Does 5minskin Really Work? A 5minskin Review

Read my experience using the 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 IPL at-home hair removal device and see if it really works.

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“Hair is optional beyond this point.”


5minskin has come out with a new IPL hair removal device and it’s called the HairZapper 2.0. I was fortunate enough to have been sent one from the brand - shout out to them, but this review is in no way promotional.

This review of the 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 is going to be critical. I’m going to show you what it can do, things to be aware of before buying and compare it to other similar IPL hair removal devices, which I’ve been covering for quite some time now.

When I first wrote this review, I had only used it for a month. It's finally time for an update as I have been using it for over 3 months now. Before using 5minskin, I used the Nood Flasher 2.0 (which almost everyone knows about).

Overall, I do like the 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 better than the Nood Flasher 2.0 for its simplicity and effectiveness. They are nearly identical devices to be honest, but 5minskin has a lower price point and works just a tad better from my experience using both.

But that’s not all, and I would love to take the rest of this article to show you what it’s all about so you can get a great feel for the HairZapper 2.0 and see if it’s worth it for you.

But First, What Is IPL and How Does It Work?

IPL stands for “Intense Pulsed Light” and works similarly to laser hair removal. The emitted light safely penetrates your skin, where it is absorbed by the melanin in your hair. As a result, the light is converted into heat that eventually destroys your hair follicles, preventing them from regrowing.

5minskin HairZapper 2.0: The Hot Takes

  • Considered safe with a FDA-approval badge
  • It’s super easy to use, very straight-forward with a good directions packet
  • Be careful using IPL with darker skin tones, reach out to the brand before buying to make sure it’s a good fit
  • Treatment time is convenient: 5-10 minute treatments once per week can work just fine for some people
  • There are a couple modes to use - manual and glide mode
  • The brand claims that the device works on all body parts, however I have not used it everywhere, so I cannot confirm that
  • There are lots of real reviews with pictures on the brand’s website with a 4.9/5 star rating and over 1,000+ reviews
  • Very affordable at $189 (50% off of original $419 price tag) - you can also use code FHM for 20% off

Easy to use

You plug it in, press the button to turn it on, set the intensity level, choose your mode and start using it - I'd say that's pretty simple!


At the end of the day, the HairZapper 2.0 works. The time it takes depends on your skin and hair color. But it definitely works for removing hair.

Value / Price

The price is great ($189) compared to other IPL Hair Removal Devices. And, if you use coupon code FHM, you can get an additional 20% off!

For 20% off, use code FHM at checkout.

Product Description

holding 5minskin HairZapper 2.0

Introducing the 5MinSkin HairZapper 2.0 – the latest attempt to tackle the eternal struggle of hair removal. Promising quick results and an end to the grooming grind, this device aims to simplify the hair removal process from home.

With the HairZapper 2.0, they claim that achieving smooth skin is just a matter of minutes away. The device uses what they call "advanced technology" to target and remove unwanted hair. However, the actual effectiveness might vary depending on hair thickness and your skin type, as with any hair removal method.

They've made some improvements since the previous version, focusing on comfort and usability. The ergonomic design and user-friendly controls are supposed to make it easy to handle. But let's be honest, sometimes these devices end up being more awkward to use than they look in the promotional videos.

While the idea of no longer relying on salon appointments or enduring painful waxing sessions sounds appealing, it's worth approaching with a bit of skepticism. It's true that convenience is a big draw, but whether the HairZapper 2.0 lives up to the promise is something only users can confirm (or me because I used it 🙂

In a world where countless hair removal products already exist, the HairZapper 2.0 has some competition to contend with. Is it a revolutionary solution or just another addition to the endless lineup of gadgets?

I'd like to share my experience with this device, along with pros, cons, some useful information to know before buying and a comparison chart of similar IPL hair removal products that you may want to consider. Let's begin!

My Experience With 5minskin HairZapper 2.0

hairzapper 2.0 by 5minskin plugged in

Although the marketing talks about using the HairZapper 2.0 on “anywhere that hair grows,” I personally have only used it on my thighs in the last month. UPDATE: I now use it all over my body after having amazing hair loss results on my thighs and legs. I since have used 5minskin to remove hair safely in sensitive and hard-to-reach areas, such as my bikini line and under my arms.

I’m not going to show you before and after pictures because I’m a little sensitive about showing my body, I will try to describe my experience as best I can through words.

Using 5minskin IPL Device

Before using the HairZapper 2.0, you’re supposed to shave and clean the area you are about to treat. So, that’s what I did. I shaved my upper and lower thigh area and cleaned it to remove any excess oils, lotions or dead skin.

I plugged in my device and set the intensity level to 4 and I always use automatic mode. When you’re in automatic mode, all you have to do is wait for the OK on the screen and then wait until the device flashes and it’s ready to use.

The key is to cover your entire treatment area and use the HairZapper 2.0 at a 90 degree angle on your skin. If you go rogue or don’t follow the directions per the information packet, you’re likely wasting your time and not being as safe as humanly possible.

Did 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 Really Work For Hair Loss?

Overall, after repeating this process once per week for over three months, I'm amazed by the results that I've had! I definitely noticed a difference in hair follicles thinning out and basically disappearing and I'm using 5minskin IPL all over my body. The treatment areas become smaller and smaller, which is awesome.

The 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 works great for the bikini line area, removing unwanted pubic hair. It also worked great for removing hair on my legs, which saves me a ton of time not having to shave every day. I'm really amazed at how well it worked for removing hair in the armpit area, or under my arms. That area, and the bikini line area are super sensitive areas and the 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 worked so easily in those regions.

I have used the nood Flasher 2.0 and I must say that 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 is just a bit better from my experience - it removes hair better, and the treatments are much smoother and shorter.

I have a darker skin tone, which makes me a bit nervous to use the device on the darker parts of my skin, especially after reading the information packet, where it states that don’t use this device on tanned skin. I live in Florida and I’m always outside so I’m going to have kind of a natural tan. So, that’s my only concern using IPL hair removal devices in general.


  • Pain-free
  • 5-10 minute hair removal treatments from home (very convenient)
  • You can use it anywhere that hair grows, this includes the bikini line and surrounding areas
  • The price point is affordable compared to other IPL Hair Removal Devices
  • Built-in glide mode for a faster hair-removal experience
  • Sleek design, easy to travel with or fit in the palm of your hand
  • It definitely works for removing hair


  • The directions / information packet that comes with the product states “avoid using HairZapper 2.0 on tanned skin (whether it is a natural or fake tan).”
  • Is IPL not great for dark skin tones? The marketing is confusing!

Let’s take a look at the Skin & Hair Charts

I took this picture from the informational packet that is included in the box. I feel it’s very important for everyone to know before you purchase it because what if you have darker skin tone and it says not to use it and you just paid $189 for it? You’d be upset and I get that.

Check out the skin & hair charts:

skin and hair color chart for HairZapper 2.0

Cost and Where You Can Buy It

Currently, the 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 is 50% off with an original price point of $419. With the 50% off sale going on right now (this could change, so don’t hold me to it) you can get it for $189.

Included with your purchase is the HairZapper 2.0 IPL Hair Removal Device, protective eye wear that looks like sunglasses, a razor, a charging cord and an informational / directions packet.

Discount / Coupon Code: FHM (20% off)

Get 20% off the 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 with coupon code FHM. This will get your price tag down to $151.2 (or around that - my math isn’t the greatest).

Comparing It To Other IPL Hair Removal Devices










Automatic mode





Manual mode





Men and women





Treatment times

5-10 minutes

10 minutes or more

10-15 minutes

7-15 minutes

Claimed results time

2-4 weeks

2-3 weeks

4 weeks

3 weeks

When comparing 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 to other IPL hair removal devices, just know that there are a lot of great options out there, but they are basically all the same. Trust me, I’ve used them all - you can check out 5minskin vs Nood and Ulike vs 5minskin, as well as Braun IPL vs 5minskin to get even more information on how they compare and contrast.

It then comes down to who’s behind the brand, price and customer support. I can highly recommend 5minskin as a great brand that cares about their customer base. They are constantly working to improve their product and they listen to their customers - all great characteristics of a solid, trustworthy company.

If you experience anything different or also had a great experience, please comment below so we can help the next person decide!

Overall, my experience with 5minskin HairZapper 2.0 has been great. I will continue to use it for sure. I love how it's very affordable, simple to use and super convenient to use it at home.

using the HairZapper 2.0

Get 20% off with coupon code FHM

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