MUD WTR vs Four Sigmatic: The Better Mushroom Coffee Is?

This comparison features MUD WTR Vs. Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee to see which is better for you based on key ingredients, pros, cons, and more.

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With mushroom coffee products on the rise right now, you might be wondering what the best option is in regard to cost, ingredients and benefits. There are some popular brands, such as MUD\WTR and Four Sigmatic, but there are usually some distinct differences to take into account. Whether you’re interested in consuming less caffeine or making a healthier choice for a boost in energy, I want to break down MUD\WTR and Four Sigmatic so you can make the most educated purchase possible.

Comparison Table of MUD WTR Vs. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Vs.MUD WTRFour Sigmatic
Price:Starting at $40Starting at $20
Key Ingredients:Lion's Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps mushroomsChaga, Lion's Mane, Ashwagandha
Morning and Nighttime Blend:
Great coffee alternative:
Where are the mushrooms grown:USAUnknown locations around the world
USDA-certified organic:
GW Rating:4.7/54.6/5
comparison table mud wtr vs four sigmatic

Overview of MUD\WTR

MUD\WTR is one of the more popular mushroom coffee brands that has been around for a while. It’s marketed as a coffee replacement product that won’t cause dramatic energy crashes or jitters. If you’re looking to quit your coffee habit, then MUD\WTR is the product for you. There is some caffeine in the product, but it’s substantially less than traditional coffee. A blend of functional mushrooms provides energy, focus, an immune boost and even benefits for your gastrointestinal system.

overview mud wtr mushroom coffee vs four sigmatic

Key Ingredients

MUD\WTR is comprised of natural and organic ingredients, including the fruiting body and mycelia biomass of each mushroom for optimal benefits. MUD\WTR spends a great deal of time perfecting their mushroom growing process, allowing their mushrooms to complete the entire growth cycle.

mud wtr key ingredients vs four sigmatic

Reishi is a variety of mushroom that is known for boosting immune function in the body. It has been used for centuries thanks to its ability to promote longevity and good health. Reishi has a very earthy and woody flavor that stands out in MUD\WTR.

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps are used in MUD\WTR to naturally boost your energy levels without the same side effects as coffee. You won’t feel jittery, anxious or have an upset stomach from drinking MUD\WTR.

Lion’s Mane

The Lion’s Mane mushroom in MUD\WTR is used because of its ability to promote good mental clarity and improve focus. It’s been a very popular functional mushroom for centuries in areas like North America, Asia and Europe.

Rooibos Tea Extract

Instead of using coffee as the base of this drink, Rooibos tea extract is what gives MUD\WTR a little boost of caffeine content. It is also very high in flavonoids and antioxidants.


  • Provides you with a healthier option for increased energy without having to consume traditional coffee.
  • Functional mushrooms in MUD\WTR provides benefits to your immune system, digestive system, brain health and much more.
  • MUD\WTR also sells a nighttime product that doesn’t contain caffeine. It has ingredients such as ashwaghanda, which will help you wind down before bed, so you get a more restful night of sleep.
  • Made from organic ingredients and doesn’t contain anything artificial.


  • While MUD\WTR outlines what functional mushrooms are in their product, you don’t know how much of each mushroom is in a single serving.
  • MUD\WTR still contains caffeine, though it’s 1/7th the normal amount.

Main Benefit Going With MUD\WTR Over Four Sigmatic

MUD WTR was specifically designed to be an all-around better alternative to coffee, and it is, as evidence on their official website with thousands of customers loving MUD\WTR rise and rest. MUD WTR is a better choice over Four Sigmatic if you're looking for a complete mushroom coffee blend from USA-grown farms (high quality ingredients) and a great taste.

main benefit mud wtr over four sigmatic

Overview of Four Sigmatic

Based in the UK, Four Sigmatic is a newer mushroom coffee brand that is gaining popularity quite quickly. The founders of the company were originally based in Finland, where coffee is a major product. Four Sigmatic comes in a number of blends that include Ground Mushroom Coffee, Mushroom Coffee Latte and Mushroom Mocha with Chaga. All of the products are designed to provide you with more energy, better creativity and exceptional focus.

If you’re looking for a coffee alternative that is suitable for the late in the day or the evening hours, Four Sigmatic has an Adaptogen Coffee Mix that is formulated with tulsi and ashwagandha. You’ll enjoy focused energy without jitters or trouble sleeping that night. Elixir blends are available through Four Sigmatic, which have functional mushrooms in them but no caffeine or coffee.

overview four sigmatic mushroom coffee vs mud wtr

Key Ingredients

Four Sigmatic utilizes many of the functional mushrooms that other mushroom coffee brands use. However, their website is very informative. There are 13 different educational videos that you can view at your convenience to learn more about the mushrooms used by Four Sigmatic as well as the benefits of adaptogens, mushrooms, when to use them, etc.

four sigmatic key ingredients vs mud wtr
Lion’s Mane

The Lion’s Mane mushroom is a fluffy white mushroom that grows on hardwood trees. It has a very dense texture that makes it a great substitute for meat in a variety of dishes. It helps with focus, so much so that Buddhist monks use it for their meditation practices.


This unique looking mushroom has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. It symbolizes spirituality and longevity. It will help your body function optimally thanks to its adaptogen properties, reduce inflammation and help you relax. It has a slightly bitter taste, so it’s used sparingly in most mushroom coffee products.


Chaga grows in very cold environments such as Siberia, Canada, North Korea and Northern parts of the U.S. Originally Chaga was used in Finland during World War II when there was a coffee shortage. It has a very similar taste to medium roast coffee.

Chaga is more beneficial the older it gets, so it’s really important that the company using it for its nutritional and medicinal properties pay close attention to cultivation practices. It’s actually best when it’s matured to almost 20 years of age. Chaga has high levels of antioxidants and beta-glucans, which can benefit the immune system.

Cordyceps mushrooms

Cordyceps have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years for their ability to boost performance, increase stamina and increase energy levels. It has an interesting growing story, as it grows as a parasite (mainly caterpillars). Not to worry, Four Sigmatic doesn’t utilize Cordyceps that have been grown on caterpillars. Their products are all vegan safe.


  • A large selection of products is available, allowing you to choose what ingredients you think will benefit you most.
  • While they’re based in the UK, Four Sigmatic can be shipped around the globe.
  • Third party tested for full transparency.
  • Excellent taste compared to some of the other mushroom coffee blends that have a very earthy flavor.
  • You can select a product that provides you with energy while also keeping you relaxed.
  • Four Sigmatic offers a 100% money back guarantee.


  • It can be difficult to choose which variety of Four Sigmatic you want to choose. Most products focus on a few beneficial ingredients rather than a large blend.
  • Single packs are not available on their website.

Main Benefit Going with Four Sigmatic Over MUD\WTR

Four Sigmatic is a great product line if you’re looking for something that has a lot of variety. You can choose a number of Four Sigmatic products based on what effects you’re looking for. There are even elixirs and protein powders that contain functional mushrooms. You can mix them into smoothies, shakes and even pancakes for your daily dose of energy. You won’t be able to find a more versatile brand than this.

There is a subscription service available through Four Sigmatic that will help you save money and ensure that you always have your mushroom coffee and elixirs available in your home.

main benefit four sigmatic over mud wtr

Comparing Ingredients

Both mushroom coffee blends have a similar mushroom profile, but Four Sigmatic is much more transparent of a brand. They tell you the exact milligram count of each mushroom that they’ve included in their products. MUD\WTR only tells you what mushrooms they use. They don’t tell you how much of each one you’re consuming.

MUD\WTR contains Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. Other ingredients include ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper. Black tea powder is the base.

Four Sigmatic contains Chaga, Reishi, Tulsi, ashwagandha, cinnamon, yacon and schisandra in most of their blends. This is a smaller mushroom profile than MUD\WTR.

Comparing Effectiveness

It’s more than likely that you’re making the switch to mushroom coffee because you want to experience an increase in energy without having to consume traditional coffee / caffeine. If this is the case, you’ll find that MUD\WTR has more ingredients that will provide you with what you’re looking for. The caffeine in MUD\WTR comes from black tea leaves, so it’s a much lower level of caffeine. Not to mention, MUD\WTR makes more sense if you’re truly trying to kick your coffee habit. The caffeine that is in Four Sigmatic comes from coffee, just less than what you normally consume in a single cup.

Comparing Cost

If you’re concerned with cost, MUD\WTR is a bit more expensive than Four Sigmatic. If you’re not interested in a subscription service, you’ll pay $50 for a 30-day supply (plus shipping). That works out to be about $1.83 per serving. The subscription service will save you a bit of money if you’re going to be using it regularly. You save about $10 per month when you have it coming in regularly. While it’s a great mushroom coffee, it’s not the most affordable out there. The Four Sigmatic brand costs $24 for a 30-day supply through the subscription service. That works out to be about .80 per serving.

If you’re trying either brand for the first time, you’re probably not going to sign up for a subscription right away. If you take a look around, you may be able to find single serving packets of Four Sigmatic to try. They’re often found at Whole Foods.

Main Differences between MUD WTR and Four Sigmatic

It’s difficult to choose between MUD\WTR and Four Sigmatic, but there are some differences that may stand out to you. MUD\WTR only comes in a couple of varieties, and it’s an original blend. There are different flavors and products that can be purchased from Four Sigmatic. The company’s website is set up to shop by the product type or the benefit that you’re looking for.

What’s Better: Four Sigmatic or MUD\WTR?

four sigmatic or mud wtr better mushroom coffee

We know that both of these brands have beneficial ingredients that make them a healthier choice in comparison to traditional coffee, and neither have an actual mushroom taste to them. However, Four Sigmatic has a very smooth texture that has notes of cinnamon in it. MUD\WTR has a similar taste to chai tea without the sweetness. It doesn’t blend as smoothly as Four Sigmatic or other mushroom coffee blends.

When deciding between these two products, I feel like it comes down to variety and what’s included in the product you choose. If you’re looking for a very vast functional mushroom profile, then I feel as though MUD\WTR stands out. Four Sigmatic has a much larger variety of products, but you may not be satisfied with the ingredient profile that’s included. The best you can do is weigh the pros and cons of each product, and sleeve what you think is going to work best for you.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully I’ve provided you with enough information on MUD\WTR and Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee products that you feel you can make an educated decision regarding which one you would like to invest in. Really, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. They both contain organic ingredients that are beneficial for your health. If you’re trying to kick your coffee habit, Four Sigmatic would still cause you to consume coffee, but you may feel like the lower levels in their product is helping you to wean down. MUD\WTR is a coffee-free option that may be your end goal.

recommend mud wtr or four sigmatic

Shop at MUD\WTR


Shop at Four Sigmatic

Tips for Success from the RD

If you’ve recently come to the conclusion that you’re drinking too much coffee / caffeine throughout the day, it may be time to make a change. Mushroom coffee is the perfect alternative that provides you with a healthier source of energy through functional mushrooms that are good for your body. Not only will you feel energized after drinking a cup, but your immune system, digestive system and other parts of your body will benefit.

Your average American consumes more than three cups of coffee per day. That’s a lot of coffee! It’s only recommended that you consume about 300 milligrams of caffeine per day. Otherwise, you can end up with jitters, stomach issues and sleep disturbances. It becomes a nasty cycle of drinking coffee to stay alert, but then you’re dealing with other health issues.

Functional mushrooms are much healthier than any mushroom you’re going to find on your grocery store shelves. They contain very high levels of nutrients. They’ve been used for centuries because of their medicinal properties. You don’t have to completely give up drinking a beverage each day that helps you stay focused, but you can make a healthier choice.

Consider the different functional mushrooms that are commonly being used for these coffee alternative products and choose a variety that encompasses what you think you’d benefit from. Some products have a vaster profile than others, so it comes down to what you want to utilize to feel your best. Just some of the benefits of functional mushrooms include:

  • They flush toxins out of the liver
  • Mushrooms contain antiviral properties
  • You can use functional mushrooms to balance your gut
  • Mushrooms promote healthier and more youthful skin
  • Low in calories
  • Help you to experience a more restful night of sleep
  • Work to control your blood pressure naturally
  • Rich in nutrients like B vitamins, Niacin and Riboflavin

It’s no surprise why so many people are switching over to mushroom coffee as their source of energy and focus each day. Not only will you feel like you’re ready to take on whatever the day throws at you, but you’ll be doing a lot of good for your body.

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