, so you feel less exhausted and more focused.


A flavonoid that is found in many different foods, quercetin has a lot of health benefits. It can boost your energy levels naturally, turn back the hands of time and aid in weight loss.

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Safety and Side Effects You Need to Know About

untox safety side effects

It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before you start any kind of health supplement or perform a cleanse / detox. Generally speaking, Untox is a very safe supplement. However, it may pose a danger to certain people who are taking prescription medications for a health condition that they have been diagnosed with. A detox could also cause a flare up of certain health issues. It’s always a good idea to get the all-clear before trying Untox.

Is Gundry MD Untox Third-Party Tested?

Untox by Gundry MD is formulated using natural ingredients that are very safe. It has been tested for quality and purity using a third-party testing program.

Cost and Where to Buy

Visit the Gundry MD website to find out more about Untox or to purchase it for yourself (https://gundrymd.com/). You can purchase one bottle of the product for $69.95, two bottles for $188.85 and six bottles for $353.70. You also have the option of creating a Gundry MD account that will save you quite a bit of money on your purchases. It’s completely free to sign up for and the discounts are eligible on a variety of products through the brand.

How Many Bottles Should You Order?

One bottle of product provides you with 90 capsules. It’s most common for people to purchase the three-bottle order. However, the six-bottle order has been used by longtime Gundry MD customers that use the Untox product regularly and appreciate its amazing benefits.

Real Gundry MD Untox Reviews and Average Rating

Gundry MD Untox has an average rating of 4.96 stars out of five stars. There are currently 70 different reviews listed on the Gundry MD website. These reviews paint an excellent picture of what you can achieve with the use of the Untox product. People commonly experience an increase in energy, more digestive support, regular bowel movements, less gas and bloating and fewer cravings. Most importantly, the majority of people do not experience any kind of unpleasant side effects when using Untox.

customer reviews of untox gundry md

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Alternatives Compared to Gundry MD Untox

There are a number of different detox and cleanse products on the market that can also help remove toxins, waste and other material from your body. Let’s take a look at some of them in case they would be more beneficial for you compared to Untox.

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Program

The Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Program is a cleanse that will get rid of unwanted toxins by way of three different methods. With your purchase you receive pre-rid tablets, a dietary fiber supplement and a liquid detox supplement. The entire program is completed over the course of 10 days and has been created for people who have been exposed to a dramatic amount of toxins. It’s very powerful but yet very gentle in regard to side effects that you experience from the cleanse.

The exact process requires you to take three pre-rid tablets each hour for the first five hours. You should then go about your day but make sure to eat a diet of high fiber foods and lean protein. Make sure that you’re drinking a lot of water to help flush everything out. You will repeat this process for nine days.

The detox liquid is to be consumed on the very last day of your cleanse. Drink it two hours after you take your last set of pre-rid pills. Half should be drunk with 16 ounces of juice or water. You fast for the next two hours and then take the rest of the detox liquid. After fasting for two more hours, you can then resume eating and drinking like you normally would.

The dietary fiber supplement included in the Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Program is completely optional but would be used after day four of the program. It’s essentially a little extra boost to the cleanse if you feel it’s necessary.

Go to Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox

Colon Broom

Colon Broom is a very safe method of relieving common GI issues like gas, bloating and constipation. It can also help you lose weight and remove toxins from the body. Designed by Max Nutrition, LLC, Colon Broom is an organic method that comes in a powder form and is then mixing into a liquid of your choosing. It’s very high in fiber, so it will promote the process of expelling waste and toxins more effectively than normal. The fiber comes from psyllium husk, which is from the seeds of the plantago ovata plant.

You’ll like Colon Broom thanks to how gentle yet effective it is. It can also help you lose weight, reduce your blood sugar levels, improve your state of mind and promote more regular bowel movements. This is the protection that your GI system needs while also cleansing your entire body, so you look and feel better each day.

Go to ColonBroom.com

Chef V

Chef V is a brand that was created by a nutritionist and personal chef named Veronica Wheat. Her original goal was to provide just her close family and friends with vegetable juices that would provide health benefits and increased nutrition. She now carries a series of cleanse and detox products that specialize in the use of fresh green drinks.

In addition to performing a cleanse, Chef V products have been used to regulate metabolism for weight loss purposes, naturally control blood sugar levels for people with diabetes, lower cholesterol without the use of prescription medication and reverse signs of aging. You can choose between one, three and five-day cleanses from Chef V. It’s nice to have an option if you’re looking for a quick detox without having to commit to weeks of a program. This is perfect if you’ve never done a cleanse before and want to see what it’s all about. Your cleanse will consist of green drinks, protein shakes and soups that include detoxifying ingredients. It’s a nice option because you’re not required to fast or do anything uncomfortable.

Go to Chef V


Umzu ZuPoo is a colon cleanse and gut support product that removes waste and toxins from the body using natural ingredients that are very safe and gentle. You can use it to improve your GI system by reducing bloating, gas and other symptoms of indigestion. It can also promote regular bowel movements, reduce waste and detox the body. ZuPoo has also been used for its weight loss benefits. In addition to the removal of built-up waste, you can experience a boosted metabolism and appetite suppression.

Umzu ZuPoo contains a variety of ingredients that promote laxative effects without the danger of abdominal pain or dehydration. It’s very gentle and safe, thanks to simple ingredients such as fennel, cascara sagrada, burdock and cayenne red pepper.

ZuPoo is designed to be taken for 15 days at a time before breaking. You can repeat your cleanse every 90 days if you choose to do so. This promotes a very clean and healthy body due to periodically removing any toxins that you’ve come into contact with in those three months.

Check price at amazon

The Bottom Line

gundry md untox supplement

It’s perfectly normal to be a bit skeptical about what a product can provide. There are so many different health supplements out there, it’s difficult to know what you should choose and what won’t serve you well. I like the concept of Gundry MD Untox because it’s designed to be a very comprehensive product that covers all of your bases. A lot of people don’t realize how many toxins we actually come into contact with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a lot of those toxins remain in our body long term unless we do something about the situation. A cleanse, detox or “Untox” will provide you with the cleansing benefits that you need in order to reset and feel so much better each day.

All of the ingredients included in Untox from Gundry MD are very unique but have been chosen thanks to their powerful detoxifying benefits and health benefits. This is a unique product compared to many of the other cleanse products on the market because of the wide variety of ingredients that have been scientifically chosen to complete the formulation of Untox. However, you don’t experience any dangerous or unpleasant side effects from things like artichoke extract, activated charcoal, seaweed powder and quercetin.

Tips for Success from the RD

Your toxin exposure may be due to things like environmental pollution, cleaning products, non-organic food and much more. Everybody’s risks are different. However, there are proactive things you can do to keep your body clean and healthy. Let’s take a look at some of my tips for eliminating toxins from the body naturally.

Getting Your Body Moving

People who live a sedentary lifestyle tend to have higher toxin levels in their body. When you move your body and exercise, this gets your lymphatic system moving. Your lymphatic system can help flush out any toxins and materials in the body that don’t serve you well. Strive for at least three to four days of exercise per week, and the goal is to get your heart rate up and to sweat.

Drink More Water

Increasing your water intake each day will also help flush toxins from the body. Make sure that you’re drinking purified water with added electrolytes for optimal benefits.

Load Up on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and veggies contain an exceptional amount of nutrients and fiber, both of which can keep your body clean and healthy. Eat them raw, steam them (which is the healthiest option for retaining nutrients) and feel free to blend them into a smoothie.

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