The 7 Best Mushroom Gummies (SO GOOD!)

Find out about our top-rated mushroom gummies from excellent nutrition brands, plus what to look for before buying.

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Functional mushrooms have been used for centuries, but they’ve only recently been used in some fun and new ways, such as mushroom coffee, powder, and now gummies. Mushroom gummies are a new supplement, and you might be wondering if they’re worth trying out.

Mushrooms are being used for everything from coffee alternatives to oral sprays. They’ve probably been part of your grocery list many times, but did you know how beneficial they are to the body? They can boost your mood, provide you with consistent energy all day long and even help you with your weight loss journey. With all the benefits of mushroom supplements, it's no surprise that nutrition brands are now making them in gummy form. Let’s not waste any time. We’re going to take a look at some of the best mushroom gummies out there to buy.

The Seven Best Mushroom Gummies to Buy

Similar to multivitamin gummies or CBD gummies, mushroom gummies are a sweet and chewable product that provides a whole host of nutrients and ingredients that provide medicinal benefits. You can find a variety of blends; some that offer just a few functional mushrooms while others have multiple mushroom types included.

I provided plenty of options here, so whatever one you choose is a great choice. I did rank them from #1-7 based on how they worked for me.

#1. Troomy Nootropic Mushroom Gummies

troomy mushroom gummies

Troomy Nootropics really stands out because of their branding, but what really sets them apart from a lot of mushroom gummies out there, and the reason I chose them as the best mushroom gummies, is the fact that they ACTUALLY WORK, and the quality of their products. They are made in the USA, triple extracted and they use a testing system that helps make their mushroom gummies super pure. You really can't beat that.

My rating on effectiveness: 4.7/5 – These are VERY similar to 10x Brain. The focus feeling lasts for a couple hours, which is more than enough time to get your work done and lock it in.

Troomy offers a few different options, which is unique. Here's the list of their mushroom gummies you can choose from:

  • troomy Daily
  • troomy Focus
  • troomy Boost
  • troomy Calm
  • troomy Sleep


  • They use all the major functional mushroom ingredients, such as chaga, lion's mane, cordyceps, and reishi
  • Made in the USA, this is a big one for me
  • Triple extracted ingredients
  • Vegetarian gummies
  • The gummies taste really good, huge pro here


  • I wish the price was more like $29.99, but they are all priced at $34.99 (still not bad compared to most mushroom gummies out there)
  • If you aren't a fan of square gummies, you won't like these. To me it doesn't matter because they taste good.

#2. Mind Well Co 10X Brain Mushroom Gummies

10x brain mushroom gummies

Mind Well Co is my second favorite and my #2 choice (it's kind of a tie between 10x Brain and Troomy to be honest) for the best mushroom gummies because they really do work for focus. It is a mushroom gummy that is designed as an ADHD nootropic supplement, which are great alternatives to prescription medications because you don't want to be hooked on them.

My rating on effectiveness: 4.7/5 – The gummies taste great and you take 2 per serving. The focus feeling you get after taking them stays for a few hours, which gives you plenty of time to lock it in and get your stuff done.

Functional mushroom ingredients used:

  • Lion's mane
  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi


  • The gummies taste awesome!
  • Made in the USA – very big for me!
  • They use all the major functional mushroom ingredients
  • Vegan


  • A single purchase is $44.99, which is somewhat steep, but if you subscribe it's only $35.99 per month. Honestly the $44.99 is worth it because it does work

#3: Mushroom Revival Mushroom Gummies

mushroom revival mushroom gummies

Mushroom Revival has a very large selection of mushroom gummy products. They have been selling other functional mushroom items for a while now, but their gummies are relatively new. Here are some of their blends:

Mushroom Mix Daily 10

This is the World's first USDA organic mushroom gummy product. It contains ten different functional mushrooms that help your body function properly each day. You can use this product to boost the function of your immune system, boost your metabolism in order to lose weight more efficiently and it even helps with natural detoxification. It is completely organic and made from vegan mushrooms such as cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail, chaga, shiitake, tremella, meshima and maitake.

Lion's Mane Focus Gummies

Providing your brain with focus, clarity and energy, these lion’s mane gummies don’t contain caffeine, but you reap the benefits of functional mushrooms providing you with natural energy all day long. The great thing about this product is that it improves your mental clarity and focus, but it doesn’t keep you awake at night. You can even take it right before bed so you wake up feeling more energized and ready to take on the day. Lion’s mane also helps to support your gut health. The condition of your microbiome and GI tract can affect how you feel mentally. Use this product to help with brain fog, fatigue, stress and much more.

Reishi Calm Gummies

Reishi functional mushrooms contain beneficial adaptogens that help you adequately deal with stressors in your life. Whether you want to feel more positive, deal with anxious feelings or cope with stress more appropriately, this is a great gummy supplement to keep on hand when your adrenaline levels get out of control. Consider Reishi Calm Gummies as part of your self-care routine.


  • Low in sugar
  • Boosts immune function
  • Increases mental clarity
  • Consistent energy that doesn’t cause a crash later in the day
  • Beneficial antioxidant properties


  • Slightly expensive for a thirty-day supply

#4: FreshCap Mushroom Gummies

freshcap mushroom gummies

FreshCap Mushroom Gummies are unique, squishy, cola-flavored gummies that provide you with a multitude of benefits from a functional mushroom blend (six different varieties). Each dose consists of well balanced Organic Chaga Sclerotium Extract, Organic Cordyceps Fruiting Body Extract, Organic Lion's Mane Fruiting Body Extract, Organic Maitake Fruiting Body Extract, Organic Turkey Tail Fruiting Body Extract and Organic Reishi Fruiting Body Extract. Fresh Cap uses the fruiting body of the mushrooms, which is the part of the mushroom that you see on the top of the ground. They don’t use the stems or the roots like a lot of other brands do. The main goals of this product are to boost your immune function, increase your ability to focus as well as provide consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Learn more about FreshCap Mushroom supplements, as we covered the entire brand and their line of products.


  • Minimal additional ingredients; nothing artificial
  • Can be taken any time of day
  • Fantastic flavor that doesn’t take anything like mushrooms
  • Also comes in an Ultimate Mushroom Complex capsule and powder


  • The cola flavor is a little artificial tasting, but it’s not at all earthy, which a lot of people don’t like about functional mushroom products

#5: Plant People WonderDay Mushroom Gummies

plant people mushroom gummies

These functional mushroom gummies from WonderDay Mushroom Gummies contain 10 adaptogenic and research-backed mushrooms that support your body in all of the different areas that you need. They contain lion’s mane, reishi, chaga, cordyceps and turkey tail for immune function balance, more energy, mental clarity and a healthy stress response. This is a very reputable and pure functional mushroom brand that does not use anything unsafe or artificial in the composition of their products. All of their products are third-party lab tested for purity and safety purposes.


  • Does not contain any GMO ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • Helps support a healthy immune response
  • Boosts your digestive process so it’s more efficient and balanced
  • Can help you relax and deal with stress


  • It’s a relatively affordable product, but you only save when you purchase in large quantities or you sign up for their subscription service (approximately ten to fifteen percent savings)

#6: Troop Mushroom Gummies

troop mushroom gummies

There are three types of functional mushroom gummies available from the Troop Brand. What you choose really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, and you can use more than one type of gummy at a time.

Lion’s Mane Gummy

This is a daily brain boost gummy that is intended to be used first thing in the morning for benefits all day long. Some of its potential benefits include delayed neurodegeneration, improved brain function, growth of neurons, increased clarity, boost in energy, better memory function and a balanced nervous system response. You can also use this product to naturally decrease inflammation in the body.

Super Troop

The Super Troop functional mushroom gummy helps to recalibrate and restore your body. It promotes immunity, health, and balance while increasing your energy levels. You can take anywhere from one to three servings per day, depending on what you feel your body needs. It’s a very safe supplement that provides exceptional benefits when used on a regular basis.


Troop’s Reishi blend helps you stay calm and collected over the course of a busy day or week. When things in your life get hectic and you feel like you can’t wind down, this is the supplement to grab. It works best when you use it regularly, but it can be used intermittently as well, using anywhere from one to three gummies each day. This product helps you get a good night’s rest, promotes a healthy stress response and increases cognitive function among many other benefits. This is a functional mushroom that your nervous system will thrive from.


  • Different varieties allow you to target specific needs without having to consume ten or more functional mushroom types
  • You can determine how many gummies you use. You can take one gummy on easy days while three gummies can be used when you need the most support.
  • Protects against bacteria, viruses and other parasitic infections
  • Made from the whole fruiting body of the mushroom
  • Mild and natural flavors


  • These products contain trace amounts of alcohol due to the alcohol used to extract the compounds from the mushrooms

#7: Shroomy Mushroom Gummies

shroomy mushroom gummies

Shroomy Mushroom Gummies from Arete Adaptogens are made using three different mushroom extracts (lion's mane, reishi and cordyceps). Lion's mane provides brain enhancing benefits such as increased memory, cognition and even a positive change in mood. Reishi delivers immune support to the body while cordyceps will increase energy levels by way of ATP production and increased oxygen usage. This can also help to increase your athletic performance and endurance.


  • Provides focus, energy and immune support
  • Completely plant-based blend
  • Naturally flavored
  • Vegan friendly


  • Includes coconut ingredients (not tree-nut safe)

Why Take a Mushroom Gummy Supplement?

taking a mushroom gummy

Now that we’ve gone through some of the best functional mushroom gummies available, you likely know a bit more about the benefits that these products can provide. Still need confirmation that this is a great supplement to have on hand? Here are some other reasons why you should consider taking a mushroom gummy supplement.

Could Help With Brain Fog

Almost every variety of functional mushroom consists of nutrients that can help clear up pesky brain fog that you’re dealing with. Some of the nutrients will help your brain fog by increasing your energy levels so you’re not feeling so tired. Others will help improve your mood, which allows you to feel more motivated and focused. Balancing your nervous system and attacking stress better will eliminate your brain fog so you can focus on the task at hand.

May Help With Stress

Stress affects the body in a number of ways. Our adrenaline levels rise and our nervous system becomes overwhelmed. The vagus nerve can also lack stimulation, which leads to symptoms like anxiety, panic, high blood pressure, worry and so much more. None of these symptoms are beneficial to the body, which is why functional mushrooms are a great plant-based ingredient to consume on a regular basis. Functional mushrooms aren’t going to get rid of the source of your stress, but they can make sure that you’re handling stress more appropriately.

Could Help Boost Energy

Rather than turning to caffeine for a boost of energy, functional mushrooms can provide you with the same effects. However, you don’t experience any kind of energy crash when functional mushrooms wear off. The B vitamins in functional mushrooms are what you’re utilizing when you’re looking for more energy from a mushroom gummy.

What to Look For

looking for mushroom gummy

Are you convinced that mushroom gummies are something you can benefit from? Here are some different things that you should look for when you start shopping.

Transparent Ingredients

Always consider brands that have clearly explained what is included in their product and why. Check the ingredient list to make sure that there isn’t anything artificial hidden in there that could compromise the quality of the product. You want to consume something that is made from only safe and pure ingredients.

Third-Party Tested

Most supplement brands are now turning to third-party testing to gain the trust of their consumers. You should be able to easily find a functional mushroom gummy brand that uses this testing to check for potential contaminants and to confirm mushroom levels in each batch.

Brand Trust and Average Rating

You can find out more about a functional mushroom gummy brand’s trust level by checking out their average rating online. They may feature it right on their website, listed under each product. It’s even better if you can read customer reviews as well. You can also look into other reputable sites to see what the certified customer reviews look like elsewhere. Most ratings are out of five stars and you should strive to pick something that is as close to that perfect rating as possible.

The Bottom Line

Functional mushrooms are such a safe supplement, but they pack a lot of punch into a small product. Not only do functional mushrooms provide you with beneficial nutrients, but they offer all kinds of benefits in regard to cognitive function, energy levels and even improving your mood. A mushroom gummy is a really easy way to get your dose of functional mushrooms if you’re not interested in something like a gummy, spray or tincture.

Tips for Success from the RD

Are you looking to use functional mushrooms for stress and anxiety relief? I have a few tips that can help you make the most out of your mushroom gummy selection.

  • Choose functional mushrooms that are known for having adaptogenic properties. This can include reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps.
  • If you’re prone to stress or you know that you’re going to be having a busy and stressful week coming up, you should take your mushroom gummies regularly. They work best when you are using them consistently.
  • Complement your mushroom routine with things like adequate sleep, exercise and a healthy diet.
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