Bonafide Ristela Review – Did It Improve My Libido?

I share my experience and review of Ristela by Bonafide. Did it improve my libido? Find out everything you need to know!

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Libido can ebb and flow. Having a stressful week at work can impact whether or not a person feels like they’re in the mood. A fight with your partner can also have an impact. For others, libido is something that can be affected by hormones and overall health. What do you do when your libido is low and affecting your sex life? Let’s talk about one option: Bonafide Ristela. I want to tell you all about my experience with this product, including its active ingredients, what it costs and what you can expect.

Ristela is Heating Up!

The Hot Takes

  • This is a hormone-free supplement designed to help women increase their libido.
  • Two antioxidants are the active ingredients in Ristela. Also included are pine bark extract and rose hips.
  • This isn’t a fast-acting supplement. You’ll need to use it regularly to see results.
  • It can take two months for Bonafide Ristela to work.
  • Ristela’s formula is scientifically tested.
  • Affordable, priced at under $60 per box (one-time purchase).

Choose Ristela if…

  • You are a female who has been experiencing low libido without any obvious causes.
  • You’re looking for a non-hormonal option for increasing your sex drive.

Don't Choose Ristela if…

  • You are already taking another supplement or medication designed to boost your libido.

What Are Some Ristela Alternatives to Consider?

There are other options available that can improve your libido similarly to how Ristela works. This includes:

Winona Blossom (HRT)

Blossom by Winona is a prescription cream that increases blood flow to the vagina and increases lubrication. The main ingredient is Sildenafil, which is found in Viagra. It’s unscented and hypoallergenic, providing you with a safe way to improve your sex life.

Alloy O-mazing Cream(HRT)

O-mazing Cream by Alloy is prescription-based and includes Sildenafil to increase blood flow and improve lubrication. This heightens the sensations that you experience during sex. Also included are pentoxifylline for increased blood flow and ergoloid mesylate to stimulate neurotransmitters related to sex drive.

Interlude (HRT)

Interlude offers hormone replacement therapy that can improve your vaginal health and libido. This includes their Vaginal Estradiol Cream, Vaginal Estradiol Suppositories and more. These products can address issues that may be contributing to your low libido, such as vaginal dryness, itching, burning, recurring urinary tract infections and the urgency to pee.

Inno Drive for Her (Supplement)

This product is designed to balance your hormone levels in order to improve your sexual health. Inno Drive for Her is based on a collection of B vitamins, in addition to a few proprietary blends that contain ingredients such as ashwagandha, ginseng, asparagus root, green tea extract and collard leaf powder. These ingredients also enhance circulation in the body and support healthy stress levels.

RGN Health Boost for Women (Supplement)

Boost is a collection of natural aphrodisiacs that quickly boost your libido. Ingredients include ginger, horny goat weed, gingko biloba and dong quai. This isn’t a supplement that has to be taken for many weeks in order to work. Many people see results in as little as 20 minutes.

My Experience With Ristela (Review)

ristela by bonafide and capsules

Ristela was a product that I wanted to try because of how safe and natural it seemed. I have taken other hormone-based products to help with perimenopause symptoms and wanted to stick with something simpler for libido. I started taking Ristela and didn’t notice much of an improvement in my libido for the first few weeks. I would say it was around week 5 that a noticeable change occurred.

Saving Money by Ordering on Hello Bonafide’s Website

If you order Ristela directly from the Hello Bonafide website, the price is $57 for a one-time purchase of a single box. Signing up for the monthly plan brings the cost to $47 per month. You can also sign up for a three-month plan, which brings the cost down even further to $42 per month.

When Did I Take Ristela?

ristela with capsules

It’s recommended that you take your Ristella dose daily and at the same time every day. I personally chose to take it in the afternoon, but you can decide what works best for you. I have other supplements and products that I use first thing in the morning, and I wanted to take Ristela on its own.

Did It Improve My Libido?

By the two-month point, I noticed I became aroused easier, I would get in the mood on my own a lot more often and I was experiencing better lubrication and vaginal health. It would be nice if this was a faster-acting supplement that could be taken when you needed it, but sometimes time is needed for a dramatic change in one’s health and healing.

Will I Be Purchasing Ristela Again?

I continue to use Ristela, though I have taken a break from it here and there. However, I will absolutely continue to purchase and use Ristela if I feel like I’m in a slump with my libido. For me, stress and overall health are the first things to impact my sex life. There are definitely times when I feel calm and healthy. Ristela probably isn’t needed at these points.

Would I Recommend Ristela to a Menopausal Friend?

Menopause can be such a confusing time. With so many different changes that occur in the body and mind, it’s tough to know where to start with treating your symptoms. In regard to low libido, I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend who confided in me about their issues. My experience has been very safe and pleasant, with no side effects to report (other than a better sex life!).

What is Ristela by Bonafide?

Ristela is a hormone-free support for a low libido. It’s geared towards women, providing the opportunity to enhance sexual stimulation using French maritime pine bark extract, rose hips and the amino acids L-arginine and L-citrullin. It can take about eight weeks to see the full results that Ristela can provide, so don’t confuse this supplement with other on-demand products. Past the eight-week point, many people will see continued improvement.

How Much Does Bonafide Ristela Cost?

When ordering directly from the Hello Bonafide website, Ristela costs $57 for a one-time purchase. You also have the option to sign up for a monthly delivery plan, which brings the cost to $47 per month. There is also a three-month plan, and the cost is $42 per month.

What Are the Active Ingredients in Ristela?

The main ingredients in Ristela are French maritime pine bark extract, rose hips and the amino acids L-arginine and L-citrullin.

Does Ristela Cause Weight Gain?

Theoretically, Ristela shouldn’t cause any substantial weight gain. Its formula isn’t based on hormones, and the main ingredients aren’t known for causing weight gain. However, some reviews express a little bit of bloating occurring when first starting this supplement. That bloat could lead to a couple of extra pounds of weight, depending on your body type and what you experience.

Can Ristela Help With Weight Loss?

There is some initial information out there that suggests pine bark extract may be beneficial for treating insulin resistance, abnormal glucose and lipid metabolism and hypertension. Addressing these concerns may put you in a position where you can lose weight more effectively.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With Taking Ristela?

In general, Ristela is very well tolerated. There are some reports of this product causing very minor symptoms, such as nausea, headache or stomach issues. If you experience any of these side effects, it’s a good idea to stop using Ristela and talk to your doctor about what you have experienced. However, this supplement is very natural and safe.

Final Thoughts

Low libido is something that can affect your sex life, your relationship and even your mental health. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can contribute to low libido, including stress, illness, hormones, menopause, etc. This isn’t an issue that should be ignored or simply accepted. There are very safe options available that can help improve your libido and even address vaginal symptoms that may also be contributing to your concerns.

My Recommendations

Ristela is a reputable product that I have found to be very effective for my own issues with low libido. I love that it’s hormone-free and based on natural ingredients. I recommend that you do some research on Ristela to see if it’s an option for your low-libido symptoms. If you’re concerned with its ingredients or potential interactions with other products or prescriptions that you’re using, you can consult with your doctor before taking Ristela.

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