ONNIT Total Human vs AG1 (Athletic Greens) – Which Is Better?

I compare ONNIT Total Human vs AG1 (Athletic Greens) and share my experience, pros, cons and highlight main differences.

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Multivitamins are really a thing of the past when you take into consideration all the other types of products that are available. Today I want to talk to you about two amazing options for adding nutrients to your day. ONNIT Total Human and Athletic Greens are two nutrient-packed products that help support total body health. Let’s look at what’s in them, why you should use them, and what I thought of them.

Key Facts

Most popular


  • The ONNIT formula is comprised of vitamins, minerals, nootropics and botanical nutrients.
  • There is an ONNIT product for the morning and one for the night.
  • The key ingredients in ONNIT have the potential to support your immune system, maintain healthy neurotransmitters, increase energy levels and support joint health.


  • You want to be very intentional with what you’re putting in your body at a specific time of the day and night.
  • You’re looking to support various aspects of your health.
  • A multivitamin just doesn’t cut it.


  • AG1 contains more than 75 different ingredients.
  • Some of Athletic Greens’ ingredients are part of a proprietary blend, so you don’t necessarily know how much of each you’re getting.
  • AG1 contains probiotics and digestive enzymes for optimal gut health.

Choose AG1 if...

  • You want a product that will not only add in nutrients but also support gut health.
  • You’re looking for support from antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, superfoods and more.

What Is ONNIT Total Human?

onnit total human vs athletic greens

Onnit has formulated their Total Human product with a selection of clinically studied vitamins, minerals, nootropics and botanical nutrients. This product takes multivitamins to the next level, supporting various parts of the body such as the immune system, bones, joints, brain, heart, mood, etc.

The unique thing about ONNIT Total Human is that it’s broken down into a dose for the morning and another one for the evening. A lot of research and development has gone into determining what your body needs during these specific points in the day. The morning dose will help you feel energized, while the evening one will help you wind down and feel relaxed.

What Exactly Is In ONNIT Total Human?

As I mentioned, ONNIT Total Human is broken down into morning and evening blends. They include:

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Morning Blend


This nootropic formula helps support brain waves by way of healthy neurotransmitters. This helps promote clearer thinking.


Containing strontium, boron and essential vitamins, this blend is designed to provide bone support.


The functional mushroom and adaptogen blend in ONNIT helps provide cellular energy that can help improve performance and endurance during physical activity.

B Complex

Specific quantities of B-complex vitamins can help increase your energy production, so you’re more focused and energized throughout the day.

Evening Blend


To help you unwind after a long day, ingredients are included in ONNIT, such as valerian root and lemon balm. These ingredients support healthy serotonin levels.


To help your body heal while you sleep, VIRUTech is made using vitamin C, selenium and zinc. It’s the perfect support for your immune system during the cold and flu season.

Key Minerals

Boron, calcium, iodine, molybdenum and magnesium are part of the key mineral blend in ONNIT Total Human.

My Experience With ONNIT Total Human

I was intrigued by ONNIT Total Human since it’s broken down into two different blends. I didn’t love the idea of having to take a product twice per day, but I suspected that Total Human was going to allow me to take fewer supplements overall. I often notice that multivitamins and similar products make me very awake and energized. I hoped that these two different formulas would prevent me from being up late at night trying to unwind.

The morning dose of ONNIT Total Human left me feeling very energized. There wasn’t anything that concerned me in regards to feeling jittery or experiencing an energy crash later in the day. It was a steady form of energy that I felt wore off on its own by about late afternoon. Over a few weeks of taking this product, I felt like I had more energy and endurance overall. My workouts were definitely picking up as time went on.

I took my evening dose after I ate dinner. After about an hour or so, I noticed that I was feeling very relaxed. I didn’t feel like I wanted to head to bed already, but I was able to enjoy the feeling of being less stressed than usual. I slept really well, even on the first night of taking Total Human.

Pros of ONNIT Total Human

  • Two distinct blends of ingredients are a unique feature that really tailors your approach to taking supplements.
  • There are a large number of beneficial ingredients in Total Human.
  • Made using clinically studied ingredients.

Cons of ONNIT Total Human

  • I had to remember to take my evening dose because I wasn’t used to taking anything in the evening.

What is AG1 (Athletic Greens)?

ag1 vs total human

Originally created in 2009, Athletic Greens was intended to address gut health issues. The formula has changed slightly over the years, now providing more than 75 different essential nutrients in each serving. There’s still that gut-health aspect to it, as it contains probiotics and digestive enzymes. Also included are functional mushrooms, antioxidants, herbs and more.

What’s In AG1?

Athletic Greens breaks their products down into different proprietary blends. You get all the essentials, like vitamins A, C, E, B12, biotin and folate. Some super foods are also included, such as spirulina, wheat grass, alfalfa, apples, blueberries, milk thistle, chlorella, dandelion and much more.

From stress adaptogens to antioxidants, AG1 provides your body with everything it needs to thrive. There’s no way you’ll access all of these nutrients and benefits from your diet alone.

My Experience With AG1

I’ve been using AG1 for a number of years now. It’s a very popular product that’s had a pretty prevalent presence on social media, which is how I originally came across it. I was experiencing gut health issues at the time, and I was worried that I wasn’t getting enough nutrients from my diet alone.

I started drinking AG1 first thing in the morning with a light breakfast. It didn’t cause any stomach upset, but I noticed a little bit of an adjustment period for the first week or so. Eventually, I became more regular and started noticing the benefits of my daily AG1 use. This included increased energy; my immune system seemed to be stronger; and I felt like I was handling stress better.

Pros of AG1

  • Nothing artificial is included.
  • AG1 is designed to provide you with essential gut health support.
  • You can get your probiotics from this product without having to take them separately.
  • Over 75 essential ingredients are part of the Athletic Greens formula.

Cons of AG1

  • While AG1 has a bit of a fruity taste, it’s not my favorite greens drink flavor.
  • It takes a little bit of shaking to get AG1 mixed well.

Comparison Section of AG1 vs. ONNIT Total Human

While they may seem similar in some regards, these two products have some key differences. Let’s compare them.

Comparing Formulas

Both AG1 and ONNIT Total Human have very extensive formulas compared to other similar products I’ve come across. AG1 is impressive, with more than 75 different ingredients.

ONNIT Total Human contains a large number of ingredients, but they come from different ONNIT supplements that are sold individually. For example, their AlphaBrain, StronBone, ShroomTech Sport and Total Human B Complex are in the daytime formula. These blends contain ingredients like B-complex vitamins, nootropics, functional mushrooms, adaptogens and more.

Comparing Price

The price of AG1 is $99 for a 30-day supply. The order is $79 if you sign up for an AG1 subscription, and you get some extra supplies with your first order.

The price of ONNIT Total Human is $137.95 for a 30-day supply of both the morning and nighttime products combined. This brand also offers a subscription, which drops the price to $177.26.

Comparing Results

I experienced two very different sets of results when using AG1 versus ONNIT Total Human. AG1 provided me with energy and focus while supporting my gut health. I found that ONNIT Total Human’s daytime formula provided me with energy. However, their evening formula helped me wind down and calm down. I felt less stressed when using Total Human, even though AG1 also contains adaptogens.

What Are the Main Differences Between ONNIT Total Human and Athletic Greens?

ONNIT splits their Total Human product into two different daily doses. Athletic Greens has stuck with a once-daily formula. I honestly prefer using something once per day, but there are definitely people out there that can benefit from a separate product in the evenings. I think Total Human would be beneficial for someone who is dealing with sleep issues, nervous system dysregulation, high levels of stress and so on.

I would recommend AG1 to someone who is looking to get their gut health back on track and wants to add some nutrients to their daily routine.

Final Thoughts

Both AG1 and ONNIT Total Human are excellent products that can help increase your nutrient intake, boost energy and support whole-body health. I like AG1 for increasing my intake of healthy, whole-food ingredients and nutrients. It has also helped me keep my gut health on track.

ONNIT Total Human is a more targeted product that I feel helps with performance and overall health. The nighttime formula is ideal for someone who wants to feel more regulated from a nervous system perspective.

My Recommendations

Consider why you’re thinking about using AG1 or Total Human. Is it for increased nutrient intake? How is your gut health? Are you looking for better performance in the gym? Answering these questions can help you determine which product is the better option.


ONNIT Total Human is better for…


  • Someone who wants the option to wind down at the end of the day
  • Supporting multiple systems
  • Regulating health and performance

AG1 is better for…


  • Increasing nutrient intake
  • Gut health
  • Energy
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