My Experience With SleepWhale for Better Sleep (Melatonin-free)

Read my review of SleepWhale. I decided to try it as a melatonin alternative for better, restful sleep. Here’s my experience!

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When I’m stressed, my sleep quality is the first thing that is affected. Melatonin is a supplement that I’ve tried in the past when I had trouble. My doctor recommended it to me. However, I didn’t find it to be very helpful. It’s also not something I wanted to take long-term.

What is my replacement choice for melatonin? Sleepwhale’s fast-acting blend of patented ingredients is my go-to. Let’s delve into what it offers for better sleep.

Sleepwhale Is Heating Up!

The HOT Takes!

  • The formula for Sleepwhale consists of herbs and minerals.
  • There are no hormones or drugs in Sleepwhale.
  • Sleepwhale will improve various stages of sleep, so you experience a more restful night, all night long.
  • It only takes approximately 15 minutes for Sleepwhale to kick in.
  • You won’t wake up feeling groggy after using Sleepwhale.
  • Sleepwhale can be used to reduce the number of times you wake up.

Choose Sleepwhale if…

  • You want a melatonin alternative.
  • You are looking for a drug-free supplement that will help you sleep better all night.
  • You want to avoid feeling groggy in the morning.

Don't Choose Sleepwhale if...

  • You want a melatonin sleep supplement.
  • You don't like tinctures.
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or subscribe for $47.60 monthly!

Similar Sleep Supplements That Are Out There

There are a lot of different products that you can use to try and improve the quality of sleep you’re getting; help you get to sleep faster and help you stay asleep for longer periods of time. Let’s look at some of the alternatives to Sleepwhale:

Beam Dream

If you want a nice, warm beverage to help you wind down before bed at night, consider purchasing Beam Dream. This hot cocoa beverage contains ingredients such as magnesium, reishi mushroom extract, l-theanine, hemp and melatonin. This is a pretty potent formula, so I advise planning ahead the first time you want to try it. It might make you feel a little groggy in the morning.

Learn more about Beam Dream!

HelloNed Sleep Blend

Containing full-spectrum CBD and CBN, HelloNed Sleep Blend helps you stay asleep for longer periods of time, so you feel more rested in the morning. This product is made using a very pure form of single-source hemp flower extract along with organic botanicals such as skullcap and lemon balm.

VRB Labs Sleep Gummies

This is a very pure and powerful blend of CBD, magnesium and l-theanine. I’ve used l-theanine on its own many times, and it’s such a great amino acid that helps you unwind and relax. Add to that CBD and magnesium, and you’ll be experiencing an excellent night’s sleep in no time. These ingredients kick in pretty quickly as well, providing you with fast relief if you’re struggling to drift off.

How I Found Sleepwhale (My Experience and Review)

sleepwhale on night stand

When I get my period, my cramps can keep me up at night. I don’t like taking ibuprofen before bed, as it gives me some GI issues. In my search for something natural and safe, I came across Sleepwhale. I had been keeping melatonin in my medicine cabinet for many months in case I had a bad night of sleep. I didn’t love taking it because it made me feel very groggy the next morning. I decided to purchase a bottle of Sleepwhale to see if it was all it claimed to be.

I decided to take Sleepwhale the first night after it arrived at my doorstep. I was heading to bed early and figured I was hoping to get enough hours of sleep that if it made me groggy, it wouldn’t ruin the morning for me. I was shocked at how quickly Sleepwhale took effect. It was only about 15 minutes before I started to feel relaxed and tired. I went to bed shortly after, falling asleep very quickly. The best part about using this product is that I was able to sleep through the night very soundly. Typically, I wake up every couple of hours. This didn’t happen when I used Sleepwhale.

I Decided to Try Sleepwhale and Here’s Why

My sleep supplements just weren’t cutting it. The last 12 months or so have been very stressful in regard to juggling work, kids, home life, health issues and so much more. It’s hard to get my mind to shut off when my head hits the pillow. When I came across Sleepwhale, it was like the universe was sending me a message that I needed to try this product. I’m really impressed by the ingredients that are used for Sleepwhale. I’m even more impressed with how it gently affects your sleep cycle for the better.

If There Isn’t Melatonin, Then What’s in Sleepwhale?

Sleepwhale doesn’t contain melatonin for sleep, which is something I was happy to ditch. Sleepwhale contains a variety of natural ingredients, such as:

  • Broad-spectrum nano-hemp
  • CBN isolate
  • Suntheanine
  • Gadomag+
  • M2 Lion’s Mane
  • Sibelius

One serving of Sleepwhale contains 1 mL of liquid tincture. It’s recommended that you start with a low dose of product, working your way up until you’re getting the quality of sleep that you want. You may want to give Sleepwhale a few days to work before you take your dose. While it works rather quickly and can help you get to sleep with only the first dose, you may find that it takes a few days for your body to really get back in sync and sleep better.

How Does Sleepwhale Taste?

Sleepwhale has a bit of a sour taste that will make you pucker up for a few seconds after you consume it. The Sleepwhale sleep-supporting product comes in liquid form and is placed under the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing. The directions state you should keep it under your tongue for two minutes if you can.

There is no sugar in Sleepwhale.

Results and Restfulness

sleepwhale on bed with pillows

Sleepwhale is designed to work with the natural chemistry of your body so that you experience better sleep at night when you take it. It helps balance that natural sleep/wake cycle so that you’re not waking up hourly or feeling like you never really fell into a deep sleep. Also, it doesn’t make you feel sluggish or groggy in the morning. I felt very well rested after about eight hours of sleep. I was able to get right out of bed and start my day.

The herbs and minerals that Sleepwhale includes have been very carefully chosen to target very critical points in your sleep cycle by binding to receptors in the brain that control sleep. Even if you’re able to fall asleep but find your mind racing halfway through the night for hours at a time, you’ll find that Sleepwhale helps you wind down and allows you to sleep deeply for the entire night.

Did I Experience Any Side Effects?

I personally didn’t experience any unwanted side effects when taking the Sleepwhale sleep aid. If there are negative side effects associated with a supplement or medication, it’s likely that I’ll experience them. I’m always very cautious when I try something new.

Melatonin has a number of side effects that affect me, such as headache, nausea, grogginess the next day and sometimes anxiety. I was happy to leave those symptoms behind when I found Sleepwhale. I haven’t experienced anything except a more restful night of sleep.

How Much Does Sleepwhale Cost?

The cost of Sleepwhale is $68 for a one-time purchase, which breaks down to $2.04 per night. You can sign up for a subscription to Sleepwhale sleep supplement and save 30% on each purchase. The cost is then $47.60.

Where Can You Buy It?

Sleepwhale can be purchased directly through the company’s website, which is located at https://sleepwhale.com/.

Your Sleepwhale sleep support products are shipped directly to your door. If you sign up for a subscription, you can choose to receive a delivery every 30 or 60 days.

Would I Recommend Sleepwhale to a Friend?

Sleepwhale is a sleep supplement that I have recommended to a number of friends of mine. It seems like nobody wants to talk about their issues with sleep quality until you bring up your own experience. Once I’ve shared my story and the amazing sleep aid that I’ve found with Sleepwhale, a number of people I know have purchased a bottle for their own use.

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