MiraLAX Vs. Colon Broom: Which Is Better For Constipation Relief?

In this article, I’m going to compare MiraLAX versus Colon Broom so you can see which is better for constipation relief, as well as the main differences between the supplements.

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Some people experience bowel movements two to three times per day, while other people will only have them once every two to three days. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with either of these scenarios. This is just what’s normal for an individual. However, when you start to become a bit backed up and you’re not making regular bowel movements, constipation could be to blame. Along with a lack of bowel movements, you may feel bloated, gassy or nauseas. As many as four million Americans deal with this uncomfortable situation regularly. Also, women are more prone to constipation than men are because they have a slower GI system. Hormones also play a role.

After you’ve eaten a meal, there are muscle contractions that take place throughout your GI tract. As these muscles contract, your body will absorb nutrients and break down what’s left of the food so it can be expelled by the colon. In order for this process to be completed properly, an intricate balance of bacteria needs to be present in the gut. Otherwise, you can experience nutrient deficiencies, bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation. There are whole-body effects that occur as well, such as decreased immune function and a higher risk of heart disease.

In order to synthesize vitamins, protect the body from harmful bacteria, maintain a balanced pH and process waste from the body, you may need the assistance of a constipation relief supplement or GI supplement. In this article I’m going to compare two popular items: Colon Broom and MiraLax. I want to cover the basis of these supplements, the ingredients used, the potential benefits, what they cost you and some of the alternatives that are available.

Do Constipation Relief Supplements Work?

Constipation relief supplements can be very effective as long as they are utilizing the right ingredients to promote bowel movements. Most supplements such as Colon Broom and MiraLax will utilize fiber in some form to get things moving again.

The more natural of a product you can find, the better it will be for your body and your overall health. For example, Colon Broom utilizes psyllium husk powder to increase your fiber intake. It’s a soluble form of fiber, so it will dissolve in water and create a gel-like substance in your colon. This softens stools, makes movements easier and promotes regularity. Of course, there are going to be supplements on the market that don’t help you achieve the results that you’re looking for or come with unwanted side effects.

There are prescription medications that your doctor can prescribe you which will actually cause contractions in your GI system and colon to get things moving. This can be a very uncomfortable process that results in unwanted side effects like diarrhea and cramping.

Quick Comparison Table of Colon Broom Vs. MiraLAX

Vs.Colon BroomMiraLAX
Type of supplementFiber supplementOsmotic laxative
Active ingredient:Psyllium HuskPolyethylene glycol
Key claimed benefits:Relieve constipation, weight loss, reduce bloatingConstipation relief
Powdered supplement:YesYes
Gluten free:YesYes
Where to buy:colonbroom.commiralax.com or amazon

Overview of MiraLAX

product - miralax

MiraLAX is an over-the-counter medication that is considered to be a laxative that will treat constipation. It’s a short-term treatment option that you’ll use only when you’re experiencing difficulty going to the bathroom. It’s not something that you would use long term to become more regular. MiraLAX is sometimes prescribed by medical professionals as a colonoscopy bowel preparation supplement. Its main ingredient is polyethylene glycol, which is a petroleum-based chemical.

MiraLax will generally result in a bowel movement within about one to three days after taking it. A flavorless powder that is mixed into water, juice, or another liquid, MiraLax is recommended for adults and adolescents aged 17 years and older, but younger children can also use it with the approval of a medical professional. Unfortunately, MiraLax can result in diarrhea, gas, abdominal cramping and bloating for the first day or two after starting it.


  • Can effectively relieve occasional bouts of constipation
  • Dissolves into water for easy consumption
  • Over the counter and available without a prescription
  • Provides slow relief over the course of one to three days


  • The FDA has determined that MiraLAX may contain small amounts of ethylene glycol, which is dangerous when consumed in large amounts

Overview of Colon Broom

product - colonbroom

Colon Broom is a colon health supplement that works hard to eliminate things like bloating, constipation, gas, irregular bowel movements, toxins and more. Created by Max Nutrition, LLC, this is an organic solution to a variety of digestive problems that you may be dealing with. Made in powder form, Colon Broom can be mixed into any liquid that you choose. The main ingredient in Colon Broom is psyllium husk, which is very high in fiber. Once the psyllium absorbs water from your body and turns into a gel-like substance, relief will start to occur. This process will also help expel some of the toxins that have built up in your body over time.

People have used Colon Broom to relieve occasional bouts of constipation, but it can also be used for longer periods of time to balance blood sugar levels, increase weight loss, boost immune health as well as benefit your mental health. It’s more of a colon and GI-based supplement rather than a short-term remedy for constipation.

If you want even more information on this product, we covered this psyllium husk fiber product in detail to see how effective it actually is versus its claimed benefits.


  • Colon Broom is made from natural ingredients (chemical free)
  • The brand features customer stories and reviews on their website so you get real-life feedback
  • Gentle and effective
  • Can be used on a more long-term basis compared to other products like MiraLax
  • You will feel lighter with the use of Colon Broom


  • Not available in retail stores

Comparing Ingredients

miralax and colon broom comparison

As I referred to earlier, the main ingredient in MiraLax is the petroleum-based polyethylene glycol. That means you’re using a chemical product rather than something all-natural like Colon Broom. Everything that Colon Broom has included in their colon health and constipation relief supplement is completely natural. Though, you’ll still be able to achieve relief from your GI issues with this product. You’ll just feel better knowing that you’re putting something beneficial into your body instead of something that could potentially be very dangerous to your health.

Comparing Cost

The cost of MiraLax varies based on the specific product that you choose and where you purchase it from. However, it generally costs about $7 or maybe a little more for the travel packs.

Colon Broom is sold for about $55 per bottle. You get 60 servings per container. This may seem a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. Colon Broom contains ingredients that are sourced from nature. This isn’t a mass produced, chemical-based product.

Comparing Results

Both of these products can help you achieve relief from constipation. The process of how this is done is a little different based on the active ingredient of each product, and you will likely experience different side effects if you were to try both products separately. Colon Broom provides a much gentler method of regulating your bowel movements and decreasing constipation. MiraLax can be a bit harsher on the gut.

Comparing Overall Value

value compare colon broom and miralax

If you’re looking for a cheap and fast constipation relief product, then you may be swaying towards MiraLax. I can’t discount the product and say it won’t work, but I’m definitely apprehensive about putting it into my body. I’m a proponent of natural and safe supplements that utilize the ingredients that are in nature in order to achieve results. For this reason, I would have to say that Colon Broom provides better value. The ingredients are much better than what MiraLax has chosen to use.

Other Constipation Relief Alternatives

There are many other constipation relief alternatives on the market. If you’re suffering and feeling like your sluggish GI system is wearing you down, check out some of these options as well as Colon Broom and MiraLax.


UMZU zuPOO provides users with a gentle colon cleanse along with optimal gut support. It has the ability to flush waste and toxins from the body using ingredients such as cayenne red pepper, fennel and cascara sagrada. You can use this product to treat minor GI issues like bloating, gas and pain in the gut. You can also target constipation relief, suppressing your appetite and much more.

Based out of Boulder, CO, UMZU zuPOO was created in 2015 and is designed to balance your body and promote a higher level of well-being. The creator is Christopher Walker, who had the desire to manufacture natural health products based on scientific research.

UMZU zuPOO contains laxative ingredients that will quickly cleanse your colon, remove toxins as well as hormone blockers. Some of the main ingredients include cayenne red pepper, fennel and cascara sagrada.

See our detailed comparison of UMZU zuPOO Vs Colon Broom to learn more.


Metamucil is a fiber supplement that is formulated using psyllium husk, just as Colon Broom is. It can be taken to relieve GI symptoms such as constipation, as well as reducing gas, bloating, diarrhea and waste buildup. Metamucil works by absorbing water from the body into the psyllium husk. It will then swell into a substance that will add much needed hydration into your hardened stools. The result is stools that are easier to pass through the colon.

Metamucil is considered a laxative, but it’s a rather gentle and safe product that has been sold over the counter for a long time. Thanks to a natural composition, this is a safe product to use if you’re constipated and are in search of relief as quickly as possible.

See our detailed comparison of Metamucil Vs Colon Broom to learn more.

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a health supplement that was created back in 2010. It contains 75 different nutrients and ingredients that are sourced from whole foods. Also added are probiotics and adaptogens. Athletic Greens is very pure and doesn’t contain any chemicals or additives. Third-party testing is utilized by the brand.

One scoop of Athletic Greens powder is mixed into an eight-ounce glass of water once per day for better health and constipation relief. Some of the active ingredients include vitamins A, C, E, B12, biotin and folate, organic spirulina, apple powder, inulin for added fiber, organic wheat grass, alfalfa powder and organic chlorella. The digestive enzymes, probiotics and functional mushroom blends have been added to enhance your healthy lifestyle and diet.

See our detailed comparison of Athletic Greens Vs Colon Broom to learn more.

Main Differences Between Colon Broom and MiraLAX

difference miralax and colon broom

The main difference between Colon Broom and MiraLAX is that MiraLAX is an osmotic laxative whereas Colon Broom is a psyllium husk fiber supplement. The active ingredient in MiraLAX is polyethylene glycol and Colon Broom’s active ingredient is psyllium husk. MiraLAX does not offer the same additional potential benefits as Colon Broom because it is not a fiber supplement.

Which Is Better for Constipation Relief: MiraLAX or Colon Broom?

better constipation relief - colon broom or miralax

Colon Broom is a very effective colon management supplement that is made using reputable ingredients by a trusted brand. The proof is in the pudding, and there are plenty of happy customers featured on the Colon Broom website that rave about how this product has helped them. What you don’t see is many reviews questioning its safety or complaining about the unwanted side effects that come along with use Colon Broom. Although Colon Broom is definitely the more expensive option, people will usually pay more for a high-quality supplement that they can trust. Ideally, I would say that Colon Broom is the better option if you’re someone that is looking for a natural way to relieve constipation and boost gut health.

The Bottom Line

It’s important that you’re very careful about what you put into your body. Whether it’s the food that you eat or the supplements that you take, quality and purity is everything. I stand by products that are created with plenty of scientific research backing them. Natural ingredients are always the better choice in my book. If you’re prone to bouts of constipation or are suffering from poor gut health, Colon Broom is a supplement that you may want to strongly consider adding to your collection of products. It’s so gentle on the body, but it can produce such impressive results.

Tips for Success from the RD

If you have mild constipation and are interested in trying a few home remedies before turning to a supplement or medication of some sort, here are some of my tips for success.

Increase Your Exercise Regimen

Working out is a great way to get your digestive system moving. If you’ve been feeling slow and sluggish (and your bowel movements have been the same way), go for a brisk walk or jog for about a half hour or so. You’ll be surprised how quickly you may need to use the bathroom once you get back home.

Increase Your Water Intake

Make sure that you’re adequately hydrated during the day, but you may want to keep a bottle of water next to your bed at night as well. Keeping a fresh flow of water moving through your system at all times will prevent slow digestion and stools that are too firm.

Have a Cup of Coffee

If you’re already a coffee drinker and have it in the house, you may want to brew a cup. Coffee and caffeine are both known for speeding up your bowels after you've consumed them. A lot of people need to use the bathroom each morning just shortly after they drink a cup.

Increase Your Probiotic Intake

Adding more beneficial probiotics into your body will help boost gut health and colon health, reduce issues like constipation and diarrhea while also decreasing the number of instances that you experience things like bloating and gas.

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