Interlude Estradiol Review: HRT Vaginal Estrogen Cream Option

Vaginal dryness might not sound that bad to you if it’s not something you’ve ever experienced. For the women out there that have, (I’ll raise … Read More

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Vaginal dryness might not sound that bad to you if it’s not something you’ve ever experienced. For the women out there that have, (I’ll raise my hand), it’s awful. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling, especially during sex. Plus, that dryness can lead to irritation, more frequent yeast infections and even urinary tract infections.

I had enough of my vaginal dryness and decided to look for a cure. I was just starting my perimenopause journey, so I knew that I had a lot of years ahead of me. It was time to find relief, starting right now.

Allow me to introduce you to a product that worked really well for me: Interlude Estradiol. Let’s talk about the good, the bad and what you can expect from this product.

Key Facts

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Interlude Estradiol Vaginal Cream

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  • Interlude markets their products as being for menopause and after, but you could definitely use Interlude Estradiol during perimenopause as well.
  • Interlude sells both estradiol cream and suppositories.
  • This is a bioidentical product that comes from plants.
  • Interlude Estradiol cream and suppositories should be used each night before bed.
  • It can take two to four weeks to see results.
  • You get a discount on your first purchase ($25 off with our coupon code FHR1).



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What is Interlude? (Vaginal Estradiol Cream and Estradiol Suppositories)

Interlude sells both Estradiol Cream and Estradiol Suppositories. I have personally tried the cream because I like being able to control how much product I use. I also find suppositories to be a little uncomfortable.

Estradiol is a bioidentical product that mimics the hormones that your body naturally produces. However, we see some changes in what our body makes when we’re pre-menopausal or menopausal. This is what causes common symptoms like vaginal dryness, irritation, pain during sex, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. Vaginal Estradiol Cream from Interlude contains .1mg of estradiol in each gram of cream. This is a very minimal dose that is just enough to provide you with relief while not causing unwanted side effects.

Estradiol Cream should be applied once each night over the course of two to four weeks. You can stop daily use when you see a change in your vaginal lubrication. You should change over to one dose every two to three days as a form of maintenance.

You can also purchase Estradiol Suppositories, which are inserts that you also use each night before bed for two to four weeks. You then switch over to maintenance mode every two to three days. Each suppository contains 10 mcg of estradiol. Some women prefer this method of application because there’s less mess than with cream.

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My Experience With Interlude Vaginal Estradiol Cream

vaginal cream moisturizer interlude

I was initially drawn to Interlude’s Estradiol Cream because of its affordability and my ability to control how much product I would use. You can see results in as little as two weeks, which I found to be promising.

I had to go through a one-time medical consultation on the Interlude website in order to receive this product. That prescription is then good for one year. I ordered my first tube of Estradiol Vaginal Cream, and it didn’t take long to receive it. I appreciated that my shipment came in discreet packaging.

I started using the cream immediately that evening. I followed the directions, inserting the product right before I went to bed. The purpose of this is to keep the cream where it needs to be. You then go to bed, and it works its magic.

I didn’t notice much of a difference the first week I was using it. By the first half of the second week, I was definitely experiencing more hydration and lubrication. The relief continued from there. At about three weeks, I switched over to using the cream every few days.

How to Get a Prescription (Start By Taking the Quiz)

estradiol vaginal cream by interlude

You need a prescription in order to obtain Interlude Estradiol Cream. However, the process is very quick. You start by taking the Interlude quiz, which covers your medical history, current symptoms, etc. Your information is sent to a board-certified medical professional who will review it. They will contact you to confirm your treatment plan. You can message the Interlude medical staff at any point during your treatment.

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When Should You Apply Interlude Vaginal Estradiol Cream?

You should apply Interlude’s Vaginal Estradiol Cream right before you go to bed. I made it part of my nightly routine, and it was super quick to get it done.

What I Liked

  • There wasn’t much of a mess during the night or in the morning.
  • I liked being able to control how much cream I used.
  • It’s affordable, especially for your first purchase.
  • I like that my medical information was reviewed before I was provided a prescription for this product.
  • There aren’t any serious side effects to worry about when you’re using a vaginal cream.
  • This is a bioidentical product that is plant-based and very safe.
  • This product is FDA-approved.

What Could Be Improved

  • There was a little bit of irritation from the cream the first few days I was using it. It wasn’t anything dramatic and didn’t cause me discomfort. Eventually, the irritation went away.
  • The price is a little expensive after you’ve received your first tube.
  • You have to obtain a new prescription after one year has passed. It would be nice if there was a way to skip this.
  • I would like to see more information on the website regarding the potential for using your FSA or HSA account to cover the cost of this product.

$25 discount code: FHR1

Are There Any Side Effects Related to Vaginal Estrogen?

There are not any serious side effects to worry about when you’re using a vaginal form of estrogen. Side effects generally occur when you’re taking an oral dose. If you’re trying to target vaginal symptoms, it makes sense to use a topical product such as this. It makes for a much safer experience.

How Much Does Interlude Cost?

Interlude Vaginal Estradiol Cream costs $39 for your first purchase. The price then goes up to $59 each month. Each tube is a 60-day supply. You can get $25 off your first order with our exclusive discount code!

$25 discount code: FHR1

Are the Medical Doctors at Interlude Legit?

All of the doctors at Interlude are board-certified professionals who know their stuff. They will take a look at all of the information that you have provided. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. The doctor that works with you will ensure that you’re receiving the safest treatment possible so you can go back to living your life as comfortably as possible.

The experience of medical support doesn’t end once you’ve received your prescription. If you have any concerns or questions at any time, you can reach out to your doctor again. I had a question after a few months of using my Interlude cream, and it was really easy to receive clarification.

Who Should Try Interlude Vaginal Estradiol Cream or Suppositories?

If you’ve been experiencing vaginal dryness, irritation, discomfort or pain during sex, you’re likely a good candidate for Interlude Vaginal Estradiol Cream. Of course, you may want to touch base with your doctor regarding your symptoms to rule out anything else that might be going on. This is something that can be discussed with the Interlude medical staff as well.

Your symptoms don’t have to be severe in order to warrant the use of a vaginal estradiol cream. I wasn’t experiencing vaginal dryness at all times. My symptoms would kind of come and go based on where I was in my cycle. However, there is no reason to suffer. If you’re in the midst of perimenopause or menopause, you deserve relief. That relief can come from a product like Interlude Vaginal Estradiol Cream.

Which One Should You Choose: The Estradiol Cream or the Estradiol Suppositories?

Both of these products that are offered by Interlude are ideal if you’re experiencing vaginal dryness and discomfort. However, you may find one more useful than the other. Like I explained, I liked the cream because I was able to control the amount of product that I was using. I figured if there was any irritation or discomfort when starting the product, I could cut back on the dose a little bit. I actually reached out to the medical team at Interlude to see if I could use less product for my maintenance dose, and they were happy to answer my questions.

The cream is something that you’ll need to dose and apply on your own. It’s not a difficult process, so you shouldn’t be put off by that part of the experience. If you would rather have the dose measured for you, you can opt for the Interlude Estradiol Suppositories. Compared to other vaginal suppositories that I’ve come across, these ones are really small. You won’t really know that they’re there. I’ve found suppositories to be uncomfortable in the past, so I immediately considered the cream instead.

When you’re using Interlude Estradiol Suppositories, you simply inject the product into the vagina using the disposable applicator. It’s a process that only takes a few seconds, and there’s no mess at all. Simply discard the applicator and head to bed for the night. The suppository will break down, and the formula will be administered.

Final Thoughts

I had an extremely positive experience with Interlude Estradiol Cream. It was impressive how quickly it worked, and aside from a little bit of irritation at first, there weren’t any side effects to worry about. I love how safe I felt using this product, and the support from the Interlude staff was amazing. This is definitely a product that I will continue to keep on hand throughout the rest of my menopause journey.

$25 discount code: FHR1

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