Five CBD Full Spectrum Gummies Review – I Tried Them

I purchased a 60 day supply of five CBD + THC Full Spectrum Daily Buzz gummies and I’m excited to share my personal experience!

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My 60-day supply of five CBD + THC Full Spectrum gummies has finally come to an end. #sadsies 😔But, on a high note (pun intended), I'm wicked excited to share my experience and review of five CBD Full Spectrum gummies.

I bought them on sale a while ago and got a sweet 2 for 3 deal. I've tried many CBD + THC gummies over the last year such as Cheech & Chong's Cruise Chews, Feals CBD + THC Gummies and Moon Babies Delta 9. So, it's safe to say that I know my CBD + THC gummy supplements.

Why I Was Looking For CBD + THC Gummies

For the record, I'm not a pot head and I never really got into smoking marijuana besides the occasional time or two (or three?) with my buddies. I always appreciated how it mellowed me out in times of stress.

I'm a dad of two young kiddos and a business owner. Times can get stressful when you're juggling feeding the kids, playing with them, taking them to sports practices and then trying to run a successful business. Even if I wasn't running a business and had a regular 9-5, it's still just as hard!

At the end of a long day after I put the kids to bed, I'm tired and I want to just chill out... maybe watch a netflix show. To do that with a CBD + THC gummy felt like a real good idea to me.

What Led Me To five CBD + THC Full Spectrum Gummies?

I tried Tommy Chong's Cruise Chews. I really liked those. I also tried Moon Babies Delta-9 and liked them even more than Cruise Chews. Then I found five CBD. They were a CBD + THC brand that intrigued me, PLUS they were much more affordable. (I'll break down pricing later on and compare it to others).

My Experience and Review of five CBD + THC Full Spectrum Daily Buzz Gummies

holding the container

I'd like to share my complete experience over about 120 days (4 months) with five Full Spectrum gummies. Now, I didn't take them every-single-day, but probably every other day and sometimes a few days in between.

CBD + THC gummies are supposed to work right away, they aren't your traditional supplement where you have to commit for 30+ days just to reap the benefits.

But having a large sample size of days is always a good thing when reviewing a product.

The ordering process

Five CBD has a very user-friendly website. I actually enjoy shopping on their website as they have all sorts of CBD + THC products, including tinctures, Seltzers, capsules and different types of CBD = THC gummies. You can choose from the Daily Buzz gummies, Sleep gummies or Buzz gummies.

It was super easy to order online and they threw in a coupon code for me - I ended up buying 2 Full  Spectrum Daily Buzz gummies and getting 1 free. Basically I got a 60-day supply - 20 gummies in each container.

Those deals come and go. Sometimes there are better deals than that. I signed up for their email list to get discounts and sales. Their email marketing is par for the course, but not overly aggressive. I think they genuinely try to give deals out with plenty of time for you to take advantage of them and save some money.

Shipping and Receiving The Package

two containers of five cbd thc gummies

The shipping process was smooth and relatively fast - around 3-5 business days is what they say, but I remember receiving the package in 3 days, which was great. The packaging was semi-discreet if you care, but also branded. It doesn't scream THC all over the place.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the shipping time. Never had a problem yet with shipping when ordering on five CBD. No items were damaged and the packaging was organized and fun to open up. I'd say it's always been a great experience receiving a package from five CBD.

Taking a five CBD + THC Daily Buzz Gummy For The First Time

overhead shot of the gummies

The one thing I really appreciate with the container is that it's a lock twist cap. You have to push down and then twist it open. This is really handy for me as a dad because it provides child-lock proof. I keep these away from my kids in a safe place, but just in case they sneak around, it's hard to open. Great job to five CBD on that front.

Inside the container are an assortment of gummy flavors:

  • blue razz
  • redberry
  • lemon
  • orange

I took a blue razz on my first day. I really liked the flavor - it was sweet but not too sweet. The consistency was pretty much on point. Not too chewy, not too hard. Nothing stuck to my teeth, which is a big plus for me.

About 5 minutes after I chewed the blue razz gummy I started to feel the THC effects! I definitely felt a high, but it was a very chill, mellow feeling. Honestly it felt great and it lasted well over an hour.

After waking up the next day, I couldn't help but notice a groggy-type of feeling. It wasn't a hangover, but it did bother me a little bit. The good news was that the groggy feeling only lasted about 30 minutes.

The Rest of My 60-Day Supply

a look at their gummies and containers

Without getting too long-winded, I'd like to share the rest of my experience after the first day taking Daily Buzz gummies by five CBD.

Over the course of the first few weeks, I took a Daily Buzz gummy almost every-other-day. Sometimes I would take a few days off before taking another one. At least for me, they are not addictive, but I have good self control. And, my rule was to only take them after the kids go to bed.

Basically, any time I felt I needed to have some "me time" or to just chill out at night I would take one.

The good news is that I felt the same exact feel-good experience every time I took a five CBD Full Spectrum Daily Buzz gummy. It was relaxing, comforting and I really felt like I escaped the hustle and grind for an hour or two before falling to sleep. Shows that I watch on Netflix or late night football games became more enjoyable.

The bad news is that the morning-after groggy feeling was almost 100%. I experienced the grogginess for about 30 minutes, then it went away.

I weighed the pros and cons (good feeling vs morning after groggy feeling) and I always opted to take a gummy, because it was that good for me.

Let me share my pros and cons in a more organized fashion:


  • It works - I felt a good "high" feeling that lasts up to 2 hours for me.
  • The gummies taste really good - this goes for every flavor.
  • It's very affordable compared to other CBD + THC gummies.
  • Turn and lock bottle cap to prevent kids from opening


  • Morning-after groggy feeling, almost hangover-ish, but not as bad. On average, it lasted 30 minutes for me. Hopefully the brand reads this review and makes adjustments to their formula 😁

Would I Purchase five CBD + THC Daily Buzz Gummies Again?

close up of the gummies

Heck yes I would purchase the Daily Buzz gummies again! In fact, I have already made another purchase as I will be trying the Sleep gummies and the Buzz gummies. My next purchase is going to be the CBD + THC Seltzers and the CBD + THC chocolates!

I really like how this brand gives out deals and sales every once in a while. It makes it an easy decision to try different products out. After ordering a few times with them, I've never had a bad experience with the five CBD brand - it's always been pleasant. Hopefully they keep that up.

five CBD Full Spectrum Gummies Pricing Sheet

I crunched some pricing numbers for everyone here based on whether or not you're going to do a one-time purchase or subscription, and your planned usage. For the record, I fall into the "Casual" use category.

Product Overview:

  • Full Spectrum CBD+THC gummies with a blend of minor cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Vegan, pectin-based, all-natural ingredients.
  • Assorted flavors in each container: Blue Razz, Redberry, Lemon, Orange.

Pricing Options:

One-Time Purchase:
  • Price per container (20 gummies): $39.99
  • Cost per gummy: $2.00
Monthly Subscription:
  • Price per container (20 gummies): $27.99
  • Cost per gummy: $1.40
  • Savings per gummy with subscription: $0.60
  • Annual savings with subscription (based on one container per month): ($2.00 - $1.40) * 20 gummies * 12 months = $144.00

Usage Scenarios:

Casual Use (5 gummies per week):
  • Monthly need: Approximately 20 gummies
  • Monthly cost with one-time purchase: $39.99
  • Monthly cost with subscription: $27.99
  • Estimated annual cost with one-time purchase: $39.99 * 12 = $479.88
  • Estimated annual cost with subscription: $27.99 * 12 = $335.88
Daily Use (1 gummy per day):
  • Monthly need: Approximately 30 gummies (1.5 containers)
  • Monthly cost with one-time purchase: $39.99 * 1.5 = $59.98
  • Monthly cost with subscription: $27.99 * 1.5 = $41.98
  • Estimated annual cost with one-time purchase: $59.98 * 12 = $719.76
  • Estimated annual cost with subscription: $41.98 * 12 = $503.76
Heavy Use (2 gummies per day):
  • Monthly need: Approximately 60 gummies (3 containers)
  • Monthly cost with one-time purchase: $39.99 * 3 = $119.97
  • Monthly cost with subscription: $27.99 * 3 = $83.97
  • Estimated annual cost with one-time purchase: $119.97 * 12 = $1,439.64
  • Estimated annual cost with subscription: $83.97 * 12 = $1,007.64

Other CBD + THC Gummies I Tried, And You Should Consider

other cbd + thc gummies i've tried

As I mentioned earlier, I have tried a few other CBD + THC gummies and all have been a wonderful experience. There are some similarities and differences though that I found out through my personal experience that I'd like to share with you.

Pricing Comparison

Product NameOne-time Purchase PriceSubscription Price (Monthly)
five CBD Full Spectrum Gummies$39.99 (20 count): $2 per gummy$27.99 ($1.40 per gummy)
Feals CBD + THC gummies$55 (30 count): $1.83 per gummy$38.50 ($1.28 per gummy)
Cruise Chews$59 (30 count): $1.97 per gummy$59 (make sure you cancel subscription after you buy one-time)
Moon Babies Delta 9$24.99 (20 count): $1.25 per gummy$21.24 ($1.06 per gummy)

CBD + THC Content Comparison

Product NameCBD Content (per gummy or serving)THC Content (per gummy or serving)
five CBD Full Spectrum Gummies25mg5mg
Feals CBD + THC gummies20mg1.5mg
Cruise Chews30mg3mg
Moon Babies Delta 9200mg (total in jar)10mg (per gummy)

Taste and Texture Comparison Based On My Experience

Product NameTaste RatingTexture RatingFlavors Offered
five CBD Full Spectrum Gummies4.7/54.5/5Assorted: Blue Razz, Redberry, Lemon, Orange
Feals CBD + THC gummies4.4/54.2/5Tranquil Tangerine
Cruise Chews4.5/54.3/5Assorted: Orange, Lime, Lemon, Red Berry
Moon Babies Delta 94.8/54.3/5Assorted

Overall, each CBD + THC gummy that I have tried tastes good, but I prefer five CBD and Moon Babies over Feals and Cruise Chews when it comes to taste and texture.

I have also experienced groggy feelings with every CBD + THC gummies that I've tried. Five CBD and Moon Babies are the strongest THC content and gave me the strongest buzz. Cruise Chews are also in that conversation. Not so much with feals. As far as Feals goes, I would not buy them again. However, I would purchase Five CBD, Moon Babies and Cruise Chews again (and probably will).

Shopping links for each brand:

Are five CBD + THC Full Spectrum Daily Buzz Gummies Worth It?

Based on my experience using five CBD Daily Buzz gummies, I can say without a doubt that they are 100% worth it even with the short-lived groggy feeling I got the morning after. I love the fact that you can buy these at a discount, depending on when they are running the sales. I also like that the brand offers other CBD + THC products and I'm excited to try them.

If you have any questions for me, or if you've tried five CBD + THC gummies and want to express your opinion, please share your experience or question with a comment below!

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