OmegaQuant Omega-3 Test Review: How It Works, Pros, Cons and More

OmegaQuant offers FDA-approved at-home omega-3 testing kits for those who are looking to optimize their omega-3 index.

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Omega-3 fatty acids are proving to be more important for our overall health and wellness thanks to the thousands of scientific research studies. Sometimes, we just don’t know what our omega-3 index levels are, regardless of foods or supplements we intake that are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

That problem, however, has been solved, as OmegaQuant’s Omega-3 testing kits are now available to many people across the world, especially here in the United States.

They have a few at-home omega-3 tests to choose from that cater to many different needs. Whether you think you have an omega-3 or vitamin D deficiency, or you want to see where your levels are during pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby, OmegaQuant makes it easy, accessible and possible to test at home.

What I love most about this brand's omega-3 testing kits is that you get the information you need and dietary changes to optimize your levels. As a Registered Dietitian, I can relate to that.

In this article, I’m going to review everything about their tests, how it works, pros, cons, along with answering a few key questions about omega-3 fatty acids.

Quick Summary of OmegaQuant Review

Product:Testing kits for Omega-3 Index, Vitamin D, Prenatal DHA and Mother’s Milk DHA
Founder:Dr. Bill Harris
CEO:Jason Polreis
Director of Research:Kristina Harris Jackson, PhD, RD
Year Founded:2009
Headquarters:Sioux Falls, SD USA
Additional labs across the world:Australia, Scotland, UK (internationally accessible)
Sample type:Prick of the finger (blood sample)
Pricing:Varies by the sophistication of the test. Cost can be as low as $49.95 and as high as $189.90, it all depends on your needs. Overall – very affordable
Discount/Coupon:Use code: QCZY3FZYUR
Avg. User Rating:4.9/5 ⭐ (Amazon)
GoWellness Rating:4.8/5 ⭐
opening omegaquant omega-3 testing kit

What Is OmegaQuant?

The brand OmegaQuant was founded in 2009, and is an independent, CLIA-certified lab that offers Omega-3 Index, Vitamin D, Mother’s Milk DHA and Prenatal DNA testing to clinicians, researchers and everyday people like you and I.

logo of omegaquant brand

Through scientific research and omega-3 fatty acid analysis in their Sioux Falls, SD headquarters, OmegaQuant has developed accurate testing kits (mentioned above) for those interested in keeping track of their nutritional status in both blood and breast milk.

Their mission is powerful and their goal is coming to fruition – to offer the best quality fatty acid analytics to researchers and to provide simple, at-home tests of nutritional status to consumers, all with the major intent of advancing the science and use of nutrition to improve overall health and wellness.

Right now, their services are available in the United States. They also opened up additional labs across the world: Australia and Scotland, UK, so that they can make their tests internationally accessible.

In 2020, Dr. Bill Harris launched the Fatty Acid Research Institute (FARI) and OmegaQuant was named to the Inc. 5000 list for the second year in a row. During 2021, their test sales erupted and their accumulation of positive customer reviews followed suit, and we see them surging in 2022 and beyond.


Well, it’s mainly because of the full body of work that OmegaQuant, and their founder, Dr. Bill Harris, have accomplished.

Since 2004, Dr. Harris has devoted his life to the Omega-3 Index, publishing an article that created it. And, from 2004 to the present moment, more research, results and legitimate academic backing has manifested. Now, consumers can monitor their nutritional well-being through OmegaQuant’s simple at-home tests.

What Tests Do They Offer?

Since their original Omega-3 Index test, OmegaQuant has evolved and now offers the following at-home tests for consumers:

Vitamin D Test

vitamin d test by omegaquant

OmegaQuant’s Vitamin D test measures the amount of vitamin D in your blood. The brand, OmegaQuant, does not believe that eating vitamin D-rich foods, taking vitamin D supplements and exposure to sunlight guarantees a blood level that is in the desirable range – they say it must be measured. This test does just that. What’s great about this test, though, is that when you get your results back, you’ll now have access to information on personal intake of vitamin D that your body needs to remain in optimal range.

Once you implement the dietary changes, you can retest every 6 months for confirmation of healthy Vitamin D levels.

Omega-3 Index Tests

The Omega-3 Index test from OmegaQuant is their bread and butter test. So much so that they have three different options to choose from. Each one is a little bit different and can measure more or less, depending on the test you choose. Let’s take a look at a quick table comparison and then breakdown each one:

Compare Omega-3 Index TestsBasicPlusComplete
Omega-3 Index
Report Provides Dietary Changes
Measures EPA and DHA in the blood
Omega-6-Omega-3 Ratio
AA:EPA Ratio
Trans Fat Index
Individual Fatty Acid Level 
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Omega-6 Fatty Acids
Saturated Fatty Acids
Trans Fatty Acids
cis-Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
omega-3 index basic test by omegaquant

The Omega-3 Index Basic test measures the amount of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in the blood. After you mail in your blood sample (finger prick), you’ll be able to see your results- your Omega-3 Index. The report will help you optimize your index percentage based on simple dietary changes.

OmegaQuant recommends testing your Omega-3 Index every four months to ensure your levels remain optimal.

omega-3 index plus test by omegaquant

The Omega-3 Index Plus test measures fatty acid levels in the blood and reports omega-3 and omega-6, as well as trans fat blood levels. You’ll still get your Omega-3 Index score along with the extras just mentioned. After your test sample has been tested by their lab, you’ll receive a detailed report showing omega-3 index, Trans Fat Index, Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio and AA:EPA Ratio. Furthermore, you’ll get actionable steps as to what dietary changes need to be made to stay in a healthy range.

It’s advised to test your fatty acid every four months to make sure your levels stay in a healthy index.

omega-3 index complete test by omegaquant

The Omega-3 Index Complete test is the most sophisticated test of the three, as it measures all the fatty acids in the blood and reports important levels of all 24 fatty acids. You’ll also receive your Omega-3 Index, Ratios mentioned in the “Plus” test and the Trans Fat Index. This test seems to be the most bang for your buck.

Prenatal DHA Test

prenatal dha test by omegaquant

OmegaQuant’s Prenatal DHA test measures the amount of DHA in the blood. The right level of DHA during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for both the baby and the mom, such as:

  • Full term pregnancy
  • Baby’s development and growth
  • Postpartum health and wellness

The test lets you know if you’re getting enough of omega-3 fatty acids (a key nutrient) for both you and your baby. There have been studies that show DHA is important for brain, eye and immune system development.

Once you receive your testing results, you’ll be able to see where your level is and dietary actions to take.

Mother’s Milk DHA Test

mothers milk dha test by omegaquant

The OmegaQant Mother’s Milk DHA test measures the amount of omega-3 DHA in your breast milk. So, if you’re planning to breastfeed (totally optional in our opinions) it’s important to get your DHA levels right, because it’s a great way to deliver DHA to your growing baby.

Omega-3 Index for Pets

Yes, they even have an omega-3 index test for pets! This test measures the amount of EPA and DHA in your pet’s blood, and you can find out real quick if your pet’s diet is delivering a healthy dose of omega-3s.

Omega-3s have been studied and proven to support heart, skin and fur, kidney and joint health in cats and dogs. So, if your dog is experiencing symptoms of low omega-3 levels, consider testing or else you’ll never know.

Sample Reports

I was able to get my hands on a few OmegaQuant sample reports to show you, so you have a good idea of what to expect before buying.

sample report from omegaquant

How Does It Work?

The process is pretty simple, but it’s really important to pay attention to the details and follow all directions

If you have never taken an at-home finger prick blood test before, I’m going to give you a rundown on what to expect with OmegaQuant.

omegaquant testing process - how it works

Remove everything from the packet and lay it out in front of you. Be sure to read the instructions specific for the type of test you ordered, as there are slight differences and instructions between test types.

Next, head on over to their website (OmegaQuant.com) to register your kit using your unique barcode on your sample collection card. You can now fill out the information needed on your sample collection card.

Prepare for your finger prick by improving your blood flow. Here are some actionable tips to improve blood flow before taking a finger prick for your OmegaQuant test:

  • Wash your hands in warm water
  • Do some movements, such as squats
  • Position your hands below your heart and shake your hand at your sides

Next, use the alcohol wipe to clean the finger you want to prick and wipe away any excess alcohol with the pad. It’s best to prick the side or tip of the finger. Remove the lancet cover and position it lightly on the finger. Then firmly press down on the finger until you hear a click – this releases the needle and you’ll feel a slight stick.

When you see the first sign of blood, wipe it away as it slows the clotting process and allows for a better blood drop. Then, allow a drop of blood to form. Let the blood drop off of your finger, or lightly touch the blood drop to the paper. One drop of blood should be enough to fill the circle on the paper.

dropping blood sample on omegaquant collect form
Drop your blood in the circle like this

Be sure to check your instructions for which test type you have and how many blood spots you need to collect.

Let the blood dry and then fold over the flap on the collection card where you can place it in a small plastic bag. It’s important that you put it in the mail the same day you collected the blood spot.

Around 5 days after the lab receives your blood sample, you will receive your personalized report. From there you can see your test results and how to improve your score.

Are These Tests Safe?

OmegaQuant tests are 100% safe and are FDA approved as an over-the-counter, general health and wellness product. Each testing kit comes equipped with detailed, step-by-step instructions and medical tools needed to take a sample of your blood. Your blood collection kit includes:

  • Blood collection card
  • Lancet
  • Alcohol pad
  • Bandage
  • Gauze pad
  • Pre-paid return envelope

The directions are easy to follow and are 100% safe created by physicians as well as signed and approved by the FDA.

fda approved omega-3 tests are safe

Are They Accurate?

OmegaQuant has been a pioneer in the Omega-3 Index. Dr. Harris and Dr. Von Schacky published an article that created the Omega-3 Index. As long as you follow their step-by-step directions, these tests are pin-point accurate, which allow you to make the necessary dietary changes to achieve optimal levels of omega-3.

omega quant test accuracy (omega-3 index)

Where to Buy, Cost and Discounts

There are a couple places you can purchase an OmegaQuant omega-3 testing kit, but I’m always happy to see that you can buy their tests on their official website. You can also buy them on Amazon, but we never recommend purchasing from there because of third party issues. When you purchase from the brand’s website, you know what you’re getting. Plus, you can use this coupon code for 5% off, which is better than purchasing it at full price at amazon:

Coupon code: QCZY3FZYUR

Go to OmegaQuant

The price varies, depending on the test that best suits your needs. However, I created this pricing table to show you what you’re looking at:

Omega-3 Index Basic$49.95
Omega-3 Index Plus$74.95
Omega-3 Index Complete (Most Popular)$99.95
Vitamin D$49.95
Prenatal DHA$49.95
Mother's Milk DHA$49.95
Omega-3 Index for Pets$49.95

Trust Ratings and Customer Reviews

There has been an abundance of positive reviews from real customers who have gone through the entire omega-3 testing process with OmegaQuant. On Amazon, there are outstanding user ratings and it is proving to be a very respectable omega-3 test. For example, the OmegaQuant Omega-3 Index Plus Test kit has a 5/5 star rating with 10 customer reviews. It’s very similar to the rest of their tests at amazon.


What’s The Sample Used For The Testing Kits?

Each OmegaQuant test uses blood samples from a finger prick. It’s super easy to do and they provide all the instructions on how to do it and how to stay safe.

What Are The Symptoms of Omega-3 Deficiency?

Symptoms of Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency include:

  • Dry skin
  • Heart problems
  • Fatigue
  • Poor circulation
  • Mood swings
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Poor memory

What Are The Benefits of Omega-3?

Having an optimal level of omega-3 fatty acids provide numerous benefits, and they are:

  • Improve eye health
  • Promote brain health during pregnancy
  • Can fight anxiety and depression
  • Help you feel energized
  • Promotes heart health
  • Improves your cardiovascular health

Are Omega-3 Supplements Good For You?

While omega-3 supplements can be good for you, and have been recommended by many Registered Dietitians, as well as the American Heart Association. High doses of omega-3 fatty acids can reduce levels of triglycerides, which has been researched to help with heart health and lower cholesterol.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick turnaround time
  • Results give you the reality of where your omega-3 index is
  • Detailed reports
  • Foods to eat and avoid to optimize your levels
  • Re-testing helps see your progress
  • Affordable
  • Take the test at-home
  • Great for researchers and consumers (the public)
  • Can test pets for omega-3


  • If you don’t like finger pricking for a blood sample, you may not like taking this test
  • It would be nice to see OmegaQuant offer consultation and coaching from a Registered Dietitian (maybe they’ll do that in the future?)

Are OmegaQuant’s Omega-3 Tests Worth It? Final Verdict

If you’re someone who thinks you have an Omega-3 deficiency, or if you’re wanting to optimize your health even further, then OmegaQuant Omega-3 testing kits are well worth it. This is something OmegaQuant specializes in, as they are an independent, CLIA certified lab. Their mission is to help improve the health of people from around the world through testing omega-3’s and presenting them with analytical data that provides simple nutritional changes for optimal omega-3 levels.

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