UnCrampMe Review – Did It Work For Menstrual Cramping Relief?

I’ve had a long history of period cramping pain and tried almost everything you can think of (heating pads, medication, supplements, etc.). UnCrampMe was a product I wanted to try because it had a different formula than all the other products out there, and I want to share my experience with it.

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Like many women, I dread my period every month. For me, that dread stems from the horrible cramps that I experience for the first few days of my flow. I’ve even had some months where the cramps began before my period even arrived. I grew up being told to take ibuprofen for my symptoms. Taking NSAIDs every month only led to a leaky gut and a host of GI issues. I was looking for something natural, beneficial and safe. Then, I came across UnCrampMe.

I can’t wait to share all the details about UnCrampMe with you. It’s truly a product that has changed my life for the better. No longer do I have to lay on the coach at the start of my period every month. I’ve ditched my heating pad for a bottle of these delicious gummies. Now I can get out an enjoy my life despite having my period. Let's get started by talking about all the details you need to know about UnCrampMe.

Notes From My Experience Taking UnCrampMe

Menstrual Cramping Relief Gummies


  • UnCrampMe contains a unique blend of all-natural ingredients such as Cramp Bark, probiotics, and a prebiotic.
  • You may see results in as little as five to ten minutes after taking a dose of UnCrampMe.
  • Delicious cherry flavor gummies and the texture is just right - nothing stuck to my teeth, easy to chew up and honestly left me wanting more.
  • Vegan-friendly, doesn’t contain any GMO ingredients and is free of artificial ingredients.
  • The blend of probiotics and prebiotic that are in UnCrampMe can balance your vaginal flora, support your gut, reduce cramping and normalize the estrous cycle.
  • Third-party tested, made in the USA in a FDA registered facility

Choose UnCrampMe if…

  • You are suffering from menstrual cramps.
  • You are looking for a natural way to balance your vaginal flora and hormone cycle.
  • You want to avoid taking over-the-counter medications that can damage your gut.
  • Heating pads aren't getting it done for you.
holding uncrampme cramping pain relief supplement

Here I am, holding the uncrampme cramping pain relief supplement. I've tried a lot of supplements, heating pads and medication - nothing works better than uncrampme and the results are pretty fast (pain goes away in 5-10 minutes).



How I Found UnCrampMe (My Experience and Review)

a closer look at uncrampme gummies

I wanted to show the UnCrampMe gummies. They are square. When you touch them and squeeze them, they are not too squishy and not too firm. They smell so good! They taste even better. It's a cherry flavor.

As I mentioned, I set out in search of a PMS and menstrual cramp relief supplement that would allow me to take a more natural approach to treating my symptoms. I came across UnCrampMe and was intrigued. I’ve seen plenty of social media posts and articles about very specific herbal ingredients or components that can be used for cramps. However, this was a unique blend that actually included probiotics and a prebiotic in addition to cramp bark. I’m a big proponent of diversifying the healthy bacteria in your gut, so I was eager to try UnCrampMe myself. I ordered a bottle and waited for it to arrive.

When I received UnCrampMe I read the label carefully. The serving size is one gummy. It’s actually recommended that you start taking this product prior to the start of your period. I had about a week before my period was set to arrive, so I started taking it right away. Like I mentioned, I often start having cramps well before my period even arrives, so I figured this would be a good way to take UnCrampMe. I skipped my regular probiotics once I started taking my daily gummy.

I didn’t experience any cramping or discomfort in the days leading up to my period. I didn’t know if it was just an okay month for my PMS or if this was attributed to UnCrampMe. I always have bad cramping when my period starts, and I noticed that I actually felt pretty good once I started menstruating. I usually have to skip my workouts for the first two days and stick with something light like a walk, and I was actually able to exercise during the first part of my period. UnCrampMe is impressive, to say the least!

Other PMS Relief Supplements I Was Considering

There are some other popular PMS and period-relief products that are commonly used right now. I considered the following:

FLO Gummies

FLO PMS gummies combine different nutrients along with herbal ingredients to regulate your hormones, so you experience an easier menstrual cycle. It can address cramping, but FLO PMS gummies can also boost your energy levels, help you maintain a more stable mood and even reduce some of that bloating that is so common during PMS and a woman’s period. Active ingredients include vitamin B6, chasteberry and dong quai.

Bonafide Serenol

Serenol was created by Bonafide after years of research. The brand claims that 77% of women taking Serenol experienced an improvement in their PMS symptoms after starting the supplement. Serenol contains pollen from four different sources in Sweden. Also included are royal jelly and the essential mineral chromium picolinate.

Happy Mammoth EstroControl

EstroControl from Happy Mammoth supports hormone levels and can relieve common symptoms experienced during PMS. It can also be effective during perimenopause, can improve the health of your skin and support bone and joint health. EstroControl is made from vitamin C, selenium, milk thistle, broccoli raffinate extract, burdock and artichoke extract. This is a bit expensive for a product, priced at $69.99 for a one-time purchase.

Aura PMS Gummies

Aura PMS Relief gummies can assist with nuisance symptoms like cramps, mood swings, brain fog and an irregular period. This product contains ingredients such as chasteberry, black cohosh and magnolia bark extract. This is also a gummy-based product that is vegan-friendly and made from natural ingredients.

My personal experience with Aura PMS gummies: I tried them for a couple weeks and they did not work for me. I also did NOT like the taste or texture of the gummies, they were all stuck together and just seemed really low quality.

I Decided to Try UnCrampMe and Here’s Why

uncrampme and gummies on the table

uncrampme and gummies on the table

I’m someone who really tries to utilize natural remedies for anything that I’m experiencing. I always experience side effects or reactions to prescription and over-the-counter medications. I also think that while they serve their purpose, they often come with some long-term side effects that I’m not comfortable with. I did some reading on the ingredients in UnCrampMe. Cramp bark, the probiotic strains and the prebiotic included in this product are very natural, safe and frequently used in health supplements. After trying other products like FLO, UnCrampMe is definitely effective as well as very easy to tolerate. There are other natural options out there, but this formula was what worked for my symptoms.

What’s in UnCrampMe Gummies?

The following ingredients are included in each serving of UnCrampMe:

Cramp Bark

Cramp is known for relieving menstrual cramps and other muscle cramps. It can also reduce fluid retention, which is really common during PMS and menstruation.

Probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Probiotic Lactobacillus Plantarum

UnCramp Me gummies can support healthy menstruation as well as a healthy gut microbiome with the probiotic strains Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Plantarum. These strains of probiotics can help break down any bad bacteria in your gut that could be interfering with normal immune function.

Prebiotic P95 FOS

The prebiotic P95 Prebiotica FOS provides important digestive support by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut. This is also a great way to introduce more fiber into your diet.

One Gram of Sugar

Each serving of UnCrampMe contains only one gram of sugar. Monk fruit is used to sweeten this product.

How Does UnCrampMe Taste?

UnCrampMe tastes absolutely amazing. I love the taste of these gummies. I’ve tried different gummy-based supplements before. None of them taste this good. Remember those cherry lollipops we used to have as kids? UnCrampMe tastes like that-just much healthier!

Results and PMS Symptoms Relief

My experience with UnCrampMe was very positive. I believe that it prevented me from developing cramps early on during PMS. When I would take it the first few days of my period, it worked within 5 to 10 minutes of taking my dose. I don’t think I’ve ever even had ibuprofen work that quickly. Seriously, it was impressive how quickly this product kicked in.

Not only did UnCrampMe work for my menstrual cramping, but I noticed I experienced a lot less bloating during PMS and my period. I am prone to headaches and mood swings during this time of the month, and those were noticeably improved as well.

Did I Experience any Side Effects?

I did not experience any unwanted side effects while using UnCrampMe and I have gone through all 30 gummies.

How Much Does UnCrampMe Cost?

UnCrampMe currently retails for $49.99 for a one-time purchase of one bottle. You can save $20 by purchasing 2 bottles or $45 off 3 bottles.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can purchase UnCrampMe by visiting https://uncramp.me/.

Would I Recommend UnCrampMe Gummies to a Friend?

I absolutely recommend UnCrampMe to all of the women in my life, thanks to the unique and effective blend of 10 billion CFUs of beneficial probiotic bacteria, P95 Prebiotica fructo-oligosaccharides and cramp bark.

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