Micro Ingredients Review: Legit Supplements? A Dietitian Answers

Micro Ingredients is a pure nutrition ingredients supplier in California and offers supplements with their premium, original and pure ingredients powder.

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We’re seeing a big shift in the health and wellness world. More and more people are really starting to see food as medicine instead of a pastime or just something that needs to be consumed each day to stay moving. What we put into our bodies will determine how we feel. The nutrients that we get from food will affect how our bodies age, the amount of weight we put on, how balanced our hormones are, whether or not our immune systems function efficiently and much more.

It can be very difficult to ensure that you’re consuming a well-rounded diet on a daily basis. Even if you eat healthy, getting all your servings of every nutrient seems nearly impossible. Luckily, there are many different health supplements and products that can fill in any nutritional gaps that we have. In this article I’m going to introduce you to Micro Ingredients. This line of products includes powders and soft gels that contain all kinds of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients. I want to break down the different products that they offer as well as the benefits you can achieve from specific items. Let’s get started!

Quick Summary of Micro Ingredients Review

Supplements Offered:Vitamins & Minerals, Sport & Fitness, Superfoods, Wellness Supplements
Brand:Micro Ingredients
Headquarters:Montclair, California
Third-Party Testing:Yes, Micro Ingredients hires 3rd party lab testers to ensure the quality of their raw materials
Where to buy:Official website, amazon.com and walmart.com
Avg. Customer Rating:4.4/5
GW Rating:4.1/5

Micro Ingredients

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Quality of Ingredients
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Micro Ingredients is a pure nutrition ingredients supplier in California and offers supplements with their premium, original and pure ingredients powder.


Introducing Micro Ingredients

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Food holds a lot of power because of the nutrients that it contains. For example, kale contains extremely high levels of vitamin A, K1, B6, potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese. It also has a ton of fiber, which can keep your GI tract in check. While kale is low in calories and you can load up on it for one of your meals, it’s not something most people want to consume on a daily basis.

So how do you get the benefits of a food like this without having to eat it all the time? The answer is quite simple

Micro Ingredients minimally processes a large variety of nutritious foods into fine powders so that you can add them to your daily routine with ease. Mix them into a smoothie, soups or whatever you please. You’ll take your current nutrient consumption to an all-new level.

As you scroll through the different Micro Ingredients products on their website, you’ll see that the brand has focused on some of the best foods, herbs and ingredients that nature has to offer. Chamomile mixed with 5-HTP can help you relax and unwind. African Mango Powder is rich in nutrients that will boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. Black Cumin Seed is an immune booster that can also help strengthen your hair and nails. These are just a few of what Micro Ingredients has to offer.

Behind the Brand

brand logo of micro ingredients

A premier raw and pure nutrition supplier based out of California, Micro Ingredients currently has over 200 different raw ingredients available through their website. They have searched high and low for the best products they can find. Their state-of-the-art technology converts these raw materials into powders. These pure, concentrated powders can be used to make tablets, capsules, smoothies and so much more. Thankfully, Micro Ingredients has managed to source ingredients and manufacture them in a way that results in a very safe and free of fillers, binders, preservatives or additives. Their transparency is apparent in their willingness to provide USA lab test reports for all of their ingredients and products. You can request digital copies from them directly. Everything is packed in an FDA-registered facility.


  • Non GMO
  • Transparent brand that is willing to share USA lab test reports
  • Large selection of over 200 products
  • Recipes are included on the Micro Ingredients website
  • Many organic ingredients are offered


  • Depending on which ingredients you choose, you may notice an aftertaste

Is Micro Ingredients a Reliable Company?

matcha micro ingredients - reliable company

Many of you probably know how important I think it is that companies are very transparent about their products, how they’re made and whether or not they’re tested using a third-party provider. Micro Ingredients is willing to share data with their customers on all of their products. All you have to do is contact them and request the information. All of the testing is done by a third-party lab.

Their website indicates that they spend a great deal of time looking for the purest and safest ingredients that they can find, regardless of where they have to go to find them. They haven’t rushed the manufacture of any of their products. Many of them are organic, and everything is free of fillers, additives or anything artificial.

Where Is Micro Ingredients Manufactured?

Micro Ingredients is based out of Montclair, California. Everything is packed in an FDA registered manufacturing facility.

Supplement Categories Offered

There are a few categories of supplements offered by Micro Ingredients, and they are:

  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Superfoods
  • Wellness Supplements

Best Selling Micro Ingredients Supplements

micro ingredients best selling supplements

With over 200 products to consider, you might be wondering where to start. Micro Ingredients has some best-selling supplements that pack a lot of punch in each serving. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Vitamin D3 + K2

vitamin d3 k2 micro ingredients

Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin that our body needs for proper immune system function, heart function and much more. This supplement from Micro Ingredients includes vitamin K2, which helps with the absorption of D3. An easy to swallow capsule, Vitamin D3 + K2 interacts with the calcium that you’re consuming to support health bones, joints and arteries. This product does not contain any artificial ingredients and it has been third-party tested.

5-HTP with Chamomile

Chamomile has been included in this 5-HTP supplement which contains 200 milligrams per serving. Designed to support a positive mood, 5-HTP acts as the intermediate metabolite between serotonin in your brain and the amino acid tryptophan. Acting as a neurotransmitter supporter, you’ll be able to experience better sleep as well as less anxiety throughout the day.

Pure Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

An essential immune vitamin, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is sold by Micro Ingredients in the form of a powder. Each serving is two scoops and can be added to a smoothie or beverage. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C will boost your immune health and energy levels. No irradiation has been used in the manufacture of this product and it contains nothing artificial.

Organic Pea Protein

Made from North American grown peas, this bulk protein powder is vegan safe and non-GMO. It’s easily digested thanks to its lack of dairy or lactose, and it contains a high amount of branched chain amino acids. Create your own shakes and smoothies without any unnecessary additives or ingredients. A convenient scoop is included to ensure you get the right measurement every time you use it.

L-Glutamine Powder

L-Glutamine powder can be used to boost your muscle performance while increasing energy, stamina, endurance and strength. It’s also really good for your gut health. Micro Ingredients recommends taking it each day with a meal or you can use it between meals for a quick pick-me-up to satisfy hunger.

Organic Stevia Powder

Stevia is a plant-based sweetener that has replaced artificial sugars like sucralose. You can use it in bulk to bake, cook or sweeten your beverages. Made from stevia green leaf extract, just one teaspoon of stevia can sweeten something as much as one full cup of regular sugar can.

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Is Micro Ingredients Third-Party Tested?

Very strict quality control standards exist at the Micro Ingredients facility. They also hire a third-party lab testing company to ensure the quality of their products.

Cost and Where to Buy

cost purchase options micro ingredients

You can stop by the Micro Ingredients website at www.microingredients.com to peruse some of their products. Prices will vary quite a bit depending on what you’re looking for. Some of the more basic products can be as affordable as $24 for over two pounds of product (ascorbic acid powder). If you’re looking for something a bit more unique and harder to find, the price will escalate.

Real Micro Ingredients Reviews and Average Rating

Each product listed on the Micro Ingredients website includes average ratings and customer reviews. There’s an impressive amount listed for each product, and this information gives you a good idea of what a product can do for you. Just as an example, the stevia supplement that I just talked about earlier currently has a 4.4 star rating out of five stars. It has over 800 customer reviews listed, with many people expressing how impressed they were with how little stevia needed to be used to sweeten something they were making. Other people were happy that it’s a simple product without anything unnecessary added.

Alternatives Compared to Micro Ingredients

micro ingredients alternatives

There are a number of brands out there that sell different fruits, vegetables and vitamin powders. Though Micro Nutrients is one of the most extensive product lines I’ve come across, here are some of the alternatives.

1st Phorm Supplements

1st Phorm is an industry leader that offers a wide selection of products, including powdered supplements. Instead of filling their product containers with artificial ingredients and cheap ingredients, 1st Phorm delivers high quality products to the masses so you can achieve your goals. Whether you’re focusing on fitness or nutrition, they have protein, a complete nutrient powder and Opti-greens that will benefit your body.

Go to 1st Phorm

Ritual Plant Based Supplements

Ritual has a very clean product line that offers protein powders and different multivitamin supplements. They specialize in products developed for certain age groups, which is a nice feature to reap the benefits of. You can rest assured that your body is getting exactly what it needs based on where you’re at in your life. Created by Katrina Schneider when she was pregnant and struggling to find high-quality products, Ritual began as a prenatal vitamin company before expanding. Their website explains what’s included and where it comes from for full transparency.

Go to Ritual

Thorne Supplements

Thorne is a versatile health and wellness brand that offers a variety of tests to pinpoint where you can improve in your life, as well as many different supplement options. Their gut health test will offer detailed information about your microbiome and the bacteria living in your gut. They will then provide you with access to probiotics and other supplements to improve your gut health based on your results. Thorne also has a selection of other nutrients that can improve your health and wellbeing.

Go to Thorne Supplements

The Bottom Line: Are They Legit?

legit supplements by micro ingredients

Because Micro Ingredients goes to great lengths to properly source and process their ingredients, I trust them as being legit. When you look at a company that is trying to mass produce products without caring much about their quality, you’ll find a lot of fillers and additives in them. Micro Ingredients keeps things are pure as they can while still providing you with exceptional products.

If you’re on the fence about trying their ingredients, I encourage you to reach out to them for more information. After you’ve learned more, choose a simple nutrient that you would like to add more of into your diet. I’m confident that you’re going to see great results from your Micro Ingredients purchase.

Tips for Success from the RD

Looking for fun ways to use your Micro Ingredients powders and supplements? Here are some options that I recommend.


A smoothie every morning or afternoon is a great way to pack a lot of nutrients into a simple beverage. It’s even healthier when you use a vitamin powder that will incorporate more vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. Start with a banana as your base. Add in fruits and vegetables like mango, avocado, oranges, apples, etc. A scoop of protein or vitamins can be added before blending. You won’t even know they’re in there.


If you’re using a protein powder, combine the recommended amount with eight ounces of milk or a milk alternative like almond milk, oat milk or rice milk. Add in other nutrients if you would like as well. Give it all a quick shake and enjoy!

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